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Spring 2011 Newsletter

Calling In & Working with the Great Seraphim Angels or Lasa 
Tera-Mai UK Society 
Tera Mai Reiki & Tera Mai Seichem Lineages and Trademark 
Science & the Unseen 
Important Days 
Change is Afoot 
Setting the Record Straight   
Takata & Dr. Usui 
Effective Clearing, Healing and Manifesting Techniques for Yourself & Others

Any properly attuned Tera Mai Reiki I or Tera Mai Seichem I initiate begins to be connected to the same Ancient Healing Energies, which are found in my natal astrology chart.Jeffrey Peck read the structure of my aura and saw 2 large, solid purple bands coming up from my shoulders, which go directly up to Source or God.  These same great purple bands begin forming in the auras of Tera Mai initiates.  

How is this possible?Buddha used the healing energy that is found in my natal astrology chart to add onto Takata’s original Alliance Reiki initiations that she passed onto her 22 Reiki Masters.  Buddha accomplished this when I physically and consciously went into the Otherworlds.  Native Americans call this extra-ordinary event a Vision Quest.  Because Buddha added onto what had come before me, the Tera Mai Reiki lineage is as follows:

Dr. Usui 
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi 
Iris Ishikuro 
Arthur Robertson 
Rick & Emma Ferguson 
Maragrette Shelton 
Kathleen Ann Milner 
et cetera

Why is the Tera Mai Seichem lineage the same as the Tera Mai Reiki Lineage?Later, in another consciousness-raising experience Buddha added 2 symbols and 2 colors (one of them being rainbow) onto the Tera Mai Reiki initiations to create Tera Mai Seichem.

I was also asked to call these initiations Tera Mai Seichem, to honor Patrick Zeigler, who spent the night in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid and had a different kind of consciousness-raising experience.  Patrick now does Shamanic-type workshops, which he calls Sekhm.  As the Seichem initiations that Patrick’s student, Phoenix, made up included unstable fire energy, Spirit told me never to pass them onto anyone.  Spirit had to clear me and stabilize the fire energy within me.  Tera Mai Seichem is in NO way based upon the chaotic initiations that Phoenix made up.  Fire energy is NO longer in Phoenix’s initiations.  Phoenix is dead, and those who have been attuned to this energy talk about demons coming in when they work.

The Tera-Mai UK Society is the ONLY association in the UK that is authorized to represent or speak for Tera Mai.   On the website each member will have his/her personal profile and photo.

Anita O’Hagan has disbanded the old Tera-Mai Association in the UK.   Adam Beardsley  is the new President of the new association.  [email protected]   The constitution has been signed by all committee members. [email protected]   Before Anita closed the books, she took an ad out in Cygnus.  If you are interested in what’s been happening, click here:   

The RASA association in the UK is NEITHER authorized to represent or speak for Tera Mai NOR for myself.Buddha set up Tera Mai standards so that the energies of Tera Mai might be kept pure and an agent of effective healing.  One of these standards is that each Tera Mai initiation is to be kept standardized.  Independently, both Samantha Beaumont-Collins and Sophia Lucia (a.k.a. Robert Bird) added onto the TM Reiki and TM Seichem initiations, which caused a substantial decrease in healing energy.  The reason being that whenever any individual changes a Universal Initiation, the human-altered initiation is reduced from Heavenly to ordinary status.  In a short time, Universal Healing Energy is also lost.

The TM students in Sophia’s and Sam’s lineage, whom my students and I cleared and re-attuned on a donations-are-accepted basis ALL were surprised at the significant amount of healing energy that they were channeling.  Many countless people took advantage of the offer.  However, there were those who were just ‘happy’ with what they had and refused the offer. 

It might appear that in order to please everyone and maintain a large association, RASA decided that these rogue initiations were OK.  In order to validate their unauthorized decision, both the definition of Tera Mai and the Tera Mai lineage were changed.  This gave undue credit to where credit was NOT due.  In an attempt to authenticate these changes to Tera Mai’s lineage and definition, BD has been attempting to change my personal history.  The problem is that the events leading up to the creation of Tera Mai have been chronicled from the first 1993 manuscript of Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing through the updated and greatly expanded upon version, Reiki and Other Ways of Healing. All editions are copyrighted and on file in the Library of Congress.  

Below is the information on the Tera Mai trademark, which I own.  I share my trademark openly and only with properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards. Having a trademark approved for use involves a long, arduous, expensive process that takes years.  Any false information or violations incur heavy fines.   Other Reiki systems are trademarked as meditation systems. 

