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Summer 2010 Newsletter

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Power of Prayer
Questions & Answers: 
   Documents in Egypt, India, Israel & Tibet
   Re-initiations in England & Opportunity
   Is the Tera Mai Reiki lineage a Reiki linage?
   Why is there a Sakara contract?
   When will other Tera Mai Masters learn the Cahokia    initiations?
   What is the Tera Mai Heart Chakra Initiation
   New Tera Mai Manuals
BIG changes are coming
Shamanic Journeywork is Spiritual work. It is like when the Last Air Bender went into deep meditation, and saw himself in his mind’s eye.
Healing Animals

Power of Prayer: Try sending your righteous anger and sorrow to God and ask Him to do something about it. It works! Join with millions of people during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing. Try it then and see what happens.

Build your own personal relationship with God in small ways. For example, whenever you are in fear, go within and ask God, ‘Is this something I am to walk through, or is this a warning?’

People have gotten back to me to say that whenever they pray, after they call upon God and His Holy Angels, they call upon ‘the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings,’ or ‘the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.’ They tell me that they find that their prayers are more effective when they do so.

Questions & Answers:  
Q.  Kathleen, what did you learn from the documents that you read in Egypt, India, Tibet, Israel and Japan?How might I find these documents?

A.    I have never been to Egypt, India, Israel or Tibet!  It is rumored that one of Takata’s Reiki Masters found the symbol that she uses in additional Reiki initiations in Egyptian scrolls (which I would NOT be able to read).  

I have heard that Indian sacred texts, which state how to do magic and healing, were taken back to Germany before WW II.  These may have ended up in Nazi hands, and the Allied Forces may have found them when Berlin was taken.  There are initiations in Buddhism; however, texts describing initiations would not be available to me.  

The Knights Templar beat us all to it.  They found ancient Hebrew scrolls hidden under the altar of the remains of the Great Temple in Jerusalem early in the 12th century.  The knowledge they gleaned gave them control over popes and kings, until Friday, October 13, 1307, when Pope Clement and King Philip of France had all of the Templars rounded up, tortured and executed.  The Templar’s wealth and the scrolls have never been found.  It is the basis for the novel and movie, The Di Vinci Code.

In 2008, I went to Japan for the first and only time to teach and ask questions.  The Temple that Dr. Usui was supposed to have been a member of has no records of his even visiting; so, there are no other records to be found there.  There is also no record or Japanese history of either Dr. Usui or his master teachers, and no records of any healings they supposedly did.  

While China is closed, Japan is eclectic.  For example, with the exception of Buddhist statues, Buddhist and Shinto Temples in Japan are basically identical.   If what has been said and written about Dr. Usui were true, there would be many stories and legends regarding Dr. Usui in Japan – there is NOT even one story.   The newly discovered tombstone of Dr. Usui is new, laser cut in fact.  The tombstone does not date back 100 years, and there is no documentation whatsoever to verify the information on the tombstone.

Something like The Last Air Bender, I have been guided to journey, but alone, and connect with Spirit in different sites around the world.  I never know when I will make an important connection with Spirit.  Each step has lead to another discovery and more healing for myself, Tera Mai, and those Tera Mai initiates who gladly abide by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards.  Other encounters with Spirit have occurred through simply living.

If you are asking about research information that I have done for my books:    In the two historical fiction novels, which have metaphysical subplots, there is a Bibliography at the back.   Other resources, metaphysical phenomenon, and people, who have been important to me on my journey, are within the text.  In the two historical fiction novels, this information is in Part II, at the back of the book.

Q.  In England people, whose Tera Mai lineage goes back to Sophia Lucia and Samantha Beaumont-Collins,  are being re-initiated for a donation.  Why?

A.  Because it was recently discovered that Sophia Lucia made changes to the mastership instruction manual years ago.  On the surface, repeating the names of the symbols and the last color in the color sequence as they are blown into the initiate’s hands seems innocent enough; for example, ‘Golden Cho Ku Rays, Golden Harth,’ for TM Reiki I.

There is an exercise in the TM Reiki Mastership class and on the TM Mastership DVD that demonstrates clearly that while the final result are symbols that appear to be golden, they are actually luminous, layers of colors.

