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Spring 2010 Newsletter

This is NOT the End of the World!  It is the End of an Age!


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Reiki Common in Integrative Oncology Programs
(By definition the Three Magi mentioned in the New Testament had to have been astrologers & astronomers.)

Class Schedule:  Outside of short trips to New York, Atlanta and Alabama, I am strongly impressed to stay close to home this spring and summer.  I do offer classes in my home, and am able to do all initiations given in Tera Mai over the telephone, and provide instruction.  Beginning September 18th, I will be in England – please contact Anita O’Hagan [email protected].   Beginning September 24, I will be in Ireland – please contact Mary Campion at  [email protected]
I also do re-initiations, clearings and healings over the telephone on a donations-are-accepted basis.

People are finding the new TM Reiki & TM Seichem manuals a valuable teaching aid and an indispensable resource of information.

Reiki Common in Integrative Oncology Programs In recent years, the utilization of Reiki has become increasingly prevalent in those undergoing treatment for aggressive malignancies, including mesothelioma cancer. Symptoms of not only these diseases themselves, but also their conventional treatments (including mesothelioma chemotherapy and surgery) can be dramatically eased through the utilization of complementary therapies like Reiki. Patients who are better equipped to manage symptoms of these treatments will generally be given a more favorable prognosis following treatment.

While aggressive malignancies like mesothelioma will commonly incorporate complementary therapies into a treatment regimen in lieu of a mesothelioma cure, patients of all cancers will likely benefit from the palliative comfort Reiki and other integrative oncology treatments can provide. Patients and family members of those undergoing treatment have been able to achieve comfort and ease of mind through the use of these therapies- something that can be unquantifiable in its benefit while undergoing cancer treatment.

