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Summer 2003 Newsletter

In this Newsletter:
The Energy on Earth is Changing!
Is Homosexuality the Result of Hating Homosexuals in Another Lifetime?
How an Organization Starts Colors its Future History!
School of the Healing Arts as Mentioned in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing!
Consciousness of Manmade Attunements!
What’s up in the U.S. Chart?

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The Energy on Mother Earth is Changing!

Some things, such as fossil fuel as a viable energy source and chemotherapy for treatment of cancer are in the process of leaving. Out bodies are changing and we notice that many people do not look their age – some look far older and others much younger than their chronological years. Nostradamas predicted that the aging process would be reversed in this time we are living in but heavy, dark thoughts and emotions, or an absence of emotions will inhibit change. (see past newsletters)

Is Homosexuality the Result of Hating Homosexuals in Another Lifetime?
(I have gotten a lot of email concerning this lately!)

The answer is both yes and no! That is, there really are documented case studies of homosexuals going through a past life regression, finding out that they despised homosexuals in another lifetime, coming back to consciousness and discovering that they were no longer gay! Stephen Bogden asked me not to reveal this story with his name until after he had passed over. Stephen had read about these studies and then went through a past life regression whereby he was surprised to find himself a general in the Army reviewing the Navy sailors at Great Lakes. He knew that he was very high up in the Pentagon! As he passed by the sailors he noticed a gay man and the thought went through his mind that Hitler was right. When Stephen came back to consciousness in this life, he was horrified and ashamed, but he was still gay. However, that is not the is not the only reason for being gay and I talk about this in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing. 12 to 15% of the population is born homosexual! Homosexuality is not a sin! Sometimes, souls are born too many times in one sex and when they try to reincarnate in another sex, they are difficulties. Alan Okan, the astrologer, has stated publicly that he feels the reason why he became homosexual later in his life was so that he could explore his feminine nature and temper a harsh male nature. Homosexuality is also a way to work out relationship issues.

Men are born with 2/3 masculine and 1/3 feminine energy; women are born with 2/3 feminine and 1/3 masculine energy. What I have consistently found in the people who have come to me for healing, who also happen to be gay, is that they have a deep hatred of their own primary sexuality within them. By the way, no homosexual has ever come to me wanting to become heterosexual! The extreme right and extreme left position that homosexuality can be changed through a strengthening of character or determination of will is as absurd as a heterosexual attempting to change his or her sexual preference in the same manner. It doesn’t work! This is not to say that young individuals don’t experiment and that group drug parties result in unexpected sexual encounters all around.

What is also true is that individuals who are homophobic are oftentimes, latent homosexuals and when they see a homosexual they are seeing what they are denying in themselves. If they are not homosexual and they simply have an irrational hatred of homosexuals, then in a future lifetime they will be born homosexual so that they can walk in another’s shoes. We are drawn to what we hate as well as to what we love! This is one of the Laws of the Universe! In this way, we learn that God’s Spirit is within us all and that God works in different and wondrous ways! I once facilitated a healing session on an Israeli Jewish woman who simply flipped into a past life as a Palestinian Muslim woman! We do NOT reincarnate in a comfort zone of familiarity! Psychically, I was once impressed that Queen Elizabeth II believes herself to be the reincarnation of Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria! I am sorry to say that this is not so! I sincerely believe that after a lifetime as a monarch or ruler of any kind, the next lifetime is that of a subject of the realm. Depending upon how the populace was treated when the soul was a leader will determine the quality of life as a commoner.


