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Spring 2014 Newsletter

–       HEALING with Emerald Green and Tera Mai Cahokia
–       Effective release to let go of what we’ve taken on that belongs to others
–       Check your back.  If you’re a healer, check your clients’ backs.
–       New Energy to Third Eye Initiation

HEALING of 12-year-old Dog’s Hindquarters  
      Reversal of Symptoms and Degeneration  
Karen Molan’s 12–year-old dog, Rascal, had severe, observable degeneration in her hips.  Her back legs frequently buckled under her, her hips were weak and extremely narrow.  She only tolerated the family touching her back and hindquarters.  This tolerance did not extend to outsiders.
In February 2014, I spent 10 days with Karen in Cashel, Ireland.  I found brief periods of time to work on Rascal.  Before leaving for Dublin, Rascal’s back legs carried her without buckling under her while was running around, even when she made tight circles.  In addition, Rascal’s hips were conspicuously wider – the bones & joints were firmer and there was more muscle mass.  Karen was able to pat Rascal’s back.  She even enjoyed it if I placed my hands on either side of her hips and lifted slightly.
Disappearance of Long-Term Back and Knee Pain  
All I did was to call in Angels and healing energies before I re-initiated Mary Campion into Cahokia I.  Mary’s 2-year-long back and knee problems disappeared.
Mary Campion also noticed a considerable increase in healing energy after being re-initiated into Cahokia I.  
(Recent increase in Tera Mai Cahokia healing requires re-initiation into Cahokia I, which I do on a donations-are-accepted basis.) 
John Evoy found the same increase in healing after being re-initiated into Cahokia I.   This re-initiation into Cahokia I brought all of the Cahokia levels that John had been initiated into up in healing.  And while John was expecting a LOT from Tera Mai Cahokia VIII, the 8th Cahokia initiation went way beyond John’s expectations.  
These are only 2 examples of the 20+ individual healing session I did in Ireland.  
Cahokia I – VI initiates feel Angels weaving the elemental healing rays from Source into increasingly evolved patterns of possibilities. 
Cahokia VII, the gateway,also opens the initiate to higher communications
Cahokia VIIIinitiates feel the solid assurance of Universal Healing.  Deep-seated issues behind pain and disease are released, resulting in physical healing.
HEALING of Thyroid during Emerald Green initiation.  
Testimonial from Lisa Keuer, Germany after receiving the re-initiation into Cahokia I and the Emerald Green initiation:   First, I want to say thank you for amazing initiations . . .  my (Tera Mai Cahokia) connection is now again very strong and clear
I want to say thank you for 3 amazing days in Ireland.  On the last day during the Creative Workshop, we connected with the green line from heaven and the green line from mother earth  It was so strong.   When the lines connect with the pink energy from heart it went directly to my thyroid.  For a long time, my thyroid is not really working . . . .  and now the thyroid starts again to work.  Amazing!   I am very happy and thankful about this happening.
Also I want to say thank you to the lovely Irish people who shared all the amazing journeys with me,  Special thanks to Karen Molan and Ailleen Fennessy
Emerald Green is bringing Heaven to Earth & raising Earth to the Heavens 

Briefly!  The Emerald Green calls me.  The Emerald Green blessing came to me after Karen Molan and I cleared the Rock of Cashel in less than an hour.  (The Rock of Cashel has long been considered the most negative energy place in Ireland.)   Afterwards, I was able to connect Karen to the Emerald Green.  The next day, the stone masonry of the outer walls of this ancient, now open-air structure changed from black to the normal color of old stonework.
During both the Goddess & Nature Spirit workshop in Cashel and the Creativity Workshop in Dublin I added this initiation for workshop attendees who wanted it.  Before the initiation we worked on releasing blockages and issues.  Afterwards, I was able to connect the majority of 40+ to the Emerald Green.  
During the initiation, Emerald Green comes from Heaven, to the crown, down the front of the initiate and into the solar plexus.   Emerald Green from Earth comes up through the initiate’s heels, up the backs of the legs and into the solar plexus.  Pink love from the initiate’s open, loving heart goes to the solar center and binds the 2 Emerald Greens together.  Initiates feel this!
If the heart lacks love, the Emerald Green leaves immediately.  If the initiation happens but the individual has mental and emotional blockages, then the Emerald Green is blocked.   
Emerald Green from Heavenopens intuition.  Inspires greater Spiritual communication with higher realms. 
Emerald Green from Earthconcerns physical manifestations; such as, money, opportunities, physical healing. 
The Green from above and the Green from below work together.   For example, with the right individuals new technological ideas will manifest in the physical reality.

