Autumn 2013 Newsletter

Short Videos of Spontaneous Healings from September 28 & 29, 
        2013, Dutch Paranormal Fair   
Feel the Energies of the Golden Age Now  (use the 2-minute video        below to help you do so) 
End of Days – what it means 
Third Group Healing – Open to All 
Ways to Protect Yourself 
Cosmic Healing Energies that Bring About Miracles 
Q & A

I spoke for an hour each day at the September 28 & 29, 2013, Dutch Paranormal Fair.  Here are short videos of Spontaneous Healings from those demonstrations:   
Many people report back that they are able to feel the energies of the Spontaneous Healings and grounding into the Golden Age when they watch the videos.  

Healing of back  (3 minutes, 14 seconds) 
Healing of stress  (4 minutes, 51 seconds) 
Healing of neck hernia  (3 minutes, 11 seconds) 
Removal of sharp pain in shoulder  (4 minutes, 32 seconds) 
Healing of heartburn  (2 minutes, 8 seconds) 
Healing of joints, neck and shoulders   (4 minutes, 42 seconds) 
Healing of arthritis  (2 minutes, 42 seconds) 
How to Ground into the Golden Age (1 minute, 59 seconds) 
(Offers an exercise to help release blockages, and ground into the promise of the New Age.)
Healing of the right leg: (4 minutes, 23 seconds)

On ‘Healing Stress’ the woman I mention who appeared on TED Talks isKelly McGonigal.  Her topic was ‘How to Make Stress Your Friend.’              

My dearest Kathleen, Thank you for the experience you have given me through the Seichem II and III initiations and afterwards by spending time with me during my ™ Reiki healing session.

The session has helped me recover from the effects of a 7-hour surgery under general anesthesia. I feel various layers have been removed and feel that residual effects of the anesthetic substances are diminished. Also psychologically there is change, I feel a bit more balanced.

Not just during the session but also afterwards I felt a clear increase of stronger energy flowing through my whole body and I saw it flowing out of my hands. Now, one week later, I still feel and see it clearly. 
Ruud Kouwenoord – The Netherlands 

Hi Kathleen Milner!  Thanks for sharing the videos, I found them very helpful and I will start to use them on clients too. They are very clear, direct and easy to follow. 
Love & Light 
Maria Luisa Severino

Healings may occur through outright miracles.  Other times, people see progress and return for additional healing.  Oftentimes, people find that they require additional therapies or help.

Testimonial of all three healing possibilities manifesting in one man:

On the video from the June 2 & 3, 2012, Dutch Paranormal Fair, Tom van der Ende  talks about how he was healed of life-long, SEVERE Epilepsy after Kitty initiated him into Tera Mai Seichem I, and how his healing held. 

On this same video Tom talked about how he was still on medication for headaches and depression.  During this last year, while receiving additional Tera Mai healings and under the supervision of a doctor, Tom is now completely off all medication.  He is an inspiration and a practicing Tera Mai healer.

Recent Additional Testimonials on the Summer 2013 Newsletter under NEWSLETTERS – OLD and also under TESTIMONIALS on .

Group Absentee Healing:For the third time, on Friday, October 18, 2013, at 6:00 pm EDT, I will do a group healing for EVERYONE who signs up on my blog.  
For information and to sign up go to .  Click on BLOG at the top of the picture.  For the October 18, group healing click on the post, Gratitude and Generosity , in the right-hand column.  Scroll down and leave only your first name and who and what you want healing for.   People are welcome to participate each time the group healing is offered.  I will also offer a group healing in November.  Check on .  

Dear Kathleen –  I just want to say how great the videos are that you’ve put on You tube, and the way you explain things is really clear.  Thanks.

Also is it OK to put my name down again on the next healing list – I could really do with some at the moment as I’m pretty shattered from looking after my mother at the same time as dealing with treatments for the cancer, – but I m not sure if you mean for us only to put our names down once? – Last time by the way I noticed a lot of energy coming in through my thymus.   M

The second group healing on September 18,2013, was much more powerful than the first group healing in August.   Apparently there are aspects in my current astrological charts that leave me open to receive cosmic healing energy from Source.  And while the spontaneous healings on the videos from the Dutch Paranormal Fair on September 28 & 29, 2013, are impressive, what the Angels are able to do through me now is even more so.   More is streaming towards me.

Classes in Ireland 
February 2014 
For Dublin contact Alleen Fennessy at [email protected]  
For Cashel contact Karen Molan or Mary Campion at [email protected]  

We are close to ‘the end of days’ of the age of darkness.  The Golden Age is at hand.  This was the original message St. John wrote for our times in the Book of Revelations.  The Romans changed what St. John had written.  They removed hope and implanted fear in the document, because they ruled with intimidation. (It is well documented and a fact that the Pope and bishops edited and eliminated other Gospels from Jesus’ time as early as the third century.)   I read the Bible when I was young because I thought I would become a nun.  When I got to the Book of Revelations, I knew even back then that St. John had not written it.   Today, if someone were to hand you a written document like the Book of Revelations,  you would think a demon had written it.

