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Spring 2015 Newsletter

–  TERA MAI is included in the GREAT CLEARING of  March 2015 
Because of the great, ongoing clearing and also because of the economy, some Tera-Mai Classes are reduced in price and another class is now made available. 
            Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energies 
                        *  I will teach initiation procedure to interested Tera Mai Seichem Masters whom I’ve initiated. 
                        *  I am only able to do this in person 
                        *  $500 
                        *  You will be able to initiate others. 
                        *  You will be UNABLE to teach other people how to do these initiations. 
                        *  If you’re interested, email some dates that you are available and I’ll set up classes. 
            Tera-Mai Cahokia initiations are $500 through the end of summer 
            Tera-Mai IV, V, VI & VII initiations 
                        *  Activation of the power Solar Plexus 
                        *  Reduced in price.   Scroll down to read lots more. 
–  March 8 shift sets us up for an even greater shift on March 20 
–  Two major cycles ending within 35 years of one another. 
–  Two major cycles beginning with 35 years of one another. 
–  YouTube links to clearing / healling demonstrations at Nov. 29 & 30, 2014 Dutch Paranormal Fair. 
–  Because of energy shifts, Tera Mai IV, V, VI & VII Reiki & Seichem initiations are being made available to more people. 
–  Brand new Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy attunements 
–  Symbol BLUE STAR  
–  Meditation & healing techniques for you to try. 
–  Documented, witnessed healings and healing TESTIMONIALS

If you want to be accredited as a real healer, do real healings on real people. 
            *  Healing Testimonials by real people. 
            *  Documented, witnessed healings by real people. 
            *  Open public healing demonstrations

SPONTANEOUS HEALINGS or MIRACLES are a form of white magic.  The TV show, Storybrook,  is correct in that magic always comes with a price.  Actually, everything we do comes back as Karma – good or bad.  Consequences – good or bad!    If we use Spiritual Gifts, like Tera Mai, then how we use the energy comes back to us greatly multiplied – good or bad.

IT’S BEEN SAID that Reiki cannot be used for evil.  Not true!  God gives us freewill choice in all matters.  It is our choice whether to use Spiritual Gifts for good or evil.  Most people who were born with the Gifts that I was born with use these Gifts in the practice of dark arts or greed.  Books on black magic are BIG sellers.  

CONSEQUENSES:  Those who have misused the energies of Tera Mai, or who fail to abide by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards loose the energy.   Because some people lack integrity and honesty,  the Golden Buddha asked me a long time ago to keep clearing Tera Mai.  Other Tera-Mai masters help God’s Angels with the clearings, the energies of Tera Mai continue to grow in love, strength and effectiveness.

TERA MAI is included in the GREAT CLEARING of  March 2015. 

Many critics of homosexuality are in denial of their own homosexuality or, like Edgar Hoover, practice their sexual preferences in secret.   IN A SIMILAR WAY, many critics of astrology, hands-on healing, psychics and Shamanism are practitioners of the dark arts.  They practice the dark arts alone or in secret groups.  They consider us competition.

I AM NOT SAYING that everyone who claims to heal can, or that fraudulent psychics don’t exist.  That is why it is so important to check someone out before going for a healing or reading.  In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus reserves his harshest criticism for those who say they can heal but can’t, and false prophets.

THE THREE WISEMEN in the New Testament by definition (they were Magi) and by what they were doing (following a STAR to find a King) were indisputably astronomers & astrologers.

PERFECT GEOMETRIES formed by planets and stars in the heavens create attention and energy.  Just as perfect geometries in art, sculpture and architecture create attention and energy.


The energies of March 2015 further emphasize the Universal Demand to bring to a close the dark age, and usher in a New Age of Light and Love.   
            On I’ve clarified on the blog-page post, Age of Aquarius – Physical Reality that entering the Golden Age is NOT solely dependent upon entering the Age of Aquarius. 
            Click here:   Age of Aquarius – Physical Reality .  Explains how the new 26,000-year-cycle we have recently entered into and the Age of Aquarius are physically observable astrological events.  And what this means.   
            Powerful and unusual astrological geometries in the Heavens during March!
            *  March is a good time to soul search and make serious corrections wherever warranted.
            *  Justification is what ‘villains’ do. 
            *  Anytime anyone justifies his or her actions, they are on a slippery slope or dark road
            *  Energy moves fast; manifestation happens quickly.
            *  We are all getting back in kind and quality what we’ve done to others.