We are looking at a Shamanic pilgrimage to Ireland in September 2004. If you are interested get back to me even if you have already done so, and in this way, we start arrangements and figuring out costs. When I was in Limerick in March, Beth Dennehy and Eileen Hannon – [email protected] – took me to two ancient stone circles that have been dated 30,000 years old. After a Shamanic Class of 20 people (which is maximum), I had only planned on receiving in the circles. In the middle of the smaller circle there is a powerful energy point, and when Beth told me that the colors in the smaller circle were red, black and white, I somehow knew instinctively that the angels wanted me to do a clearing. Everyone left except Beth. It took an effort but when we were done, the color of the circle was the richest purple that Beth had ever seen. We then went back to the larger stone circle and after that clearing, the colors turned a softer violet and pink. Then we went to an ancient burial site, however,my strong impression was that this site had been used for both initiation and later, sacrifice a very, very long time ago. Several years ago, Beth, Eileen and some of their Tera-Mai students had done a clearing and sent trapped souls to the Light, but some souls either refused to go or were unable to go at that time. So, we did the Hosanna Clearing and then asked the angels to open the vortex and send these souls to the Light. Immediately, the energy came back from the path and to the ancient site, only much, much stronger. The angels them asked us to set up a triangle between the two stone circles and the initiation site. It was such a powerful transformation that in Holland the next day, John Van der Jagt said that at the same time that we were doing the clearing in Ireland the day before, John’s wife, who is extremely sensitive to energy, told him that there had just been a powerful transformation on Earth. Then one of the Tera-Mai students in England called Brenda Davies in England to tell her that there were higher beings that were now able to come to Earth and that they were the Ascension Angels. They are here to help both Earth make her transition into the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels and each one of us. You might try asking them for help!

How an Organization Starts Colors its Future History!

Israel as a modern state was started after World War II by the United Nations. However, 400,000 Palestinians were forced out of their homes at gunpoint and forced to migrate to Syria. Now, the Israeli position is that there was not an official Palestinian State 55 years ago; however, there were people who lived in what is now Israel. During World War II, it was the Palestinians who invited disenfranchised Jews to come to Palestine. In Israel today, there is racial discrimination towards the remaining Muslims and brutal occupation of the West Bank, after a war in which Israel was the one who made the first strike. There are many Jews in he United states who are embarrassed by the actions of Israel. This in no way condones “strapping on the nitro” and blowing oneself up! What is interesting is that there are hundreds of Israeli soldiers who refuse to serve in the West Bank and Israelis who are starting to look at the Palestinians as people and realizing that God would not condone ethnic genocide just so that the Temple of Solomon may be rebuilt. (See previous newsletters to find out what the real rebuilding is about.)

School of the Healing Arts as Mentioned in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing!

Please know that everyone who is teaching Tera-Mai Reiki and Tera-Mai Seichem is already a part of this school. In order for Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight to be initiated in many countries, this school will, by necessity, be a school without walls. so, how will a prospective initiate be assured that they are indeed receiving the initiations I talk about in my books? How can the cost be affordable? What is fair and reasonable and at the same time protects the energy? I am putting out these proposed guidelines and I would appreciate your feedback: 1) those instructors who are taught to pass on the second and third levels of Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight will NOT have to pay me or anyone else to learn how to give these attunements. Each individual who is initiated into the 2nd and 3rd levels of the Other Rays of Touch Healing will pay their own TM Sakara initiator and myself a specific percentage. (What percentage would be fair and reasonable?) These are the only 2 payments that any initiate will have to make! This is NOT a pyramid! 2) The Sakara initiators must have some Cahokia initiations in order to be able to safely pass on the energy! 3) They must also agree in writing to be only receiving and giving Tera-Mai attunements, and 4) they will give the attunements in the standardized was (to protect the energy) and 5) they must also be listed on my web site as a TM Reiki, TM Seichem and TM Sakara Initiator. 6) As for the price: Sakara II, Sophi-El II and the second Angeliclight attunements are a total of $600. In India, the price would be 600 R., the cost in the Netherlands would be 600 Euros, the cost in England would be 600 pounds, etc. If someone from, let’s say, England were to go to another country to receive the second level, they will pay the initiator in the foreign country 600 pounds. At some point, there may also be a school with walls designed to teach alternative healing arts. This year, I am hoping to write a letter of intention to start a Tera-Mai Foundation.

Consciousness of Manmade Attunements!

