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Summer 2005 Newsletter

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Subjects Include:  Creativity
Origins of the Order of Melchizedek
What’s All the Fuss About Codex Alimentarius?

Creativity: The last time I was in The Netherlands, during a lecture/demonstration, I took time out to promote my newest novel, Richard III: White Boar.  Sometimes, I am able to hear what people are thinking – especially if those thoughts are particularly strong and Spirit feels that it is important and proper for me to hear them.  As I held up the book for the audience to see, I heard someone clearly thinking, “Why should I read a book about a dead English king?”

Unfortunately, it was later that the answer came to me:  The reason why so many innovative ideas come out of the United States is because of its eclectic nature. Many citizens read books on other cultures.  When I was young I read a translation of Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates, and other books, whose setting were in other places and times.  Biographies, including Catherine the Great of Russia, peaked my interest.  Pearle Buck’s books about China intrigued me and opened my world.  The point of this is that in order to think creatively, we must be able to ‘think outside of the box’ or think outside of ourselves.  How can we think creatively if we are unwilling to read about anybody else’s ideas or concept of the world except our own?

Reading about extraordinary people, who lived in amazing times, is inspirational.  Tales of betrayal and redemption give us hope.  How does karma work in this world and the next?  What happens in the death process and how can a soul become earthbound?  Read Richard III: White Boar and find out.  Men in particular and those interested in Richard III love this book.

TM Seichem, Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight – a summation from Marsha Durok of Scotland: Finding Tera-Mai was a God-given blessing.  Not only did it boost the natural energy that I was already channeling but there were suggested healing techniques, which taught me all about what it was that I was doing.  The energy of the first initiation into TM Seichem flew through me and immediately brought me issues to clear.  As I cleared, my health improved.  At level two, I cleared for three months.  The energies lifted and held me securely.  The flow in my hands became astonishing!  My youngest child, while standing on a 30-foot wall, fell backwards.  His head broke his fall when he hit it on the concrete below.  Groggy, his eyes rolled in his head as we drove him to the hospital.  All the while my husband drove, I drained the pain and filled our son with healing energy.  Thirty minutes later, he was running around as if nothing had happened.  It took two days for the egg on his head to disappear.

After TM Seichem Mastership I thought that I would be content forever because the energy was so incredible.  During the clearing, past issues from childhood and remaining physical issues cleared.  People were startled at the healing energy I was channeling.

After my Sakara initiations, more and more came up for healing and release.  As I became unburdened from the ‘garbage’ that had encumbered me and my true self emerged, the more clarity I experienced on all levels.  At the same time, my psychic abilities increased, and the healing that channeled through me was difficult to put into words!

During this time, my oldest son bent his hand over backwards while playing football.  When he came home that evening, his whole hand was swollen and dark with bruising.  He was in a lot of pain while I worked on him.  The next morning, he ran into the kitchen and gave me the high five with the hand he had injured.  Pain, injury, swelling and bruising were completely gone!  As for my clients, those who had difficulty relaxing in a session, fell asleep in five minutes flat, or they turned to what they described as “jelly”.

Onwards and upwards!  I am now working to clear the Cahokia V attunement.  My clients have described the healing energy I pass now as a lead weight, which pins them down until the job in hand is done.  One client had had a hip replacement eight weeks earlier and was still in a huge amount of pain, barely able to walk and using crutches.  After two sessions, she has little pain and down to the use of one crutch.  She walks two miles a day to build up her wasted muscles.  After one session, another client found the awareness and inner strength to deal with an abusive partner.

Tera-Mai energy changes lives!  I have gone from being in a wheelchair and an unwilling participant in my own life to being unable to express how dearly I hold the blessings of a lifetime.  People I pass healing energy onto find HUGE changes in themselves.  People I initiate, who are ready for new beginnings, are astounded.

For the past several years, Marsha has walked without the assistance of even a cane, and has been frequently observed climbing stairs and running.  You may visit Marsha at .

Cahokia – a summation from Frank Manders in Holland: Cahokia sure makes me feel centered in my heart when I heal.  The combined force of elemental energy of Cahokia feels deeper.  It is a great step forward in healing power.  I also get such feedback from my clients.

