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Summer 2006 Newsletter

Subjects:  Witnessed/Documented Healing of Little Girl with CP * An Inconvenient Truth * Sylvia Brown on Montell Williams Show * Distant Attunements * Israel & the Prophecies * Cahokia * Heart Healings with Patrick Zeigler & John Ostrovskis * Upcoming Classes

Limerick, Ireland (Beth & Eileen at [email protected])
September 8 – sacred sites trip during the day
                  8:00 pm – public healing demonstrations & talk
September 9 – Cahokia
September 10 & 11 – Shamanic I
September 12 & 13 – Shamanic II
                  second day outdoors at the Burren or Lough Gur

Manchester, England Brenda Davies <[email protected]>
September 14 – public healing demonstrations & talk
September 15 – Cahokia
September 16 & 17 – Shamanic I

Southern Pines, North Carolina

September 23 from one to four o’clock – Nature’s Own Market
Free Healing Demonstrations & Talk on Alternative Healing
September 30 & October 1 – TM Reiki Mastership
October 2 – TM Seichem Mastership
October 28 & 29 – Shamanic I
October 30 & 31 – Shamanic II

Atlanta, Georgia

Friday, March 9 – Evening with Patrick Zeigler & Kathleen Milner
Vickie Eberlein [email protected]
Claire Campbell [email protected]

Belgium [email protected]
March 16 – Egyptian Cartouch initiations in afternoon
            Evening – book talk & signing
March 17 & 18 – Shamanic I
March 19 – Creativity workshop
March 20 – Sakara II & KKK and Cahokia
            Evening – get together w/ Shamanic students

The Netherlands [email protected]
March 22 – Healing Demonstrations
March 23 & 24 – Shamanic I
March 25 – Cahokia initiations in morning
            Afternoon – working w?Cahokia energy w/ initiates
March 26 – Shamanic II
March 27 – Creativity Workshop

Reiki y Otros Rayos de Toque Sanador may be ordered from Libros en Red at from

Documented/Witnessed Healing of Young Girl with CP
Kim Faber brought her daughter, Alexis, from Columbus, Ohio to see me for 5 days in July.  Her daughter had a mild case of CP, a congenital condition whereby the brain does not send the correct signals to the muscles.  Alexis’ left foot turned in all of the time, she was unable to walk long distances without her legs getting heavy and tired, her inclination when the condition was bad was to walk on her toes, her hips were uneven and she arched her back in such a way to balance that her belly stuck out.  When Alexis left, she was walking normally and had normal posture.  After getting home, she was able to get up on the neighborhood trapeze for the first time and walked a balance beam 3 feet off the ground unassisted.  (Kim is busy documenting Alexis’ progress and will be sending me an account to put up on my site.  Thank you, Kim, for taking the time and being willing to do this!)

An Inconvenient Truth – If you haven’t alrady seen Al Gore’s movie on global warming, it is well worth the cost of admission.  It is fascinatingly entertaining and thought provoking; scientific and comprehensible.  Even California’s Governor, Arnold Schwartzenager, recently admitted that global warming is a reality.  The Los Angeles Times is running a 5-day series of articles on why global warming is happening and things that can be done to stop it.

On the Montell Williams Show Sylvia Brown stated that Earth had only 95 years left.  She said the reason that she knew this to be true was that souls are no longer able to reincarnate.
I believe that Sylvia is partially right.  After Ken Lay died in July, an angel asked me, “Where is Ken Lay?”
As angels will ask me to send lost souls to the Light, I put my judgments aside and went within to look for Ken Lay.  Surprisingly, he was nowhere to be found.  So, I asked the angel, “Where is he?”
The angel responded, “Off this planet, to another destination.”  The angel continued on and gave me the message that because of the Light that has come to Earth, heavily burdened, darkened souls are unable to reincarnate.