March 8:  Clearing and energy shift in the early morning hours continues.
            *  March 8 is a benchmark.  
                        *  The energies before and after the benchmark are different for everyone.
                        *  Use the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, Healing & Abundance to clear.
                        *  Meditate and ask God’s Angels if there are any entanglements around your feet. 
                        *  If so, ask God’s Angels to clear them away.  They go back to whomever sent them.
Monumental March 8 shift effects everyone and sets us up for an even bigger shift on March 20.  
            –  March 8 shift left some people securely bound in the harshness they have dealt out to others.   
            –  Some people by the choices they make, may yet go into the New Age.  
                        –  These are the people who attempt to participate in the playgrounds of the dark and Light.  
                        –  This works in an age of duality, which we are leaving. 
                        –  However, when the choice is Light or dark there is no in-between. 
                        –  We are better off making our own choices rather than leaving our outcome to chance.  
            –  Others are releasing darkness, which is replaced with pink, blue, violet, green and gold. 
                        The Divinely encoded colors / energies for 2015:   
Pinkis love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.   
Blue, green and goldare healing. 
Violetis transformation and expansion. 
Green and gold are abundance and generosity.

March 16:  Exact Uranus (sudden radical change) squares Pluto (slow transformation & reform) occurs for the 7th and last time.   (During the past four years, because both Uranus and Pluto have taken turns retrograding, Uranus square Pluto has occurred seven times in four years.)  
            *  Energy is immediately felt through March 28. 
            *  Long-term, far-reaching personal and global changes for years to come. 
            *  There are other links which tell the long history of this life-changing, earth-changing astrological event. 

March 20:  One heck of a power-packed day ! 
March 20:   
Supermoon, New Moon, total Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015 at 5:36 am EDT. 
            *  Occurs on the Star Scheat in the constellation Pegasus. 
            *  Let go of everything that no longer serves you. 
            *  Don’t be afraid to lose people.  They’ll be replaced by people who are better for you. 

            I personally believe that the physical realm and our physical bodies will begin to alter and reflect the condition of our spiritual, mental and emotional bodies.  Something like Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray.   
            Edgar Cayce predicted that we would enter the New Age with new, healthy bodies.  It’s not that we are supposed to live forever, but while we are here we are supposed to have healthy, youthful bodies.  Proof?  Read the Old Testament!  People who weren’t killed in battles or by famine lived into their 100s.

Vernal (Spring) Equinox occurs shortly at the Solar Eclipse at 6:45 pm EDT. 
            *  The exact time is in between winter and spring. 
            *  During in-between times, the veil between our world and the Angelic realms is thin. 
            *  Dawn and dusk, and total Solar Eclipses, when it is neither night nor day, are also in-between times. 
            *  Brief time when hidden messages, mysteries and secrets may be uncovered. 
*  Lies are being exposed.  Truth is rising to the surface. 
I personally have lost track of all of the lies that have been told about me.  One of my students told me that it is posted on the Internet that I was born in 1926.  

Next free group absentee healing is on March 20 at the time of the New Moon / Solar Eclipse. 
            –   Go to the BLOG page on  
            –  The last free group healing on March 5 was strong.

February 14, 2015:  Incredible Love was available. 
            *  Many Tera-Mai healers tuned into the Love, and sent it out to everyone. 
            *  This same Love continues through the Wednesday Night Clearing, Healing & Abundance wave. 
*  Connect to the group and meditate on Love and send it out into the world.  Leave out no one. 
            *  Any positive internal shift makes room for abundance. 

TESTIMONIALS to the healing power of Love and the Wednesday Night Clearing:

. . .  I think it was really beautiful how I could use what you taught me and the alternative therapies to release a painful situation.  It’s taught me how I can help myself move forward instead of feeling stuck because I’ve held onto things.  And this is something I’ve struggled with all my life. 
Ann Koons 
United States

The night of Wednesday, February 25, I worked at my part-time job at Pets Mart.  At eight o’clock, I simply prayed to be connected to the group and continued working.  Shortly thereafter, powerful waves of loving energy came to and through the entire store and myself.  We all observed and felt the positive effects on human and dog customers, and employees. 
Kitt Potter 
United States


Over 20 years ago:  I had a consciousness-raising experience (similar to a Native American Vision Quest) whereby I met a very high being, whom I later found out was the Golden Buddha.  Through that experience the Golden Buddha added Golden Elemental Earth Healing Energy to the Reiki initiations Takata brought to the United States from Japan.  Healing energy and abilities increased for those attuned, as evidenced by real healing results.  In order to keep the initiations and energies pure, I was guided to establish these initiations within a federal trademark.  Tera Mai is registered as a healing system with standardized initiations.

