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Tera Mai™ Spring 2021 Newsletter


I find my healing abilities have increased greatly ~ both for myself & others.   You may consider trying these new healing techniques.

But first . . .

April 11th, New Moon.

  •  The New Moon is at the midpoint of Mars trine Jupiter = use courage & good judgment to take advantage of opportunities for growth.
  • Abundance of positive energy & good fortune.
  • Opposing energy makes this New Moon an opportunity to overcome personal limitations, like shyness & depression.
  • The 3 Wisemen had to have been astrologers & astrologers.  The Holy Men were following a Star and prophesizing to Mary & Joseph.
  • FREE clearing/healing meditation on Facebook/Kathleen.Milner
  • On the HOME page click on my name, which is at the top of the left-hand column.  You will end up on my page, which has clearing/healing meditations.  Scroll down.
  • People tell me that they record the meditations on their cell phones so they can play it at any time.
  • I help meditators open their Heart Chakras, and to call forth The Love of The Spirit, The Great I AM That I AM.
  • Keep listening and you will feel a warm glow radiating from the center of your chest.
  • By focusing on your warm, glowing Heart Chakra, you grow closer to God & Christ Consciousness.

The approaching Second Coming & Golden Age was foretold when Jupiter conjunct Saturn (the Star of Bethlehem) on December 21, 2020.

  • The energy is helping to manifest the Second Coming & Golden Age.
  • Jupiter conjunct Saturn occurs roughly once every 19 years.

1.  God’s Angels introduced a new healing technique when my horse was at death’s door

  • On the evening of March 22, my horse’s heartbeat was 100, his blood was black, he was sweating profusely and he had muscle twitches throughout his entire body.  Diana sent me a video ~ with the exception of the muscle twitches and sweating, Melchizedek, stood like a stone statue in the indoor riding arena .
  • When I sent healing, his condition was so severe I thought he’d been poisoned, and that he was not going to make it.  (Later, I found out that the veterinarian also thought he was dying.)  While sending clearing/healing, I felt the major pain came from his stomach and liver. 
  • The veterinarian gave him pain medication.  And the owner of the barn left him in the indoor riding arena for the night.   
  • At 2:30 am, his body turned around.  At 7:00 am, he was hungry.  After eating a little hay, he was given a flake of hay, which he consumed.  At 8:00 am, he was turned out with the rest of the herd.
  • That same morning, Karina Hall felt exactly the same things when I worked with her.  I had not told her my experiences.
  • Then I told Karina that I thought another soul had come into my horse’s body, she was skeptical.  However, when she turned in, she found to her amazement that I was right.

What happened?  My horses’ pain was too much for him to endure.   

  • On the night he fell ill and well before 2:30 am, I felt the presence of a different soul in Melchizedek’s body.  I received a psychic impression to do a Tarot reading with my cards.  The readings  always prove to be accurate.                            
  • I was convinced that God’s Angels would tell me to “get a grip.”  
  • That did not happen.  Instead the reading confirmed the initial intuitive information I had received.   Confused, I left everything in God’s Hands and suddenly fell asleep.    
  • The following day, Karina received a strong confirmation that I was speaking Truth.  Angels told her that the healing energy I had sent to Melchizedek allowed his soul to leave his body so that a strong soul or Archangel would be able to come in to manage the pain and assist with the healing.  
  • During the time Melchizedek was out of his body, the silver cord from his soul remained attached to his physical body.  In this way, he was easily able to re-enter his physical body at the right time.
  • Karina and I were shown that in an emergency, in cases where a soul has not completed the work he or she was sent to do, a powerful soul or Archangel is NOT violating Universal Laws by using Universal Healing Energy to “step in” for a short time, to bare the pain and help with healing.

2. Narasimha is an Avatar or Archangel whose title is, Destroyer of Demons.

  • Narasimha is VERY effective, clearing out demons or evil.  I am aware of the chanting while I focus on God’s Angels and psychic impressions I receive during the clearing & healing.  
  • The power of a mantra stems from  the sound vibrations created by chanting it either aloud or silently; as well as from the power of the Avatar, if he or she arrives to assist.
  • You may do an Internet search for Narasimha / chants / video.  I learned how to pronounce the chant by listening to the video and practicing over and over and over again.  Check out Facebook/Kathleen.Milner and see if you are able to feel the clearing when you listen to one of the free clearing/healing meditations.
  • After the clearing is completed, Narasimha brings blessings.