I do many workshops for $100.  Certainly the Emerald Green is well worth $100.  I am thinking that this workshop could be done in a 1/2 day, beginning with calling in Spiritual energies and a group clearing and healing session.   
Kathleen Milner)
Emerald Green accentuates both healing and creative outcomes. I get back what I put out.  For example, during Rascal’s healing the Angels worked on the damage in my hips that was still there from a car accident.  And while I did not receive the incredible clearing and healing that Rascal did, I did receive healing.  Another example, because the screenplay that Ramona Kirk and I wrote was inspired by Spirit, the doors have opened for the screenplay to play on the big screen.
Emerald Green works with Tera Mai initiations. Everyone I worked on in Ireland had profound emotional, mental and/or physical healings.   Karen Molan worked with me during the last scheduled individual healing session in Cashel.  The woman arrived with an easily observable, bulging disk in her neck and left with a normal neck.  Aileen Fennessy in Dublin was able to lift a curse that someone had placed on me some 30 years ago.
Free group healings sessions through,  the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing and the energies of Tera Mai work.  
–   One example:  Ramona added her friend, Neucomb, for free group healing on January 19th.  After the group healing, Neucomb’s persistent back problems disappeared. 
–   People who participate regularly in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing and the free group healings tell me that they are noticing real positive changes.  
–   To sign up for next free group healing at 12:30 pm (Eastern Daylight Time) on March 20, go to and click on BLOG.   Go to the post, Healing, click on COMMENTS and leave your first name and what you want healing for.
Two of the many clearings from that are helping many people:   
Releasing What We Have Taken On That Belongs To Others  

1)   –  Throughout our daily lives we pick up negative energies; often times, from just being around negative people, negative situations or ‘bad energy’ places.  
       –  Simply put, a merkabah may be thought of as a container on an etheric level.  Merkabahs are used in Jewish mysticism, and can be traced back to Egyptian magicians.  
       –  MOSES was a Prince of Egypt and studied at the Egyptian mystery schools.  MOSES taught the Hebrew tribe advanced Spiritualism, which was carried on by the Jewish Essenes.  Jesus was a member of the Jewish Essenes.
     Repeat this 3-step affirmation everyday or whenever you feel the need to clear and keep clear.
Heavenly Father!  Heavenly Mother!  Please go back to my inception; through all time lines, life times, realities, dimensions, incarnations, reincarnations and existences, through time and space to the present, and into the future and beyond.  Please remove from my higher self, middle self, lower self, shadow self, aura, my life and my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, personalities, fragments and split-aways all that I have taken on that belongs to others.  Please bring in Michael’s Sword and Thor’s Mighty Hammer to cut free and release, and smash any and all merkabahs that hold all that I have taken on that belong to others.   Please cut free and release, and smash any and all merkabahs that hold what is rightfully mine. 
Send all that is being released down to Earth’s central fire, or to the Violet Flame for transformation and the Angelic filter for purification. 
2)   To get back what rightfully belongs to you, follow up with the following affirmation:
Heavenly Father!  Heavenly Mother!  Please go to the inception of all sentient (conscious) beings; through all time lines, lifetimes, realities, dimensions, incarnations, reincarnations and existences through time and space to the present and into the future and beyond.  Please remove from all higher selves, middle selves, lower selves, shadow selves, auras, lives, and all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, personalities, fragments and split-aways all that that has been taken on that belongs to others or myself.  Please bring in Michael’s Sword and Thor’s Mighty Hammer to cut free and smash any and all merkabahs that hold all that hold energies that have been taken on that belong to others. 
Send all that is being released to Earth’s central fire, or to the Violet Flame for transformation and Angelic filter for purification.
Please return to me what is rightfully mine.  
Please return to all others what rightfully belongs to them. 
Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, please surround all that is of the Light in Pink Love.
3)   Remember to be grateful.
Old Spiritual chant as added onto by Rachael Ingram & Kathleen Milner 
Thrice around the circle bound, send all evil to the ground. (say this line 3 times)
Never again to be found, to burn in Earth’s fiery sea.
It’s Thine Will so must it be, now into eternity.
Heavenly Mother, Heavenly Father, 
May Thine Will not mine be done.   Amen  (repeat whole thing 2 more times)
Testimonial from Maria Kopsidas, Washington DC:   I am simply a conduit for physical, emotional and spiritual healing from God and Angels.  For example, the healing I helped facilitate for my friend, Rahman, who suffered from congenital heart problems, stopped his surgeon in his tracks.  I’ve healed a friend’s sprained knee. He was told to wear his knee brace for six weeks; after the healing, he was walking in two days.  I’ve healed a torn rotator cuff and bruised rib, both on the left side of Michael Batenga.  When I sent healing to him over the phone for his bruised rib, I could see the Angels also working on his head. He said his entire body was heating up.  An hour later, he had no pain. 
Yesterday, I asked my teacher in all of this, Kathleen Milner, if my dad’s spirit was still around.  . . . .  In his bodiless state, he accepted some Tera-Mai initiations and we both received the incredible Heart Chakra Initiation, which allowed me to see my dad with my third eye. He looked very young.  
. . .   I’ve always been intuitive, and this healing system literally found me.  I was led to it.  Becoming a healer was almost something I did against my will. God knew that I would not have gone through the initiations and classes had I not been trying to protect myself from the evil that was my stalker. 

