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Fall 2008 Newsletter

Subjects Include:  Help Bring in the Golden Age * Wednesday Night Clearings  * New Effective Clearing * Symbols & Meditation to Clear, Heal & Transform the Physical Body * Misinformation * New Tera Mai Manuals * How Can you Tell Manmade Attunement? * Feedback * Next President * Edgar Caycey & the financial markets

Tera Mai Initiations & Classes:  If you are interested in organizing any of the Tera Mai classes and healing demonstrations in your city, please contact me.  Check UPCOMING CLASSES.  I will be in New York on November 21, 22 and 23.  

Help Bring Usher in the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels

Wednesday Night Clearings at 8:00 pm (20:00 hours):  Many Tera Mai healers around the world have been participating in this project since late in August.  Each Wednesday, the energy waves that these clearings are creating is becoming stronger and more effective.  The world is becoming a lot lighter.  The resistance to change is becoming less, and the clearings are easier to do.  As of the October 15th clearing/meditation, the wave started 3 hours prior to 8:00 pm.  It would appear that God/Goddess is supporting these clearings as so much is happening. 

 Do you want to feel the energies of Tera Mai firsthand?   Meditate for 20 minutes, beginning about 7:55 pm wherever you happen be on this planet on Wednesday.   You may simply hold the energy by meditating, watching with your mind’s eye, and feeling the cleansing, healing energy. You will feel the waves of clearing/healing energy that are running through Earth and yourself.  If you wish to take an active participation, there are clearings listed under TERA MAI CLEARINGS to the left.  You may do the HOSANNA Clearing, or use the symbol IAVA for planetary healing, or BLUE STAR for specific issues.  Both symbols are under the click-on to the left, TERA MAI SYMBOLS.  Or use any other clearing that you like and/or use.  As dark-heaviness is pulled off, more Light is able to come to Earth so that the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels might manifest.

For those who wish to actively participate in the Wednesday night clearings:

1.  You may do the clearings at 8:00 pm wherever in the world you happen to be.  If that is not a convenient time, begin the clearings at the top of any hour on Wednesday, and either ask Spirit and the Angels that the clearing be sent to 8:00 pm.  Or ask the Angels to connect you to wherever 8:00 pm happens to be occurring on Earth.

2.  You may do the clearings for 5, 10 or 45 minutes, or for the whole hour.  Whatever you are able to do is deeply appreciated.

3,  Before you begin, ask to be connected to all Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings, and call in Celestial Angels and Higher Beings.

4.  When you finish, ask the Celestial Angels to keep the clearings going until the following Wednesday.  This is creating an increasingly significant and continuous wave of clearing and healing.

5.  I ask the Angels and Higher Beings to protect you.  Mirrors are used in both meditation and magic to reflect evil back to the send, and bring in beneficial energies.  Therefore, I energize the MIRROR OF HATHOR, and ask that by the power of 3 times 3 that these mirrors lovingly return to everyone involved their thoughts, words and deeds back to them.  In this way, those who are sending love, clearing and healing will receive those energies back.  Heavy, dark thoughts will be returned immediately to senders with love.  I also energize ANUBUS (guardian, protector and shower of ways) and BAST (mental healing & protection, and joy).  I also do the Circle of Protection and Purification for those who are working in Love and Light.  Others who have been initiated into the Egyptian Symbols are doing likewise.

Circle of Protection and Purification:  You may ask the Angels to create this circle around Mother Earth, Tera Mai, or yourself and those whom your personal umbrella of protection includes.  You may do this at the beginning of each day for yourself, or before giving classes or healing sessions.  You will feel the different energies as you ask for them.  This clearing is particularly effective when it is done with a group of healers.

1.  Call in the Higher Beings, Angels and beneficial & benevolent energies.  Ask them to create a Circle of Protection and Purification around whatever you want to protect and cleanse.

2.  Ask God/Goddess to fill the circle with Pure Energy from Source, and to extend the circle into a Sphere of Protection and Purification.

3.  Ask that the sphere be filled with Violet Fire and say 3 times, “I am one with my higher self.  I am a being of Violet Fire.  I am the purity God desires.”

4.  Repeat step 3 for each of the following energies in turn:  White Fire, Pure White Light, Golden Light and Silver Light.

5.  Call upon Archangel Chamuel to place an outer circle of pink – Pink compassion / Pink Love – completely around the Sphere of Protection and Purification.

6.  Call upon Archangel Michael to place a second outer circle of Cobalt Blue – Cleansing and Protection – completely around the pink.

7.  For added protection, aks the Angels to place mirrors or MIRRORS OF HATHOR facing outwards around the blue so that all receive with love by the power of 3 times 3 their thoughts, words and deeds back to them.