What Jesus had to say:To help people understand what the time we are currently living in would be like, Jesus gave the parable of two women at a well.  One woman is taken and the other remains.  In a short time, each woman is erased from the other woman’s memory and reality.

What the Bible has to say:The Bible talks about this time as the secret rapture.

Jesus, Nostradamas, Edgar Cayce, and countless Shaman and Seers have all predicted this time of transition, which evolves into the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels:Hopi Shaman foresaw the road on which humanity travels on coming to an abrupt end, leaving only two choices:  A dying Earth with unhappy people and unhappy plants; or a living, joyful Earth with happy people and happy plants.

These two very different realities are already completely split apart on the etheric planes.   We are able to see for ourselves the divisions on the Earth plane (physical reality) now.   When the rift on the etheric planes becomes more than a fissure, two physical realities will each go their separate ways.  

We will experience bumps in the road.  It will be important to be vigilant, open your heart, give your fears and worries to God, and embrace change.

Cosmic Healing Energies are coming to me and into respective Tera Mai initiations.  
It’s happening very quickly.

Cahokia:  Several months before I left for Holland, God and His/Her Angels brought the Tera Mai Cahokia initiations up in healing value by having me twice re-initiate individuals into each Tera Mai Cahokia initiation they had received one at a time.  Many re-initiates had profound clearings.

Just before I left for Holland, God and His/Her Angels brought the Tera Mai Cahokia initiations up in healing value again through a single re-initiation into Tera Mai Cahokia I.   As I am weaving the new pattern for Tera Mai Cahokia I, all of the Tera Mai Cahokia initiations that the individual has received thus far go up in healing value.

I will still do the twice re-initiations into Tera Mai Cahokia for those who request it because of the intense healings that re-initiates received during the process and continued afterwards.

When I was in Holland, just before I initiated Kitty Hekelaar into Cahokia VII, with my physical eyes God’s Angels showed me their updated weaving pattern for Cahokia VII.  The visual I saw was HUGE and glowing.  After I initiated Kitty, her already remarkable healing and intuitive abilities went up.  Everyone whom I have re-initiated into Cahokia I and VII have had similar results.

Order of Melchizedek:  Shortly after I returned from Holland, I was talking with Ramona Kirk.  The Heavens opened and I was connected back in time, and directly to the original energies of the Order of Melchizedek.  Last year, this initiation became stronger and appeared orange in color.  Since God and His/Her Angels have given me a direct connection, the initiation exhibits the full colors of the rainbow.  Healings God’s Angels facilitate through me are now fuller (more encompassing), and grounded.

God and His/Her Angels wanted me to have a direct connection to the High Priest Melchizedek.  Thus, I avoid the manipulation, and thus the degradation of the energies of the initiation into the Order of Melchizedek brought about by groups and individuals through time.   For example, the Jews, Mormons and Roman Catholic clergy all had this energy through the initiation.  They may still have the initiation process; however, they no longer have the energy of the initiation and lack the ability to do healings and clearings.  Universal Initiations are not meant to be ‘messed around with,’ changed, or used for dark purposes.  

Another example of how Universal Energy and Gift were lost:  Plato wrote about how the Greeks defeated the warring Atlantians.  Shortly afterwards, Atlantis sank.  (Not into the ocean but below the horizon where it became Antarctica.)  When Atlantis broke up, metaphysical wisdom also separated.  That is, different and separated populations received different bits and pieces of metaphysical abilities.  Jesus and some of his followers had more ‘pieces’ of the missing puzzle, so, they were able to do more in the way of healing and miracles.  

Jesus NEVER said he was the only Son of God.  Just as Buddha said that we are all capable of becoming Buddhas; Jesus said that we are all capable of becoming Sons and Daughters of God.  The Council of Nicea in the third century not only alter the 4 Gospels and threw out other Gospels, but they voted Jesus Divine by one vote.  Who is Jesus?  He is the Avatar of the Piscean Age.  (Those who argue against this use a passage in the altered Gospels to support their case that Jesus was Divine.)

Many Tera Mai initiations go up automatically for those properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who are abiding by  Buddha’s Tera Mai standards .   It goes without saying that any healer should refrain from black magic, be honest and live with integrity and compassion.   At the present time, people who choose not to are losing their metaphysical abilities. 

To receive increased healing energies into Cahokia VII and the Order of Melchizedek require re-initiation.  I can do re-initiations over the telephone or in person on a donations-are-accepted basis.   (Angels fill in the circle during the Order of Melchizedek initiation.)   There are five more initiations into Tera Mai Cahokia on their way; thus, there is a total of 12. 

The fourth initiation into Enochian Magic was also given to me before I left for Holland.  This initiation has an insightful physical impact and focuses on physical healing.

Receiving TM Reiki initiations and/or the Tera Mai Heart Chakra initiation (and removal of manmade initiations) can and has helped countless numbers of people resolve deep, underlying issues behind disease and pain.   Oftentimes, this healing of mental, emotional and Spiritual issues results in physical healing.  For example, I was recently reintroduced to the reincarnation of Hitler, who attended the first class that I taught in Holland.  (I wrote about him in Tera, My Journey Home.)   God and God’s Angels allowed him to keep the TM Reiki initiations.  For the past 20 years, he has not only worked on healing himself, but he has been busy making amends.  I could see that he is now ready for TM Seichem, but did not tell him because it is up to him to come to that realization for himself.  