Thus, when the Tera Mai initiations are done according to Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, the colors in the Tera Mai initiations contain immeasurable, multiple layers of coding and information.  By limiting the symbols to the last color in the sequence, the other colors and codings are eliminated.

Then Samantha Beaumont-Collins added further changes,  stating that as the symbols were being drawn, the initiator was to say silently both the last color and name of the symbol three times;  for example, ‘Golden Cho Ku Rays that spiral inwards (3X), Golden Harth (3X),’ for TM Reiki I.

When the Tera Mai initiations are done according to Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, the colors in the Tera Mai initiations contain immeasurable, multiple layers of coding and information.  When I ask to see the initiations, they look like a living, abstract  painting, which originates from Source.  There are also multiple harmonics, and additional colors and symbols, which God’s Chosen Angels have entwined within the various structures. 

When people change or add onto the Tera Mai initiations, everything that I have described above goes away.  Some energy lingers, but it is not permanent.  The proof lies in the HUGE increase in healing for themselves and others, which countless TM initiates in England experience after they have been cleared and re-initiated.  Some people, who are further down the line in these lineages, have experienced absolutely NO healing for years until after they had been cleared and re-attuned.

Q.  Why are other Tera Mai initiates being re-attuned for a donation?

A.  Opportunity!  God’s Chosen Angels are using the energy of so many people in England being re-initiated into Tera Mai within a short period of time as an opportunity to bring the energies of all Tera Mai initiations up.  Thus, when any Tera Mai initiate is re-attuned, he/she is aware of more healing energy for him/herself and others.

Q.  If there is one initiate we have to go through the initiations 3 complete times in order to help them to integrate the energy.  I would like to know if the same is true for Sakara II and III?

A.    There was a good reason for initiating an individual 3 times, if that individual was taking the class alone.  That was to help him or her integrate the energy so that s/he had a better chance of feeling, and experiencing in other ways what was going on during the exercises and practice after the initiation.

The healing energies of Tera Mai have gone up so much that you do not have to go through the initiation 3 times to help the initiate integrate the energy.  The healing potentials of Tera Mai are going through the roof!

Q.  May I give the symbols, Trikaya, Abba Nartoomid, Kodoish and Samaran to students for healing?

A.  Yes, you may give the symbols to your students.  They are in Tera, My Journey Home:  Alternative Healing.

Q.  Is the Tera Mai Reiki lineage a Reiki lineage?

A.  I was a healer and psychic long before I became a Reiki Master.  Please take the time to read the HOME page of my website

Because the initiations that Buddha gave me in a consciousness-raising experience were based on the original initiations that Takata brought back from Japan, the Tera Mai Reiki lineage goes back to Dr. Usui.

When Buddha gave me the Tera Mai Seichem initiations, they were based on the Tera Mai Reiki initiations.  Thus, the TM Seichem lineage also goes back to Usui.

Since 1994, Tera Mai has come to be recognized as a healing system with standardized initiations, which are not to be mixed with other Reiki, other Seichem or manmade initiations.  Kathleen Ann Milner holds the original federal trademark, Registration Number 2,036,704.  Buddha’s Tera Mai standards are widely known and clearly stated in Ms. Milner’s 5 copyrighted books and are on numerous Tera Mai websites.

Tera Mai uses healing energies from God in the ancient art of hands-on healing, which is mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments.  Tera Mai also uses God’s healing energy in Shamanic journeywork, which is what the avatar in The Last Air Bender did when he saw himself in his mind’s eye in deep meditation.  Among others, Shamanic journeywork was practiced for thousands of years by Native Americans and the Wise Women in Europe. 

The energies of Tera Mai are controlled solely by God.  The proof of healing energy is in the remarkable healings, which Tera Mai initiates, who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, are able to facilitate through these ancient practices.  Professional conduct standards for Tera Mai practitioners and healers are covered thoroughly by laws, which deal with unsubstantiated or false advertising, and unethical practices.

Since its inception, the elemental healing energies have continually gone up for all properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who abide by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards.  

Tera Mai Reiki may correctly be described as Tera-Mai Elemental Earth Healing Rays from God.

