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Autumn 2014 Newsletter

  • In addition to Golden Elemental Earth Energy, Golden Cosmic Energy now flows through Tera Mai Reiki. 
    MONUMENTAL HEALING ADVANCEMENT.  (read testimonials below)
  • Crowning initiation into Tera-Mai Egyptian Cartouche – VEIL of ISIS. 
  • 5 powerful clearings. 
  • White vortex and Golden Cosmic Energy together offers amazing protection. 
  • Spirit of the Times continues to demand positive change.

God Himself recently added Cosmic Gold to Tera Mai Reiki. 
–  Years ago, I re-initiated Mantak Chia into Tera Mai Reiki Mastership.  I believe now that he was searching for The Cosmic Gold. 
–  Both Golden Elemental Earth Healing Energy & Cosmic Gold now flow through Tera Mai Reiki. 
–  Clearings & healings are remarkable beyond words, as stated in the testimonials below. 
–  Tera Mai Reki One initiation or re-initiation may be given in person or over the telephone.   
–  When a Tera Mai initiate is re-initiated into Tera Mai Reiki One on a donations-are-accepted basis, the Cosmic Gold quickly works through all Tera Mai initiations received thus far. 
            –  Self-healing cycle is initiated. 
            –  Cosmic Gold and the white vortex (read below) provides protection from negativity. 
            –  New Clearings (read below) and initiation into Tera Mai Reiki One brings incredible healings.  (read below) 
–  In the past, the majority of increases in healing energy to Tera Mai did not require re-initiation.   
            –  To be able to channel Cosmic Gold requires a re-initiation.   
                        –  List of Tera Mai Reiki Masters whom I’ve re-attuned and are able to pass on Golden Cosmic Energy: 
                                    BLOG page of on the post, New Cosmic Cycle .   
            –  Re-initiation into Tera Mai Cahokia One is also required to channel the higher vibrations of Tera Mai Cahokia.

Unfortunately, when ‘stuff’ is sent to us or we pick it up, it is ours until we release it. 
(It’s not fair, I know.) 
–  That’s why it is so important to ask the healee to bring up and breathe away emotional and mental issues during a healing session. 
–  Healee is also asked to breathe away heaviness or other stuff as the healer pulls it out. 
–  The stuff hangs around and must be sent somewhere.   
            –  It and the demons that create it do not belong here or in the Light ! 
            –  A simple way to do this is to ask God’s Angels, ‘Take it to Earth’s central fire for transformation.  If it belongs elsewhere, please take it there.’ 
            –  One of these places is something that looks like a red dwarf star.  What goes there has no place anywhere else, even in the pits of hell.

White vortex with red and cobalt blue rings. 
–  Ask God’s Angels to place this underneath of you to pull dark energies you work off, pick up or that are sent to you 
down to Earth’s central fire for transformation. 
–  Re-inforce the white vortexes each day. 
            –  Simply ask God’s Angels to do this, or ask God’s Angels to show you the vortexes. 
–  If people are behaving badly, as the Angels to put a white vortex under the situation. 
            –  It may well be their freewill choice to create negative energy.  It is our right to ask that it not infect us. 
–  We still have to work through our own stuff and Karma.

Five important clearings for Tera Mai Reiki Master to do before giving Tera Mai Reiki One initiations, or that a healer may do for his or her clients. 
1.  Remove manmade initiations from the individual from this and all other lifetimes. 
            –  Manmade initiations are not Universal. 
–  They are the product of someone’s ego and/or greed. 
–  They are grounded in neither Heaven nor Earth, and are easily removed by real healers. 
–  Universal initiations are given in a consciousness-raising experience; such as, a Native American Vision Quest, whereby the individual is physically in the Otherworlds of Spirit. 
–  Evidenced by real results. 
–  Individual who has gone through such an experience remains connect throughout his or her entire life to any Higher Beings met through the experience.  Evidenced by the work he or she does. 
–  How to remove manmade initiations on under CLEARINGS.

