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Spring 2006 Newsletter

Subjects:  Becoming a Shaman * Reiki y Otros Rayos de Toque Sanador(Spanish translation of Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing * Clearings * Gospel of Judas * What Didn’t Make the Evening News * Shroud of Turin * Origins of Anti-Abortion * How Healthy are Americans as Compared to the British? *  Global Tera-Mai Associations 

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F.Y.I. while the conversations and interaction amongst the characters may or may not have occurred, the history in both Richard III: White Boar and Between Two Worlds: The Story of Henry VIII and Anne Boley – and Her Celtic Heritage is accurate.  Oftentimes, governments will change the history taught in schools so that they might look better.  Currently, George W. Bush’s appointee int he National Archives is busy changing some records.  The problem with governments changing the facts and influencing what is taught in the classroom is that we all lose the lessons history provides.

The judge passed down his decision concerning the lawsuit for violation of copyrights initiated by two of the authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail against Dan Brown and The DaVinci Code.
 The basis of their contention was not against Dan Brown’s characters, story line or how he altered organizations to fit into the plot.  The argument against Dan Brown was that the religious facts in The DaVinci Code were identical to those in Holy Blood Holy Grail.

The judge ruled in favor of Dan Brown because he said that the FACTS were a matter of public record and could be researched by anyone.  A few of these facts include:
1.  The Bible was collated by the pagan Roman emperor, Constantine the Great.  God did NOT write it!
2.  In 325 AD Constantine added pagan mythology to the four Gospels and deleted many of Jesus’ teachings and facts about Jesus’ life at the Council of Nicea.
3.  By One vote Constantine and his council declared Jesus divine.  (Jesus NEVER claimed to be the only son of God.  He said that we were all capable of becoming sons and daughters of God and that the way was within us.  The only way to go within is to meditate.  Shamanic journeywork is the oldest form of meditation.  As Jesus is not the only son of God, this makes Jesus, his teachings and the Divine God/Divine Goddess more accessible.)
4.  Jesus was married to Mary Magdelene and he was a father.  Later Church councils fabricated the story that Mary Magdelene was a whore.
5.  Virgin births and ‘god eating’ were a part of pagan lore and worship, and NOT a part of the original Gospels.  Jesus had siblings.
6.  The day of worship was changed from Saturday to Sunday to honor the Roman sun god.
7.  The story of Adam and Eve is at best a metaphor.  (Lilith, NOT Eve, was Adam’s first wife.  God NEVER prevented mankind from entering heaven.)
8.  The Crusades were about gathering and destroying information and documents that were contrary to the Roman version of the Bible.

Origins of Anti-Abortion:  It was Pope Pius IX, who could not accept the findings of Darwin; just as two centuries before, the Church would not accept Galileo’s construct that the sun, NOT Earth, was at the center of our solar system.  Pius was dogmatic to an extreme; he believed that the Roman church had the only truth, and was therefore divinely obligated to be intolerant.  During his term of office, Pius worked hard to restore absolutism, whereby the church and state would once again carve up the world between them.  In Pius IX’s 1864 Quanta Cura or Syllabus of Errors, he condemned religious tolerance and freedom of choice; progress, science and intellect were “enemies of the Church”.  In 1854, he formulated the idea of the Immaculate Conception; that is, God impregnated Mary and that Jesus’ soul entered at the moment of conception.  Pius went on to construe that all other souls entered at the moment of conception.  He did this in spite of the fact that NOTHING in the Bible supports his position, and that there has NEVER been a funeral for any miscarried fetus or even a stillborn.  (Even if a baby lives for a few hours, there is a funeral.)

A Sigh of Relief may audibly be heard from at least one audience member when I state, “The Bible offers only one definition of when life begins and ends.  That is life begins with the first breath and ends with the last.”  Sometimes, women will call me after the lecture/healing demonstration to ask me to repeat the Bible’s definition of life.  More often than not, they will break down and dry in relief.  They all have stories of how they had to have an abortion in the past, and have been carrying around a load of guilt ever since.  Psychologists tell me that many of their patients, who have had abortions, become avid anti-abortionists.

The breath of life, the moment the soul enters the body, begins with Genesis 2:7 – “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”  This theme of the first breath, signifying the entry, and the last breath, the exit of the soul, is repeated into the New Testament.

