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Spring 2004 Newsletter

November 7, 8 & 9 – Tera-Mai Seichem I, II and Mastership in Arizona.
Magic & meditation – November 8, 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Upcoming Classes
Review of Between Two Worlds in Magical Blend Magazine
Healing energy of Tera-Mai™ is increasing
How to safely release dark forces
Uses of the Amethyst Wand 
Earth is about to change in a big way
Why is healing others easier than healing ourselves?
Why are there miracles while other people have to go through a process?
Formula for retrieving Universal initiations into healing
Takata – the founder of Reiki?

Upcoming Classes
March 26 – April 5 – England – contact [email protected]
May 15 & 16 – Shamanic Class in Boston – contact [email protected]
Phoenix Classes – call 1-602-404-1689: May 22 & 23 – Shamanic I
July 3 & 4 – TM Seichem I, July 5 – TM Seichem II 
July 6 & 7 – TM Reiki Mastership, July 8 TM Seichem Mastership

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. And third, it is accepted as self-evident.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

Magical Blend’s Featured Review

Between Two Worlds: The Story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn – and Her Celtic Heritage
6 X 9 inches, 306 pages, $15.95
bookstores may order book through New Leaf or Baker & Taylor
as reviewed by Susan Dobra in Magical Blend

Whenever a story is set in a distant time and place and dramatized, as this one is, we usually call it historical fiction. But Kathleen Ann Milner’s story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn has an interesting claim on historical accuracy. Milner believe she was Boleyn in a past life. She details the evidence for her belief in the second half of this fascinating book, and makes a convincing enough case that the story presented in the first half appears in a whole new light.

We all know the story of King Henry’s penchant for lopping off the heads of his wives – Anne Boleyn was the second of his six. She is often treated unkindly by historians as a usurper to the queen’s throne. Milner sees it differently. She present Boleyn as a sympathetic figure, and also weaves in the details of her skills in Celtic magic, taught to her by her grandmother. Between Two Worlds is a spellbinding book that brings to life Anne Boleyn’s precarious place in one of the most treacherous social structures ever to exist. It deftly humanizes the key players and artfully engages the reader with its surprising revelations. if you’re interested in what it was really like in the court of Henry VIII, you should read Between Two Worlds. This could be the true story.

Susan Dobra, Magical Blend Magazine

Reader’s Comment:

Dear Kathleen,
I have read your new book. I just want to compliment and congratulate you with this book. I loved reading it. Also, the information you put into the story is clear, educating, fascinating and interesting.

Janet Reuvekamp, The Netherlands

Increase in the Healing Energy of Tera-Mai

If you haven’t noticed an increase in the healing energy that you are channeling since the beginning of February, you soon will. The healing energy of Tera-Mai™ took a giant leap forward and it is only the beginning. The healings of Tera-Mai™ are about to become extraordinary! Tell your students to expect the unexpected! Pass this newsletter on to your students!

To make a long story short, I have been calling in the energies everyday for years, but something has been blocking it. Jenny Levi from Australia came to Arizona the weekend of February 8 & 9, to be initiated into Sakara II and III. As she was alone, when it came time for her to work with the energy, she worked on me. She said that in doing the healings with Tera-Mai™that she has always found that people bring “stuff” onto themselves. Jenny said that the rather large, dark being, who was blocking me, was not something I was attracting through my emotions, mind or through karma. He was standing over me and was holding a large, pendulum-like object. When Jenny said that the darker being had nothing to do with me personally, what came to me immediately was that the dark entity was trying desperately to prevent the energies of Tera-Mai™ from increasing and proliferating.

How to release and heal dark forces:
What is interesting is that once “dark, unconscious thoughtforms are identified, it is relatively easy to send them off. First, identify the healee’s emotions, thoughts or karma that are attracting the entity or black magic. Second, facilitate the healing. Third, send the entity to the Light or off this planet with Love and without judgment! In my case, all that had to be done was to identify him and Jenny was able to send him off on an exhale of air.

There is a being that embodies the healing energies of the Elemental forces:
After the entity left, another spirit came to me and is now working through Tera-Mai™. It was a major happening! Jesus, Saint Michael and many, many other higher beings were there on February 9th. I would be a mad woman were it not for the fact that this story is backed up by healing miracles. Many Tera-Mai™ initiates and teachers have gotten back to me saying that they have noticed a dramatic increase in the healings they are facilitating.

Amethyst Wand
Something else happened as well! When Jenny Levi came the following day, I asked her to check my aura. The dark being had been taken off and was completely gone, and the pendulum remained. However, it had turned into an amethyst wand. As the dark forces are able to disguise themselves (evil has an illusion of glamour about it), I asked Jenny to help me remove the wand. She put it into my hand so that I could do with it what I wished. Jenny’s physical hand never touched mine. As she dropped the wand into my hand, I felt an earthy buzz in my hand. I called in Buddha and gave it to him to do with as he wished.

