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Fall / Winter 2009 Newsletter

In this Issue:New BookEffective Self-Healing TechniqueDNA & the Aquarian AgeWhat’s Happening to Our Physical Bodies and Earth?December 21st – Winter SolsticeChristmas – December 25thMiracles Fast-Approaching the Order of the Day as Healing Energies of Tera Mai Greatly IncreaseNew, Comprehensive Tera Mai Manuals Available Now for DonationAlternative Remedies for Flu & Staying Healthy
Reiki and Other Ways of Healing:  Updated & Practical for the Aquarian Age
Kathleen Ann Milner is a natural born healer and psychic.  In the 1980’s her artwork was represented by Wright Gallery in Chicago because of the energy and quality of her work. After 2 car accidents left her life at a standstill, she devoted her life to healing.  Her first book came out in 1994.  She has included much of what she has learned since then in her new book.
The painting of the Golden Angel on the back cover emanates Light and healing to help people as they read, both with healing and finding the answers for themselves. 
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Self-Healing:  Ama Deus means, I love God, in Portuguese.  Katimbo is the original name for the Guaranis Shamanic healing and divination system from the jungles of Brazil.  For those who have not taken Kathleen Milner’s Shamanic class, the entire system is in both Becoming a Shaman:  It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been and Tera, My Journey Home:  Alternative Healing.  The system works through the heart, by connecting to God’s Love, and through the mind’s eye.
Everyday through Christmas Day, try the following:  Use the Ama Deus Spiritual practice to open Ama Deus and then use the following symbols:  (9) Self-Healing, (19) Unknown Situation.
If you see or feel heaviness leaving, ask the Angels to fill in the voids with Angelic Myrrh and Angelic Frankincense.  Also ask for Golden Light of Protection and Healing to fill you, your aura and into the peripheries.  While evil on the physical plane greedily and without consideration for others, lusts after gold, golden light repels evil in other dimensions.
Debora Kicken of The Netherlands, and her students say, “I call upon the original Guaranis Shaman and the original Guaranis Shamanic system,” before beginning the Spiritual practice.  This greatly helps to increase the energy and the effectiveness of the healings.  As each symbol is visualized, they say, “Ama Deus” 3 times and “Katimbo” 3 times.  (The information above is included, along with hundreds of other new pieces of practical information, is included in Reiki and Other Ways of Healing.  People who received early copies commented that it is well worth the read.)
Healing for the Earth:  As mankind has been unwilling to make significant changes to stop global warming, for her own survival, Earth will step up to the plate and make the corrections herself.  During the Wednesday Night 8:00 pm Clearing / Healing, please spend some time sending healing to the Earth.  Either  (19) Unknown Situation, (18) to World Leaders & for World Situations, or IAVA (click on TERA MAI SYMBOLS to the left) work well.  
There are several genes in the DNA strand that are supposed to repair, rebuild & regenerate the physical body.  It may have been when this world went into the Dark Age that these genes began to reverse their function as people aged.  
Having LARGE numbers of people participating at the same time, on the same day, every single week for well over a year during the Wednesday Night 8:00 pm Clearing / Healings has resulted in the removal of HUGE amounts of dark, evil negativity on the astral or spiritual planes.  At the same time, MUCH Light has come to Earth.  AT SOME POINT VERY SOON THIS HAS TO AFFECT THE PHYSICAL REALITY!!!  (click on WEDNESDAY NIGHT CLEARING / HEALING to the left)
People who are vibrating at higher levels are already seeing and feeling physical changes in their bodies.  It is very interesting that the movie, Avatar, is coming out in December, 2009.  

