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The above trademark logo, compliments of Luis Moura, may be used ONLY by properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards.  Thank you, Luis!I have added additional information about Heavenly Light, Takata and the original Reiki initiations to the post :Tera Mai in the Golden Age

Elisabetta Pizzi’s experiences after receiving Heavenly Light & Circle of Light initiations, and being re-initiated into the second levels of  Golden Tera Mai Reiki Two & Tera Mai Akasha Seichem Two:Self Healing has been amazing!  Last night, during Tera Mai’s Thursday Night Manifestation of Abundance & Prosperity, I told God that I was ready to transform my gifts and experience in healing and teaching healing into a profession.  Then overnight I had a dream.  I was publicly asked to talk about Tera Mai and confront another Reiki Master, which I did, feeling at ease in doing it.  With no fear and in good control of communication.

“Tools You Can Use for a Better Life”

I will be in England from June 23 – July 3. 
            Contact Karina Hall [email protected]
[email protected]
I will be in Italy from end of September / beginning of October
            Contact Elisabetta Pizzi  [email protected]
–  I will be teaching people how to give the Tera Mai Akasha Seichem initiaitons ($500). 
–  For a donation, I will give the initiations into Heavenly Light & Circle of Light and re-initiations into both Tera Mai Reiki Two and Tera Mai Seichem Two using the Double Cho Ku Ray, which Takata had cut from Reiki II when she went to the mainland of U. S. 

Tera Mai’s Thursday Night Manifestation of Abundance & Prosperity
–  Use Wednesday Night Clearing to prepare.
–  Anytime on Thursday evening, call upon God, Goddess, Holy Spirit and the Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael & Michael. 
–  Then address Archangel Gadiel (his name means, God is my wealth):Harth, Harth, Harth, Circle of Light, Circle of Light, Circle of Light
I call upon Raziel’s Key to the Floodgates of Heaven
Gadiel, Gadiel, Gadiel, please assist me in my path towards the Golden Age.
Release me from any manmade and demonic blocks that prevent me from    being Abundant and Prosperous.
Pour upon me Abundance and Prosperity from The Hand of God and TheHeart of Goddess.
Bring me the clarity so that I may follow and walk the path that will lead me to    Abundance and Prosperity.  Amen

–  Then address Archeia Gamaliel (Archeia is a feminine title for Archangel. Her name means, Recompense of God):Harth, Harth, Harth, Circle of Light, Circle of Light, Circle of Light
Gamaliel, Gamaliel, Gamaliel, please bring upon us the gracious gift of Heaven.
Please fulfill all the pure desires of my heart and bring upon me the power and me the power and miracle of Heaven.
I am open to receive all blesings, opportunities and good fortune that the Angels bestow upon me.
Bless my path with Abundance and Prosperity as I bless God’s Holy Name with gratitude.  Amen

Simple Way to Release Blockages, Hopelessness & Negativity
Call upon God, Goddess, Holy Spirit and Archeia (a ee ah) Lady Rose. 
Pray, “If Lady Rose is right and the only way to stop those who send evil to myself and Tera Mai is to send their wickedness back to them by the power of seven, and if it is Your Will, please do so now.”Ask for a LIFE LINE – I was shown Earth’s entry into the Golden Age.
I had a vision of the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave going into the future. After a short time, the wave veered left and went into a small window of Light.  I don’t see what’s on the other side of the doorway.  I see Light shining on my amazed and joyful face.”
–  The Heavens designed the small window in such a way that only those who have unburdened themselves of darkness, evil and corruption will be able to enter.
–  See yourself in this visual, or ask God for your own visual that you might use it to pull yourself forwards into the Golden Age.

All of the prophesies regarding God’s Promise to Noah of a future New Age are in the process of being manifested in this time.
–  Neither myself nor anyone else can tell you the exact day and time.
–  For those of pure heart, you shall receive back all the life that has been taken from you.
–  Things do not work out for those who have forced themselves into positions they are not meant to hold.  –  For example, God’s Angels told me the morning after the election that it was Bernie Sanders’ destiny to become the next President of the United States.  Had Hillary Clinton been elected, she would be running into stone-walls of her own making.  Angels told me that Trump will not serve all four years.  I’m not sure what investigators will find?  Treason?  Unwillingness to hand wealth & holdings over to an independent, blind trust?  It could be for any number of reasons that he will have to leave office.

Self-Healing Meditation
–  Call upon HARTH seven times.

Those who’ve been initiated into Heavenly Light / Circle of Light may draw the symbol as instructed and repeat, HARTH HARTH HARTH HARTH HARTH HARTH HARTH
–  Feel / visualize Diamond White Light coming into Soul Star Chakra (12 inches above head)
–  Repeat, I welcome the Light of Heaven into me. (3X)
Feel Light purging negativity and breaking all barriers – physical & spiritual.
–  Feel / visualize Diamond White Light coming into Crown Chakra (top of the head)
–  Repeat, May my spirit rise before the Light of Heaven. (3X)
–  Repeat this at each of the front Chakras.

At the Root Chakra (base of the spine) feel / visualize Diamond White Light.
–  Repeat, May my spirit rise before the Light of Heaven.  (3X)
–  Then feel Diamond White Light from Earth coming up from the soles of the feet.
–  Feel / visualize Diamond White Light coming into the back Sacral Chakra.
–  Repeat, May my spirit rise before the Light of Heaven.  (3X)
Continue up the back Chakras in the same way all the way up to the Crown.

Place both hands over the heart.
–  Repeat, Light of Heaven, heal me. (3X)
–  Feel hands as if they are one with the Heavens.
Connect with Universal Abundance & Prosperity.
–  Repeat:  God, pour upon me all the blessings of the Heavens. Bring upon me the dew of Abundance and the light of Prosperity.  (7X)  Thank you!  Repeat:  HARTH (7X)
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