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Autumn 2015 Newsletter

Scroll down to read testimonials, including the healing of cancer.
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For information regarding healing energies from The Divine Feminine: Angelic Codes & Blue Star

The difference between Elemental Fire Healing Energy from Source and fires of destruction:
God’s Fire Angel

Two types of healing:  Hands-on or Shamanic-like healing sessions, whereby I only watch God’s Angels work.

Readings:  I only want your questions, one at a time.  Background info gets in the way.
       –  Introduction to Shamanism – Wednesday, Dec 2, 1:00 to 6:00  

  • Fantasia Crystals in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Healing sessions – Thursday, Dec 3, noon to 6:00 – A Peace of the Universe in Scottsdale, Arizona

Tera-Mai Classes

–  England – June, 2016 /  Karina Hall <[email protected]> –  

Know the real Tera Mai healers!  Click on and read Buddha’s Tera Mai standards
–  The New Testament clearly states that Jesus taught his disciples how to heal, sent them into the world to heal and to teach others how to heal.  Healing was an important part of Jesus’ ministry. –  It would behoove people to read the original texts of the Bible, Koran (Qur’an), and other writings by great spiritual teachers & disciples, and STOP blindly accepting other people’s interpretations.-  Faith only gives the illusion of being blind.-  Faith comes after establishing our own relationship and connection to God.  Then pray or meditate in the silence within!  STOP ignoring heart & gut feelings.  Ignoring this important connection only traps us in ignorance. –  God is Love, NOT hate.  Justice is wielded only by God – that’s in the Bible as well.  Angelic Codes 

Tom van der Ende of Holland emailed me to say that he’d had an extraordinary experience.  At the end of an intensive clearing and healing, which went on for several weeks, an Angel appeared to Tom in a mist of White Light.  The Angel said that he was giving Tom 33 Angelic Codes.

Later, it came to me.  Angelic Codes are the DNA, and the Angel corrected 33 of Tom’s DNA markers.  I also told Tom that he would be able to heal other people’s DNA when he did healings. 

Shortly thereafter, I re-initiated Tom into Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem.  Afterwards, Tom worked on me over the telephone.  While doing so, he saw the same White Light that the Angel used.  When I asked Ramona Kirk to check my DNA, she could see that the Angels were in the process of making it stronger and at the same time, repressing my RNA.

So, I called upon the Angel, the White Light and the Angelic Codes to heal Ramona’s DNA and to suppress her RNA.  It worked!  Then we worked with the Angel to put this energy into the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.  Thus, that healing energy is dispersed, but it is there for you to use each Wednesday night.  Persistence works and people are looking for things that work ! 

Manifested results from the October 18, GREAT clearing –  This particular change / clearing isn’t yet over! –  Other major clearings are possible through October 26. –  Changes, some big and others small, continue for years to come.

Easy to do & effective clearing –  Stand over your wastepaper basket or bin.   –  Call upon God’s Angels.   –  Repeat something like this for as many times as necessary, “I release what no longer serves me!” –  As you speak, grab blockages, disease, pain, et cetera and throw it into the trash.

Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearings
      –  Ongoing since August 2008.
      –  It’s free!
      –  At eight o’clock, simply ask God’s Angels, “Please connect me to the Tera-Mai healers who are doing the clearings.     
      –  Then proceed to do whatever Spiritual practice you wish.  (Pray, meditate, chant, play the Tibetan bowls, drum, sing Gospel songs, send healing, et cetera.)
      –  Do this for whomever or whatever you wish for as long as you want.
      –  Also spend some time on yourself and Mother Earth.

Angelic agendas during the past several Wednesday Night 8:00 PMClearings:
–  Removal of black, demonic and inappropriate contracts and injustice.
–  Removal of unjustified, harmful DNA markers.  Clearing and healing DNA and repressing RNA.
–  Clearing & healing of inner child, childhood timeline and aftereffects.    –  Restoring love’s passion to the heart. 
Great introduction to Tera Mai !  Listen to the latest interview that I gave The Reiki Answer Lady, Carmen Tracey.  
Go to this site, http://reikianswerlady. com/ teramaihealingkathleenmilner .   When you get to this page click on the 24 SEPT podcast, Tera Mai Healing with Kathleen Milner.  Or go to the HOME page of http://www.ReikiAnswerLady. com and then go to the podcasts.
  –   Listeners feel the Tera-Mai energies.
–   My experience with Buddha  and What is Tera Mai?
–   Carmen Tracey’s experience with Tera-Mai Reiki One initiation on the air
–   What is Reiki? and What is Reiki’s relationship to Shamanism?
–   Takata and Buddha.
–   Tera Mai standards, Healing & Tera Mai healers.
–   Violet Flame invocations for protection.
–   Carmen Tracey’s experience with the New Clearings I did for her before the show
–   I called upon the Angels of God and asked for them to clear us.
–   Free-will choice
–   Strong Energies grounding on Earth – Divine Pure White Truth and Divine Love  –  At the end of the podcast, I call upon the names of God, asking Him to bless all who listen.