Further insights and directions for following clearings on  on the BLOG page on the post, Want real help?

2.  Clear Healee’s timeline from the moment of inception, to present and into the future.

3. Remove dull-white collar of oppression that is around the neck. 
            –  First, the dark lynch pin at the throat is removed.  Then the collar is pulled off. 
            –  Everyone feels the collar coming off, and/or a HUGE release and/or sense of freedom. 
            –  Sometimes, other stuff comes up to be released in the form of heat, heaviness or eerie cold. 
            –  REMEMBER to have healee breathe stuff away as healer pulls it off, and to fill in the voids afterwards.

4.Remove black disk with black pyramid inside of it, from behind the heart chakra.
          –  Gillian O’Neill of Ireland taught me this.  She cleared me.  I’ve cleared and taught other Tera Mai healers how to do this clearing. 
            –  This again, is a BIG clearing for most people. 
                        –  With it removal we are better able to connect to the Earth and the Heavens. 
            –  Black pyramid  replaced with an outline of a golden triangle, which has golden energy flowing around and through it. 
                        –  We are able to be ourselves!  Love ourselves !  Love others!  

5.  Remove false holograms that we imposed upon healee at the time of birth.
          –  Ramona Kirk figured this out.  She cleared me and I cleared her. 
            –  Their removal helps us to become who we are meant to be. 
            –  After false holograms are removed, they remain in the aura until they are sent away. 
Helps to speed clearing along if I name the place where the negativity is meant to go.  
–  I don’t enjoy naming off all these places, but as it helps God’s Angels, I persist. 
            –  Because people have asked me to name these places so that they are better able to help others, I’ve included them: 
                        –  Angels, please send the negative energies and dark entities who created them down to Earth’s central fire, Behind the Doors, into the Lost Universe, . . .   
                        –  . . .  to the Celestial Prison Beyond the Stars (This is where Behind the Doors goes when it is full.  Then the Angels construct another Behind the Doors for the next lot of darkness that is leaving Earth.), . . .   
                        –  . . .  to the Universe on Fire (Ramona and I were told that this particular universe became so dark and demonic that no Light or Love remained.  As Fire from The Holy Spirit had been commonly misused for evil, the consequences were dire.  I suspect that those who spontaneously combust have also misused fire in one or more lifetimes.) . . . 
            –  . . .  to the Weird Place, onto the Dark Road, into the Pits of Hell, into the Bottomless Pit, behind the Glass Plate, into the Grey Mine Shaft, onto the Dark Thing being pulled out of Mother Earth, or flushed down the toilet. 
            –  Once, I asked the Angels, ‘Why so many places?  Why not one place?’ 
               The Angels answered, ‘To each his own.  Everyone is going where their thoughts, emotions and deeds have led them . . .  good, bad or indifferent.’

Testimonials during new clearings and Tera Mai Reiki One re-initiation:  
Dear Kathleen,   I really want to thank you so much for the re-initiation into Tera-Mai Reiki One you gave me tonight.

            To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical about receiving an initiation by phone, because I never received on, but I must say it went beyond my expectations; it was as powerful as the ones you gave me in person (in Arizona).

I felt it coming to me hours before our phone call.  The clearing and initiation – so powerful!   You voice brought me into a vortex of colors, my body was hot and I felt so much joy!

            During the clearing, I felt very strongly that something “negative” has been taken away from my throat (such a relief) and for sure you cleaned away something “dark” that was tied to me at the moment of my birth! 
Loredona Perotta 

Another Testimonial: 
Dearest Kathleen, 
            I hope you are well.  With all my heart I wish to thank you for the reinitiating into Tera Mai Reiki One.  It quite simply has been extraordinary.

            The energy as usual before initiations was building up before our phone call.  As I have received initiations and re-initiations in the past from you over the phone, I knew it would be as powerful as in person.  I had quite a headache and tension in my 3rd Eye hours leading into it.  You released that fully.  Then came the initiation.  It was hard to describe in words.  Very, very beautiful and the energy of gold pouring in from above and filling every part of my Being.  It felt like being reborn, seeing everything from a new perspective, more colour everywhere.