Variation of a chant used by the Lighthouse Group

Next President?  Regardless of whom you support, please open your heart and send love and forgiveness to those on the other side.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised!  It is possible to be aware of the whole truth and do this as well.

In May, I told people and sent emails out on my mailing lists that Barack Obama would be the next President.  In April, I was in Ireland sitting in the kitchen of my friend, Ursula O’Dwyer, when Barack Obama appeared in my mind’s eye.  Seconds later, Ursula asked me, “Kathleen, who do you think the next President of the Unite States will be?”  Strong messages, such as this, mean that the event is Preordained.  As we are going into the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels, this is a part of God’s Plan to bring this New Age into being.  What I only told a few people was that I also saw grave dnger around Obama, and we have been working to clear the energy and keep him safe.  Because of recent campaign tactics, if you feel so inclined, please do the complete above clearing for Obama, Biden, their families and the entire election process.

New Symbols:  Effective new symbols are up on my site under TERA MAI SYMBOLS to the left.   Include is  one to release cancer, channeled by Margaret Oakden of England.  It may be visualized or drawn with the client’s permission.  As cancer takes many forms, there may be many ways in which to work with this symbol.  Use your own intuition, and work with the angels and spirits who come in to do the healing.  The more healing energy a healer is channeling, the more effective any symbol or healing session will be.  

BLUE STAR, channeled to Dr. Mehra Manupriva of India, may be visualized during negative situations or negative energies.  This includes over the racial hatred stirred up in the U.S. Presidential campaigns, or over the character of the Joker that was created by Heath Ledger.

Heath Ledger came to Claire Campbell and myself after his death; not because he needed help going to the Light, but because he wanted us to help him with the work he had been sent to do.  In another lifetime, Heath ledger was a member of the Illuminati (those who mistakenly believe that God is evil).  This viewpoint goes back to Constantine, who prayed for conquest over Rome before a statue of Apollo.  Constantine saw evil energies leaving the statue, and he assumed that because the energy was evil that God was evil.  Constantine did not understand that evil forces, not God, had answered his prayers.  As an actor, Heath Ledger wrapped himself into the Joker’s consciousness of mayhem, chaos, destruction, and insanity.  After his death, it was his task to take these energies off this planet to the Light for transformation.  You too may help by visualizing the symbol BLUE STAR over the character of the Joker, which Heath Ledger created.

Clear, Heal & Transform the Physical Body:  Everyone benefits from the Wednesday night clearings regardless of whether or not they participate.  And all properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who are abiding by the Tera Mai standards that Buddha established (see HOME PAGE) benefit from the Golden Symbols.  However, the symbols and meditation to clear, heal and transform the physical body are personal.  That is, if you wish to benefit from them, you need to use them.

The 5 symbols are used in sequence.  You visualize yourself, the energies and the 3-dimensional forms that the symbols represent. Click on TERA MAI SYMBOLS and scroll down.

Tera Mai Manuals:   Some people have taken the Tera Mai symbols and used computer graphics to create images for their Tera Mai II and Mastership classes.  While well intentioned, the symbols become distorted.  For example, computer-generated HARTH is short and squatty; computer-generated HALU is even shorter and the tall pyramid is on its way to becoming flat.  Even lines 1 and 2 in SAY HAY KEY are nearly joined, and the curved lines look like pimples.  The DAI KO MIO is also imprecise.

There is also NO in energy these computer generated symbols.  On top of that, other people have recognized the lack of energy in these symbols and have drawn the Tera Mai symbols from these indistinct computer generated-symbols.  Then some of their students wanted to have the symbols in their computers on their Tera Mai manuals, and have created their own version of computer-generated symbols from the twice-distorted symbols.

PLEASE use the symbols that are on my webisite, books or manuals on your handouts, and photocopy them.   It’s not the best idea to have TM manuals in computers, nor to email these manuals to others.   Many symbols on my website, books and manuals are my original drawings from 1991.  If you are a properly attuned Tera Mai master and are abiding by all of Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, you have my permission to cut and paste them in your manuals, which you may photocopy for your students. 

I am rewriting all of my TM Reiki and TM Seichem manuals.  DEISIOM (earth/physical energy) will go into the TM Reiki (elemental earth) II manual.  All of the 5 Golden Symbols will go into the TM Seichem II initiations.  DEIS and CHRIST work with water energy, LIGHT OF MICHAEL with fire energy, and EYE OF GOD with air energy. 

