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Spring 2007 Newsletter

Subjects Include:  Clearing Things Up * New Healing Techniques * Working With Nature * Clearings

In the consciousness-raising experience I had in the ashram in Los Angeles, my physical body went into the Otherworlds and I met a Higher Being, who later identified himself as Buddha (first edition of Tera, My Journey Home: Alternative Healing).  In this state of consciousness Buddha gave me what he stated was missing from the initiations Takata handed down to her Reiki Masters.  Buddha did NOT give me the energy for Tera Mai initiations – the energy for Tera Mai comes from my own natal astrology chart.  I believe that the extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit in my natal astrology chart are a seed of possibility for healing and magic to return to Earth.

It was not my idea that Tera Mai be incompatible with other Reiki, other Seichem or manmade attunements – IT WAS BUDDHA’s!  Believe me, my life would be far less complicated if this were not the case, and I would most likely be a millionaire from book sales alone.  Some Tera Mai initiates did not believe me, received other initiations, awoke one day to find that the energy of Tera Mai had disappeared, and came back to Tera Mai to be cleared and re-attuned.

Because my parents frowned upon my ability to speak with the angels, I lost much of my psychic and healing abilities.  However, as I grew up things kept occurring.  Later in my life, I discovered that both of my parents were incredible psychics – perhaps, I was reflecting back to them what they feared most in themselves?  After my divorce, I prayed to God that these Gifts of the Spirit be returned to me.  God answered my prayers rather quickly.  However, after my consciousness-raising experience with Buddha, these Gifts of the Spirit returned in a slower fashion.  I believe this was due to the fact that God was reconnecting both Tera Mai and myself to the psychic and healing abilities in my natal astrology chart.  The very good news is that as I connect more and more fully to the Gifts I had as a young girl, so too, the energies of Tera Mai increase for those properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who are abiding by all of the Tera Mai standards.

Healing miracle of comatose 6-month-old baby: Nicole Whitehurst was a normal 4-month-old before she received her vaccinations.  Immediately afterwards, she began drooling and then began having seizures every 15 minutes for over a week.  After an unsuccessful week in the hospital, Barbara Whitehurst discharged her baby and took her to a naturopathic doctor, who put Nicole on homeopathic remedies, analyzed her blood to determine where she was deficient, and advised that Nicole receive Omega oils.  Apparently, drug companies have been suspending vaccines in mercury (a deadly poison to the body) for years, and some children have more toxic reactions than other children.  Some have even died as a reaction to the mercury in vaccines.  Is it possible that mercury in vaccines has been responsible in part for children’s poor academic achievement?
Barbara Whitehurst’s blog- 

When I saw Nicole for the first time, she was 6-months old.  Her seizures were occurring only 5 times a day, she blankly stared off with her head affixed to the right, she did not move, made no sounds and had to be awakened to be fed.  After facilitating hands-on healing for an hour, the lights and recognition came back to Nicole’s eyes, she was moving her arms and legs and examining her fingers, she was beginning to make sounds and turned her head.  During the session, I felt that the angels were pulling as much of the mercury out of her body as they could.  I felt several large movements inside Nicole’s head, as if her brain were being restructured.  Interestingly, Barbara felt everything that was happening to her baby, and she was thrilled to have her baby back.

The second time I saw Nicole was 3 to 4 weeks later.  Her seizures had decreased in intensity and duration – but even though she had been having seizures, miraculously, they were not adversely affecting her.  On April 12th, Nicole’s seizures stopped completely.

Beth Sander’s story has appeared in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing from the first edition, and well before the Zen Monk died.  The incident described therein occurred before my consciousness-raising experience with Buddha.  The man who sponsored Beth’s Reiki class in California flew the Zen Monk, whom Takata initiated as a Reiki Master, to California to take Beth’s class.   He wanted to know if what I had taught Beth was identical to what Takata had taught the Zen Monk.  The Zen Monk told the entire class that everything was identical with the following exceptions:  While Takata taught the contractions and breathing, she did not emphasize it.  Takata did not specify any order to initiating the chakras or initiations points.  (My Reiki Master insisted that we begin with the Crown and work down – Buddha later confirmed this in a consciousness-raising experience.)  Takata did not allow questions.  (I encourage questions and give my students plenty of information and practice so that they too will be able to answer questions.)  My material was better organized (but then one of my degrees is in Elementary Education and I taught both first grade and higher level reading & writing skills at Alverno College).  After the class, the Zen Monk flew back to Shri Lanka and died several years later.