            Since then I have given healings and re-initiation into Tera Mai Reiki I.  Without doubt the healings are deeper and faster.  As if everything has speeded up.  There is also a very clear focus and it’s like laster beams working on specific points when required.  It feels like all our hearts have opened further also as a result and another significant step taken on the anchoring of the energies of the Golden Age.  A greater sense of joy and inter connectedness.

            Thank you once more for all you have given and brought through for humanity at this great time of change. 
Eileen Heneghan 

Lisa Moke of Australia gave me permission to share her healing and awareness experiences during and after Tera Mai Reiki One initiation:  
          As I gave List the Tera Mai Reiki One initiation, the energy coming from my hands was powerful.

            Aterwards, Lisa said that she was burning up as ‘stuff’ was being released.  It was a comfortable heat.  Very unlike the man who had received manmade fire initiations, and was left with uncomfortable heat in his body.  So much so, that there times when he was afraid he would  combust.  (Clearing these types of initiations requires more work.)

            I suggested to Lisa that she might bring up ‘negative’ thoughts and emotions, and breathe them away.  As she did this, Lisa saw a vortex in front of her, pulling ‘stuff’ away from her.  As she spoke, I was able to see the vortex working as well.

            Gold and God’s Love and Forgiveness poured into Lisa.  Lisa saw an elongated cross in front of her drop into the ground.  I felt that the crosses she had carried, and suffering were leaving her.

            Lisa had the sensation of warm, golden honey in her mouth and going down her throat.  (A very auspicious sign.)

This Tera Mai Reiki One initiation will increase the healing power and effectiveness of all of the Tera Mai Reiki initiations Lisa has received.  This in turn further energies Tera Mai Seichem; which further energies Tera Mai Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight.  This in turn further energies Tera Mai Cahokia for those who have been re-initiated into Tera Mai Cahokia One. 
Kathleen Milner

Crowning initiation into Tera-Mai Egyptian Cartouche –  VEIL of ISIS. 
            On October 5, I received the energy and this initiation after sending healing to all those listed on for whom healing requests had been made.

            Later, I asked Ramona Kirk to check to see what she saw.  (Initially, Ramona received chills of confirmation, as has everyone else I’ve told this story to.) 
            –  Ramona saw the initial Tera-Mai Egyptian Cartouche initiations coming in as Silver. 
                        –  When she said this, I felt the Silver and 24 Egyptian Cartouche initiations sharpen and fine-tune aspects of intuition & psychic abilities, which also enables the initiate to grasp archetypal constructs of higher consciousness and thinking. 
–  ISIS represents virtues of nurturing and the power of love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and Divine and Earthly magic. 
                        –  The veil of Isis in script is actually the same as the blindfold used by Shaman to cover their eyes, so that they might go deeper in meditation or Shamanic Journeywork. 
            –  Ramona saw the VEIL of ISIS initiation coming in as Gold, and pouring through the other 24 Egyptian Cartouche initiations. 
                        –  I was shown that this particular Gold, along with the VEIL of ISIS initiation, helps in meditation and Shamanic Journeywork to allow the individual to more fully be in the experience.  This in itself brings other benefits and helps to manifest positive results. 
–  There are many types of Gold:  Electric Gold, Molten-Heavenly Gold, pale Gold, deep Gold, red Gold, et cetera. 
                        –  The Gold within the VEIL of ISIS initiation connects the intuitive mind with the heart. 
–  If anyone tries to manipulate or use the Shamanic Journeywork and/or Tera-Mai Egyptian Cartouche initiations for evil, the positive energies and beings of The One True Pure Light & Love leave !  The would-be manipulator islet along and on his or her own. 
–  VEIL of ISI initiation is only given to those who’ve received the standardized Tera Mai Egyptian Cartouche initiations. 
–  Because too many people have changed the initiations known as Egyptian Cartouche, for now, the VEIL of ISIS initiation will not be taught to anyone. 
            –  This needs to be straighter out so people who want to receive the energy and benefits of the pure Tera Mai Egyptian Cartouche initiations get what they are paying for. 
–  The cost of this initiation is $100 and may be done in-person or on the telephone. 
–  Initiations given absentee without the benefit of a telephone are healings at best.