Hi Kathleen!
      Thanks for sharing!  This podcast is amazing.  I listen to it everyday while commuting back and forth from work.  It brings in all the wonderful Tera-Mai energies.  I get chills and shivers.  Seems like it is clearing me everyday.
      I shared this with some people to open their eyes towards real Reiki without telling them.
Sheetal Jain
Northern Virginia
Hi Kathleen,
I just heard your interview with Reiki Answer Lady. Wow! 

First of all, it’s always a pleasure listening to you. You have a soothing way of talking about energy, it’s amazing!

I wanted to tell you that I could feel the energy of the initiation, and I suspect that several of the listeners may have been initiated along with the interviewer. I could literally feel hundreds of ‘energy spots’ when you were doing it. Could it be that more people opened up to the initiation and were initiated together?
Is this possible?  Or is it all in my head? 
Your friend,
Luis Moura, Brazil
Dear Louis,There was a lot of energy while I was on the phone.  Maybe God wants more people to experience Golden Tera-Mai Reiki and Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem?Kathleen Milner, Virginia

Divine Truth & Divine Love
By the fact of who they were (seers looking into the future – foretelling the birth of a new king) and by what they were doing (following a star), the Three Wisemen in the New Testament had to have been astronomers and astrologers.
      –  God’s Pure White Light Truth, Karmic re-balancing and new beginnings were the energies of the September 13, New Moon / Solar Eclipse. 
             –  GREAT clearings have happened and continue to occur. –  One such clearing happened on October 18.
      –  The way for The Goddess’ re-emergence, as well as feminine empowerment and balanced male energy was laid during the Full Moon / total Lunar Eclipse on September 23.  –  These help pave the way for the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.

– Love, ‘big-time success’, health, wealth & happiness / Oct. 27 – Nov. 11      –  Prayers & meditations for such blessings are particularly effective from the Oct. Full Moon through the  October 26 to the Nov. 11, New Moon.      –  What we have sent to others begins to come back to us and take shape during the November 25, Full Moon.
      –  To benefit from the positive energies from perfect geometries in the heavens requires our participate.   –  Meditate or pray for blessings prior to or during the astrological event.
      –  You may also sign up for the FREE, absentee group healings, which occur on every full and new Moon, on the BLOG page of  www.tera-mai-conversation. com where you will find more fascinating information.
      –  Check out http://www.astrologyking. com/moons/

God’s Fire Angel – Archangel Uriel
      –  Sometimes, life’s circumstances cause our heart to close.
      –  Both the inner child and the timeline (past) need to be cleared.
            –  You may call upon Archangel Uriel and/or Saint Germain and the Violet Flame.
            –  Acknowledge who’s harmed you.  Using mother as an example, address her spirit as follows:  “I accept you as my mother.  I love you.  I return to you all that is yours.” –  Click on and read the post,  God’s Fire Angel
PEOPLE ARE DREAMING:  Many people are having this same dream:
The very real dream takes place in the past, at a time when there were two choices.  This moment passed without undo attention; they completely forgot about the incident. At the time, they were completely unaware that demonic intervention took away their freewill choice.  Unaware that the other road was their destiny and a far better outcome!

In the dream they find themselves back in time and making the other choice.  Afterwards the dream proceeds forward in time.  It’s as if on some level that God and the Angels of God are making corrections that will, at some point, impact the present.
DREAMS whereby people are shown two future choices & being cautioned!
Hi Kathleen,
Thank you for the Tera Mai Reiki 1 attunement a couple months ago.
Maybe it happened because I read your email about dreams!  Last night, I had a dream (which I had before) but this time, it was different.

I was either walking or riding a bike into a T-junction.  Imagine this T is rotated to the left.  I came from below and could either go straight forwards uphill to this dark wooded road, or make a right-hand turn into a brighter area.

First time I had the dream, I made the right turn.   Last night, same dream but I hesitated before I turned right.  I looked to the other side and saw that the dark road/walking path was full of long tiny small snakes.  At first, I could not see the heads of the snakes.   Then I saw a few heads (I think there were 3 snakes’ heads) looking at me and coming my way. 