The really good news from this story is that God’s Forgiveness is available to everyone.  All we have to do is ask and make a sincere effort.

Higher initiations into Tera Mai are not for everyone 
–   It is my belief that when all of the Tera Mai initiations are in place, miracles will be commonplace.   
–   However, higher initiations into Tera Mai are not for everyone.   
–   For example, the TM Egyptian Cartouche attunements cannot open the initiate to receiving intuition if their brain is constantly chattering. 
–   To be clear: If the individual’s deep, underlying, unresolved, ongoing mental, emotional or spiritual issues have not been addressed, receiving Sakara II & III or even TM Seichem initiations will NOT help the individual self-heal.  In fact, this particular individual may find it more difficult to deal with unresolved issues after receiving higher initiations.   From what I have personally observed such individuals do better if they go through a series of healing sessions, which typically includes traditional or natural medicine.  
–   To repeat:  Receiving TM Reiki initiations and/or the TM Heart Chakra initiation helps self-healing to progress. 

–   Before going to sleep at night, say The Lord’s Prayer.   
         Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name,  
         Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven,  
         Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses  
         As we forgive those who trespass against us,  
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,  
For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, now and forever.  

–   Ask God’s Angels to surround you in cobalt blue.

–   Call upon God’s ‘Warring Angels’ to protect you.  (Yes, there are such beings.  They are powerfully strong Angels.  They carry large, Angelic-titanium swords, and go about doing God The Father Almighy’s Will at the right time and place.)

–   On the post God’s Gold  on there are exercises for clearing and protection.  Included is how to use the Violet Flame and Pink Love from The Heart of The Goddess in combination with mirrors or the Mirror of Hathor.  Also included are directions for creating a Seamless Heavenly Dome of Angelic and Divine Protection.  (This is God’s Angels update and more effective version of the Seamless Golden Bubble of Protection.)

–   Be grateful for even the smallest things.  Gratitude is greatly under-estimated.

–   With your heart, give yourself and everything you have to God.  See where it leads you.

–  You may find other interesting information on ; such as, new ways to use HOSANNA and HON SHA ZA SHO NEN.


Ramona Kirk was given this clearing by the Angels:  ‘God, I call upon You and Your Angels!  Please unchain and disconnect me from any and all demons and forces of darkness, seen or unseen, known or unknown, from this world or not from this world.  Thank you!’  (read comments below)

If you find that it works for you, try the following to help release Mother Earth:    ‘God, I call upon You and Your Angels!  Please unchain and disconnect Earth from any and all demons and forces of darkness, seen or unseen, known or unknown, from this world or not from this world.  Thank you!’  


Hi Kathleen,  With everything that we have pulled out and off and released lately I wonder how strong we must be to have survived all this.  This is another big relief.  I felt I had to add ‘from this world or not from this world’ and then I felt an even bigger relief. 
Kitty Hekelaar

Kathleen!  That is exactly what me and my husband strongly experienced today! Things suddenly get clear, we said to each other.  ‘Why we didn’t do and see this before? The roads ahead look more clear.’  

Also I experience a lot of Copper/Golden energy when I sit outside, it suddenly appears……   I experience also that I can breath in more air, and my body feel less heavy then before…..   So many good things happen!  I feel so relieved.

Thanks to you Kathleen and everyone else who is joining us with doing the clearings and healings! 
Together we really can make the difference! Together we are better. 
love, Mandy van Houwelingen

Questions & Answers 
Q.   . . .whatever happened to this walk-in Abraham Lincoln? 
A.  Trust me, I’ve asked God that question myself!  Maria Kopsidas gave me the only answer that feels right.  That is, Abraham Lincoln ‘stepped into the picture’ for a short time.  God and His/Her Angels wanted me (and others) to believe that Obama was a reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln because the alternative candidates would have gotten us into wars much sooner.  

Q.  When I told Ramona Kirk this, she asked me, ‘What’s the difference if the wars and destruction come sooner or later?’ 
A.  Because with the extra time that we have been given, much darkness and evil has been cleared off of Earth during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearings.  Millions of good-hearted people praying and meditating every single Wednesday night since August 2008, have made a really BIG difference.  So much so that the Hopi’s prediction of two roads separating is fast becoming a reality.

Q.  Madam, I am writing about the experience I had yesterday.  I was wondering how I would receive the HON SHA ZA SHO NEN healing on my spinal cord.  Yesterday, I asked the angels.  Then while meditating I saw HON SHA ZA SHO NEN and CHO KU RAYS in my third eye.  At the same time, it felt like some symbols were being drawn on my spine.  I had a feeling of relief.  Can you explains what happened? 
Prasanna Mahambare 
A.  You received a healing from God’s Angels.  They answered your prayers.

Working with every Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearingfor over 5 years, has heightened my intuition and ability to see into things.  I see positive changes in others who participate.  

Send love, compassion and forgiveness to EVERYONE!  Especially those whom you disagree with the most.  It really works ! ! !