Misinformation on some Tera Mai Websites:  The first initiation into Tera Mai Reiki or Tera Mai Seichem does NOT just activate and initiate the lower 4 chakras.  Please think about this.  The first initiation is given at the crown, third eye, throat and heart.  Afterwards, there are 3 cyclical cleansing of ALL the 7 major chakras, which works for 21 days.

All of the TM Reiki and TM Seichem initiations energize, clear and initiate ALL of the 7 major chakras.  In addition, each successive Tera Mai Reiki and Tera Mai Seichem initiation further opens the major channel to receive more healing and intuitive energies of the elemental rays from Source.  Tera Mai Reiki connects to the elemental earth ray.  Tera Mai Seichem connects to all 4 elemental rays – earth (Reiki), air (Angeliclight), fire (Sakara) and water (Sophi-El).

Second and third initiations into TM Reiki and TM Seichem further activate other chakras.  This expands healing energy throughout the body.  The same is true for the second and third initiations into Tera Mai Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight.  Because healing and metaphysical energy flows more readily through the healer, healings come about more easily and are consistently more dramatic.

Sakara, Sophi-El & Angeliclight attunements:  The only people who have been properly taught how to do these initiations and are qualified are listed on my website under FIND INSTRUCTOR – ADVANCED INSTRUCTIONS.

How to Tell if Attunements are Manmade:  Real healings happen after Universal initiations.  Some manmade initiations only bring about cleansings, but the client is releasing the energy from the healing session.  Manmade initiations that include attuning the Soul Star Chakra end up closing the Soul Star Chakra AND all of the other chakras. Have somebody, who is not involved in Reiki or other healing systems, douse the chakras.

The energy of the chakras produce both clockwise and counterclockwise motions.  Clockwise pulls in Universal energies; counterclockwise expels spent energy.  Both motions, like the inhale and exhale of the breath are important.  However, if you douse and ask to check the health of a particular chakra, the motion should be a clockwise circle.  Some manmade attunements will cause the dousing pendulum to swing back and forth in a straight line, indicating that the chakra is closed.  

To open these chakras, a healer places his or her left hand in the aura over the chakra.  The pendulum is held in the right hand, and the right arm is held straight down.  The pendulum will begin to swing madly counterclockwise, and will continue to do so until the chakra is open.  

This same healing technique may be used by a healer to pull misqualified or diseased energy out of a particular organ, gland or part of the body.


Edited from Rate Nauen, England, regarding TM manuals: “Julie and I have been talking about your concerns regarding symbols and computer-generated mistakes!  We feel that there are a good many practitioners offering shortcut programs – we hear of 1 and 2 being done by phone, or on an afternoon, and mastership and teaching only a matter of days or weeks later.”

“I believe that people need more than symbols and the attunements.  We do monthly Reiki shares, which consist of a bit of journeywork, a share and absent healing.  I for one believe this to be crucial to effective work in this field.”    

This is certainly something for people to think about.  I have always said that so long as the initiations are given in the standardized way, one on one, by Masters who have also been properly attuned, and that the students are aware of the Tera Mai standards that TM Masters (instructors) may teach their classes in whatever way they deem appropriate.  It is appropriate that if additional exercises or meditations, etc. are given, that the source be acknowledged.


Edited from Louise Corry, England, regarding the Wednesday night clearings and Golden Symbols, which were discussed in the last newsletter:  “This is happening.  It is so strong!  We can do much just holding the intention when prompted by the Golden Light.  There is much golden light.   More than I have seen before.  I go with it every time.  Much is being lifted and cleared, and the strength with which it is happening is incredible.”

“There is great Oneness happening.  I feel the synchronicity.  The time appears to be upon us when our job, our skill – what our divine purpose is – is being revealed to each individual.  In this manner, each of us might bring healing to our designated area.  There is a great push into a positive cycle for our planet.  Great changes are afoot as a result of this.  It is a wonderful moment. ”    

New One-Day Workshop to release old issues, heal and bring in new opportunities.  Workshop attendees work with a Celtic ceremony, experience the healing powers of the Goddess and nature spirits, and participate in 4 Shamanic journeys, one at a time, with horses of power, love, healing and nurturing.  Mayan Shakti Pac initiation (energy trasfer from Spirit) given at back heart chakra.  Those who attended the workshop in Coventry felt that it was well worthwhile.  $100

Edgar Caycey predicted the collapse of the financial markets and Wall Street during this time of upheaval preceding the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.  Greed and corruption is being washed away to make room for a higher, more evolved state of things.  However, if you wish to avoid financial chaos in your personal life now,  stay out of fear and trust that God’s Plan is working.  Put yourself and those whom you love in God’s Hands.  Try participating in one way or another in the 8:00 pm clearings on Wednesday nights.