Tera Mai Seichem may correctly be described as Tera-Mai Elemental Air, Water, Fire & Earth Healing Rays from God.

Q.  Why are Tera Mai Masters now using only Kathleen Milner’s manuals?

A.  Besides the changes that Sophia Lucia and Samantha Beaumont-Collins made, others have included other additions and distortions in the English version of the Tera Mai manuals.  For example, there are at least 5 different versions of the Egyptian Cartouche initiations, none of which produces the energy and effects of the original Tera Mai Egyptian Cartouche Initiations.  

When Sophia asked me if she could re-write the Tera Mai Reiki manuals, I thought that she was going to re-format them to the paper size used in England.  I should have done this myself.  Her intentions, be they well intended, opened the door for ‘free interpretations,’ which led to changes in the initiations that greatly decreased the energies of Tera Mai in their lineage.

Other systems require the students and initiates to use standardized manuals.  In some Reiki systems, every time an instructor teaches a class, s/he must order and pay for manuals for each member of the class.  

As long as the Tera Mai instructor has been properly attuned and is abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, s/he may pay a donation for the new manuals and photocopy them for his/her Tera Mai students.  If there is material that the teacher wishes to add, s/he may do so at the back of the manual and give credit to wherever and whomever credit is due.  Between the 6 TM Reiki and TM Seichem manuals, there are over 75 pages.  There are graduated exercises to help the initiate understand and become confident channeling God’s 4 Elemental Rays of Healing.

Another option is that the Tera Mai Master may use Kathleen’s original, less complicated, Tera Mai manuals.

It is not possible to use other systems’ manuals, as in other Reiki systems there is a whole list of ailments and conditions that Reiki practitioners are not permitted to work on, which includes pregnant women, people with pacemakers, cancer, burns, people while they are being operated on, etc., etc., etc.  BECAUSE THE ENERGY OF TERA MAI COMES FROM GOD, TERA MAI PRACTITIONERS MAY WORK ON WHOEVER COMES TO THEM.  Surgical nurses and physicians have received Tera Mai initiations, and they report back that their patients do better since receiving their TM initiations.   

Q.  Why is there a Sakara contract?

A.  Because of the fire element!   There are documented cases of individuals spontaneously combusting.  The fire that consumes them burns at  higher temperature than those used in crematoriums.  AND physical surroundings, such as, a chair that the individual sat on, are barely singed.  I get strongly that these individuals misused the magical / healing factor of the elemental ray of fire in the present or other lifetimes.  The spiritual Karma for these acts is what signals a drastically dangerous alteration in internal chemistry of the body and ignites the fire.

Tera Mai Seichem and Tera Mai Sakara II & III initiations are from Buddha.  They are perfectly balanced and safe for both the initiator and initiated.  If an initiator fails to follow Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, the opposite is true.  Sakara II & III hold a GREAT deal more fire energy that TM Seichem I, II & III.  The Sakara contract ensures to anyone interested in obtaining these initiations from any one of  the Sakara Masters listed on my website that Buddha’s standards have been maintained and that the Sakara initiations are safe.

Q.  When will other Tera Mai Masters learn how to do the Cahokia initiations?

A.  Kitty Hekelaar asked me if a psychic could watch while she was being initiated into Cahokia.  What came to my mind instantly was a story that one of Edgar Cayce’s friends told.  

Edgar Cayce, the premier prophet of our age, was lying down and in deep trance, while his secretary recorded what he was saying.  Cayce’s friend walked in on the session.  He was able to see Cayce’s astral body lying above his physical body, and attached to his physical body by a cord through Cayce’s etheric solar plexus.  Cayce’s astral body turned to look at his friend, and Cayce stopped talking.  The friend backed out of the room.  After he closed the door, he heard Cayce resume speaking.

It was then that the Angels showed me that the Cahokia initiations were coming from my etheric solar plexus.  They also indicated that I would be shown how to teach others how to weave the Cahokia initiations sometime shortly after December 21, 2012.  To be able to give these initiations, the initiator him/herself would by necessitate be initiated up to Cahokia VII, the first Enochian Magic initiation (given in Kathleen’s Shamanic I class), and TM Reiki  IV, V, VI & VII  and TM Seichem IV, V, VI & VII initiations.  These initiators may also need the TM Heart Chakra initiation?

