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Summer 2008 Newsletter

Subjects include:  New Golden Tera Mai Symbols * Dispelling Rumors * Whiplash * Thank you! * Abundance * Oneness * Mary Magdalene * Bible Stories from the Old Testament * UFOs 

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Thank you!  Good fortune has made it possible for me to pay off my legal debts.  Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers, and to those who paid off debts, or purchased books, etc.

Thank you, God!  It has taken a long time, and it’s been an incredible journey, but this April in Ireland, I was able to reconnect with all of the healing abilities I had as a child.  This is already profoundly affecting Tera Mai.  It is also the beginning of another journey.  A remarkable Belgium psychic, who prefers to go by the name of Franky, was given a series of golden symbols that are gifts to Tera Mai – blessings because the Golden Buddha said that Tera Mai was pure.  (Click on TERA MAI SYMBOLS in the blue column to the left.)  Properly attuned Tera Mai initiates, who are abiding by Buddha’s standards for Tera Mai, are having remarkable experiences.

“The day after Kathleen facilitated a group healing session at Zewenkerken in Bruges, Belgium, the Golden Buddha offered the symbol, Deisiom (day-ee-see-om), to Tera Mai, with the intention to raise the energy levels to a more universal, cosmic / galactic level.  The message I ‘felt’, is that the time was right now for Tera Mai, and that Tera Mai is pure enough to receive this gift.  I am  convinced that Tera Mai will keep on growing.  Kathleen, you will receive Divine Help in time to let Tera Mai grow and expand.  Keep Tera Mai clean and pure, Kathleen, because it is sacred and very precious.”  Franky

Thank you to all properly attuned Tera Mai initiates, who have come to love the healings Tera Mai offers, and who are abiding by Buddha’s standards.  You help to make Tera Mai pure and the blessing from Buddha possible.!
Meditation:  In Italy, I empowered the golden symbols one at a time, and led the guided meditation, which is included with the golden symbols under TERA MAI SYMBOLS.  Interestingly, each person had one incredibly unique and amazing experience at different points during the meditation.  I believe that as Buddha’s blessing for Tera Mai builds, it will be possible for properly attuned Tera Mai initiates, who are abiding by all of Buddha’s standards, to feel all of the love and spiritual enlightenment that each individual in the group experienced.

Time is running out:  In Ireland and Belgium the message was repeated over and over again that time is running out for the Dark Age.  Among other things, Edgar Caycey predicted that in these times of disruption, which precedes the Golden Age, that the world’s financial markets would collapse, and that the Mississippi River would open wide its banks.  He also predicted the end of the world’s superpowers.  George W. Bush and his administration are only fulfilling the prophesies.  

Saint Rita blessed Tera Mai:  In Umbria, near Spoleto, there is a tall, narrow hill in the middle of a valley that is surrounded by mountains.  it is where Saint Rita used to pray.  Saint Rita gave me a personal healing miracle.  Saint Rita also blessed Tera Mai.  It took over 2 hours to call in the energies, do the clearings and protection for Tera Mai, and energize the golden symbols.  While I energized the golden symbols, the sky opened and the sun came out.  The clouds again covered the sun as soon as I was finished.  During the entire process, Elisabetta held the energy and meditated.  Afterwards, I thanked God and Spirits who had come, and then dismissed Spirits to do the work that had been asked of them.  5 seconds after my last words, the bells on the hill started ringing.  We didn’t even know there was a bell.

On the top of the hill there is a glass and brick structure constructed around the stone where Saint Rita meditated.  However, the energy is not there!  It’s outside the building, where visitors may experience a great opening into nature.  Before the structure was built, Saint Rita was surrounded by a vast space.  By silencing her mind and then focusing on the space, her heart opened and she was able to experience the Unmanifested Universe.  Through the Unmanifested Universe she was able to make her own personal connection to God.

Oneness:  There is a new white symbol, under the golden symbols under TERA MAI SYMBOLS.  We will always be individuals, and have mastered that notion well.  We are also a part of the Spirit of God.  Those who have had a near-death experience describe the Light they travel in as a loving, wondrous, familiar presence.  We hear about the concept of Oneness, but rarely experience this joy or rapture on Earth.  It’s what’s been missing on Earth.  When we as individuals are also connected to Oneness, we become powerful and loving beings, capable of greatness.