After the Zen Monk died, a man said that the Zen Monk had found him in Wisconsin and that the Zen Monk taught him the complete Reiki initiations.  It would seem that to accommodate the story in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing, he has since changed his own story of the monk several times.  Some of these variations are recorded on tape.  Last year, the author of a book supporting the man’s claims asked me if I knew where Beth was.  I told him that people had been looking for Beth for years without luck.  Shortly thereafter, the author emailed to say that he had found Beth, and she now supports the man’s story. (Which story the author did not say).  Furthermore, I am refused Beth’s supposed contact information.

The initiations into the Egyptian Cartouche came after a Higher Being asked me if the Egyptian symbols, which represent Hierarchical concepts, might be cleared through me.  The Egyptian Cartouche initiations are currently available to anyone without any prerequisites.  The initiations are taught to Tera Mai Seichem Masters, who have been initiated into the Cartouche, because they are channeling enough FIRE energy to pass on the attunements.  While anyone may work with these concepts, after being initiated the energy becomes more effective.  In addition, it is easier to do readings with both the Tarot and Egyptian Cartouche decks.  Sometimes, the cards appear to lift off the table and the information comes as inner knowing.  The readings are always amazingly accurate.

Set is the only symbol that was not given to me as an initiation by the Higher Being.  Understandable so, because in Egyptian mythology SET cold-bloodedly and viciously murdered his father, OSIRIS, for personal gain and power.  SET personifies pure evil.  Yet, there are some people who have taken it upon themselves to initiate people into SET because they say that it is more satisfying and powerful to include SET.  Yes, there is something called the “glamour of evil” and evil can produce a lot of energy – however it is neither constructive nor healing.  SET initiations are an extreme example of negativity caused by manmade attunements, which like evil, may be powerful but short lived.  I know of at least one woman who seems to have been driven mad after taking it upon herself to create an initiation for SET.  It is one more reason why to check out ANYONE, including myself, before taking initiations into anything!

3 New Healing Techniqueswhich come in on and work with the healing energy the healer is channeling.  If you have been properly attuned to Tera Mai and are abiding by all of the Tera Mai standards, you are channeling enough healing energy to do this:

1)  Assemblage Point:  While reading The Four Insights by Alberto Villoldo, John Ostrovskis of England had his own insight:  The Assemblage Point may be found anywhere in the human body.  It is a place where perception is concentrated; in the case of a stuck problem, where misperception is trapped.  If the healer lifts his/her consciousness to above the crown chakra, s/he is then able to reach in with etheric hands to locate and grasp the Assemblage Point and lift it above the crown chakra of the healee.  When John and I took turns doing this on one another, we found ourselves calling upon Archangels for help.  John felt freezing cold through his arms; I felt frigid cold across my shoulders and on top of my arms.  If you try this healing technique, the Archangel will reach through your arms and into the body of the healee.  Watch with your third eye.  As the emotional attachment to the issue is separated from the problem and raised above the crown, the healee is then able to deal with the problem objectively.  For example, a lot of people equate love with jealousy – if there is no jealousy then there is no love.  When the attachment to jealousy is taken out of the equation, it might be observed that jealousy is destructive, and that what has been perceived of as love has been only a superficial, physical attraction.

