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Summer 2012 Newsletter

Video of Real Healings that transpired during two 1-hour speaking engagements.

Six new healing techniques that anyone may use.

This newsletter is taken from the latest blog that I put up on my blog page , which you may also connect to by clicking on KATHLEEN’s BLOG to the left. You will find the magazine article on Tera Mai on the next blog, and other topics of interest on subsequent pages of KATHLEEN’s BLOG.


“She’s the real deal!”
Michael Harrison
“Her ability to perform a group healing, in person, or over the air is documented as “one of the best.”

Video of real healings: Near the top of the HOME page of my website you will find a link to a video that was filmed at the June 2 & 3, Dutch Paranormal Fair, where the Angels performed real healings through me at two 1-hour public demonstrations. Over 2 hours of film have been edited down to 33 minutes. Go to or go directly to 

The cameraman, John, is also a television producer. He interviewed me a few days later. John’s interview will feature additional healings from the 2 speaking engagements. I believe that the interview will be aired sometime in September.

The blog following this one features an article in the latest publication of the long-running, Dutch magazine, ParaVisie. The article is entitled ‘The Miracle of Delft,‘ and features the medically documented, witnessed account of Tom van der Ende’s miraculous healing through Tera Mai. Tom is also on the video talking about his healing through Tera Mai. 

Kitty Hekelaar’s healing through Tera Mai is also included in the article. Kitty introduces Tera Mai, Tom and myself at the beginning of the video.

The video and magazine article demonstrate that God’s Angels facilitate real healings through me, and through properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who follow Buddha’s Tera Mai standards , and who strive to live their lives with integrity and honesty.

The more healing energy an individual channels, the more that God’s Angels are able to accomplish through that individual. If you are interested in Tera Mai, please ask to witness real healing demonstrations beforehand.

As Earth’s energy is moving up into the Golden Age, it is increasingly easier to connect with and work with the Angels.

Below is an Angelic number sequence for clearing, healing and protection, which may be used by anyone. The first two numbers equal the sum of the last one or two numbers. Simply repeat the following number progression, and ask God / Goddess and the Angels to help you with whatever is going on. It is amazingly effective. 

112 (one-hundred and twelve)
224 (two-hundred and twenty-four)
336 (three-hundred and thirty-six)
448 (four-hundred and forty-eight)
5,510 (five-thousand, five-hundred and ten)
6,612 (six-thousand, six-hundred and twelve)
7,714 (seven-thousand, seven-hundred and fourteen)
8,816 (eight-thousand, eight-hundred and sixteen)
9,918 (nine-thousand, nine-hundred and eighteen)

Some symbols may also be used for clearing and healing. 
These and other symbols may be found on


IAVA came to Catherine Mills Bellamont shortly after taking my Reiki Mastership class in Ireland. Angels told her that Iava is to be used for Earth healing only.

However, many people have found that when they help to heal the Earth that they receive blessings.

Iava is drawn in 2 continuous lines. The first line inscribes the cosmic wave. While drawing the loops of the second line say, ‘Earth, water, wind and fire!’


Double CHO KU RAYs that get smaller were included in the Reiki materials Margarette Shelton gave me. Before I started teaching Reiki in 1990, I dug out Margarette’s handouts and practiced.

Cho Ku Rays are energizers only and have no specific meaning. Think of the circling, spinning Sufis or the Shamanic technique of spiraling arms in and out over an accident victim. (Ama Deus and other Shamanic techniques are included in Tera, My Journey Home and Becoming a Shaman.)

The original Reiki Alliance initiations that Takata handed down only included the counterclockwise Cho Ku Ray that got smaller.


CHO KU RAYs that get bigger were included by Buddha for use in Tera Mai Seichem. It works better to draw the ones that get smaller first and then the ones that get bigger.

CHO KU RAYs that get smaller seem to focus in on a particular aspect or core issue. The CHO KU RAYs that get bigger see the whole picture.

When used together, all 4 CHO KU RAYs help symbols to get at an issue from all sides.

HOSANNA (the one on the left) was given to me by Eileen Gurhy shortly after I arrived in New York City in 1992.

Hosanna means, “God, help!”

It is used for clearing anything or anyone. After drawing the symbols and closing your eyes, you might ask the angels to fill the symbol with Violet Flames of Transformation.

