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Fall 2002 Newsletter

Tours: Mexico, Date TBD, reunion of sorts for Tera-Mai Reiki & Tera-Mai Seichem Masters.  We will also do Shamanic and Pilgrimage work.  Contact Patty Lopez at [email protected] or [email protected]

Ireland, September 2004, a Shamanic Tour or Pilgrimage of Ireland – release old blockages and open up to new energies.   Please contact

What are the benefits of going on a Pilgrimage?  A couple of years ago, Serge Martel and I took a group on a pilgrimage through special sites in Arizona.  I released a lot of “stuff” and was blessed in return with the energy of bear medicine and that of the heart energy of Montezuma’s Well.  This translated into more healing energy that was being channeled through me and a difference in my daily life.  Individuals on the Pilgrimage who were willing to look at the fact that what they judged so severely in others was actually their own issues also had major releases and received wonderful Spiritual gifts.  In the last tour of Ireland that I led, everyone on the tour had an Otherworld experience.

Between Two Worlds ISBN 1-86903-97-2 will be available in the summer of 2003.  I am trying to keep the retail cost reasonable ($15.95).  The old title was On the Edge Between Two Worlds.  In Journey to Sacred Mountain, an audiotape/meditation I produced in 1990, I state in the beginning, “I stand on the edge between two worlds.”  When I started to write my third book this title seemed appropriate.  As the screenplay that I wrote, Between Two Worlds, is based on insights, past life regressions and Otherworld experiences that are in the book, I chose to rename the book.

Kwan Yin or St. Germain?  Who is the keeper of the Violet Flame?

Actually, Kwan Yin is the original holder of the Violet Flame.  It was Mark Prophet (Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s husband) who changed things and set up the summit Lighthouse group.  It is difficult to explain, but somehow, some members feel that people on Earth can assign Ascended Masters duties, send some away and call in others.  What mark Prophet did do was to discover that when we chant in a non-varying tone or drone, like the steady, rapid beat of a drum, we create more energy.  This is also why rap music, which also involves poetry, can have both a very powerful positive or negative influence.  What I can tell you is that oftentimes during healing sessions, Kwan Yin will come in.  Some people see her as well as the violet columns of energy she brings along for transformation and healing.

I believe that St. Germain is a part of the legend of the Wandering Jew, who never ages and never dies.  He only changes identities.  He may also have been Francis Bacon (who was the author of Shakespeare’s plays) and the Native American chief from the northwest of the United States, who so eloquently wrote to the U.S. President and Congress concerning the wilderness.  This Jew is actually St. John the Beloved (the author of one of the Apostles).  Legend has it that he volunteered to stay on earth to hold the real Truth of Jesus’ teachings until the fulfillment of the Golden Age that we are about to embark upon..  Somebody had to hold the Truth, even if it was just one person.  Interestingly enough, St. Germain lived much longer than the official date of his death as given by the Catholic Church.  (I have written about this in my books.)

What’s up for the United States?

The U.S. astrology chart, according to Barb Britten ([email protected]) looks bad for the next 1 1/2 years.  So, we have government leaders whose own personal charts fit in or reflect what is going on in the nation’s chart.  Actually, whether or not you happen to like President Clinton, his astrology chart positively reflected the nation’s economy.  And while we are on the subject of presidents, it is clear that a lot of people hate either Bill Clinton or George W.  When we judge someone, we are actually seeing something in that individual that we “hate” in ourselves.  Not easy words to hear or understand!  When we look at someone’s actions and state that we disapprove of those actions, we are using discernment.  On the other hand, when we look at somebody and call them an s.o.b. that is not discrimination that is a judgment.

The thing about judgments is that they draw us into the game.  For example, there are case studies of homosexual men, who in past life regression, discover that they hated homosexuals in another lifetime.  When they come out of the past life regression, they are no longer gay.  In these cases, something else happened in the past life regression.  They found empathy for those men they hated and their compassion healed them.

Aspects of the Total Solar Eclipse of December 3-4 (depending on where you live) were very powerful.  Usually the energy of a solar eclipse will last for a year.  The aftereffects of this solar eclipse will be with us for years!  It will serve to bring the Truth to the surface.  It feels as though we have been stuck and that the energy will be freed up sometime after January 1, 2003.

God please help me to love the way You love!   This statement is both powerful and beautiful and life transforming.  It will help keep us out of judgment and the Truth keeps surfacing.  One of the challenges facing autistic children is to find the compassion that they lack.  When we close ourselves to love and compassion we also build a barrier between ourselves and the Universal Mind or God.  (In Taoism, God is not a noun but an active verb.)

Tera-Mai™ is going to take off in 2003!  I perform a daily clearing on myself, Tera-Mai™,and the individuals who have been properly attuned to Tera-Mai™.  I had asked over 20 years ago to be reconnected to the healing energy and psychic abilities I had as a child.  Last month, it occurred to me to ask God why it was taking so long.  The answer I received was that I could have been reconnected with the fullness of the healing and psychic energy I was born with a long time ago, but the angels and Ascended Masters are also pulling up the energies of Tera-Mai™ along with me.  My own personal healing energies have dramatically accelerated since my July 6 accident. 