The Gospel of Judas is causing an uproar because it is legitimate.  The National Geographic channel has aired a special documentary and the translators are publishing a book on the subject.  Some of the information included in the National Geographic special includes:
1.  It is a matter of record that a bishop in the second century acknowledged the existence of the Gospel of Judas and declared it to be heretical.  This same individual dismissed some 30 testimonials (Gospels) that were written at the time of Jesus and settled on the 4 that most people are familiar with.  The special touches upon the fact that these Gospels were altered.
2.  In Judas’ account he states that Jesus asked him to betray him so that the prophecies might be fulfilled.
3.  The Gospel of Judas ends before the crucifixion.
4.  The Gospel of Judas mentions that Jesus often appeared as a child, even to his disciples.  This is a metaphor meaning that Jesus simplified his message for those who were not ready to hear.  Higher teachings were for those who were ready.

Did Jesus Die on the Cross?  The Mormon Bible is the only one that states that after Jesus died and performed his greatest miracle by rising from the dead, the he did not ascend into heaven but walked upon the earth.  And he did this for a long time!  I believe that the Knights Templar found information under Solomon’s Temple that stated that Jesus was alive after the crucifixion and arrived at the erroneous conclusion that the story of his death on the cross and rising from the dead was a hoax.

The Shroud of Turin has the front and back image of a man with the identical wounds of Jesus.

From Tera, My Journey Home: Alternative Healing:  “Most people are familiar with the 1988 scientific study the Vatican funded to determine once and for all if the Shroud of Turin was the burial wrap of Jesus Christ.  It was a one-man venture!  This single man said that the Shroud carbon dated to the 16th century and that the red was paint pigment, not blood.
Greg Braden was given the scientific data and 30,000 slides documenting the 1978 multi-scientific-disciplinary, 5-year study of the Shroud of Turin involving some 40 scientists.  These scientists found that threads of the Shroud dated back 2,000 years.  In the 16th century, there was a fire (fire creates carbon) in the church where the Shroud was kept, which would explain why the Shroud could be carbon dated to the 16th century.  In addition, they found blood and blood serum on the cloth – there was NO paint or paint pigments whatsoever on the Shroud!  The study concluded by stating that the image was the result of a rapid, intense biological, internal heat source and that either the shrould passed through the body or the body passed through the Shroud.  This study has never been carried by any news media.  Why is the Church trying o distance itself from the Shroud?”

How Healthy are Americans as Compared to the British? A recent extensive study found that even though the English consume more alcohol, and Black and Native Americans were NOT included in the American statistics, for ALL diseases and ailments American percentage of those with a particular disease or ailment were at least double that of the Brits and oftentimes more.  Scientists conducting the study stated that they were shocked at the tally.  They had not expected that outcome, as the populations in both countries are very similar and eat similar foods.  

The only real difference in food between the two countries is that genetic engineering is allowed in the United States.  Not only that, but by an act of Congress genetically modified foods are not labeled as such, and food that are not genetically modified cannot state that fact either.

Clearings:  Well over a year ago, a man whom I had initiated into Sakara II & III wanted to receive Cahokia I.  During the initiation, which is a weaving and spinning of the full initiations into earth, air, fire and water, it seemed that something was missing.  However, my logical brain said that was impossible.  After the Cahokia I attunement, the man acted as though he was deranged.  He asked me to pull the initiation out of him, which I did.  His behavior became less irrational.  When I tuned in, I discovered that he was at Tera-Mai Seichem III and dropping.  He told Brenda Davies that he had recently received a different Reiki attunement.  That Reiki attunement had literally eaten away his Sakra II and III attunements and was about to do away with the TM Seichem III initiation.  Brenda then cleared him of the other Reiki attunement and the healing energy in his hands dramatically increased.  (He had to wait for further attunements.)

Leen Joseph of Belgium had this experience:  “One of my students, who had only received Tera-Mai attunements, asked if he should volunteer to be cleared of manmade or demonic attunements.  I told him that it wouldn’t hurt, and it would be interesting to see what happened.  In the clearing process a load was taken off of his back.  When we asked psychically, it was found that the initiations that were pulled off had been there from another lifetime.”

Because of these and other experience, I now offer the clearing of manmade attunements to all those who come to me for initiations.

I would make a lot more money from the sale of my books and life would be much easier for me if Tera-Mai initiations could be combined in Reiki marketing programs where multiple Reiki and/or Seichem initiations were given.  The reality is that Tera-Mai initiations do NOT mix with other Reiki and/or Seichem initiations or manmade attunements.  In such cases, the energy of Tera-Mai simply goes away.  This has been proven over and over again.  There are Tera-Mai associations in countries that promote the original Tera-Mai standards.  1)  The TM initiations must be given in the standardized way.  (One group initiation, or an absentee group initiation does not constitute a Tera-Mai attunement.)  2)  No other Reiki and/or Seichem or manmade attunements will be given or received by anyone saying that they are Tera-Mai healers or Tera-Mai masters.  3)  The Tera-Mai initiator must be abiding by the Tera-Mai standards, and so on back to Kathleen Milner.

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