What does this mean?  People who die with extreme burdens of fear, sorrow, anger and guilt, as well as those souls who have committed serious offenses – corruption, murder, etc. – are no longer able to reincarnate on Earth.  There have been black magicians who have been using a form of black magic to control their reincarnation.  (Two of these rituals are described in Trevors Ravenscroft’s book, The Spear of Destiny.)  The process of avoiding karma and “taking it with you” is over!  It is also true that heavily burdened, darkened souls in body are going to have a more difficult time staying here.
Just as I cannot facilitate healings or receive accurate information with the angels and higher beings, black magicians cannot do black magic without fallen angels, demons and heavily burdened souls.  As fallen angels, demons and heavily burdened souls exit the planet, black magicians will find their powers diminishing.  
While environmental disasters will continue to increase until a conscious effort is made to reverse the effects of pollution, the good news is that we are on the fast track heading into the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.

Distant Attunements:  It is impossible to do most attunements over the telephone – Angeliclight and The Order of Melchizedek are but two of them.  This also brings up the important point that initiations are always one on one.  Speaking with someone on the telephone is connecting with the individual one-on-one.  One mass initiation to a group that is present does work, however, if even only one person holds him/herself back then everyone is held back.  An initiation that is given distantly without the help of the telephone is only a healing.
I will only do re-attunements over the telephone, unless there are highly unusual circumstances.  I strongly feel that people benefit greatly from attending a class, where they can work with Universal healing energy and learn respect for it.

The Naturopathic Way of Staying Healthy:
1.  No Breakfast – lowers blood sugar levels, which causes an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain, which leads to brain degeneration.
2.  Overeating – causes hardening of the brain arteries, which leads to decrease in mental power.
3.  Smoking – causes brain shrinkage and may lead to Alzheimer’s Disease.
4.  High Sugar Consumption – interrupts the absorption of proteins, which causes malnutrition and may interfere with brain development.
5.  Air Pollution – decreases the supply of oxygen to the brain, which is the organ that uses the most oxygen, and this decreases mental capability.
6.  Sleep Deprivation – accelerates the death of brain cells.
7.  Head Cover While Sleeping – less oxygen and more carbon dioxide!
8.  Working the Brain During Illness – brain is less effective and may cause damage over time.
9.  Lack of stimulating Thoughts – if we don’t use it, we lose it!
10.  Rarely Talking – intellectual conversations stimulate brain activity.

1.  Sleeping too late.
2.  Not urinating in the morning.
3.  Overeating
4.  Skipping breakfast
5.  Consuming to much medication
6.  Consuming too much preservatives, additives, food coloring and artificial sweetener
7.  Consuming unhealthy cooking oil, especially when the body is tired
8.  Raw and overly done foods stress the liver.  Vegetables should be cooked lightly or eaten raw.  Fried vegetables should be eaten in one sitting, never stored.

*  9 – 11 pm – lymph detoxes!  Not a time to work!
*  11 pm – 1 am – liver detoxes!  All detoxes are best accomplished in a deep sleep and on and emphy stomach.
WHY?  BECAUSE THE BODY CANNOT DETOX AND DIGEST FOOD AT THE SAME TIME.  One more reason to eat breakfast and NOT eat during the 4 hours before going to bed.
*  Midnight – 4 am – bone marrow produces blood
*  Twenty minutes after going to sleep, the pituitary releases Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  However, it will not do this if sugar (this includes alcohol) is consumed prior to going to sleep.  After the HGH is released, it is processed in the liver, which helps regenerate the body.
*  1 – 3 am – gallbladder detoxes
*  3 – 5 am – lungs detox
*  5 – 7 am – elimination of the colon
*  7 – 9 am – small intestine absorbs nutrients.  Best to have breakfast before 7:30 am

Israel & the Prophecies:
“Stone of Scone, the ancient speaking stone, found its way to Westminster Abbey as a triumph of the spoils of war.  The Stone had once served as Jacob’s pillow at Bethal, where Jacob was given a visionary dream.  He saw his progeny spreading across the earth and ruling as kings up until the time of the Jews return to the Promised Land.  When he awoke, Jacob anointed the Stone with holy oil and set it up an altar in the Great Temple.”