A man requiring a heart transplant came to me in September for 8 to 10 healing sessions.  By November, he passed his tests and no longer required a new heart.  More individuals are coming to see me once and receiving a spontaneous healing or miracle.  Those people who have been properly attuned to Tera-Mai™ and are abiding by all of the Tera-Mai™ standards are also noticing an almost daily increase in the healing energies of Tera-Mai™that they are facilitating.

The nature of healing is that is comes from God and healers are merely channels of this energy.

I have hired Patty Kemnitz to market Tera-Mai™and myself.  She has completely redone my site. (It will be up by January 25th.)

Becoming spiritually aware is akin to stepping out from the darkness of unconsciousness into the Light of Truth.

There are many legitimate metaphysical teachers and methods of becoming psychic or a healer.  There is also a lot of fraud, which is one reason why metaphysics, healers and psychics are looked upon with great skepticism.  This is why I strongly suggest that people question and ask to see a healing demonstration before undertaking any classes on healing.

For example, I have received a significant number of inquires concerning Beth Saunders and the Zen Monk.  The story as I wrote it in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing is clear.  Beth was one of my first Reiki students.  She then taught a class in California.  The man in California who sponsored the class convinced the Zen Monk, who had been initiated by Takata (the Japanese-American woman who brought Reiki to the United States), to come to California and take Beth’s class on the grounds that the Truth should be exposed in the light of day.  The way in which I teach Reiki Mastership everyone in the class practices initiating each degree three times on three different people.  After the class, the Zen Monk told everyone that what I had taught Beth was exactly the same as what Takata had taught him.

After the class in California the Zen Monk went home to Shri Lanka.  Sometime afterwards, he died.  One of Beth’s students in Wisconsin claimed that this same Zen Monk found him in Wisconsin and that he was the only one that the Zen monk taught and initiated.  This individual claimed that this same Zen Monk had been initiated not by Takata, but through another lineage line from Dr. Usui (the Japanese man who had his own consciousness-raising experience over 100 years ago and was taught initiations into healing by the Ascended Master who met him in the Otherworlds).  Around his story he created initiations and a Reiki system, which people around the world have paid to learn.  

If we look at this logically, if the Zen monk had been enticed to come to California to expose the truth, wouldn’t he have told everybody in the class that he had been initiated by someone other than Takata?  Also, if his story was true then he and his students would be able to do, at the very least, the same healings that Takata did.  (There is a witnessed account of Takata raising the dead.) They cannot!

There are many people who have taken the original Reiki initiations or Tera-Mai™ initiations and then tried to make up initiations of their own.  Some of these initiations do not work at all, some produce a distorted energy, some work for a short time, some of these manmade initiations open the initiate’s healing channels without connecting them to Source or God with the result that the initiate’s healing channels are opened and they are taking on board the symptoms of the person they are working on.

Be cautious!  Ask all of the questions!  Who is your teacher?  Where did this energy come from?  (Tibetan Reiki does not come from Tibet; Usui Reiki is not the original Reiki that Takata brought over to the United States.)   What kinds of healings are you able to do?  (It is actually fraudulent to say that healings are happening when they are not for the purpose of selling attunements or initiations.)  Ask to see a healing demonstration!  Take a look at the teacher’s students!  Just because there is energy does not necessarily mean that it can be used for healing.   I strongly suggest that people do this with regard to me, any Tera-Mai™ teacher or any instructor of any Reiki or other healing system.

For more information on Takata, Dr. Usui, Reiki or how the phenomenon of healing works, please read Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing.

Cattle mutilations have increased dramatically
A long time ago, one of my students, who worked in army intelligence, told me that the Grays used cattle for cloning.  Not like Dolly the sheep!  These clones are cutout of the female cow full-grown and then they are programmed.  These clones replace their real counterpart.  Regardless of whether or not you believe in the Grays or the Galactic Confederation or other people from other planets, modern medicine cannot come close to duplicating the incisions that are made on these cows.

If all this is true, then it follows that the clones are dying and the Grays are desperately trying to replace those clones that are dying.  The new cat mutilations are a divergence to take attention away from what is really going on.

I used to have a lot of people come to me for healings that had had abduction experiences.  I prayed and asked God and the angels for a way that the abductions could be stopped.  I was told that cobalt blue would stop the abductions and that people could ask the angels for it or visualize cobalt blue just before they went to sleep.  Miraculously, my clients and readers got back to me and told me that their abduction experiences had stopped.  What does cobalt blue do?  It is calming!  It takes away fear!  When we are afraid we can be manipulated.  You may want to try it to see if your dreams improve.

Be well!

Kathleen Ann Milner