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Fall 2005 Newsletter

Schedule that is Currently Being Worked Up Includes:

Southern Pines, North Carolina

Healing Demonstrations & Talk on Alternative Healing – Nature’s Own Market
Saturday, October 15 from 1:00 to 4:00 – everyone who came in August received a healing
Seichem I – Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6
Marietta, Georgia at Beyond the Clouds – 770-321-2285
Healing Demonstrations & Author Signing – Friday, November 11 
Shamanic I – Saturday, November 12 & Sunday, November 13 

Atlanta, Georgia

Cahokia attunements Saturday evening
England & Belgium (possibly Ireland) – April 2006
For complete English schedule contact Brenda Davies [email protected]
Shamanic I at The Clinic in Sheffield – contact John Ostrovskis [email protected]
Shamanic I in Belgium contact Leen Joseph at [email protected]

Check scheduling updates by clicking on UPCOMING CLASSES on

Subjects of this Newsletter Include:
Becoming a Shaman:  It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been
ISBN 1-886903-29-8 – available early 2006
What is Cahokia?
Symbol for Core Issues

Becoming a Shaman:  It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been
The subtitle is a quote from George Eliot.  The book will also include passages from an English Creativity Class and experiences with the writer’s spirit.  If you have taken either my Shamanic classes, or the recently crated Creativity Workshop and have a contribution for the book, please send it to to me.  I would particularly like to hear about instances in the class when you knew that 1) the information you were getting was not your imagination.  That is, when you knew that either departed loved ones, angels or spirit guides were helping you from the Otherside of the Veil.  2) Information that you received in the class turned out to be correct.  3) Healings facilitated from the Otherside of Veil.  4) How you currently use Shamanism in you daily or professional life.  5) Anything else that you feel is important or interesting to you.

It is becoming apparent that I need the help of both a literary agent and publisher.  If you have any leads or ideas please let me know.

There are 2 things we may ask God for that we will always receive an almost immediate answer to: The first is that we may ask God for the Truth at anytime.  Interestingly enough, those on the religious extremes (any religious extreme) are not willing to do this.  The second is that we may always reclaim ourselves and our own unique connection to All There Is.

Self-Empowerment: If you are channeling healing energy, pulling off manmade is relatively easy because they are not weighted in truth.  I have taught my students how to do this as well, and instructions have been in past newsletters and on my site.  What was recently discovered is that I cannot give back to individuals the essence of what was taken from them.  The sad fact is that the majority of those who create manmade attunements, and some of those who initiate manmade attunements realize full well that they are also pulling energy and abilities from those whom they initiate into manmade attunements.

I have tried the following with people on my latest trip to Europe.  Everyone felt either their energy coming back or more energized afterwards.  Receiving manmade attunements is not the only way in which we give parts of ourselves away.  You may want to try this.  If it works, do it each day!

Shekenah, God The Father Almighty, Christed Beings, Buddhas, angels, elementals, blessed ones, please help me to do this.  From the lord god of my being to the Lord God of the Universe!  I call back all of my energies, essence, personality, gifts, talents and abilities that I have given away or have been taken from me in this or any other lifetime.  Please cleanse and transform that which has been released in Violet Flames and HOSSANAs.  Bring what has been purified back to me.  If this is Thine Will God/Goddess, so must it be done.  Seal these clearings in gold and anchor them in ruby red.  So be it and so it is!

The standards for a Tera-Mai Master include refraining from doing other Reiki, other Seichem or manmade attunements.  In addition, the initiations must be done in a standardized way so that everyone receives the same healing energy. I do not hold to these standards to make more money.  On the contrary, it would be a LOT easier for me and I would sell a LOT more books and make a LOT more money if Tera-Mai did work within a Reiki marketing program where several, or twenty or a hundred other Reiki initiations were offered.  The fact is that when people are cleared of other attunements and are simply re-initiated into Tera-Mai they are able to facilitate more dramatic healings without giving of their own energy.
Fair Warning!  The energy of Tera-Mai continues to go up in part because of all the clearings that I do every day.  (There are also students of Tera-Mai who help when they have the time.)  While in Europe, several of my students received the message that basically the Higher Beings and God are tired of having to do these daily clearings.  They have other things they would like to do and have me do.  So, I was given the following with the result that the energy of Tera-Mai has been making dramatic leaps upwards:

Shekenah, God The Father Almighty, Christed Beings, Buddhas, angels, elementals, blessed ones, please help me to do this.  From the lord god of my being to the Lord God of the Universe!  I call back all of my energies, essence and power; all of the energy, essence and power of Tera-Mai, and all of the energy, essence and power of the symbols that are used in Tera-Mai from all manmade attunements that are dependent upon the energy of Tera-Mai, from those who have created these manmade attunements, and those who have been initiated into these manmade attunements.  Please cleanse and transform that which has been released in Violet Flames and HOSSANAs.  Bring what has been purified back to me, to Tera-Mai, to only the properly attuned Tera-Mai initiates who are pure (purity in this case meaning those who have refrained from black magic and manmade attunements) and to my books.  If this is Thine Will God/Goddess, so must it be done.  Seal these clearings in gold and anchor them in ruby red.  So be it and so it is!

Healing:  When I was in Europe I facilitated a 3-hour healing on a mentally ill woman.  She had not been out of the house or worked for over a year.  She talked about many voices that were advising her.  She was always cold – in order to warm herself she filled an empty plastic bottle with hot water from the tap and then sat on it.  She was pale, skin and bones, and the hood of her sweatshirt was pulled well over her head.  At the end of 3 hours there was a sudden shift, and she came back to normalcy.  It was a 180-degree shift in consciousness.  Yet, I told her that the more she could do for herself, the faster she would get well.  It was up to her to clean up, get dressed and go outside.  She looked at me horrified!  I told her that she might make it to only the first step outside the front door.  Tomorrow, she may go further.  It was up to her to make the change.  While it is always advisable to give worries, fears, doubts, burdens, etc. to God, in the end it is up to us to face the roots of destructive behavior and patterns.