Invocations work! Calling upon Saint Michael and the Angels of the Violet Fire has proved to be quite powerful when working with Hosannas.

The second Hosanna was given to my by Sean Grealey. The Hosannas may be drawn on either side of CHO KU RAYs.

Other symbols may be sandwiched in between the two HOSANNA symbols. 

When I work with God’s Angels I do what the ask me to do, or I simply watch them work. It really helps if I work with someone, like Ramona Kirk or Claire Campbell, who is able to find what the Angels want cleared. We connect to the wave of ongoing energy that is produced by the cumulative efforts of millions of people who have participated in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing. After the individual I am working with finds the darkness, I am able to see it. (My agreement with God and God’s Angels is that if I am able to see it, they are able to clear it.)

Then the individual I am working with holds the energy or sends healing. I may energize symbols and give them to the Angels, or call for higher vibrations, or ask for God’s Intervention, et cetera. When I am impressed to ask for something, if it is the ‘wrong thing,’ it simply does not happen. However, if I am able to intuitively pickup on what is required and ‘hit the nail on the head,’ and ask for exactly what is called for, a LOT happens. 

The more healing energy an individual is channeling, the more that she or he will be able to accomplish while working with God’s Angels. A Tera Mai healer is alway given only what she or he is capable of dealing with. During the past 4 years of Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearings, like clearing and healing individuals, darkness in Earth has been coming up in layers.

Angelic Heavenly Metals: Recently, while working with Ramona Kirk to remove darkness that had been sent to us, we watched God’s Angels struggling to remove demonic horns from the dark being who had sent the ‘stuff.’ (Apparently, these demonic horns are grown, beginning with nubs, over many lifetimes as a black magician.) I found myself asking God to give His Angels Angelic Molten Heavenly Gold. That helped! Then I found myself asking God to bring the Angelic Metal Smiths, and that they might be given Angelic Molten Heavenly Golden saws and pinchers. 

It was the right thing to ask for. As the horns were removed, personalities, souls and energies of The Light that had been stolen were sent to The Light for transformation. When what was stolen is cleansed and purified, it is returned to the original owner by the power of 3 with love. Dark energies went down to Earth’s central fire for transformation.

Afterwards, the Angels showed us that people who had made pacts with the devil were possessed by the demon that they had made the pact with. These demons had grown tails, which the Angelic Metal Smiths were also able to cut off. As the tail was being cut off, the demon inside of the individual stuck his head outside of the man’s chest to see who was ‘messing’ with his tail. As the tail was being cut off, Light energies were removed in the same manner as with the horn extraction. Ramona could see the demon becoming a very small, dark, dense, featureless form. This miniaturized demon eventually settled in the man’s kidney’s. The man did not look well.

God’s Angels then went to other demons and repeated the same procedures.

Angelic Heavenly Metals: May be called upon and given to God’s Angels to use in the task set before you. You might also energize symbols with Cho Ku Rays, give the symbols to God’s Angels, ask them to fill the symbols with Angelic Heavenly Metals. Then ask God’s Angels to put the combined energies to the task at hand.

Angelic Molten Heavenly Platinum: When God’s Angels brought in Angelic Molten Platinum, they told Ramona that it was for reinforcement. It is also a powerful healing element.

Angelic Molten Heavenly Copper is a great conductor. It keeps the energies moving.

Angelic Molten Heavenly Silver is protective and increases healing and psychic abilities.

Angelic Heavenly Molten Gold may be used for clearing, healing, protection and prosperity.


An easy way to change life’s circumstances for the better.

On August 8, 2012, during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, a separation occurred between the forces of darkness and The Light of the dawning Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.
You may see this separation of The Light from the dark for yourself. Go into meditation and ask God’s Angels to show you the split. On an etheric level you will see a beautiful blue Earth, then layers of gold, silver & platinum. You might also see the edge of a dark, gnarly earth moving away from the beautiful, blue Earth. 

How is this significant and more importantly, how is this going to manifest? When I felt unusual tingling in my legs, I asked Ramona to look with her third eye to see what was happening. She saw that God’s Angels were moving me onto my true path on the beautiful, blue earth. 

Then I asked God’s Angels to move us onto our true path on the beautiful, blue earth. After I said this, Ramona and Troy felt the same tingling in their legs. 

You may have this same experience:
 While you are in meditation try to visualize yourself. Then ask the Angels to show you the beautiful, blue Earth. Then ask God’s Angels to move you onto your true path on the beautiful, blue earth. Simply wait and watch to see what happens. 