26,000 years ago, our sun eclipsed the Galactic Rift (center of our galaxy).  This major astrological event signaled endings and quantum advancements.  Mankind evolved from Neanderthal Man to Cro-Magnon Man.  This same astrological event will occur again on December 21, 2012.  Those who are going into the New Age are and will be experiencing great changes in their physical bodies.
Astrology has been around for thousands of years because it works.  The Magi mentioned in the New Testament by definition HAD TO HAVE BEEN both astrologers and astronomers.  Astrologers know that the energy is strongest just prior to and during an astrological event.  Given that our sun is HUGE and the upcoming event is even BIGGER, we are  beginning to feel the effects of this upcoming eclipse NOW!  
On December 21, 2009, Pat Kirk Osbourn sees the Celestial Angels filling the earth with blue, the sky with white, and the waters with aqua on the astral plane.  This will bring about an environment conducive to an Angelic Realm on Earth.  Then from December 21 through 25, people will begin to notice real and significant changes in their physical bodies.  
Signs in the Heavens:  Christina Molina, an astrologer and author from Argentina, provided the following information, which supports that something of GREAT significance is in the offing on December 21:
1.  Venus, Sun and Pluto are in conjunction, and this conjunction is squaring Saturn:  Fundamental changes!  Many individuals will have profound occult experiences, and intuitive faculties are heightened.  Letting go of old, useless, outworn ideas, possessions, conditions and attitudes, OR finding new, resourceful uses for them.
2.  Jupiter exactly conjuncts Neptune and conjuncts Chiron:  Increased intuitive Spiritual awareness manifested in expressions of joy and generosity of spirit.  Mystical experiences!  Clearing up and HEALING false perceptions about God.  Creating love and reverent respect for God and All of His Creation.
3.  Moon enters at zero degrees Pisces:  Subconscious forces affect moods and emotional attitudes more strongly than usual.  Great time for meditation and spiritual introspection.  Heart is able to open to compassion.
God put us on Earth, and through our reincarnations we make the choice as to whether we will become angels or demons!   However, there is an allusion or lie, which is called “the glamour of evil”.  It hides the truth of what evil does to the soul and, correspondingly, to the physical body from us, as well as from practitioners of evil and black magic.
Light brings Truth to the surface.  It may or may not be on Christmas Day, but at some point soon, this mask will be removed.  For such individuals, the Light will be like stinging bees.  Other lies will be exposed.  It is already increasingly easier to see people’s true motivations.  Life is about to become very interesting on Earth!
Fairytales do not teach children that evil witches exist.  Children already know that! 
Fairytales teach children that witches and evil can be defeated!
For those who believe that healing is the work of the devil:  Anyone who has seen a demon knows that there is NO Light, NO love, and NO way that healing is able to flow through these creatures’ dark and twisted forms.  Besides that, healing was a major part of Jesus’ teachings and the work of his Disciples.
On Christmas December 25, 2009, much more healing energy will be flowing through Tera Mai:  In October, I was in Australia.  Vickie Robinson, Lina Piscani, Michelle Steinmann, Ian Burns and myself went to Rockingham, Western Australia to see the statue of the Madonna that cries rose-scented oil tears.  Before it was ever tested scientifically to be authentic, the Archbishop declared it to be legitimate.  Spirit has appeared many times on the grounds where the statue is kept.  Miracles have occurred, which are typically preceded by the scent of roses.  We were blessed to smell whiffs of roses indoors and outdoors even though there were none in the vicinity.  I became aware of a new healing energy coming into my crown.  Later, I was shown that the 5 of us held the energy within this sacred place for remarkable healing to begin to come to Earth.

