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Fall 2003 Newsletter

November 7, 8 & 9 – Tera-Mai Seichem I, II and Mastership in Arizona.
Magic & meditation – November 8, 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Between Two Worlds: The Story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn 
– and Her Celtic Heritage

6 X 9 inches, 308 pages, $15.95 U.S. currency
For a signed copy send check or money order to Kathleen Milner, PMB 108, 13835 North Tatum Blvd., Phoenix, Arizona 85032. Not set up to take credit cards! Price includes ground shipment. If you live overseas you may want to include several extra dollars for airmail. The following is the description given on the back cover:

Kathleen Ann Milner is the author of two metaphysical books of note that are recognized in the self-healing, self-help market. within both books are well-told stories and it is one of the reasons for the books’ popularity. In Between Two Worlds Kathleen expands upon her ability to weave facts, characters and settings into a very different tale of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. It is a story with a touch of mystery and romance that also fits into the unbiased historical evidence. Kathleen was born a natural healer and psychic; thus, metaphysics is realistically incorporated into the story in such a way that Celtic magic is useable and practical.
Included within the first part of the book are scenes of Anne’s parental Irish grandmother patiently teaching her the ways of healing and the natural world. After her death, Anne protects her daughter, Princess Elizabeth, from the Otherside of the veil. In the second part of the book the author tells another story of how the information for the book came to her, both in research and through psychic experiences.
What is the practical application in personal life and business of skills learned in metaphysical classes? What does the afterlife, the world of Spirit hold? Would it be surprising to learn that the Tudors were responsible for the rumor that Richard III was a hunchback or that Henry VIII worked with astronomers/astrologers?

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2003 – 5:14 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (November 9, 2003 – 1:14 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time) will feature two interlocking grand trines forming a perfect Star of David in the heavens. This eclipse is the singular event that the ancients saw as inexorably heralding in a Golden Age for Mother Earth. The natural laws on this planet are changing and the Spirit World is becoming closer. This date is what the 11 * 11 was supposed to be about! To give you some idea of how aspects in the heaven’s work, let’s look at Prime Minister Tony Blair. He was elected when transiting Pluto conjoined his Descendant! Translated that means Mr. Blair would face overwhelming opposition. However, he was elected overwhelmingly, BUT as his term in office progresses, the conflicts and questions he faces are building into an unyielding edifice. I can feel the energy of the Star building and after November 8, 2003, the energy generated by this eclipse will continue for years to come! Change is inescapable!

Already, the super players on this planet are coming to loggerheads. The army supports the space program, but they are currently at a standstill. It is impossible to send a man to Mars on fossil fuel, and the only way for the new technology to develop is if it is released; however, Mr. Bush and the oil barons are resisting the development of alternative fuels. European bankers want to control the world currency, but the enormous theft as well as the complete and utter lack of an accountable accounting system in the Euro is not only a scandal but is hurting everyone else.

Eclipses are harbingers of major shifts, so with Uranus – the Awakener, the mythological God of Chaos – moving forward, the evolutionary winds blow even stronger. . . . The world is changing whether we want it or not. Those who are willing to surf the coming tsunami can go far; those who resist the tides of change may quickly find themselves under water. . . . Resistance is futile; change is inevitable. Yet, great rewards await those who are willing to toss all expectations out the window and start again from scratch. This isn’t about giving up; it’s about renewal. . . . John Mirehiel, an astrologer who has been researching this eclipse since 1998, found no other date with the same alignments between BCE and 3000 CE. He also discovered references from various spiritual traditions pointing toward this time as a portal for a planetary shift in consciousness. He has named it the Harmonic Concordance. His web site is . The Mountain Astrologer Issue #111, October 2003

What else was in The Mountain Astrologer? The likelihood of Bush serving another term as President is nil to none and Hillary Clinton would have an excellent chance of beating Mr. Bush! Personally, I like her because she is in the middle of the road. The reasons some people give for disliking her are as irrational as other people saying that they support Mr. Bush because he has a nice smile, a friendly personality and a wife who is a good role model for their daughters! Most of the Democratic candidates are off to the extreme and fail to comprehend that people are already paying excessive taxes and want less government in their lives. That is the reason why Arnold Schwartzenager was elected governor of California and why he will do a good job. What should be blatantly obvious to both parties is that the United States is NOT safe when disproportionate sums of money are put in the war department, while teachers, firemen and policemen are being laid off and those who remain are paid a despairingly low income!

Manmade attunements are coming to the surface – literally! I was mistaken! The HUNG in the first and second-degree initiations of Tera-Mai only pushes manmade attunements to the side. As the Light increases in intensity, the lies, much and mire are being brought to the surface. At the present time, manmade attunements may be found in the aura as dark gray/black clouds hovering about over the chest. Anyone who is channeling enough healing energy may pull them off. Simply circle your hands in the aura until you feel tat you have something, ask the individual to take a deep breath and to exhale as you pull. Oftentimes, people feel as though a plug has been removed from their heart chakra or heart and the result is that there is a freeing sensation. If the individual was attuned to Universal initiations or if s/he is a natural healer then immediately, the healing energy coming out of his or her hands increases dramatically! If dark heavy energy in the aura is not pulled off, what is in the aura will soon manifest in the physical body.

The energy of Tera-Mai increases daily! In Gainsborough, England this September, John, who had been in a motorcycle accident, volunteered for the public demonstration. John had no skin on either of his knees, severe pain in his left shoulder and a lack of feeling in his lower legs and feet. The doctors had done all they could for him. After about two hours, John left completely cured. In Chesterfield, England a woman named Jean, who had run the gauntlet of radiation therapy, volunteered. Years ago, she had had breast cancer. At the time she volunteered, she had cancer in her liver, small intestine and elsewhere. When Jean left, the tumor in the left side of her neck was gone and she was able to breathe normally, the pain in her liver was gone and while she would benefit from seeing a Tera-Mai healer, Jean looked much better!

One of my students and myself did a clearing at Bolsover Castle and then asked the angels to set up a vortex. Marsha and her husband went to the site afterwards, and she sent me an email: As David and I walked down from the first audio-tape guide stop, I felt as if I had walked through a ‘wall’ of energy. It came into my head that this was part of a grid being built that spread outwards from the little castle itself. . . . Once we reached the top of the stairs we sat in the little openings for a while. I could feel energy swirling clockwise past my legs. David picked up on particular colors in each of the four niches – gold, silver, purple and pink. The pink niche also had the courage symbol up the wall above the seat. We both saw a glimmering silver manifestation symbol hanging in the middle of the vortex of energy. I felt that the energy is moving outwards from the vortex in huge waves and David also felt that the rooms on that level were built with the shape of the cross in mind. 

The Hosanna Clearing may be used to clear and then ask the angels to set up a vortex to bring healing to Mother Earth. The more healing energy you are channeling, the more effective will be the clearings and healings you do.