Then I saw people walking by, and I tried to warn them… but they kept going into the dark.    The heads of the small snakes approach even faster…and I tried to move away from the snakeheads but I didn’t get to see the results.  I might have stepped on a snake’s body, because that is when the dream ended.

When I woke up and thought about it… I think my realization is that I cannot ‘save’ or ‘help’ others.  I can only move forward.  The moment I hesitate and do not making that right turn, I’ll be slammed with danger and unnecessary drama.
Eric, Northern Virginia

DREAMS are also a way of releasing the past & moving on!
I signed up for your prayer session yesterday afternoon.  As you know, I have been praying and seeking a breakthrough.  Well, last night, I dreamed that there was a large flower stand that had a green grassy plant in it.  It had an opening.  I looked in.  I was going t o reset the plant because the root had come out of the ground.  Just as I went to stick my hands in, I saw a large black snake.  I had nothing to kill it with.  So I ran to get some hot water.  I was going to throw the holy water on the snake to kill it. 

When I got back….I did not have the water…the huge snake was walking away.  However, he wasn’t a snake.  He was a giant alligator.   He would not look back.  He was just lumbering away from me.  He was an old seasoned alligator, like he had been in a lake or pond for years.  It was as if he knew it was his time to go.

My take … the enemy…the giant… that has caused so much trouble has left…it was like evil lumbered away last night… it was if he knew his time was up…The dream was so real.
Ruby, North Carolina

TESTIMONIALS:Many documented, witnessed, healing testimonials on both of my sites. Tera-Mai healing is a Gift of The Spirit, which comes from God.  Its energies do NOT build up in me.  By God’s Grace, they flow through God’s Angels, the pure energies of the Earth and through me.
Thank you for attuning me into Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem in August.  I have had a couple of amazing experiences using the Akasha symbol and also using simply ‘earth, air, fire, water and ether to energize this symbol and other symbols. 

I found when connecting to the Wednesday night healing and clearing wave that the Akasha symbol is channeled out through my solar plexus, which seems to be the full width of my body.  The energy flowing through me is huge, just huge.

I also was drawn to use Akasha during a healing, which was heavy and stuck.  After energizing the symbol, there was like a zap of energy for a few seconds, which cleared the room completely of heavy energies.  This symbol was gone as fast as it had arrived. 
Karina Hall, England

Dear Kathleen,
REMARKABLE CLEARINGS:  I wish to tell you that in a decade of healing and teaching Reiki, I have never experienced such amazing clearings as I experienced them this morning!  Thank you for the help and divine assistance.  As I mentioned, I felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders even as my throat and forehead started to clear. Nothing I’ve done so far in all the so called energy healing work had an effect close to this!

As for the initiations into level II of Golden Tera-Mai Reiki and Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem, this too was a first.    I experienced powerful yet gentle waves of energy flowing through my hands.  The elements chant that we did was a first too and that too felt so divine!  During the initiations of level I,  I could barely feel a trickle of energy but now the feeling ability has increased exponentially! How did I get so lucky? Thank you once again!
Sandeep Narayan, India

Hi Kathleen,
I wanted to share with you something based on what Karina Hall wrote.   She’s not alone. Ever since I was attuned to Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem, I too have felt that it gave me the ability to energize symbols using earth, air, fire, water and ether, either together or separately, to energize symbols.

I feel that earth gives the same effect as Cho Ku Rays, but the others seem to open up different possibilities for the symbols. I am even taking my time testing the waters, so as to try to learn and understand. I could never do this before Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem.

Is it possible that others are experiencing the same thing, or is it just a coincidence that both Karina Hall and I developed the same ability after you initiated us?
Your friend,
Luis Moura, Brazil
Dear Kathleen,We were in touch almost a year ago when you re-attuned me with Cosmic Gold Reiki.  Since then, I have had improvement in back pain that had been a part of my life for many years.  I never expected it to go away.Because I am in Abu Dhabi, I decided it would make more sense to receive my Tera Mai Reiki Master class from your student, Adele Rafferty, who lives here.  I have a friend who received Tera Mai Reiki healing from me both before and after I received Mastership.  He said the healing difference was very intense.Last weekend, I was pleased and grateful to take part in a volunteer program, offering Reiki to cancer patients.  When I had my hands of the heart (from the back) of a patient, she said she felt intense pulsing and lots of energy.  (She had never experienced Reiki before.)  I felt as if my hands were being pulled deeply into her heart area, so as to release old emotional energy.I am always in awe of the type of feedback that corroborates what I am sensing in the moment.  I unexpectedly fell into this Tera Mai Reiki journey, and I am grateful to have it as part of my life.Thank you,Kristina Turner, Abu DhabiDear Kathleen, 
I am sharing my experience with new Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem energy. 