Jack Bleeker  

It is Sarah Palin’s rightful choice to believe that the Hopi predictiion carved on Prophecy Rock and my insight is psychosis.  The fact remains, however, that on the Hopi Reservation, Prophecy Rock depicts two different paths that humanity may choose.  One depicts a few sad survivors in a dying environment; the other shows happy people in a friendly environment.  It was never intended that everyone would end up on the same path!
By free-will choice, everyone has chosen one or the other or these two paths, which have been in the process of separating since the end of 2009.  As the dark path slips deeper into darkness, it is more difficult for those on the dark path to switch paths.  Interestingly, those on the dark path are unable to see that they are falling until they hit the proverbial cement wall.  Yet, as long as there is breath in the body, the soul is in the physical, and it is possible to open the heart and raise consciousness.  The division is causing a major rift on the astral plane that is being felt and seen increasingly on the physical.
This is NOT the End of the World!  It is the End of an Age!The extraordinary volume of misinformation regarding Earth’s future is the direct result of mistranslations of the New Testament (of which there are many).  Mistranslations result in fear and in some cases, believing that God is a god of vengeance and hate.  Or that healing comes from the devil.  If that were true, which it isn’t,  that would mean that Jesus and his followers were doing the devil’s work.  That really is blasphemy!  
Men never do Evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.Blaise Pascal
We are living through this time of disruption because of our own ignorance.  Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are Earth’s way of coming into balance after nearly 20,000 underground atomic explosions since the end of World War II.  Weather changes are a response to our burning up our limited atmosphere and polluting whatever else is left.
It is a fact that the severity and number of earthquakes has dramatically increased since the 2004 earthquake / tsunami off the coast of India.  The after-shocks of large earthquakes in Haiti, Chili, the California/Mexican border, China, etc. are large earthquakes in themselves.  Several radio disk jockeys have been heard to ask if the poles are shifting.  Actually, this is not a farfetched question!  Right after the 2004 earthquake/tsunami, it was reported only once that the poles had shifted.  There is scientific evidence that over 90,000 years ago, the North Pole was in the Yukon.  (Tera, My Journey Home  – click on BOOKS to the left)  If the poles are shifting, this would also explain the high volume of earthquake activity.
Earth changes have been predicted by all great teachers and societies for thousands of years.  They include Jesus, Nostramas, Edgar Cayce, and astrologers and shaman in Mayan, Incan, Aztec, Egyptian, North American and Australian Aboriginal cultures.  After a time of disruption, which we are currently in, a Golden Age will commence.  The correct translation of Jesus’ words are, “I will be with you until the end of the Age (meaning the end of the Piscean Age).”
In 2050, another teacher/healer/miracle worker will become the prophet for the Aquarian Age.  Jesus NEVER said that he was the only Son of God!  Jesus said that we were all capable of becoming Sons and Daughters of God, just as Buddha said that we are all capable of becoming Buddhas.
Iceland is NOT through!  One earthquake adjustment in one part of the world means that there will be another earthquake adjustment in another part of the world.  The Weather Channel is featuring a series entitled, On Shaky Ground,  which attempts to predict where the next earthquake will be.  The good news is that the changes will go quickly and by September, things should calm down.  THE CLOSER ONE IS TO GOD, THE SAFER ONE WILL BE.
It is important that as many people as possible join in the Wednesday Night Clearing / Healing.  Please spread the word.  Did you know that the severe draught in southeastern United States ended after the religious leaders there gathered people in a great massive prayer effort?  
Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing / HealingWe began with a handful of people in August 2008.  Last summer, we had 5 million people around the world participating.  I would have no way to begin to know how many more people are doing the clearings???   Many others simply join in at 8:00 PM, however, as soon as people say, “Angels, please connect me the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings!” Universal Power, Clearing and Healing from God increases exponentially.   This is because it was the key phrase that we initially used to connect with one another, as we were all in different time zones.
If you are so inclined to do so, please add the following phrase after connecting to the group:  “Creator God, please fill me with Your Spirit, fill my loved ones with Your Spirit, fill this Earth with Your Spirit.  May You Holy Spirit help us to do Your Work.”  Either way, everyone is then free to do whatever they wish – pray, meditate, chant, send healing, do clearings, etc.  For more information click on WEDNESDAY NIGHT CLEARING / HEALING to the left. 
Questions & Answers  Kathleen, do you think it was the Medicine Buddha who gave you the Tera Mai initiations?  Whenever I have seen Buddha as Buddha, he is always dressed in gold.
We are created in God’s Image.  And just as we have different aspects or roles to play out, so does God / Goddess.  I believe that the Medicine Buddha, like Genesh and the Sefroid of the Holy Kabbalah, are aspects of God.  When God’s Attributes are personified in human-like form, it is easier for people to comprehend.  As the energies of Tera Mai come directly from God, the Aspect of God, which is sometimes referred to as The Medicine Buddha, works directly through Buddha and Tera Mai.
Anyone may pray directly to this Aspect of God by saying the following prayer from the Tantra of the Lightning Flash:  
We bow down, offer incense and pray to The Medicine King Buddha, Lord of the Lapis Lazuli Light, throughout the Ten directions the Three Times, may sickness be a name, a word heard no more.May suffering be only a dark memory, may disease be banished from the hearts and minds of all Sentient Beings.May all people gain health, wellbeing, peace and prosperity.Thus, may the great Blessing Storehouse of the Buddhas pour forth a rain of auspiciousness to those who hear and read these words.
Those who have been initiated into the new TM Reiki & TM Seichem IV, V, VI & VII initiations  may ask The Medicine Buddha to place a dark-blue, indigo ball of energy into the solar plexus.  (For a list of those who have been taught how to do the IV, V, VI & VII initiations, click on TERA MAI INSTRUCTOR: FIND ONE to the left. ) 
If those who have been initiated into Tera Mai Cahokia call in The Medicine Buddha before doing clearings, a dark-blue, indigo vortex containing dark-blue, Indigo crosses will appear around them.
Kathleen, why don’t you teach other people how to do the Cahokia initiations?  Rembrandt’s students were disappointed that he did not teach them how to put energy, feelings or personality into their paintings.  It was not that he did not want to teach them; he had no idea how to teach them.  In the same way, I would have absolutely no idea how to teach anyone how to weave the elemental healing rays into patterns of Cahokia.  Because Higher Beings have not taught me how to show others, I can only assume that it is not time.
In order to do the Angeliclight attunements, the initiator is connected to the Angels in a special way, which involves much more than simply focusing above the crown.  While I am able to connect others in such a manner, I would have no idea of how to teach others how to connect their students in a like manner.  AND WITHOUT ANGELICLIGHT THERE IS NO VEHICLE TO HOLD SAKARA, so, the Sakara initiations go away.  
(For a complete list of those who have been taught how to do the second and third level of initiations into Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight, click on TERA MAI INSTRUCTORS:  FIND ONE to the left.)
Kathleen, we thought the symbol, Dai Koo Mio, was always to be used in initiations only . . .  please comment.    If you use the Dai Koo Mio for healing others, you will take responsibility for their karma.  If you have been properly initiated into Tera Mai and have been abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards and you meditate on the Dai Ko Mio, you will raise your healing potential and help raise the healing potential for all of Tera Mai.
While meditating on the Dai Koo Mio you might see yourself drawing it, and find yourself repeating Dai Koo Mio 3 times as you are drawing it.  
Affirmations: Hello Kathleen, I hope you are well.  I just wanted to confirm that I have noticed an enormous shift in energy during healings and initiations.  I initiated three people today into Sakara 2 and 3.  It was incredible.  Vast enegry, enormous release and awakening!   Thank you for all that you do and the enormous gift you have shared with all of us.Best Wishes,Eileen Heneghan, Ireland