Maria Kopsidas and I are putting together a program whereby people can come to a cabin on Chesapeake Bay for healing sessions.
Kathleen Milner

Testimonial from Jacqueline Wallé:   While praying during the group healing on January 1, 2014, I received marvelous news from a good friend of mine.  At the end of November 2013, Marinus contracted the Guillain Barré Syndrome.  It is a paralyzing illness caused by the immune system attacking the nervous system, which came about after Marinus got the flu.   The good news is that Marinus started walking again with a rollator on January 3, 2014, for the first time after contracting the Guillain Barré Syndrome.
Testimonial from Ramona Kirk, New York:   I would like to say that when you did the clearing & opening of the 3rd eye I really, really did feel that one, even though you felt I really didn’t need it.  So, with that being said I would say to anyone to really give it a try. It was both strong and good. And as you can verify I don’t usually make this type of comment on initiations I receive. And thank you for that initiation.               

God’s Angels have greatly increased the effectiveness of the Third Eye Initiation, which I give in person or over the telephone on a donations-are-accepted basis.  
Kathleen Milner
Long-Term Shifts in 2014 . . .  A willingness to change is not just asked, but demanded of us this year.  . . .  anyone who dedicates himself to integrity ‘all the way down to the bottom of his soul’ will be well rewarded by his efforts this year.  Jamie A. Kahl

You might want to check you back. I noticed that something was not right with his back.  Ramona and I worked on him that night, which resulted in God’s Angels removing something dark, heavy and nasty that had been placed on his back.  (He’s now doing lots better.)
Then we check Ramona’s back and found that something dark, heavy and nasty that had been placed on her back.  After God’s Angels removed it, we found that the same was true for my back, and Maria Kopsidas’ back, and 8 of our children and grandchildren.  Most people we worked on long distance had to be worked on more than once.   A few, including my horse, required only one healing.  Everyone we worked on had a different type of dark implant.  Actually, my daughter didn’t have an implant, but something important had been taken from her.  It is being returned to her in the form of a brilliant jewel that glows brighter in luminosity and comes closer to her each day.

Since then I have worked with God’s Angels to lift dark energies off of the backs of everyone who has come to me for healing.  I’ve done this in person and on the telephone.

If you are unable to remove it yourself, you may benefit from seeing a healer.  
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