International Class:  041   
Class Status:  active   
Educational services, namely, teaching and conducting classes on spiritual healing, hands-on healing and the art of harmonizing the natural energy in one’s body.   
Basis:  1 (a)   
First Use Date:  1995-06-11   
First Use in Commerce Date:  1995-06-11  

Takata and Dr. Usui 
The evidence points powerfully to the fact that Takata created a male image so that her work might get into the world.  This is not the first time that a woman has done this.  For example, Taylor Caldwell and George Elliot are respectively, Janet Taylor Caldwell and Mary Ann Evans.   

Even though NOT ONE shred of information regarding Dr. Usui pans out and there is absolutely no evidence that Dr. Usui existed, he remains in my lineage as a reminder of what women have gone through and still go through. I put the information out on the above link several years ago.  Now that the truth is coming out about so much, it is appropriate to reiterate the facts.  It is also time to give Takata the credit that she has due.  

Scientists have proven that there is unseen mass and unseen energies: They call unseen matter dark matter, because they cannot see it.  Dark matter holds our solar system, galaxy and universe together.  Similarly, they call unseen energies, dark energies, because they are unable to see these either.   Dark matter and dark energy account for over 90 percent of our universe.  

In the Bible it states that God’s Holy Spirit permeates everything.  Science is a way of understanding how God goes about the business of creation and maintaining His Work.  Has science found evidence of God’s Spirit?  

The Lasa – otherwise known as Seraphim (GREAT Angels that sit at God’s Throne) or Ancient Ones of The Light:  WHO ARE THEY?   Our physical universe is based on the 4 elements of earth, air, fire and water.  Other universes may or may not have the same physical laws as our universe.   In the destructive cycle of Chinese Feng Shui, we are able to see that when these forces combine in certain ways, great damage is likely to occur.  ORDER IS HEAVEN’S FIRST LAW.   To maintain orderliness, God assigned 4 Great Seraphim Angels to this task.  Each Seraphim sits in one of the 4 quarters and each holds the energy of one of the 4 elements.  They are sometimes referred to as the Guardians of the Watchtowers.  Each of the 4 Watchtowers sits in one of the 4 directions – north, south, east and west.  

The Seraphim and the energies they are responsible for and hold are particularly powerful if one knows in which direction each of the Seraphim and 4 elements resides.  However, different groups have the elements in different directions.  How is one to know?  I asked Spirit for The Truth.  You may or not agree with me.  It is the same pattern used by the Lakota Sioux and the Great Iroquois Nation.  (The American Constitution is based upon the laws of the Iroquois.):  The spark of creativity is in the East – (spark has to do with fire).   White buffalo, more often than not, sits in the north.  (Wisdom is air.)  An animal with emotional qualities oftentimes sits in the south; for example, coyote (laughter), porcupine (innocence), et cetera.  (Emotional qualities are qualities of water.)  Powerful, grounded animals, like horse and bear reside in the west.  (These are qualities of earth.)    

Interestingly, the Wise Women of Europe’s Dark Age have each element shifted over one place.  It is as if they made a pact.  That is rather than allow the men behind the Roman Catholic Inquisition to have access to this power; they all knew what they were to say when tortured.  

An event of great importance and power recently occurred.  The full moon on March 19, and the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2011, brought a great opportunity to connect with High Heavenly Energies and Higher Beings.  (I sent this information out on my email mailing lists so that others might be aware.) 

I had been staying with Katherine and Steve Ellis.  Katherine had taken a class in Italian magic.  As I was looking through her class notes, I found a simple ceremony to call in the Lasa.  One of the items required for the altar was a picture of an open door, which had something of High Spirituality behind it.  So, My book, Becoming a Shaman:  It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been.  served this purpose.  I did the ceremony at the beginning of the Shamanic class, which, as fortune would have it, was held on the weekend of March 19 & 20.  THE LASA CAME INTO TERA MAI.   The Ancient Healing Energies of Tera Mai took another BIG leap forwards.  

When the Lasa passed through me and into the circle, I was able to feel their purity, and knew that they required a pure vessel to work through.  The Lasa were able to come into Tera Mai because Tera Mai is pure. I also knew without doubt that the energy of Tera Mai was completely gone from those initiates who refused to abide by Buddha’s TM standards, from those who tried to put Tera Mai energies into human-manipulated initiations and these fraudulent initiations as well.

Calling in & working with the Lasa:  If you are a properly attuned Tera Mai initiate, who is abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, you will also be able to call the Lasa in.  They will show up to help you with healing, to find answers, et cetera.  