Hi Kathleen!  How are you?  I want to let you know that the energy that I’m able to channel is becoming more powerful and that my insights in healing are increasing as well.  This is becoming more evident since the last two weeks.Love,Elisabetta Pizzi, Italy
March 11, 2010:  I facilitated a group healing circle for some members of the College Club.  Peggy Makula told the groups, “A year ago, I attended a healing demonstration that Kathleen had given at Restaurant 195 in Southern Pines. I had lymphoma.  At one point, Kathleen said that she no longer felt the cancer.”
When something like that occurs, I advise the individual that it would be best for them to consult their physician.  Peggy went on to say, “I saw my doctor in about a week’s time, and was told that the cancer was gone.  And it has stayed away.”
During the healing dircle, I worked on Betsy Robinson’s left heel, which she had broken last year.  She had been in chronic pain.  When I touched her heel, it was poker hot.  I kept my hand on her heel for, perhaps, 45 minutes, after which time, the pain was completely gone.
Another woman had had chronic neck pain for 20 years.  That pain also left.
A third woman had severe congestion in her lungs, and she had the death rattle.  I did not tell her that people who exhibit the death rattle typically do not live for very much longer.  I did advise her to go and see a doctor.  After working on her, the congestion was isolated to her bronchial tubes and the death rattle was gone.  She did go to see a doctor, who found that she had bronchitis only.  After 7 days on an antibiotic, she was fine.Kathleen Milner
Kathleen, can you recommend a wy to use the energies of Tera Mai to boost prosperity and abundance?   You might tray using Ama Deus (Katimbo).  Begin with the spiritual practice and then do the symbol for protection.  Then use the symbol for exorcismand ask the Angels to release any known or unknown fear, sorrow, worries, jealousy, begrudging others for their good luck, and self guilt regarding having wealth.  (All of these are extremely toxic and act as thick steel doors, blocking the flow of abundance.)  You might also include the symbol for unknown situation.  
Then use the symbol for self-healing.  Then use the symbol for healing the eyes and ask the Angels to help you so that you might see in a better way.  You may also use these same symbols to facilitate other healings on the physical, mental and emotional bodies.
If you have not taken my Shamanic I Class, the complete Ama Deus (Katimbo) is included in both Tera, My Journey Home and Becoming a Shaman.  Additional information is included in the new book, Reiki and Other Ways of Healing:  Updated & Practical for the Aquarian Age.  (  They are available on, Baker and and at bookstores.
Clearing & Healing Techniques:   It is helpful to know that even after negative energy is cleared the forces of darkness leave beind  imprints, DNA and/or residue.  Simply ask the Angels  to remove the dark shadows, spells of invisibility and cloaking & masking spells so that you can see clearly.  Then use clearing techniques to clear what you see.
The Violet Flame symbol may be energized with Cho Ku Rays along with Light of the Angels and Release for effective clearings using the energy of the Violet Flame.  Jorei, Christ Light, Mary (Maria) and Release may be used to create a vortex of White Light for clearing.   Click on TERA MAI SYMBOLS and TERA MAI CLEARINGS to the left.
To clear very dark energies and dark entities, it is helpful to ask the Angels to wrap them or cube them in gold in order to contain them.  Sometimes, that is enough for the Angels to be able to take them off the planet to a place the Angels call Behind the Doors (one-way doors going in), or in God’s Hands.  If not, ask the Angels to keep filling the cube with gold.  Then go back a few days later and work with the Angels to clear them off of the planet.
The same technique may be used in another way to clear timelines of loved ones, Earth, events or oneself.  It is not possible to change the past, but it is possible to clear it.  Ask the Angels to wrap the timeline you are working on in gold, and to fill it with more gold.  Begin sending clearing and healing energy and symbols to the present, and progress through the past to the point of origin.  Shanti is effective for individuals.  Shanti & Iava are effective for the Earth.  Then the future is easy to clear.
The combination of Gold & Violet and/or Cobalt Blueare colors of protection.
What are TM Reiki IV, V, VI & VII and TM Seichem IV, V, VI & VII initiations?  Initiations are given at the solar plexus and connect diectly to God’s healing energy.  The healing energy from these initiations may be felt in any of the etheric healing centers.   Sometimes, the solar plexus and/or second chakra become extremely hot while healings or clearings are going on.  These initiations also enhance all other Tera Mai initiations that the individual received previously, including Violet Flame.  At times, it feels as if God is sitting on the healer’s shoulder.  A great deal of protection is provided for the initiate.
If you were building a house, you could get by with a hammer, saw and screwdriver.  If you have other tools, you are able to do more.  If you have a Universal Architect to direct the construction, your efforts will be more effective.
The hammer, saw and screwdriver are like TM Reiki and TM Seichem.  The other tools are like Sakara II & III and Cahokia.  The Universal Architect is like IV, V, VI & VII.
Kathleen, since the TM Reiki initiations are within the TM Seichem initiations, are the TM Reiki IV, V, VI & VII initiations within the TM Seichem IV, V, VI & VII initiations?  No, these particular initiations activate different aspects.  If one were to receive TM Seichem IV, V, VI & VII  and skip TM Reiki IV, V, VI & VII, it would be like a contractor building a beautiful staircase but eliminating 4 steps in the middle.  This would be true if any of the TM Reiki or TM Seichem initiations are skipped.   Click on CLASS & TM INITIATION DESCRIPTIONS / PRICES to the left.
Kathleen, for those people who want to go on after TM Seichem Mastership, is it advisable for them to do the new Tera Mai IV, V, VI & VII initiations or Sakara II & III?  It is entirely up to each individual.  For people traveling a far distance, it is also possible to do all of these initiations at the same time, as the Angels will integrate the initiations over a period of time.
Kathleen, I thought that the TM Reiki initiations are in the TM Seichem initiations?   This is true for the first three levels of Tera Mai Seichem.   Also, whenever possible, giving these classes individual provides more practical healing experience.  When it is not possible, it is highly advisable to hand out both the new TM Reiki and TM Seichem manuals at each level.  Click on WHAT NEW? on the HOME page.
What’s Going on in the Heavens?  Astrological signs point to possibilities and choices.  Whenever a long series of extraordinarily powerful aspects repeatedly signal radical change for the better, it will happen!
Spring Equinox (Cathy Towle):  Every planet is activated in some relationship to another planet.  This is very rare, but it has been happening for the past six months at almost every Moon phase.  WE ARE FINALLY ENTERING A NEW PERIOD!  Powerful forces are setting the stage for economic and societal change throughout the spring until the summer solstice.  Old ways are weakened so that the implementation of better structure has real hope.  Resistance will falter, because it can no longer hold up.  Deep change, deeper understanding, healing, and finishing up of old business.  Settling accounts, making amends, and tying up loose ends is the order of the day.   The Golden Age is but a few heartbeats away.
April 14, 2010, New Moon (Cathy Towle):  The Moon squares exactly the Solar Eclipse that occurred just prior to the Haiti earthquake, so, I feel that large earthquakes will continue to happen.
April 19, 2010 (Cathy Towle):  Chiron entered Pisces and will be there for the next few years.  As this occurred during a Mercury retrograde, it will bring us back to reviving the energies of the sixties.  (The last time Chiron traversed Pisces was 1960-1968.)  People will be inspired to look beyond themselves, feel love and act selflessly.  Renewed interest in subtle energies.  Much darkness will be exposed.
April 28, 2010, Full Moon (Cathy Towle):  The stage is set for more Earth changes, a continuance of the emerging feminine, and a revamping of worldwide structures.  Each progressive new and full Moon until June 26th leads us through an unraveling of deep, deep issues.
May 27, 2010, Full Moon (Christina Molina):  Uranus goes into Aries at 9:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time.  The dark mask of the Dark Age will be exposed.  We will have complete discernment because we will know who is who.  Through 2018, there will be sudden, unexpected, aggressive change.
June 28 Eclipse (Cathy Towle):  The cardinal grand square is nothing I have seen before.  Great intensity with a lot of promise!  Initiated changes will be long lasting.  Righteousness has no room here.
from the 86th issue of Yoga:  Body Mind Spirit Magazine 