August 2014:  God Himself added Golden Cosmic Energy to Tera Mai Reiki.  Healings and Spiritual experiences are remarkable.  (Read testimonials throughout both of my sites.)  When a Tera Mai initiate is re-initiated into Tera Mai Reiki One by someone who has been re-initiated, the Gold quickly flows through all of the Tera Mai Reiki initiations that the initiate has received thus far.

The new Tera-Mai Reiki One initiation is the same as the initiation in my DVD. 
            *  Differences being:  Increased energy and I do the white-mist breath at each initiation point. 
            *  The Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One initiation sets up a self-healing process. 
            *  Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One re-initiation is given on a donations-are-accepted basis. 
            *  In order to be able to pass on Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki : 
                        A Tera-Mai Reiki Master must be re-initiated into Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One. 
            *  Years ago, I re-initiated Mantak Chia into Tera-Mai Reiki Mastership. 
                        *  He was looking for the Gold. 
                        *  I personally believe Mantak Chia was hoping for the Cosmic Gold. 
            *  I give the New Clearings BEFORE I give initiations or re-initiations. 
                                    Clearings & Healing Energy that Work! 
                                    List of Tera Mai Masters whom I’ve cleared and re-initiated are found on: 
                                    Cosmic Gold – Tera Mai Reiki 

                                    Check out other posts.


YouTube videos from November 29 & 30, 2014 Dutch Paranormal Fair. 
Six individuals receive the New clearings, which I demonstrate.  Afterwards, each one is re-initiated into Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One and the new YOD initiation. 
Click here to: 
Watch effects the new clearings & re-initiation into  
Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One has on individuals.

Brand new Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy attunements: 
            After my initial encounter with the Golden Buddha (twenty or so years ago), God’s Angels came to me.  They asked if I would give them permission to clear particular Egyptian symbols through me.  They said that the individual who was meant to do this was entangled in unresolved personal ‘stuff.’  It took a while.  When it was done,  I was left connected to Pure Archetypal  thought forms, which some Egyptian symbols represent.

            Unfortunately, after i taught others how to do these initiations, not everyone but many people changed the initiations.  Other people used the Egyptian Cartouche initiations for black magic.  Over time, the energy of the initiations gradually became more and more polluted.

            Late last summer, when Ramona Kirk and I became aware of this, we tried to work with God’s Angels to clear the Egyptian Cartouche initiations.  The Angels said that they were unsalvageable.  At that point, the Angels pulled the Egyptian Cartouche initiations away from me.  They are no longer connected to either myself or Tera Mai.  The dark is calling itself back to itself.  I was left with the pure energy of the Egyptian symbols that the Angels had cleared some 20 years ago.

            Then God’s Angels gave me the VEIL of ISIS initiation, which manifest higher thought forms into physical form.  My intuitive mind is connected to my heart.  Helps Gods Angels to manifest healings through me.  Helps in visualization and Shamanic Journeywork, because the Veil of Isis is, in one way, representational of the Shaman’s blindfold.  The Shaman wears a blindfold so that when he or she Journeys through his or her mind’s eye into the Otherworlds of Spirit, he or she is better able to see clearly.   
–  Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is found within. 
–  How do we go within?  No surgeon has ever found the Kingdom of God while performing surgery.

            Then God’s Angels gave me brand new initiations for Egyptian symbols, which represent higher archetypal thought forms.   
            –  When I initiated Ramona Kirk into the Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy initiations, she saw the initiation procedure as ANCIENT.  The effects are dramatic.  In relatively short order, those who are initiated receive back in kind and quality whatever he or she has used the Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energies for.  These initiations are not advisable for those who practice the dark arts.

YOD, the first initiation into Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energies was also elevated.  The old YOD initiation helped to open the narrow channel at the top of the head so that clearer information from Spirit could be heard in a quiet brain.

The new YOD initiation also opens intuitive channels found in the Third Eye, Heart and Solar  Plexus.  Clearing and re-initiation into YOD is done on a donations-are-accepted basis.

Anyone who has received the Egyptian Cartouche initiations from a qualified Tera-Mai Seichem master may receive the following for $200?  Clearing away the old Egyptian Cartouche initiations, the New Clearings ( Clearings & Healing Energy that Work! ) , re-initiation into YOD,  and the Tera-Mai Egyptian archetypal Energy initiations (which includes the VEIL of ISIS).  For everyone else, the cost is $600, and the pre-requisite is Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One.

For most people, the experience is beyond words.  Some people found their voice and their testimonials are found throughout and .