It is logical that Tera Mai Sakara Masters, who do not have students, would not benefit from learning

There is something very powerful about the etheric solar plexus when it is aligned directly with God’s healing.  That is why the Tera Mai IV, V, VI & VII initiations are so very powerful.  All great prophets and healers had this connection.  It is where Inner Knowing and clairsentience come into the Spiritual channels of psychics, who have this ability.  

Q. What is the Tera Mai Heart Chakra Initiation?

A.   The Tera Mai IV, V, VI & VII initiations are given at the etheric solar plexus and connect the initiate directly to God’s Healing Energy.   The Tera Mai Heart Chakra Initiation opens the initiate to the power and miracle of God’s Love.  It also initiates a type of clearing and healing cycle.  

Anyone may receive the TM Heart Chakra initiation.  However, if the initiate has also received both IV, V, VI & VII initiations, the 3 initiations form a triangle of powerful healing energy.  The Angels showed me that there are some scholars in Israel who are searching for this energy in texts and through conquest.

Every time I have initiated my 4 horses, I ask the Angels, ‘So as you initiated Christie, Buckley, Duchess and Mel, so too, initiate any of God’s Creatures who wish to have this initiation.  Chris Cain, Claire Campbell, Marlene Kennedy and Ramona Kirk have seen that there are many millions of winged, 4-legged, 6-legged, 8-legged, finned, and creepers & crawlers who have received the TM Heart Chakra initiation.  With every beat of their heart, they send a cry, a prayer to The Creator God, asking for Justice and Love to return to Earth.

Jesus said that there would be signs in the heavens.  Recent astrological events are initiating HUGE CHANGES! 
The 3 Magi mentioned in the New Testament by definition had to have been astrologers and astronomers.  Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin used astrology to pick the best possible time for the signing of the Constitution. 

On Monday, June 21, God blessed Tera Mai with the Tera Mai Heart Chakra Initiation.  

Since May, the Universe has been offering glimmerings of change.  On  July 11., Jesus’ prophesy, ‘and the doors to where evil dwells shall be closed,’ was fulfilled.  By the end of July, those who practice the black arts utterly lost their powerful sources; elaborate dark rituals were reduced to meaningless mumblings.  The Prince of Darkness fell into a fiery chasm.  It is the beginning of the separation of the wheat from the chaff.

During the full moon of July 25, the powerful astrological signs that have been occurring since December 25, 2009, are beginning to manifest into the physical.  Destructive old ways and dinosaur technologies are coming to an end.  They have to!  Any one of the millions of people on Earth, who have seen a spaceship, will tell you that the vehicle could not have been powered by either fossil fuel or nuclear power.  As Earth embarks upon the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels, new, superior technologies and ideas will be in the offing.  Adventure, enlightenment, peace and love await us in the 21st century.

Edgar Cayce, the premier prophet of our age, foresaw people entering the Golden Age with whole, healthy, youthful bodies.  However, this involves more than ‘youthening.’   In order to go into the higher dimensions, our physical bodies and DNA need to adjust.  This energy is available to everyone; however, those with dark, heavy emotions, thoughts and Karma will be unable to utilize this energy in a constructive manner.

On August 15, the feast day of the Ascension of the Blessed Mary, both Chris Cain and Ramona Kirk see that Mary will bless and further expand the love and healing power of the Tera Mai Heart Chakra initiation.  This will cause all Tera Mai initiations to be raised in vibration.  Those who are properly initiated into Tera Mai and abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, and God’s Creatures who have received era Mai initiations will channel great healing and love into the Earth, where it will be sorely needed.

This is a good day for anyone to pray to feel the healing power of the Goddess and of love.

The common thread between Mystics, Shaman and Kabbalah teachings of the Ancient Essences:

Like the avatar in The Last Air Bender, in Shamanic journeywork, all of the above tuned into what was being requested in such a way that they became the goal.  For example, Shamans did not pray for rain, they prayed rain.    It is not about some external God hearing prayers; it is about us being our prayers!  We create a feeling of peace, rather than a prayer asking for peace.  We are actively and intentionally filling our hearts and having the feeling-based experience of what it is that we are creating.  It is feeling that what we are praying for has already happened according to God’s Will, and for this we stay in a state of thankfulness.