Cahokia!  The initiation is the weaving of the full expanse of the 4 elemental rays of healing and magic, which have been used by all saints, Shaman and healers from time immemorial.  Oftentimes, initiates feel the spinning and weaving going on within them.  While some of my students have offered detailed descriptions of what each level means, the fact is that with each of the 7 initiations, the initiate’s abilities to facilitate healing and magic increase DRAMATICALLY!

David Durok of Scotland told me, “Cahokia is the most destructive force on this planet.  Cahokia will bring the initiate’s issues up to the forefront to be dealt with.  If the Cahokia initiate turns a blind eye to the friendly warnings, Cahokia will spin the issue around and bring the problem back in yet another way.  This continues onwards and upwards until the initiate faces the issue and works through it (and the Cahokia energy is certainly there to help the initiate do this).  If not, Cahokia will flatten them!” 

In every mysticism the creator god or goddess is also the god or goddess of destruction.  Why?  Because God cannot build something new and beautiful on a pile of garbage!  This destructive force also enables Cahokia to unlock and break through cores issues, pain, disease and harmful abnormalities.  The creative aspect of Cahokia may then rebuild and heal.  These words are evidenced by the many public-healing demonstrations.

There are some individuals who tend to focus on the energy itself, and to these individuals I wrote the following:  “Focusing on the Cahokia energy within you is like the rich man who keeps counting his money.  Rather, it is best to trust that the Cahokia energy is there for healing, just as the truly rich man trusts that his funds will be available when he or she has use for them.  It’s not that you won’t be able to experience the energy of Cahokia within you if you focus on it; you will!  However, the danger is that the healer will find him or herself on a power trip, just as the rich man who sits on money will certainly become a miser.”

“Gifts of the Spirit (healing is a Gift of the Spirit) and power (money is a form of power) do not equal spirituality.  Rather, Gifts of the Spirit and power are tools given to us to use for the betterment of others, the planet and ourselves.  We may lose Gifts of the Spirit or power, but we will always have the experiences they brought us.  Are these experiences to be the remembrance of energy within us, or weighty bank ledgers and even larger stock portfolios?  Or are the experiences we choose those of facilitating healing and making this world a better place?  The choice is always ours.”

The Rich Man:  Heaven measures a rich man not by how much wealth he has.  Rather, the truly wealthy trust that God will provide – that the money will be there when required.  Part of achieving this state of consciousness is letting go and letting God – releasing our whole lives and all that we hold dear to God.  Asking God for the truth of our existence and “What and where is my right path?”.  It is only when we are an empty vessel that God may fill us up.  It is a rather exciting way to live!

There is Good News!  Very Good News!  Warwick Castle in England offers several demonstrations.  One of these features birds of prey.  At one point, the falconer called back a female American Bald Eagle, who promptly landed on his left arm, digging her sharp, long talons into his thick, leather armband.  She ruffled her feathers.  A small, white feather from her breast flew out towards me.  However, I was in the third row and assumed that someone in the first two rows would surely pick up the feather.  Never make assumptions!  Everyone left and I picked up the feather.  

I noticed that there were other feathers in the roped-off enclosure.  The falconer told me that I could retrieve them.  One of the people I was with was making a dream catcher.  So, I gave the feathers to her but the Eagle’s energy followed me to London.

The next day, I was meditating with a student from Mexico, Patricia Lopez, in the London hotel room we shared together.  The same Eagle kept appearing in my third eye.  Her message was this:  “Amidst all of the political corruption, global warming and subsequent violent reactions by Mother Earth in the form of huge tropical storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, Heaven is coming to Earth.  Look up!  (Jesus also said of this time that we are to look up and that there would be signs in the sky.) Look for signs on Earth of the return of the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.  They will be there!”

FYI:  The reason why there are so many huge hurricanes and typhoons this year is because the oceans are warmer than they are supposed to be.  Next year will be even worse!  The North Pole is melting at such a rapid rate that it might well be gone in less than 10 years.  If that were to happen, HUGE amounts of real estate will be underwater.  The answer is to stop cutting down trees; plant them instead.  (Engineered wood is stronger, wears better and is less expensive that real wood.)  Release the new technology – it is already developed; it just needs to be instituted!  Send a FAX or telegram to your government representative – tell them how you want them to represent you.  That is, after all, their job!  If the politicians are so corrupt that they will not listen, then consider running for office yourself or support an honest, caring person.  The Constitution of the United States was set up with the idea in mind that ordinary people with ordinary jobs would serve in the Congress and Senate.  This might be applied to any country.

Symbol for Core Issues:  In the last newsletter I included a symbol from a Tera-Mai student in India.  Many people have gotten back to say they found it to be successful.  While I was in England I thought that I was drawing that symbol.  Instead, I drew something else.  You may want to try the symbol below and if you haven’t tried the symbol at the bottom of the Summer 2005 Newsletter, you may want to try that as well.  When the symbol is drawn as it is below, it releases the cause of self-destruction by releasing the memory that causes negative patterns to repeat.  These negative patterns destroy us, and impact our lives and or relationships in harmful ways.  However, the symbol only brings up the memory for us to look at.  At this point, we can go into denial, continue to blame others, or work through and release the memory and patterns of self-destruction.  You may want to meditate and visualize yourself meandering it in.  I truly believe that God is tired of the corruption on this planet and He is about to do something really BIG.  It’s time for us to deal with the issues that corrupt us.

(I will mail the symbol to my web master and he will add it to the bottom of the newsletter on my site.)