Reiki and Other Ways of Healing:  Updated & Practical for the Aquarian Age  by Kathleen Ann Milner

Age of Aquarius

Our sun will eclipse the center of our galaxy, the Galactic Rift, on December 21, 2012.  However, we don’t have to wait to find out what is going to happen; we are all feeling the effects of this major, once-every-26,000-years astrological event now.  2012 isn’t the end of the world!  Rather, it is the end of what has evolved for 2,000 years into a dark Piscean fantasy, an age highlighted with an abundance of misinformation, which has evolved into a plethora of limiting, unconscious philosophies.

The ever-increasing Light is causing a separation of the Light and dark, which is signaled by an increase in awareness.  People’s true agendas are becoming more obvious. Many more individuals are having spontaneous supernatural experiences, or intuition is heightened.  Blatant miracles are occurring.    New energies are impacting and changing Earth and our physical bodies as well.
How to facilitate numerous healing techniques are detailed in the book.  For example, an area of pain in the body may or may not be where the cause of the problem is located.  There is an in depth description of how to find the Assemblage Point where misperceptions are trapped in the body, and then work with angels to release emotional attachments to issues.

The book contains a wealth of knowledge.    Readers will find topics ranging from an explanation of the death and dying process, to releasing and healing addictions, to reconciling love and power.  Included is a thorough explanation of how to employ angels to go ahead in time and into the past to heal the timeline.  Through understanding of these and other processes, and knowing different clearing and healing techniques will help us to navigate successfully into the Aquarian Age.