2)  Pedemo seems to come from another star system and was given to Gieny Meester of The Netherlands:  The healer says “Pedemo, Pedemo, Pedemo, be here now!”  And then to call upon the Star People who work with the energy say, “Nemedja, Nemedja, Nemedja, be here now!”  Simply watch with your physical eyes and mind’s eye as the etheric medical team makes an incision.  Continue watching.  You may or may not become involved by using your own hands in the aura or laying them on the healee.  When the healing is completed, the medical team brings in small etheric packets or sachets, which may contain herbs.  The medical team slips the sachets under the skin, or they may pack an entire area, before sealing the incision.  I taught this to the groups I worked with in England.  Sometimes, the medical team brings in other healing ingredients.  The issue behind the disease or pain is brought to the surface either during the healing session or afterwards.  It is then up to the healee to either make changes or continue sloshing along.  The more you work with Pedemo, the more you will learn.

3)  Call Upon the Angels to Go Back into Time and Retrieve Your Umbilical Cord At the Time of Your Birth, and clear the umbilical cord of any trauma and medications (other drugs, alcohol or harmful genetic abnormalities if appropriate).  Then ask the Angels to bring the stem cells back to you for your perfect healing.  You will feel the energy coming in through the soles of your feet.  While many meditation techniques work, this is much more than meditation.  You may also do this technique silently when working on other people.  I discovered this technique while working on a paralyzed man and realized that he needed something more.  When I asked the Angels what to do, they showed me this technique.

Miracles are happening for Mother Earth:  Jeroen De Clercq of Belgium watched me clear the first megalith with the Hosanna Clearing in Normandy, France on March 21st.  Jeroen is very much connected to the Earth and to nature spirits.  Afterwards, Jeroen said to me, “It needs to be connected to its higher purpose!”  When I asked him what he meant, Jeroen said, “Megaliths are supposed to draw Light into the world and pull negativity up to the Light for transformation.”  (Like the endocrine system of the physical body.)  So, I asked the Angels what to do.  I was guided to energize the symbols CHRIST LIGHT, MARIA and MARA and I said:

“Divine God, Divine Goddess, Shekenah, God The Father Almighty, Christed Beings, Buddhas, Angels, Elementals, Blessed Ones, Ancient Ones, Star People and Spirits of the Land, who have come in the Love of Buddha and the Light of Christ!  I give these symbols to you.  Please take them.  Multiply and intensify the energy of CHRIST LIGHT, MARIA and MARA times infinity to the 21st power.  Bring this energy back to this standing stone and reconnect the megalith to its highest function that it might draw Light into this planet and send darkness off this planet to the Light for transformation.  Send the Hosanna Clearing and energy of the reconnection out through the lay lines.  AND so as you clear and connect this stone to its highest function, so too clear and reconnect other megaliths, large stones, stone circles, church spires, pyramids and obelisks around the world.”

The effects were dramatic and instant – Light began pouring into the world and the stone began to further clear itself and the world around it.  It is of interest to note that Belgium and Normandy most often have the same weather.  However, on March 21st, it began storming and hailing shortly after we left Belgium and stopped just before we returned.  The weather in Normandy was cold, windy and sunny throughout the day.  The only time it rained was while we were in a cafe for lunch.

On March 26th at Cleopatra’s Needle on the River Thames, the effects of the March 21st clearing could be felt coming to the obelisk and were already having an affect.  After doing the Hosanna Clearing (which is included below) and reconnecting the obelisk, perceivable shifts could be felt.  When I looked at the lion statues on either side of the obelisk, it immediately came to me that they had also been cleared.  I had sent this out on my email list and many Tera Mai people have continued on with these clearing and reconnections on megaliths, large stones, stone circles, church spires, pyramids and obelisks around the world.  WHEN SOMETHING THIS BIG HAPPENS ON THE ETHERIC LEVEL, IN A SHORT MATTER OF TIME, THE PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE BIG CHANGES. 

What is the Relevance of Working With and Honoring Nature?  The above clearings on the megaliths in Normandy and Cleopatra’s Needle will become observable in time – certainly, before a year goes by.  There are also simple, non-manipulative earth magic spells, as mentioned in Scott Cunningham’s books, which may manifest quickly or over time.  I have found that the effectiveness of magic increases with the amount of healing/psychic energy channeled by the healer/magician.  Love and joy also have a positive effect on magic.  Healing is magic and real magic does exist.