There is something else that was different about my healings after the Cahokia initiation.  That is, I am no longer personally involved.  Thus, I no longer send my own energy.  Rather, I witness the healings being done.  After calling in God and the Higher Forces, I personally do not do anything.

Even after Sakara Three, I noticed that when healing certain people, like my youngest child, I would get sleepy.  My tiredness came about because I still had a personal desire to heal her.  I was surprised that after the Cahokia initiation that this did not happen anymore.  I stay fully alert!  I am the witness of God’s work!

Initiations into the Order of Melchizedek that are given in the Tera-Mai Reiki Mastership class:  The circle that the initiates and the initiator form as they stand, and the spiral that is crated by their arms are like symbols but they are not written symbols.  In order to pass the energy of the Order of Melchizedek on, the initiator must be channeling the energy of the Order of Melchizedek, and able to hold ceremony or hold Spiritual energy for a group.  This is the original attunement that has been given for thousands of years.  While there is only one attunement, it is possible to go up in levels by re-attunement or through life’s experiences.  These levels are expressed in double-digit numbers.  It was said that Jesus was at 77 when he began his ministry.  Groups that have misused the energy have lost it.  This includes the Jews, the Roman Catholic Church and the Mormons, who even lost the golden tablets with ancient Hebrew writing inscribed on them that were found in Philadelphia.  The information on these tablets stated that Jesus performed his greatest miracle after his crucifixion – he raised his own body from the dead and then walked the earth.  He and some of his followers sailed to the New World.  It was also 2,000 years ago, when White Buffalo Calf Woman, who brought spiritualism to the tribes and nations, appeared to Native Americans.

Order of Melchizedek in the Bible – contributed by Jean Van Hove of Belgium: The Order of Melchizedek is mentioned in the Bible in several places.  Christ is mentioned as having ordained a priest into the Order of Melchizedek.  In the Old Testament Melchizedek is referred to as a king of Salem and that he ordained Abraham as a priest in the Order of Melchizedek.  In other places Melchizedek is called a high priest of the Most Highest God.

The New Testament was cut and revised by the early Church in the second and third centuries.  Also, newer Bibles have been further edited and revised to reflect what has been commonly referred to as traditional religious thought.  However, if Jesus didn’t say it or believe it how can it be traditional?

Rumors:  In the summer of 1995, a Reiki Master sued me – I was the defendant! The Federal Court Judge in Michigan dismissed the case with prejudice.  This means that should there be further cause against me, my attorney may simply re-open the case and use the evidence that has already been submitted.  Since that time, I have increasingly been made aware of unsubstantiated gossip, which Tera-Mai students have been asked to respond to.  1) The individual who sued me did not win!  2) I only saw the individual once.  Never dated him, nor were we engaged!  3) Tera-Mai was the first Reiki system in which the symbols HARTH, HALU, ZONAR, HOSSANA, MARA (originally RAMA), etc. appeared.  The copyright dates of my book, Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing, and my videos predate by over a year any Reiki system that claims that these symbols originated in their system.  4) The individual in question learned of these symbols from my video, Symbols in Healing, when he watched it in Newcastle, England.  The rumors are so outrageous that I have put the legal evidence on my site.  Go to and click on RUMORS.  Scroll down to click on Legal Documentation.

Codex Alimentarius – proposed ‘food rules’ by WHO: Let’s begin by addressing the radiation of food for the purpose of killing harmful bacteria.  Without doubt, this does occur.  The problem is that the beneficial properties of the food are killed off as well.  This includes enzymes, which help the body digest food.  Without these enzymes, what was once food simply passes through the body.  If the body is not properly nourished it is still hungry, and the individual seeks out more food.  Is this the reason why so many Americans are overweight?  In addition, radiation builds up in the body.  Benefits of radiation for the food industry include decreased observable spoilage and thus, easier shipment and a longer shelf life.