The energies of the New Era, Aquarian Age or New Age are opening people to psychic abilities.  Jesus said, “First the few; then the many.”  Those who are already psychic may find new ways of perceiving.  There were at least 6 great singers on American Idol this year.  On Tuesday, May 20, the competition had been narrowed down to 25-year-old David Cook, and 17-year-old David Archuleta, whom everyone (including the judges) thought would be announced the winner the following evening.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up with David Cook in my third eye, and a very good feeling about him.  I went out on a limb and told several people that David Cook was going to win.  (No risk, no gain.)  David Cook won.  On Thursday morning, I was greeted at Southern Pines Feed & Tack with, “You were right.”

Last fall, a woman came to me for a Tarot card reading.  She wanted to know if Hillary was going to be the Democratic nominee.  I told her that I needed to do a comparison reading, and asked her if it was OK to include Barack Obama.  She agreed.  The end result was that Hillary was crying, and Barack was the winner.

In April, I was in the Tipperary home of my friend, Ursula O’Dwyer.  All of a sudden, Barack Obama appeared in my third eye.  Before I could wonder why or say anything, Ursula asked me, “Who do you think is going to be the next President of the United States?”


Tera Mai Reiki Initiations are Within the Tera Mai Seichem Initiations.  It is not the other way around.  There are stories of magicians, shaman and wise women working with the 4 elemental forces – air, water, fire and earth.  They are not fairytales, they are true!  Within each of the elemental rays emanating from Source are healing / psychic components.  Tera Mai Reiki is elemental earth energy; Tera Mai Seichem contains Tera Mai Reiki, as well as the other 3 elemental forces – air, water and fire.  In one of my books I mention that I feel that the Egyptians used Sakara to help build the pyramids.  There have also been black magicians, who have used the elemental rays for evil.  Certainly in the last 300 to 400 years, more people have used these energies for black magic than for healing.  As a matter of fact, black magicians are vehement opponents of psychic, natural earth magic, hand-on healing and shamanism.

Elemental rays are NOT evil; they are energy.  Freewill choice is a gift from God to every soul.  Each person who receives the Gift of the Spirit, whereby he or she is able to use one of more of the elemental rays for healing or metaphysics, has a choice of whether to use these powers for good or for evil.  However, everything we do comes back to us by the power of 10.  As the Great Calendar is turning from a Dark Age to the New Age, everything that supports the good of the whole and Oneness will grow and enhance.  Anything that solely profits an individual or a few individuals at the expense of the group or nature is doomed to failure.


Abundance:  In March on The Today Show, a financial advisor offered tips to people who were about to lose their homes or who were in other financial difficulties.  One piece of advice he gave literally shocked the hosts of the show.  He said, “I don’t know how it works, but when people give it is like miracles happen.”

The old Jews of King Solomon’s day understood well the value of tithing.  They gave 10% of what they earned to needy family members, friends and neighbors.  Other tips for abundance include:
*  Pay what you owe with a good and glad heart.
*  Pay off bills, and let go without regrets or anger when that is the best option.
*  Rather than begrudging someone their good fortune, be glad for them.
*  Do the things you love to do.
*  Follow your gut feelings.
*  Pray for guidance.
*  If you like using symbols, you might try using the colors green, gold, red and pink to energize MARA.  (Click on TERA MAI SYMBOLS to the left.)

Edgar Caycey prophesized that people will go into the New Era with whole, healthy, youthful bodies:  In the Old Testament there are some healthy people who lived well past 100 years.  They were able to activate a gene in their DNA strands that repairs, rebuilds and regenerates the physical body.  Apparently, in another lifetime I was one of these people.  And I made a connection to that lifetime.  If you were also one of these people, use this message to reconnect to that lifetime.  If not, try this daily affirmation, which has been used successfully by many Tera Mai people:  “Angels, so as you activate the gene in Kathleen’s DNA strand that repairs, rebuilds, and regenerates her body, so too, activate the gene in my DNA strand that repairs, rebuilds and regenerates my body.”

Clearings:  People are also having remarkable results with the TERA MAI CLEARINGS, which are also in the column of possibilities in the blue column to the left.