My daughter, Khyati, was suffering with migraine headache on right side.  As usual, me and my husband started channeling Tera Mai energies.  It went on for almost seven minutes.  Suddenly, I remembered to call upon Golden Tera Mai Reiki and Tera Mai Akasha Seichem.  To our surprise after few minutes, I could feel a change in my palms.  My daughter too said she is feeling better and she wanted to sleep.  She had good sleep whole night and woke up fresh. 
Thank you Kathleen.
Warm regards, 
Kirtida Shah, IndiaDear Brenda,
I didn’t know anything about Kathleen Milner either when I first went to see her.  I had a very positive experience.  I even had a vision of a glowing white dove around Kathleen, a symbolic reference to the Holy Spirit.

There is indeed a big difference between being religious and being spiritual, as the latter has a much better chance of making it to heaven – as near-death experience research confirms. From an NDE conclusions site: –  The choices we make in life matter deeply.
–  Life is a golden opportunity to live a spiritual life in a world of darkness.
–  Life is very important, because how we have lived our life largely determines how far we can go into the light. science/research/life-review. htmlThe Miracle of Ether (Akasha):For approximately 2 weeks, Buddha energized the symbol, AKASHA, on the blog page ofwww.tera-mai-conversation. comin such a way that people would be able to meditate on the symbol and experience a portion of the energies of Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem for themselves.  In this way, they might choose for themselves if they were interested in healing sessions or Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem initiations.Many countless people went to my website and had experiences something like Anne’s below.   After 2 weeks, the really intense energy left the symbol.  Click here and scroll down:   Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem
Hi Kathleen!  I was doing the Violet fire meditations tonight along with the Wed night group.  After I read about the Akasha symbol, I looked at the picture on your site.  It’s very intense, bright white energy came to me from the triangle and the center circle.  I drew the symbols on my hand and placed my hands together.  I felt the heat from the energy.  I placed my hands on parts of my body and could feel the area light up.  I have never felt anything this strong before.AnneTera-Mai Akasha Seichem brings up & releases our issues, as well as other people’s ‘stuff’ that has been imposed upon us:Hi Kathleen!  As soon as you mentioned Tera Mai Akasha Seichem, I knew I had to have it, but I never expected the whole experience to be so powerful.  I feel like I have released a lot that has been deep-rooted for a very long time.  I feel so grateful to you and to a lll those in spirit who have helped this system of healing to come about.Wendy Lowe, England

Hi Kathleen!  Seems like my healing capabilities have increased.  I never felt this before.  My Mom was suffering from swollen tooth.  Last night, I asked her to take a homeopathic remedy I’d worked with. It brought out a lot of stuff from her tooth overnight.
Today, I cleared her.  In a matter of few minutes, she felt much better, and immediately had to rush to the restroom while she was on the phone with me.  She was relieved in a matter of minutes.  She thinks the toxins have come out. She was feeling relaxed and sleepy when I called her again later.Thanks!Sheetal Jain,  Northern Virginia

Dear Kathleen, I read your material on ‘non-aging’ and I completely agree with you.  I believed this to be true for many years, but haven’t dared to mention it because I knew people would think that I am nuts.  Lately though, I am finding lectures on U Tube by scientists with evidence supporting your position.  I think in time your thinking will be accepted as the normal viewpoint.Joanna Johnson
HEALING CANCERI first ‘met’ Kathleen over the phone over 10 years ago, when I had a cervical cancer scare.  A stranger actually suggested her.  I had read books prior about people healing themselves from cancer.  I believed in mind/body healing.  I had scheduled surgery 3 months out, as I really wanted time to heal on my own.
In the beginning, I didn’t really “feel” anything from our phone work, and I certainly didn’t understand it.  As time went on, I discovered that I was becoming calmer, less stressed, happier, more positive.  I took up daily healing meditation while still working with Kathleen.
I traveled to AZ to have Kathleen “work” on me before my last test before surgery.  Sure enough!  The last test showed nothing!  No cancer cells!  The doctor could not explain it and refused to believe in holistic healing.  The doctor’s explanations was, “You have an odd cervix.”
The next time I called upon Kathleen, I had slammed my finger in the car door.  This is the first time in my life that I almost passed out from pain.  My finger bled all day!  For days after, it was more black than blue!  My finger looked so awful that my co-workers threatened to drag me to the doctor.  I called Kathleen that night – I had no idea what to expect.
The following morning when I woke up, the only finger that had warmth in it was the one I slammed in the car door.  All of my other fingers were cold.  The injured finer was almost back to flesh color.  It had done a complete healing overnight.  My boss at work didn’t believe Kathleen healed it, but she had no explanation HOW it cleared up overnight.
At current date, I have been given a possible cancer scare – this time, in both my breasts.  Kathleen did a healing and then re-initiated me into Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem.  At first, I felt what was like a ball of vibrating energy in both my hands.  At the end of our session, I was very fatigued and surprised since Kathleen did the work!  She explained to me that tiredness after a healing session can be like having to sleep after surgery.
I always share with others all that Kathleen has done for me.  I believe she is a very powerful healer.  I also believe we can heal ourselves, but I always call on Kathleen for major healings.  I have always felt blessed to have met her and have her in my life . . .  just a phone call away.DC, San Diego, California
TESTIMONIALS regarding Sakara II & III initiations:What I experienced:
First, I could see that Kathleen’s aura had what looked like a multi-colored spiral that funneled down here crown chakra, and made her aura expand and glow very bright. I had never seen anything quite like that. 