Hi Kathleen . . .  I have a whole new respect for what you do.  The clearings and re-initiation were beyond my imagining.  My soul is rejoicing.  Have a wonderful day, Kathleen Milner. 
Milly MacPhee 
Ontario, Canada

Change to Tera- Mai IV, V, VI & VII 
Because of  the energy shifts the Tera Mai initiations have more protection. 
            *  Those who abuse Tera-Mai’s energies are stopped quickly. 
            *  God’s Angels would like the Tera-Mai IV, V, VI & VII initiations to be made available to more people. 
These particular Tera-Mai initiations open and activate the powerful intuitive attributes of the Solar Plexus and its connection to Higher Sources. 
            *  Edgar Cayce’s phenomenally accurate readings and healing suggestions came from his Solar Plexus. 
                        *  This is documented by one of his friends who observed the Divination process Cayce’s Angels used. 
            *  All Tera-Mai Reiki Masters who’ve been properly attuned may charge the following: 
                        $250 for Tera-Mai Reiki IV, V, VI & VII. 
            *  All Tera-Mai Seichem Masters who’ve been properly attuned may charge the following: 
                        $300 for Tera-Mai Seichem IV, V, VI & VII. 
            *  These prices changes are being posted on 
November 29 & 30, 2014, Public Healing Demonstrations at Dutch Paranormal Fair. 
            *  Clearing and healing impact from the New Cleaings on six individuals.     Clearings & Healing Energy that Work!   
            *  Effects on these individuals after Tera-Mai Cosmic-Gold Reiki One and new YOD initiations. 
            *  Link with a selection of YouTube videos:      
            *  In order to pass on the Cosmic Gold a Tera-Mai Reiki master must be re-initiated by a master who’s been re-attuned.

Blue Star is among the symbols on the Tera-Mai Symbols link on  
            *  Feminine energy from both The Goddess and Mother Earth. 
            *  If one has a pure heart, the symbol calls nature spirits and the forces of nature to help you. 
            *  The symbol, Blue Star, was given to me by Dr. Mehra Manipriva of India. 
            *  Blue Star is powerful.  It may leave a dusting of blue stardust behind. 

In November last year, I had the opportunity to meet you in the Netherlands and received the new clearings and re-initiations.  I want to thank you for that.

Furthermore, I would like to exchange some of my experiences. 
1.  While personally working with the white vortex, it came to me to add blue stardust.  For me it is a kind of magic energy from nature / fairies, which heals places in the vortex that were attacked by negative energy.  It is like multiple needle points.  The blue stardust is a playful, joyful energy, which makes the vortex more flexible and easier to recover.  I am not initiated into the new Emerald Green Energy, but my feeling is that the blue stardust is connected to that energy.  I’d like to hear what you think of it.

2.  The first time I saw / drew the symbol Blue Star, I saw with my physical eyes 4 little nature spirits appear around a larger nature spirit.  I have no idea what it means, maybe you know? 
Tineke Vooijs 
The Netherlands

To learn more about the Emerald Green Healing Energy from Heaven and Earth, go to  Click on Classes & Initiations Descriptions link in the blue column to the left.  Then click on SHAMANIC CLASSES and scroll down to Fourth Shamanic Class.


 The symbol for Pisces (February 20 – March 20) is like the number eleven. 
            * 11:11 and the number 11 are symbols. 
            *  Eleven is like two pillars stretching from Heaven to Earth. 
            *  Energy moved quickly during the eleventh month (November.) 
            *  The above is true when we are under the influence of Pisces.                                                                                              

Maria Rojas, Ramona Kirk and myself found the following exercise to be very powerful and effective: 
            *  Cone the fingers of your right hand and draw, 11, in the palm of your left hand. 
            *  Cone the fingers of your left hand and draw , 11, in the palm of your right hand. 
            *  Cup your hands together and blow the symbols to God & the Angels of God. 
            *  Ask God The Father Almighty, and The Great Goddess and the Angels of God: 
                        *  “Please fill this symbol with pink, blue, violet, green and gold.” 
                        *  Ask that the energy of the symbols and colors be multiplied. 
                        *  Ask that the symbol and colors be sent to yourself, your life, others or Earth. 
            *  You can also meditate on the symbol 11.  

Virginia classes in April:  Call 571-926-8158 or email [email protected] 
Wednesday, April 29:  Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One initiation and New Clearings. 
            $150 for first timers.  Donations-are-accepted for those repeating. 
Thursday, April 30:  Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal initiations (Includes YOD & VEIL of ISIS) 
            $600 for first timers. 
Friday, May 1:  Tera-Mai Seichem One 
            $200 for first timers. 
Saturday, May 2:  Tera-Mai Seichem Two 
            $250 for first timers

Kenilworth, England (Near Birmingham, England) classes from June 26 – open 
Contact Karina Hall [email protected]  

Blue Star