Traditionally, the Lasa are called in by honoring the 4 corners or 4 directions.  Here is what I do, and the energy keeps building.  If you are impressed to do likewise, the energy may just amaze you as well.  

Face East and say, ‘Hail to thee, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, the Lasa, the Seraphim, the Ancient Ones of the Light.  Come!  Bring with you energies of fire.  Energies of transformation, illumination, passion, creativity and true spring.  And the cleansing, clearing and healing of the spiritual bodies – the astral body, aura, peripheries, chakras, etheric-psychic-healing channels, and psychic and healing centers.  Please lend me your power, lend me your might, bring your magic and healing to my sight.  I invoke thee, I summon thee, I call thee forth (3X)  Into my circle of healing and magic, into the initiations, attunements and energies of Tera Mai, to only the properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who are pure and abiding by all of Buddha’s Tera Mai standards.  Heal us!  Heal through us!  Please keep all that is Tera Mai pure, joyful, protected and loving.    If you have a special request, make it short and to the point.  If you are working on yourself or another, you may see yourself in your mind’s eye standing in white fire.  If you are working on another, you may see him or her in your mind’s eye standing in white fire.  There are many possibilities.  

Do the same thing in the South but substitute the qualities of water: Come!  Bring with you energies of water.  Energies of healing, love, compassion, beauty, the development of my psychic and healing abilities, and true summer.  And the cleansing, clearing and healing of the emotional bodies – heart and inner child.   Again, there are many possibilities.  One man I worked on watched with his third eye as the Angels attach a water hose to his naval and pump him full with water.  The water cleared him and drained out through the bottom of his feet.  By the end of the whole session, he was feeling and looking a LOT better.  

In the West substitute the qualities of earth: Come!  Bring with you energies of earth.  Energies of grounding, foundation, prosperity, introspection, prayer, and true autumn.  And the cleansing, clearing and healing of the physical body, DNÅ and genes. The same man saw himself laying on the ground, while the Angels filled him with red clay.  This red clay is the earth of the New Earth.    I feel that each of the directions were bringing in the positive energies of the New Era. Everything that happens to us occurs in our aura (Spiritual field surrounding us).  The same is true for Earth.  

In the North substitute the qualities of air: Come!  Bring with you energies of air.  Energies of wisdom, knowledge, communication, gratitude, peace of mind, clarity of mind, power of NOW, power of Christ Consciousness and true winter.  And the cleansing, clearing and healing of the mental body and brain. You may see the winds blowing through your mental body and brain.  Or the winds of change moving through your aura. 

Divine God, come!  Breathe Your Love, Strength and Wisdom into me (or into the client you are working with).   If you have a special request, make it short and to the point.    Anything is possible.  

Divine Goddess, come!  Breathe Your Love, Strength and Wisdom into me, into the initiations, attunements and energies of Tera Mai, to only the properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who are pure and abiding by all of Buddha’s Tera Mai standards.  Heal us, heal through us!  Please keep all that is Tera Mai pure, joyful, protected and loving.    If you have a special request, make it short and to the point.   Anything is possible.  

March 12 and May 8, 2011, also brought increased healing energies to Tera Mai The increase of pure, Ancient Healing Energies from Source will be required in the days ahead.  

Recently, I have cleared and re-initiated Tera Mai Masters, who have abided by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards.  However, the individual who initiated them was also doing other initiations.  In every case, the individual who was cleared and re-initiated experiences a great release and greater healing energies.  My students and I still do clearings and re-initiations on a donations-are-accepted basis.  

Summer Solstice on June 21, 2011 will wake up a lot of people.  The evildoers of the world will know that they have lost.     
Cristina, Molina, astrologer, author & healer from Argentina   
Christina had a dream on May 18.  While she was praying to Mary, Angels in rose-colored garments took Earth into their hands.  The scene was surrounded by a great rainbow.  She felt the Angelic healing and protection over our planet.  

‘And the Mississippi shall open wide her banks.’  Edgar Cayce   
Regarding one of the Earth changes that he foresaw at this time we are living in, the beginning of the Golden Age. 

Edgar Cayce also predicted that this time would be as violent or as easy as we choose to make it.  Please continue to participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing and tell others.  Work for yourself, those whom you love, your country and Mother Earth.  If you have not participated as yet, please consider joining along with millions of people worldwide.   