At the beginning, when Kathleen called upon the energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, I saw that Akasha formed a pillar of light in the middle, and the other energies weaved around it, and connected through it. 

Fire initiation:  
When Sakara 2 was called upon my crown chakra, I immediately saw what looked like a Phoenix extend its wings, from a nest of flames, reaching up right in front of me. 

Then when Sakara 3 was blown upon my hands, with my eyes closed, I could see flames on both palms. I can still see the flames when I call upon Sakara. 

Water initiation:
When Sophiel was called upon my crown chakra, I felt waves of cooling energy, like a waterfall torrenting down my spine. 

Then when Sophiel was blown upon my right hand, but not yet on my left hand, I could feel my right hand very cool, and my left hand was still on fire. Then, after Sophiel was blown upon my left hand, I could feel it too becoming very cool. 

I could actually see two spheres, one alongside the other.  One was deep blue and the other was red, as if the energies of water and fire were stacked alongside each other. 

Air initiation:
When Angeliclight was called upon my crown chakra, I could see my aura turning blueish-greenish, shifting into shades of purple. I saw what looked like tiny energy parasites being flushed out of my body through my feet. 

I then saw what looked like a crystal palace right behind Kathleen. It was extremely beautiful and surrounded by clouds. It was also blueish greenish, and it shone very bright. 

The glass of water:
The glass of water that I was to drink after the Angeliclight attunement and a bottle of water sat on a table next to me. When the energies were called upon the glass was started to  tremble.  It stopped once Kathleen was done invoking the energies.  After the Angeliclight attunement, the water bottle was a bit warm, but surprisingly the glass of water had turned cold. 

At first when I drank the water, it tasted bitter, then remarkably it turned sweet, as if it had honey in it.  Drinking it was a very intense feeling.  I could feel the energy throughout my entire body. 

After the initiation, I am left with a feeling of peace and tranquility.  My head feels slightly heavy, but not in a bad way.  It is because I can sense the energies coming through. 

My thoughts are that Sakara II & III are made very strong and stable with the aid of Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem and the energies of Ether.  It is extremely powerful ! ! ! 

We must beware of power mongers, because this is clearly the most powerful energy I’ve ever experienced.  I hope it is always used in accordance with God’s Will.Louis Moura, BrazilLast week, I had the honor to receive the Sakara II and Sakara III initiations.
When Kathleen Milner started doing the Sakara II initiation, it felt like both of my hand palm chakras were opened up into a vortex to pure white light.  My hands felt so warm and powerful.
When Kathleen started the Sakara III initiation my hand palm chakras opened up even wider.  Another brighter vortex of pure white light opened up.  This time, the energy was cold.  Three dragons came down and sat in front of me.  The first dragon was a fire dragon, who gave me fire.  The second dragon was an enormous water dragon.  The third dragon was smaller but very fast and maneuverable.  Now I can use the full capacity of the elemental energies.
Later that night while I was meditating, I saw a beautiful sight.  Angels were working on my soul.  Angeliclight, Sophi-El and Sakara mixed together with Golden Tera-Mai Reiki and Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem.
The week after the very powerful initiations, my clients noticed more healing energy coming out of my hands, which were much warmer.  
Every morning and before going to sleep, I work with the Violet Fire invocations.Thank you so much Kathleen Ann Milner.? In Love and Light ?Tom van der Ende, Holland

The Violet Flame invocations Tom uses are on the post, Surviving a World of Opposites 

How to do the new clearings may be found on God’s Telephone Number

More great information on

Something big will happen this Autumn –  Message given to Ramona Kirk, New York

What I know to be true is that God’s Hand will be coming in VERY soon.  This world cannot  continue to survive if we continue on in the same old way.  Please consider joining in on Wednesday nights.