Because I gave the Wand to Buddha, anyone who has been properly attuned to Tera-Mai™ and has abided by the Tera-Mai™ standards may call upon Buddha and ask to use the Amethyst Wand. Claire Campbell got back to me after she read my email and said that she heard from spirit that it may be used after a healing session to seal the aura. First, ask Buddha for the Amethyst Wand. Second, work through the aura starting and the head by working through the aura that is closest to the head and working upwards. Third, go down to the neck and chest and work in the same manner. Continue working down the body in the same manner.

There may be other ways to work with the Amethyst Wand, but the major healing method seems to be healing in the aura. I have also seen the etheric wand’s healing stone change in vibration to another crystal. After all, purple is the color of transformation.

Earth is About to Change in a Big Way!

What I have seen with my physical eyes is sparkling, rich, gold-colored energy spiraling down. This energy alters or bends reality in surprisingly unexpected and wondrous ways. I mention it in the third edition of Tera, My Journey Home subtitled Alternative Healing: Herbs & Supplements, Shamanism, Reincarnation & Tera-Mai™ Seichem. I believe that this golden energy is the energy of the New Age and the reason why the New Age is often referred to as The Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.

Julia Wolfe wrote to me saying that Spirit showed her a change originating from Mecca: I’m seeing a lotus unfold within a negative thoughtform and the lotus is tearing it apart . This is where all the aggression and conflict is being animated of the last 2-3 weeks.

What’s up with Mars?
The recent expeditions to Mars have discovered that there was once large quantities of water on Mars. Ecological systems create a living planet; just as our organs, glands, etc. create a living body. What if the inhabitants of Mars destroyed their planet through pollution, overpopulation and war? The scientific reports (even scientists from the Pentagon) are telling the Bush administration that pollution is killing Earth. How has the Bush administration responded? By altering some and eliminating other large sections of scientific information in these reports that say fossil fuel, deforestation and pollution are killing Earth. However, individuals in government offices have leaked out the full reports, much to the dismay of the President and his men, who all stand to benefit enormously from the Iraqi oil profits. Destroying Earth and moving to Mars is NOT an option! Mars is a dead planet!

Maybe George W’s role is to push the extreme right to the point that we are forced to re-evaluate what we will accept.

Whenever you are able, send healing to Earth. IAVA is a symbol that has been given to us solely for planetary healing. KODOISH and SAMARAN bring balance to Earth and may also be used for regenerating the physical body. Ask the angels to take the healing into the North and South Poles to help release the pressure, pollution and radiation

Why is Self-Healing Difficult?

When I do healing demonstrations, I typically ask the individual, who is up on stage with me, “Do you feel the electrical connection between the two of us?”

Invariably, the individual responds, “Yes!”

This is the connection that Jesus referred to when he said, “Whenever two or more of you are gather together in the presence of Christ.” Christ Consciousness is a healing energy stream found within the Earth. Jesus was called the Christ because he was so strongly connected to this energy. Within the text of Between Two Worlds, I talk about how to connect to and work with this energy.

Miracles vs. a Healing Process!

There are lots of reasons why healings may be prolonged. Sometimes, we are working through something or working through karma or there is some understanding that we have not yet gotten. One of my healees gave me permission to tell his story but he asked that his name be kept confidential. So, we will refer to the couple as Harry and Sally.

Three years ago, Harry had an affair and then broke it off. The “injured woman”, Alice, turned out to be a powerful shaman, who was not afraid to use black magic. Alice then proceeded to send black magic to Sally, who began suffering severe bouts of depression and uneasy nights. Because Sally’s previous psychologists and therapists had failed, Sally was a bit resistant to hands-on healing. In spite of this, Sally improved after one session. However, Sally continued to hold onto the past and had no eye for the present. Sally’s clairvoyant therapist felt that maybe Alice had long stopped sending black magic but the negative energy Alice built up was still hanging around.

Alice had been attuned to Tera-Mai™. One day, Harry asked me, “Does Alice still have the energy of Tera-Mai™?”

I had a psychic sense of Alice. “No, the energies of Tera-Mai™ have long gone!” Then my hands filled with energy and the angels asked me to ask them to cut Alice free from the elemental forces. As I did this, in my third eye I saw crocodiles headed away from me.

Harry said, “It is reassuring for us to know you have strong allies in breaking black magic.” He continued to say, “Things are slowly getting better. We will let you know if there is a real change.”

“While it is difficult, it is important for Sally to forgive both you and Alice.”

The next week, Harry had great news. “On Friday, Sally had a headache and she felt dizzy, unsteady, and her mind ran on. She had a bad day and hardly slept at night. The next day, she felt as if she was recovering after a long illness. Each day, she gets better; this is proof of a huge leap forward.”

Sally continues to heal, as does her marriage to Harry.

When people are released from black magic they oftentimes go through a short period of distress and/or flu-like symptoms, and Alice is not the first or the only black magician who will be losing their connection to the 4 elemental forces.