We pray to God for answers and forget that God is in everything, including nature.  Nature may provide subtle answers, point the way home or inspire us.  Nature may offer confirmation in the form of an unexplainable rainbow, or an answer in unique patterns or sounds.  To be able to observe and listen involves quieting the mind, and feeling one’s connection to the Earth, and through nature to God.  It also helps to spend time in nature with someone who is connected, and go on to observe that there is more to Earth than just the physical reality.

Why Take or Repeat Shamanic Classes?  If the instructor is channeling sufficient healing energy then the circle is powerful and much personal and environmental work may be accomplished.

Violet Flame/HOSANNA Clearing (Hosanna means “God please help!”)
Do the contractions and breathing and energize HOSANNAS and the symbol of RELEASE, which is on the front cover of Becoming a Shaman:  It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been.  Then repeat the following, substituting the name of whoever or whatever you are clearing in the appropriate places:

“Divine God, Divine Goddess, Shekenah, God The Father Almighty, Christed Beings, Buddhas, Angels, Elementals, Blessed Ones, Ancient Ones, Star People and Spirits of the Land, who have come in the Love of Buddha and the Light of Christ!  I give these symbols to you.  Please take them.  Fill the HOSANNAs with Violet Flames of Transformation, energy of exorcism and release, transformation and transmutation.  Empower the symbol of RELEASE with more abilities to get to the core, the plug behind repeated negative patterns and negative behaviors.  Multiply and intensify these symbols, the energies they represent and the energies they hold times infinity to the 21st power.  Again, and again, and again, and again!  Please bring these symbols and the energy back to me, to Tera Mai and all that concerns Tera Mai.”  

“Saint Michael the Archangel (repeat 3 times), and your legions of angels and power animal helpers!  By your flaming swords, jaws, talons, claws and the power of the HOSANNAS and symbols of RELEASE cut and release any ties, any cords, any black magic, evil, demons, squares, cubes, knots, blocks, plugs, blockages, poisonous spells, harmful thoughts and any other negativity that is in, through, round and about, above, below, within and without myself and all that is Tera Mai.  Release, release by your flaming swords. Cut free, cut free by your flaming swords. Release, release by your flaming swords.  Cut free, cut free by your flaming swords.  Release, release by your flaming swords. Cut free, cut free by your flaming swords.” 

“Angels of the Violet Fire (repeat 3 times)!  Take any debris that Michael and his legions are cutting free by their flaming swords, jaws, talons, claws, and the power of the HOSANNAs and symbols of RELEASE.  Release, release to the Violet Fire!  Consume, consume by Violet Fire!  Transform, transform by Violet Fire!  Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire!  Release, release to the Violet Fire!  Consume, consume by Violet Fire!  Transform, transform by Violet Fire!  Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire!  Release, release to the Violet Fire!  Consume, consume by Violet Fire!  Transform, transform by Violet Fire!  Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire!”

“Quickly, fill in the voids with love, healing joy, prosperity, enlightenment, and symbols of JUSTICE/COMPASSION, MIRRORS OF HATHOR and HOSANNAs.  Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna!  Seal these clearings in gold and anchor them in ruby red.  If this is Thine Will Divine God, Divine Goddess, so must it be done.”

Another variation of Violet Flame/HOSANNA Clearing:  
Do only the first 2 paragraphs of the above clearing just as it is written.  Rather than invoking Saint Michael, etc. continue with the following: 

“Through Tera Mai send these symbols and this energy into Mother Earth – into all of the vortexes, power places, pyramids, triangles, circles, lay lines and the North and South Poles, transforming Mother Earth from the inside out.  Transforming harmful gamma rays and radiation into the proper energy for Mother Earth at this time.  Transforming fossil fuels into clean energy.  Transforming ignorance and closed-mindedness into wisdom, knowledge, active intelligence and allowing.  Transforming disease and pain into health and wellbeing.  Transforming war into peace, corruption into honesty, pollution into pristine nature, greed into generosity and poverty into prosperity.  Seal these clearings in gold and anchor them in ruby red.  If this is Thine Will Divine God, Divine Goddess, so must it be done.”