Join a free worldwide healing & meditation group with over 1 million weekly participants. 
Read about it here:

Astrologers say that the powerfully-aspected October 4th Mercury retrograde is the most impactful of our lifetime. 
–  By definition and by what they were doing (following a star) the 3 Wisemen in the New Testament had to have been astrologers and astronomers.   
            –  Perfect geometries in art, sculpture, architecture and in the heavens all create attention & energy. 
            –  Effects of this Mercury retrograde will be with us through 2015. 
            –  More on  on the BLOG page on the post, Vital Information

Energies during the entire month of October are about releasing what does not work so that we can bring in a better life, a better reality. 
–  Break free from the chains of the past.  Introspection.  Justice.  Insights.  Finishing that which has been left undone.  Relationships that are not working are ending – cast aside.  Putting things right. 
            –  Sudden, unexpected reversals – good & bad. 
                        –  Particularly difficult time for those who have closed their hearts; and those reusing to let go of old, negative thoughts, patterns & emotions. 
            –  Secrets & lies come into the Light for all to see. 
                        –  When truth is buried it grows.  It chokes.  It gathers such an explosive force that on the day it bursts out, it blows up everything with it.  Neil Zola

Release lies, and the effects of lies, treachery, deceit, gossip and treason. 
Dear God, I ask You and Your Angels, 
            Please release and clear all of the lies I’ve told myself ! 
            Please release and clear all of the lies I’ve told others ! 
            Please release and clear all of the lies that have been told to me ! 
            Please release and clear all of the lies that have been told about me . . . 
            In this and all other lifetimes.

            Please send the impact of all lies, deceit, gossip, treachery, greed, power mongering and treason to Earth’s central fire for transformation. 
            Please fill in the voids with Pink Consciousness, Truth and Pink Love from Your Great Heart.

Inexorable force.  This time, it is a harbinger of God’s demand for Great positive change: 
          –  Uranus square Pluto !  Because both planets retrograde and go direct between June 24, 2012 and March 17, 2015, there are seven exact Uranus square Pluto aspects. 
                        December 15, 2014, Uranus squares Pluto for the 6th time in this particular series. 
                        More and deeper secrets brought to the surface.  Lies revealed. 
            –  Christmas Eve may well prove to be very interesting.

Read about what happened in the past during Uranus square Pluto aspects: 

–  Hopi prophesy for our time:  Embrace change or choke in your own free. 
–  Angels’ message to Ramona Kirk:  Open your heart or lose your mind.

Wealth of material on   
                  –  HOME page is updated.  Posts on BLOG page include:

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–  How to integrate The Fire of The Holy Spirit into Tera Mai  – one of the new Energies coming to Earth that is free.

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                        –  Power of Praying on Your Knees,  and much, much more.

Dutch Paranormal Fair on November 29 & 30. 
I’ll be speaking and doing healing demonstrations on both days. 
            I’ll also be working at the booth of the Dutch Tera Mai Association. 
            I’ll also be signing copies of the Dutch translation of Reiki and Other Ways of Healing. 
                         Reiki en anders healingsmethoden:  Healen met de Engelen.

            Contact Kitty Hekelaar at Kitty Hekelaar [email protected] 
            or Erna Langezaal-Weekhout at Erna Langezaal-Weekhout [email protected]

Enjoy the holidays.   
It’s never too late to be who you might have been. 
                   Stop putting things off. 
                        Listen to your gut feelings and you heart, and act upon those feelings

Kathleen Ann Milner