It is various combination of the elemental forces that healers, shaman and magicians have worked with throughout time. As we go into the Golden Age, abuse of the elemental forces through black magic, evil, manmade attunements and self-aggrandizement at the expense of others will cease to be tolerated by God the Father Almighty!

Using Tera-Mai™ Energy for Manmade Initiations

Throughout the years, some people who have been attuned to Tera-Mai™ thought that they have received other initiations through their meditation practices. In the first place, the healing energy of Tera-Mai™ has been going up for all Tera-Mai™ initiates, who have been abiding by all of the Tera-Mai™ standards. (More recently, the energies of Tera-Mai™ have gone up considerably.) Those who try to give manmade attunement initially use the energy of Tera-Mai™, which is the energy they were attuned to. However, because they are in effect changing the initiations of Tera-Mai™, the energy from these changed initiations is distorted. Within a short time, everyone of these individuals has lost the energy of Tera-Mai™. Some people, who go off and do manmade attunements, come back to be re-initiated into Tera-Mai™. What I have recently learned is that the manmade attunements must be pulled off by someone channeling enough healing energy.

To Pull Off Manmade Attunements (This includes initiations into black magic, such as, Death of Compassion that is given at Owl Lake.):
The healer stands in front of the healee and with both hands makes circles in the aura of the healee above the upper chest. The healer asks the healee to take a deep breath and exhale. As the healee exhales, the healer pulls off the manmade attunement(s) and throws them down. The intention is that the disqualified energy goes down to the central fire. The healee typically notices a release in the heart chakra or heart itself; those who were healers before the manmade initiations notice a marked increase or return of healing energy. The energy of the manmade attunements that the healer pulls off is heavy because the consciousness of manmade attunements originates from greed and ego.

Here is the formula for bringing in Universal attunements: 
1. You must start out as a healer, either you were born with the energy or you came into it through extra-ordinary experiences. Being initiated into the original (Alliance) Reiki initiations or Tera-Mai™ does not count! You cannot use this energy to re-invent initiations that are already on the Earth plane!
2. In a consciousness-raising experience, whereby your physical body and conscious mind are in the Otherworlds, you meet a Higher Being. You must also know where you are and that you may come back at any time. (Native Americans refer to this extraordinary phenomenon as a Vision Quest. Odin hung upside-down by one leg from the World Tree for three days to bring back the Runes and also the empowerment, which is lost to us today. Why? Through misuse, greed and ego!)
3. The Higher Being instructs you in this highly altered state, and this Higher Being takes responsibility for the energy produced by the initiations.
4. The initiations produce healing energy that lasts over time.

What’s Wrong With This Story?

Once upon a time, a Japanese-American woman named Takata went to Japan and was healed by Japanese men calling themselves Reiki Masters. These Reiki Masters had learned Reiki through the descendants of a Buddhist monk named Dr. Usui; so called, because he had gone to the University of Chicago and gotten a doctorate in religious studies. Takata was taught the Reiki initiations and brought these initiations back to the United States. Since then, a group of Westerners claims to have found Dr. Usui’s grave and were reinitiated into Reiki through direct descendents of Dr. Usui.

First, what is right about this story? 
There are documented, witnessed accounts of healings Takata facilitated; one involved the raising of the dead.

What is wrong with this story? 
1. The University of Chicago has no record whatsoever of a man named Usui even attending the school.
2. The three Alliance Reiki attunements were never standardized. Thus, some people, who have taken the Reiki initiations, try to use this energy to make up new Reiki initiations with names belying their true origin. Usui Reiki is not the original Reiki!
3. Land in Japan is extremely expensive. One man recently spent $300,000 to extend his driveway a few feet. Thus, for a long time, bodies in Japan have been cremated. Only the enormously wealthy are able to afford a funeral plot.

4. If the Reiki stories told about Dr. Usui are true, then there would be stories told in Japan about Dr. Usui and these stories would have grown into legends. There are no legends and not one story! Some people respond by saying that monks are secretive and would not boast about healings. Maybe the monks would not boast about healings they facilitated, but the people receiving the healings would have boasted! Their friends would have noticed the healings and asked where the healings came from! In order for healers to have individuals to work on, people have to know who the healers are and where they are located!

What if?
What if Takata went to Japan prior to World War II to visit her homeland and came across a Buddhist monastery where simple attunements were given that only began the process of opening healing channels? What if Takata’s own innate healing abilities were awakened in the initiation process? What if Takata was able to facilitate greater healings than the monks. who initiated her? There are healing stories about Takata; there are none concerning Usui or his other followers. This is why the Japanese in Japan, who are practicing Reiki, have learned it from Westerners, who are able to trace their Reiki lineage through Takata. Did Takata only elaborate on Usui’s story to make Reiki more acceptable to Americans? After all, who would accept a woman’s awakening?