When I was in England in March, a woman called who was in desperate straits. She had received some kind of chakra attunements that left only her lower chakras shattered. She blamed this on her instructor. While I was speaking with her I could feel healing energy leaving me and when I asked her how her chakras were feeling, she was surprised that they were noticeably better and wanted me to keep on working on her. she felt an uncomfortable connection between herself and her ‘chakra initiator/instructor. So, I did the Hosanna clearing between her and her instructor. She was better but not there yet! Sensing that something was very wrong, I asked her to visualize her instructor and asked the angels, “If it is in Divine Order please bind the chakra instructor so that he cannot harm himself or others.” I repeated this several times. She improved further, but something was still very wrong! So, I told her, “I am going to leave it up to the angels. That is, if these attunements are outside of Divine Order, if they manmade, then the angels are to bind the initiations of this particular chakra system so that it cannot harm. After finishing the binding, her chakras were normal, and her energy and health returned.

The next day, the woman called back extremely distraught. she told me that the angels that had been with her since her chakra initiation were gone and she was lost without them.As she elaborated further, these ‘angels’ had established an emotional co-dependency relation with the woman, were very much in control of her, and were demonic rather than angelic in nature. Even though she was suffering withdrawal symptoms, her chakras, health and energy remained good! I reminded her that I had asked the angels to bind the system only if it was manmade. She sighed reluctantly and continued on with her withdrawal. After getting off the phone, I asked Brenda Davies what she picked up. Brenda saw the angry demons that had been posing as angels. I asked psychically why the demons had started to travel with the woman after her chakra attunement? The answer was that those who create initiations on their own, be it through meditation or the library, operate out of greed and ego.

I have witnessed this withdrawal before. I was taking a class in Milwaukee at the home of an individual, who was a devotee of a powerful female guru. There are people who question this particular female guru’s intention. (I wonder whenever a guru asks his or her followers to chant to them.) In the living room where the class was being held there was a picture of the guru. As the class continued, I felt a choking presence and when I asked psychically where it came from, I was told that it was the energy of the female guru and that she was trying to get my energy. When I asked the angels if it was best for me to just leave, I was told to stay but to ask the angels to place a block over the picture, and I did this. Immediately afterwards, there was a scream from the devotee’s bedroom and she started going through the same withdrawal symptoms that an addict would go through. I have also seen extreme co-dependency between a psychic and her guides. Whenever a psychic relies on his or her guides to tell him or her every move to make, there is a problem! Higher beings and real angels give advice only when asked or in an emergency, and they have no intention of living our lives for us!

What’s up with the United States Astrology Chart?

Barb Britten, who is a very good intuitive astrologer, said that the difficulty for the United States has been because Saturn in Gemini has been opposing Pluto in Sagittarius. What does this translate into? Grandiose, exploitative schemes started under this aspect are doomed to failure! (Iraq has large deposits of oil, North Korea and Iran have large natural uranium deposits!) Transiting Saturn is entering Cancer, and the United States’ birthday is July 4, thus, it is a Cancer sign. Cancer people and Cancer nations enjoy mothering. However, other countries oftentimes, do not want mothering or the imposition of ideologies. Saturn is the taskmaster where rules are concerned. The ‘rules’ of the United States are the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. So, wherever the ‘rules’ have been brushed over, trashed or allowed to laps, Saturn will demand that the organization and structure of the Constitution and Bill of Rights be brought back into balance.

In Star Wars II: The Attack of the Clones we saw how innocent people out of fear willingly relinquished their liberties to the ‘evil’ emperor. What was temporary became extreme control until the Universal Force or God demanded that reality come back to balance. In the Scorpion King we were impressed at the end that empires do not last and we have witnessed this throughout our history classes. This is only a part of George W.’s problem in wanting extraordinary powers for the Executive Branch. He and his administration keep repeating that they are only after the ‘bad guys’, but they also keep saying, “If you’re not with us you’re against us!” So, how wide reaching is their list of bad guys? Watergate was not just about a break-in; Nixon was using departments of government to go after Daniel Shore, other reporters and other individuals they considered their ‘enemy’. According to Rob Hand in the Mountain Astrologer, transiting Jupiter (expansion) has been going back and forth over George W.’s sun and this has given George W. a lot of protection. Jupiter and that protection are now gone. Rob Hand feels that something may happen this July! Before the last Presidential election, I put in the newsletter that Clinton’s and Gore’s astrology charts positively affect the nation’s economy, and that Bush’s and Chaney’s charts adversely affect the U.S. economy, and that if George Bush were elected that only a few people would benefit financially. Three to six months before a new President comes to office, the energy begins to shift and that change is visibly seen in the stock market. (Look back at the records!)