‘When the last man who fought in the Great War (World War I) dies, the Golden Age will begin.’   The last soldier was a 110-year-old veteran from Australia, who died on May 4, 2011.  This was the last prophecy to be fulfilled.  OTHER PREDICTIONS THAT were prophesized hundreds of years ago HAVE BEEN FULFILLED:  The Eagle landed on the Moon, the white buffalo calf was born, the Eagle and the Condor have met, trees are dying from the top down (due to pollution), et cetera.  

In the Dark Age that we are emerging from, the advantage was with evildoers.  That has completely reversed.  On May 4, 2011, large quantities of heavenly, golden energies began streaming to Earth, and has continued to flow ever since.  The advantage is now with those who work with The Light.  

One of the many confirmations that change is afoot:  I was at a Reiki share last night, (Thursday, 6th May).  ‘As we were meditating & healing, we were listening to some music that included a Genesh chant.  I heard a huge trumpeting from a large elephant. In my mind’s eye this elephant came steadily running through the forest, pushing & trampling all obstacles in the way.  It was a very, very purposeful sound & movement. There was a sense of hard, hard work, but there’s a lot of joy in there. I got the sense obstacles are being removed, change is coming & can’t be stopped. There was also a sense of support & cleansing.’   Sue  

People have asked if the discontent, which people in the Middle East are demonstrating, has something to do with the Light that is coming to Earth and the change from the Dark Age to The Golden Age.  Yes, it does!  Tyrannical and/or corrupt leadership has NO place in The Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.  Any plan, which involves propping up such leadership, is doomed to failure.  

We are able to see other changes already happening around us.  People are beginning to wake up.  Hopefully, those who bought into the prediction that the Rapture would occur on May 21, 2011, and that the world would come to an end realize that a right-wing, left-brain explanation of the Bible and who God is ignorance.  Spirituality and heart-felt love and compassion are not to be found in a strictly literal interpretation of the Bible.  Hopefully, some of the ‘followers’ will read the Bible for themselves. 

Setting matters straight:  

If you are working with a client and the clearing seems to take a long time, you might try clearing his/her home and/or place of employment. The following has elements from some of the healing techniques found in Reiki and Other Ways of Healing:    

Ask the Angels to surround the home (or other structure) in a seamless  golden bubble.  When this has been accomplished, ask the Angels to fill the golden bubble with Golden Light.  The Light will push any darkness, malevolence, entities, et cetera to the center of the home.  Ask the Angels to encrust them or surround them in Gold. Then ask God’s Angels to take the evil either down to the central fire for transformation, to Behind the Doors, or back to whence it came from.  

I say this because this is what I seen God’s Angels doing, and I have found that by verbalizing what I have seen the Angels do in similar situations helps to bring about their desired outcome.  If God intervenes and takes the darkness into His Hands, I leave it open that God’s Will be done.  Other people prefer to put all evil into God’s Hands.   

Then ask God’s Angels to keep filling in the voids with Golden Light.  Then ask God’s Angels to fill your client and every being who has been in that structure with Violet / Purple Energy.  As healing manifests, you will begin to see spots of Blue.

The Angels told Claire Campbell that it is advisable for people to do this same procedure to clear and protect themselves, their home and those whom they care about at the start of EVERYDAY.

Intention does NOT work alone.  However, it is an important component.  Brent Atwater feels that it is important to state our intentions.  That is, ‘It is my intent (or intention) to forgive myself and all others.’  

Or, ‘It is my intention to receive all that God has intended for me.’  

You may also add an additional affirmation at the beginning and the end of such statements.  For example, ‘From the lord god of my being, to The Lord God of The Universe, it is my intent to forgive myself and all others.  So be it, and so it is.’

Don’t underrate Forgiveness.

Feel and see how quickly events and circumstances begin to manifest.  HOWEVER, it is also important to do the work as well.  HOWEVER, it is also important to do the work as well.  Years ago, I was about to do a workshop at one of the Whole Life Expos.  A man came up to me and said that he had been dreaming about green and purple every night for over a week, and here I was wearing the exact same colors he had seen in his dreams.   

I said that maybe this was a sign for him to take the $30 workshop.   He didn’t.  I knew that he was missing something important for him.  Ever since, I have paid more attention to signs and wonders around me.  So, as it turned out, the man had an important message for me.

Please remember to participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.  We have been praying, meditating, sending healing, et cetera for almost 3 years.  We have helped God’s Angels accomplish a great deal.  In a short time, these efforts will be seen more predominantly in the physical reality.

Blessings to you and yours. 
With love from, 
Kathleen Ann Milner