In the small chapel, the statue of the Madonna is on the left, a statue of Jesus is in the center, and a statue of Saint Joseph is on the right.  While Vickie and I were standing in front of the statues, I became aware of the smell of varnish and then freshly cut wood.  We both realized that it was coming from the statue of Saint Joseph.  The women there came over and smelled it as well.  They told us that this had never happened before.
Ramona Kirk feels that on Christmas Day, God will raise Tera Mai.  She sees that the last of the 3 new Tera Mai initiations will be grounded.  
Tera Mai Reiki IV, V, VI & VII and Tera Mai Seichem IV, V, VI & VII are the first two of three new Tera Mai initiation:  For the past several years, a fair number of Tera Mai students have told me that they are sure that there are other Tera Mai initiations beyond Cahokia VII.  However, when I asked Spirit if there were additional Cahokia initiations, I always received the answer, “No!”
I also knew that the complete elemental healing rays of earth (Reiki), air (Angeliclight), fire (Sakara), and water (Sophi-El) had to be in place.  If they were not, it would be impossible to safely weave the elemental rays into patterns of Cahokia.
In September 2009, Edyta Ponikiewski of Chicago and myself found our direct healing connection to God’s Healing Energy through the solar plexus.  The IV, V, VI & VII initiations have NOTHING to do with the elemental rays of healing. We were told that the names of the initiations reaffirm the fact that God is blessing Tera Mai.
All great healers and great prophets had this opening or connection through the solar plexus.  This includes Edgar Cayce, who went into a deep trance to answer questions and give healing advice.  One day, one of Edgar Cayce’s friends interrupted such a session.  Lying over Cayce’s physical body, his friend saw Cayce’s astral body, which was connected to the physical body at the solar plexus.
Those who have received the IV, V, VI & VII initiations are profoundly amazed at the self- healing and healings for others that they are able to facilitate.
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New Tera Mai Manuals available for donation:  They are copyrighted.  However, it also states on the first page of each manual that if you are a properly attuned Tera Mai Master who is abiding by all of Buddha’s Tera Mai standards that you have permission to photocopy the manuals for your students.
Those who have received these manuals find that they are comprehensive, and practical in that they effectively prepared students to confidently facilitate healings.
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Alternative Remedies for Flu & Staying Healthy  Onions:  Before going to sleep, take a large onion & a new pair of white cotton socks.  Slice the onion and put a slice on the bottom of each foot.  Put the white cotton socks on.  In the morning, remove the socks.  The onion will have absorbed toxicity during the night.
Place onions and garlic, which have antibacterial and antiseptic properties, around a room.  Or cut both ends off an onion.  Put one end on a fork and then place the forked end into an empty jar.  Place the jar next to the sick patient at night.
Honey & Cinnamon:  Honey is the only food that will not spoil or rot.  Nor will it turn to sugar.  Honey is always honey!  Boiling honey or putting it in a microwave will kill the beneficial enzymes in honey.
The following contains excerpts from Weekly World News, a Canadian magazine, in the issue dated 17 January 1995:
Honey and Cinnamon cures many diseases without any side effects.  Today’s science says that even though honey is sweet, if taken in the right dosage as a medicine, it does not harm diabetic patients.  (Diabetics would be wise to consult a physician.)Arthritis:  Take two spoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder two to three times a day (once before breakfast and another just before three o’clock in the afternoon.)
Heart Disease:  Reduces cholesterol in the arteries, strengthens veins and arteries, and helps those who have already had a heart attack.  Regular use relieves loss of breath and strengthens the heartbeat.
Skin infections & pimples:  Apply a paste of honey and cinnamon.
Bladder Infections:  Take two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of hone in a glass of lukewarm water to destroy germs in the bladder.
Cholesterol:  Two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon powder mixed in 16 ounces of tea water.  When given to a cholesterol patient was found to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by 10 percent in two hours.
Colds, Cough & Sinuses:  Honey, cinnamon and lemon in warm water.
Stomach & Ulcers:  Cures stomach ache and clears stomach ulcers from the root.  And relieves gas according to studies in India and Japan. 
Weight Loss:  To prevent fat from accumulating in the body, drink honey and cinnamon in one cup of warm water twice a day.
Cancer:  Recent research in Japan and Australia has revealed that advanced cancer of the stomach and bones were cured successfully.
Hearing Loss:  Drinking honey and cinnamon in equal parts restores some types of hearing loss.
Swine Flu Shots:  Those who have had the shot may consider reading the Spring 2009 Newsletter for ideas on detoxing.  And seek out a healer who has a proven record for facilitating REAL healings.
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The following is from :  Mounting Debilities and Deaths from H1N1 Vaccine:  Serious side effects now reported around the world, from anaphylactic shock, to sudden blood pressure plunge, to death . . . causing a sense of panic in those who got the shot . . . even while millions of others refuse it due to safety concerns.
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Personalized version of Saint Theresa’s PrayerMay today, there be peace within.
May I trust God that I am exactly where I am meant to be.
May I be mindful of the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May I use those Gifts that I have received wisely,
and pass on the love that has been given to me.

May I be confident knowing I am a child of God.
Let this presence settle into my bones, and allow my soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.

It is there for each and every one of us.
When does Life Begin?  Watch the birth of a baby elephant.  It is absolutely clear that the physical body is just a lump of clay until the first breath is taken.  It is the only definition that the Bible offers of when life begins.
The legend of Santa Clause has its origins in the stories of Saint Nicholas, a wealthy man who fed the poor and gave gifts.  He also performed miracles.  It would be nice if the story of Nicholas were also told around Christmas.  In this way, children might begin to learn that each one of  us might find gratification in giving selflessly to others.  If Christmas is in our hearts all year long, we are open to God, The Great Giver.