What else is happening? Tracy Lawler Boen called to tell me that she had heard an astrologer on a radio program saying that many children would be dying in 2003 – 2004. (She is not an astrologer and the aspects he based his prediction on were Greek to her.) There was, I believe, a Uranus/Neptune aspect that a lot of people were born under. Maybe Pluto is aspecting that point? I am not an astrologer; I simply feel the energy! If you are an astrologer, I would like to hear what you have to say about this and any positive news. Personally, I know four people who have died this year; three of them were girls between the ages of 9 and 19.

(For those who have horses or love them.)

What I say about horses has application for people as well as other animals. One of Clell Usher’s stallions was lame. I felt that if he was initiated into TM Seichem I & II that this would bring healing into his feet. The hose had picked up his other hoofs for me, but I had to pinch his leg slightly to get him to lift his left front. As I did this, I severely sprained my left wrist. The stallion was no longer lame! I had to ask, “What is the stallion reflecting back to me?” The answer was that neither one of us was receiving completely. Occasionally, it is possible to take on another’s pain! When this happens we have to work on our issues as well as the physical discomfort, and so I did. The next morning, the pain was out of my wrists and into my metacarpals of the fingers (not the thumb). After working on it for an hour in that morning, the pain was only in the metacarpal of the index finger.

Bucky (the horse who was stolen from me and I write about in Tera, My Journey Home) was returned 2 years ago in horrific physical, mental and emotional condition. He had been both abused and neglected! His ribs were not only showing but they were caved in and his belly was extended just like the starving children in Africa. He had so little muscle mass that he could not walk a straight line; his mind was so distraught that sometimes he would stop in midstride, zone out, come back 5 or 10 minutes later, and continue walking. His greatest need was love! Several months after Bucky was returned, I was trying a saddle on him that I was buying for Christie. He started walking with me on him and I allowed him to continue. His legs as well as his whole body were shaking and his steps were short. In looking back, rather than continue on, I should have gone back to doing what I had done initially. What I describe in Tera, My Journey Home is unorthodox horse training but it worked with him. After I got Bucky’s confidence, I saddled him in the crossties, mounted him, gave him an apple and then quickly dismounted. Before I started mounting him, this time, I lunged him with a saddle on and the stirrups down and bouncing on his side. He reared and bucked, and I let him work it out. However, that was the last time that I allowed him to buck while he was being lunged. I discovered that he liked being lunged over jumps – obviously, no one had tried to jump him, so, he did not have a negative response. He could have easily avoided the jumps but jumping gave him a sense of confidence. I could not ask him to jump over the stadium jumps with standards or the line would get tangled. We started over logs and then progressed to haybales, tires and up embankments. When I started mounting him in the crossties I slowly worked up to staying on longer and then started putting my leg on him, asking him to take a step or two and then squeezed my legs in the other direction to ask him to stop. Then Trina took us for very small walks. I had put an attachment to the lungeline through one side of the bridle, over his head and clipped it onto the other side of the bridle. He never really bucked, but whenever he rounded his back and hopped his back legs up, I would dismount, lead him back to the mounting box and tell him, “No apple! We’ll just try again!” Finally, he calmed down.

I was strongly impressed to move Duchess and Mel (her yearling) from Cottonwood down to Phoenix. I had found a horse farm with large pastures for them to play in. At 13 months, Mel was weaned just before they came down. Weaning was no big deal for him! He is physically, emotionally and mentally healthy! Such a dramatic contrast to foals that are taken away from their mothers when they are 3 or 4 months old! It’s a buyers market out there! Look for quality rather than quantity! I did not try to breed Duchess again and she looks health. When female dogs are repeatedly bred, the quality of their pups goes down and the breed suffers. I wonder when the majority of horse breeders will try another way? With a supply of carrot pieces, I am teaching Mel to move ‘over’, go ‘back’ and to ‘halt’. He won’t be ridden until he is 4 years old. Race horses in the United States are raced when they are 2 and many of them end up with leg, joint and hoof problems. While 4 is a preferable age to begin teaching a horse under saddle; the good jumping horses that endure start jumping at 7.