The ancient Essences had a word, actually a verb,  L’hitpallel, which describes a way of praying by which the supplicant is in a state of being and not being.  It differs profoundly from prayers, which by definition begs God to change God’s Mind, as if God is outside of us.  L’hitpallel means to do something to oneself.  This way of being in prayer is the Native way.   

Healing Animals

After I moved to North Carolina with the horses, I felt that it would be beneficial to my horses (especially Buckley), who had been abused before I owned them, if I lived with them on a horse farm.  In the course of taking care of them, they sometimes required reprimanding, which is NOT abusive.  Nonetheless, any kind of scolding brought back memories of severe abuse.  Last week, patience and healing paid off, there was a BIG shift in Buckley – he became a real horse once again.

Skin issues:  Bug and parasite bites were NOT a big issue for my horses in Wisconsin or Arizona.  However, in North Carolina it became a BIG concern, to the point that Duchess’ mammary glands would swell with the infection that the bites caused.  Hands-on healing helped greatly.   However, during the summer months and into the autumn, I was spending $300 a week on medication.

This summer, while the parasites and bugs have been vicious, my horses are doing much better and I am spending considerably less money.  Below is what I have come up with (you may Google MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution).  I do the following twice a day, while they are eating their breakfast and dinner:

External:  1 teaspoon of MMS and 1 teaspoon Citric Acid (let it stand for 3 minutes).  Add to 1 quart of water in a spray bottle. I use the entire bottle, spraying this solution not only on bites that I see and feel, but on all of the places that the buggers like to bite – legs, belly, crest of neck, forelock, ears, tails, buts, etc.  It is strong enough to kill the parasites and begin a healing process within days instead of weeks, and yet gentle enough for horses’ sensitive skin.  MMS works specifically on fungus, and it may be drying out other parasites to the point that very few of them spore.

Sometimes a parasite does send out spores.   One type feels like hundreds of hard, small particles of sand; another is like a thin, velvety veil over the skin.  In these cases I use Fungasol Shampoo by Equine America.  The key is to follow the directions on the bottle, leaving it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.  Afterwards, I spray with the MMS solution.  

When the parasites are under the skin or if there is a bleeding bite, I use a mixture of the following:  Organic coconut oil, Colloidal Silver and Novasan cream.  The coconut oil appears to pull out the toxins.

Internal:  One scoop of garlic powder in the evening mixed into the grain.  Because this is not their favorite taste, I also add a small scoop of beet shreds.  My horse have NO fleas, and I feel that the anti-oxidant properties are helping them as well.

With the morning grain:  1/2 scoop of unflavored electrolytes (my horses appear to know that that apple, orange and cherry flavors are biochemistry) with a healthy pinch of Peppermint leaves and 1 cup of water.  Mix!   What I see in my mind’s eye is that the Peppermint brings up dark energies.  Then I simply take my hands and move the darkness down to the central fire, and clear my hands in the etheric fire.

When people take the MMS solution, they start with one drop of MMS and one drop of Citric Acid (let stand for 3 minutes) and on following days progress SLOWLY.  For example, when I took, I stayed with 4 drops for many weeks.  If an individual were to find that one additional dropped caused nausea, s/he would take Vitamin C and the symptoms would go away immediately.  Horses cannot vomit!  So, with my horses, I went especially slow.  (It is probably good to detox slowly anyway.)

I have worked them up to the point that they each get 1/4 tablespoon of the MMS and Citric Acid.  I mix 1 tablespoon of MMS and 1 tablespoon of Citric in a glass jar that has markings for 1/2 cup, 1 cup, 1 1/2 cups and 2 cups.  I let it stand for at least 3 minutes.  Then I pour 1/2 cup into a 2-cup measuring cup – in this way, if I pour in too much of the mixture, I can pour some back into the glass jar.  Then I add water so that I have a full 2 cups.  I add this to one of the horse’s grain dishes.  I continue on with the dishes for the other horses and then mix.