Codex would prohibit the use of any natural substance to prevent, treat or cure disease.  Obliterate organics.  Legalize genetically modified organisms GMOs). Raise allowable pesticides, toxin and drug levels in foods.  Mandate antibiotics and hormones in the food of all animals.  Prohibit virtually all traditional medicines and herbs.  Slash allowable supplements to a handful of ultra low-dose, synthetic vitamins and minerals.  Who benefits from Codex?  HUGE pharmaceutical companies and HUGE agribusiness!

Codex would make it unlawful to practice natural or alternative medicine, which includes Reiki, Ayruvedic medicine, Shamanism, acupunture, tribal medicine, etc.

WHAT CAN I DO?  In order for Codex to be implemented into law, a country’s government must vote it into law.  Thus, contact your elected government representatives and heads of state.  Go to for a letter to copy and fax.  Government officials tend to rate a fax or telegram higher than an email, letter or phone call.  However, this is better than doing nothing!

TAMARASHA:  I took the Kofuto Class over ten years ago.  There were no attunements whatsoever.  Somebody has recently resurrected the symbol, TAMARASHA, and made up an attunement for it.  This initiation is not a part of Tera-Mai!

By request I have included this clearing, which works on the following assumptions:  1) Einstein proved that time and space do not exist as we perceive them.  2) It is possible to send both healing and black magic ahead and back through ‘time’.  3) Black magicians have known of the impending Golden Age of the Return of the Angels, and have done their best to try to stop it.  4) One of the ways to perform magic is to relate an incident that has already occurred with something that is desired.  5) Through misuse individuals we shall call “M” and “P” have lost their healing abilities.  6) Though it is repeated that Reiki and healing cannot be used for evil, unfortunately, that is incorrect.  Healing works in part through the 4 elemental rays, and these rays have been used for for both good and evil throughout the centuries.

“Shekinah, God The Father Almighty, Christed Beings, Buddhas, angels, elementals, blessed ones, so as you took the power and ability to work with the elementals, elemental forces, the powers of earth and the psychic and healing abilities away from M and P, so too, take away the power and ability to work with the elementals, elemental forces, the powers of earth and the psychic and healing abilities away from anyone and everyone who has sent me black magic, is sending me black magic or who will be sending me black magic in this or any other lifetime.”
Many people experience a release!  As Mother Earth is in desperate need of our prayers and help, this clearing is also adaptable for her:  “Shekinah, God The Father Almighty, Christed Beings, Buddhas, angels, elementals, blessed ones, so as you took the power and ability to work with the elementals, elemental forces, the powers of earth and the psychic and healing abilities away from M and P, so too, take away the power and ability to work with the elementals, elemental forces, the powers of earth and the psychic and healing abilities away from anyone and everyone who has sent black magic to Mother Earth, has worked black magic on Mother Earth, is sending black magic to Mother Earth, is working black magic on Mother Earth, or who will be sending black magic to Mother Earth or who will be working black magic on Mother Earth.”

To fill in the voids I pray and ask God to bring love.  I also energize symbols, like HOSANNA, MIRROR OF HATHOR, JOHRE, JUSTICE/COMPASSION and give them to God and Hold Spirit.  I ask God and Holy Spirit to increase and multiply the symbols and the energy they represent times infinity to the 21st power.  I ask that the energy be sent back to myself, Tera-Mai and into this world – into all of the vortexes, triangles, power places, pyramids, mountains, lay lines, and into the north and south poles.  I ask that Mother Earth be healed from the inside out.  I ask that everyone who is on, in above, below, within and without Mother Earth, as well as those sending energy to Mother Earth, receive the symbols of MIRROR OF HATHOR and JUSTICE/COMPASSION.  These are among the things that I do everyday.

Mirrors are both reflective and drawing by nature.  While our thoughts, words and deeds always come back to us by the power of 10, mirrors shorten the time.  Thus, by sending out MIRRORS OF HATHOR those who are working so desperately hard to save Mother Earth might see their efforts return to them.

SWAHA – a symbol from Suchitra Nair, Mumbai, INDIA
It is a symbol for healing past and stabilizing relationships.
The past includes childhood trauma as well as past life
patterns that continue to dominate life functions.