Richard III: White Boar

by Kathleen Ann Milner

What has been focused upon for centuries is that the Jews will return to the Promised Land (Israel).  What is never address, considered or even looked at is that when the Jews return to the promised Land, they will cease to rule as kings!

Who said that one country’s terrorists are another country’s patriots?  Richard Nixon!

Until the problem behind the Israel/Palestine conflict is remedied, it will continue to fester.  The 3/4 million Palestinians, who were forced to leave their homes and businesses at the point of machine guns in 1947, have NEVER been compensated for their loss.  And what about the Jews?  European Jews who returned to their homes and businesses from the concentration camps found that the new occupants refused to leave.

Fixing one bad situation with an equally bad solution will always end miserably.  These two fundamental issues are at the heart and core of the discontent that rages throughout the Middle East.  These original issues must be addressed if there is to be lasting peace.

Cahokia:  There are only seven levels of Tera-Mai Cahokia.  Each initiation involves the weaving of the full expanse of the 4 elemental rays of healing.  INITIATES DO FEEL THIS WEAVING GOING ON WITHIN THEM DURING THE INITIATION.  With each Cahokia initiation the initiate is able to facilitate increasingly dramatic healings in less time.

In Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing I stated that I could only initiate people as far as Cahokia.  After Cahokia there is a dark blue/indigo healing ray that is in the aura of the TM Cahokia initiates, which they may call upon to use.  When the dark blue/indigo healing rays comes in, it is UNMISTAKEABLE and the healings become more profound.  At Cahokia 7 the dark blue/indigo healing ray runs through the initiate.

Opening of the Heart:  People who are experiencing an opening of the heart are responding and adapting to energy changes that are occurring on Earth as we speak.  I believe that the physical regeneration that Edgar Cayce prophesized begins with this opening of the heart.  Many of the energy changes are scientifically measurable.  Think that 2006 is going by fast?  Hold on for the 2007 ride!  December 12, 20012, the beginning of the New Age, is coming up like an express train.

Heart Healing with Patrick Zeigler & John Ostrowskis:  
Towards the end of the Evening with Patrick Zeigler & Kathleen Milner in London, I was impressed to simply hold the energy.  As I was one of the presenters, I was then impressed to start clearing negative emotional energies that had been released by individuals in the group.  As I did this, I suddenly began crying and clearing; then the clearings within the group intensified.  A week later, John Ostrowskis did a healing on my heart, whereby the Ancient Ones gave me a new physical heart.  How do I know this?  Not only does it feel different, but my old heart would occasionally skip a beat – especially when I was in deep meditation.  My heart has not done this once since September.  

What Does Patrick Zeigler Do?
While Patrick Zeigler and Diane Shewmaker state that Patrick Zeigler gives attunements or initiations in his workshops, these “attunements” are NOT given one-on-one.  I took Patrick’s weekend workshop myself in New Jersey this summer.  

As my definition of an attunement or an initiation is one-on-one, what I saw Patrick doing was working with the group in a Shamanic manner – and very powerfully at that.  Patrick has a gift for bringing up negative emotions, and afterwards helping people to connect with or “attune” people to the Cosmos and to Earth.

This is no small deal!  Because of the Evening with Patrick Zeigler & Kathleen Milner in London, I was able to heal the last remain issues with my mother.  Because of this, John Ostrovskis was able to give me a new heart.  Because of this, I was able to get the connection to the Cosmos and to Earth immediately in Patrick’s weekend workshop.  Because of this, I am better able to help my clients who come to me for healing.

Where Patrick and I disagree is that Patrick feels that it is better for people to process these negative emotions after the workshop over the next several days.  On the other hand, I feel that it is important to release the negativity that has been brought up in people to the angels.  So, with the workshop that is being set up in Atlanta, Georgia, the organizers would like me to clear Sunday afternoon, at the end of the workshop.