3. Lalita Tripura Sundari Devi:  Protection from enemies and the problems they cause. 

  • Om aim kleen souh trippura Sundariyai namonamah
  •  You may do an Internet search for Lalita Tripura Sundari Devi / chants / video.

4. “Covid Long Haulers” may well have become infected with more than one kind of virus at the same time.

  •  The body dealt with the Covid virus, but another virus was still active.  For example, Long Haulers with muscle weakness or pain may have also contracted one of the Polio viruses.  
  • This may help explain why some Long Haulers who receive the Covid vaccine have severe reactions to the vaccine shot, but after a few days, “Long Haul” symptoms disappear.
  • While facilitating healing on Long Haulers, you might try asking God’s Angels to show you ALL of the viruses your client has been infected with.  Then ask God’s Angels, “How will you destroy the viruses?”
  • Then watch and do as God’s Angels suggest.  
  • Over a year ago, I sent out an email stating that Covid was also in the brain.  (Later, scientists found Covid in the brain.)  It is important to remove the black cloud over the healee’s head, and clear the virus out of the brain.
  • Bluish/white color is good for clearing & healing the brain.

5.  Sending clearing/healing into the Galaxy.

  • On another occasion, Karina and I sent clearing/healing symbols to God’s Angels.  
  • Then we asked God’s Angels to multiply the clearing/healing energy.
  • Then we asked God’s Angels to send the clearing/healing into the Galaxy. 
  • The clearing/healing energy expanded dramatically ~ much more than I had ever seen before.
  • A LOT of darkness & dark entities were removed.  
  • But a monster-sized evil remained.   
  • Karina was asked to call in Black Flies to consume the evil
  • It was not enough.  It was suggested to us that we ask the evil to consume itself.  That giant evil disappeared in a poof.
  • We sent colors to the Angels and asked that the colors be sent to the Galaxy.  Wow!
  • It appears that the entire Galaxy has been in a Dark Age.  And that it is important to send clearing/healing energy to the Earth as well as the Galaxy.
  • We received blessings back to us.  You will too when you participate.

6.  Simple clearing/healing chant.  Repeat from your heart for yourself and others.

Cast out all darkness.  Burn all sin.
Allow all good things to enter in.

7.  Earth is in need of healing.  Simple clearing/healing chant for the Earth.  Repeat from your heart for Mother Earth.

Clear the skies, clear the seas,
Send this cleansing out through me.
Heal the skies, heal the seas,
Send this healing out through me.
Clear and heal Mother Earth,
Send this magic out through me.
Clear and heal the Galaxy,
Send this healing out through me.


  • During the past 15 months, 50+ people signed up.  Some have remained on the schedule throughout.  Most stay for 3 or more cycles. 
  • Some who left returned.  90% of the people who signed up experienced positive change in their bodies and lives.  
  • Suggested donation is $99 for 30 days that begins the day you sign up.
  • Email me if you are interested.
  • I pray for each person individually.  If life interferes, I add days onto their original 30-days.


new Network show:   “We are at war with the Ocean.  If we win the war, we will loose it all because man cannot survive on a world with a dead Ocean.”

Please consider participating in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing ~  Ongoing since August 2008.

Surge of goal-directed energy to release clutter, negative thoughts & heavy emotions.


  • At 8:00 pm (20:00 hours) wherever you are, ask God’s Angels, “Please connect me to the Tera Mai™ healers who are doing the clearings.”
  • At other hours on Wednesday, ask God’s Angels, “Please connect me to wherever the hour is 8:00 pm on Mother Earth and the Tera Mai™ healers who are doing the clearings.”
  • Because people have been participating for almost 13 years, there is a permanent Clearing Wave circling the Earth that you are able to connect to.
  • Therefore, on days other than Wednesday, ask God’s Angels, “Please connect me to the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and the Tera Mai™ healers who are doing the clearings.”

Because healing is desperately needed

times are tight and people are taking advantage of the discount to increase their healing abilities, all initiations on are 50% off through June 13.

May the Road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.