Whiplash:  The joint that sustains fractures in severe whiplash is the facet joint.  Each vertebra has two of them.  The research showed evidence of hairline fractures at various levels on cadaver studies on people who were known to have had severe road traffic accidents that were not fatal, but died at a later date of totally unrelated causes.  As I mentioned, this research was not published, as it did not serve the body that funded it!!!  John Ostrovskis, England

It is interesting to note that therapists would not lose out on business.  If the neck were stabilized for 6 weeks (other broken bones are stabilized), afterwards, the muscles could be addressed by massage therapists, physical therapists and physiotherapists, etc.

Mary Magdalene:  On March 22, the National Geographic cable television network aired a program on Mary Magdalene.  Using statements from the 4 Gospels and other Gospels that were banned by the Roman Catholic Church in the 6th century, a portrait of Mary Magdalene immerges, which is radically different from the prostitute promoted by the Church.  

Jesus’ true teachings involve individual enlightenment.  But the Church-state of Rome was more interested in controlling and manipulating the masses.

Mary Magdalene was more than likely a well-to-do widow from the town of Magdala.  After Jesus cast 7 demons from her (in those days, people with physical ailments were thought to be possessed), she became Jesus’ favorite Disciple.  The original documents say that she was Jesus’ favorite; it was not Peter or John!  After Jesus’ death and resurrection, it was Mary Magdalene, who became the leader of the Disciples.  In addition, she was not the only woman who was a prominent Disciple of Jesus.  By linking Mary Magdalene with stories of prostitutes in the Roman-state-sponsored revised New Testaments, the 6th century Church diminished both Mary Magdalene and women, and eradicated women’s true roles as Jesus’ Disciples and early leaders in Christianity.

The Book of Genesis:  Several days later, the National Geographic cable television network aired a program on Cane and Able.  Very interesting!  There are over a hundred stories, which are repeated over and over again on the walls of the tombs in Egypt.  These stories bare marked similarities to stories in the Old Testament.  For example, there are unique characteristics in the story of Came and Able.  Cane kills his brother, Able.  When confronted by God, Cane denies wrongdoing.  Cane is banished by God from the Garden of Eden (which evidence indicates was in Western Iran).  Cane is marked by God, so that people will not harm him.  Cane then establishes the first city, and marries.  This story is unbelievably similar to the Egyptian story in which begins with Set killing his brother, Osiris.

That’s not all!  Egyptian stories are amazingly similar to Sumerian stories.  For example, the story of Set and Osiris bares remarkable similarities to a Sumerian story, which has its roots in the Neolithic Age, when people were advancing from a hunter/gather lifestyle to that of farmers.  At this time, there were conflicts when herds grazed on farmer’s fields.  The murder may have involved a massacre or a war between the hunters (Able) and the farmers (Cane).

Moses was found by the Pharaoh’s daughter and raised as a prince of Egypt.  Moses would have known all of the Egyptian stories, including the one about Set and Osiris, and the lessons they taught.  Moses’ burning bush revelation may well have been  the message to take Egyptian stores and their messages, and make them compatible to Jewish culture, just as the Egyptians had taken the Sumerian stories and made them like-minded with Egyptian culture.

UFOs:  In June, the National Geographic channel aired a program on spaceships, which was hosted by Peter Jennings.  The show featured many of the millions of documented, witnessed accounts of flying objects in the sky that defy the laws of physics as our limited technology understands them.  UFOs have been seen by Millions of people around the world, including respected US Airforce and private pilots.     

The end of the show focused on what the US Airforce called a Blue Book.  The US Airforce hired one scientist and gave him a small staff of secretarial people to investigate all of the UFO reports.  His job was to find any explanation, logical or illogical, to dismiss these accounts.   The reason the US Airforce gives for wanting to debunk these reports is that all of the reports of UFOs were filling the telephone wires and creating a national security problem.

Personally,  I don’t believe that was the US Airforce’s motive at all.  I believe that the US government is releasing  “national security worries” as an excuse for their cover-up of UFOs because the number of UFO sightings is increasing dramatically around the world.

The videos of the Phoenix lights may be the most convincing evidence of UFOs from other planets.  Thousands of people in Phoenix saw the lights of a huge flying aircraft.  The US government said that the lights were weather balloons and then flares.   However, when the lights on the videos are scientifically analyzed, the spectrum not only does NOT match weather balloons, flares and rockets, it does NOT match anything we have on Earth.  This little piece of information was not included in this program, but it has been included in other UFO programs.