Examples of interesting Angel clearings:

During the July 25 and August 1, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearings and again on Sunday, August 5, many demons in desperation broke High Universal Laws. God’s Angels removed them from Earth and they were taken to the lost universe. A very wretched and forlorn-sounding place. 

For example, on the evening of July 23, I heard a far-away, heavy voice from a large, dark entity say, ‘We have to take her confidence away from her.’

I turned to God and said, ‘It’s not me! It’s You, God! It’s You, Goddess, in Whom I have confidence in! Please help! Please do something!’

Turned out that a lot of people had something happen that night, whereby they turned to God for help.

On the morning of July 24, Ramona Kirk received the message that the dark entity had broken Universal Law when he escaped from a dark realm between heaven and earth for the purpose of attempting to put fear into myself and countless others. 

Because the dark entity had broken Universal Law, God and God’s Angels intervened. The entire dark realm was condensed into a small ball, along with the entity and his minions and put into the lost universe. Immediately, more darkness left Earth and the energy on Earth lightened. Dark beings in body are having an increasingly difficult time dealing with the higher vibrations.

Then I felt incredibly high energy. Ramona was told that these were prayers coming to Earth from very high beings. People will now be able to experience God / Goddess more fully in their lives, if they so choose.

At the time, Ramona also felt that Earth was about to make another high, vibrational shift during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing. And, yes it did!

Friday, August 10,
 Ramona called me because something was again out-of-place. Once again, demonic beings had broken Universal Laws. This time while the dark energies that they had sent ahead through the time lines were being cleared, both Ramona and myself became very dizzy. I asked the Angels what was happening.

There are very dark and contained places; some of them far away, others not-so far away. For example, Ramona calls the place where the Angels take evil to, Behind the Doors. (This is a one-way door going in.) When the Angels remove Behind the Doors from Earth’s atmosphere, they take it to a place they call The Celestial Prisons Beyond the Stars. How lonely and hopeless sounding is that? But not as forlorn and pitiful as The Lost Universe, which is what Karina Hall calls the place where other dark entities and dark energies are taken. Then there is the dark, gnarly earth that other psychics and myself see. This despondent world draws darkness to itself, and is in stark contrast to the beautiful blue Earth, which is the one going into The Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.

There must be other dark realms as well, because on the morning of Friday, August 10, all of these dark places began shifting downwards. At some point they will condensed into a black ball. When the collection process is done, the door to where evil dwells will be closed. Just as Jesus predicted!

Releasing curses: On Tuesday, August 14, Ramona Kirk called me to say that on her walk, with her physical eyes, she was able to see a large, thick, black spiderweb in the shape of a dome over the entire town of Boomville. As we worked with the Angels to clear it, Ramona heard the word, ‘damnation.’ She asked me what I thought that it meant.

What came to me was that the black spiderweb was a curse put on the town. Ramona felt that it had been done a very long time ago. We both came to realize that when an intuitive sees black spiderwebs on the etheric planes, these spiderwebs represent curses, ‘damnations,’ or black / demonic enchantments, spells or rituals. 

We asked the Angels to keep working on the dark spiderweb over Boomville, as well as other black spiderwebs around the world.

While I was talking to Claire Campbell the following day, I told Claire what had happened and asked her to check to see how the Angels were coming. As there was still clearing and healing to do, Claire and I worked with the Angels.

Then it came to Claire that it would be highly beneficial for the two of us to ask that any ‘damnations’ that we uttered either maliciously or innocently in this or other lifetimes be released and burned. We both did this, and from our hearts we told God that we were sorry.

If you do this for yourself, you may pray, as Claire and I did. And / or energize the HOSANNA symbols with CHO KU RAYs, give the symbols to God’s Angels, and ask them to fill the symbols with clearing and healing energies, or the Angelic Metals. Then open your heart and ask the Angels to send them to anyone whom you have innocently or maliciously cursed or harmed in this or any other lifetime. Simply watch the symbols and see what happens. 

While Claire and I were working, it came to me was that we allow ourselves to be open to evil whenever we curse anyone. All curse lay as upon heavily upon the one who is doing the cursing, as those whom are ‘damned.’ When curses are released and burned, and we ask for forgiveness, a great burden is lifted. 

Then Claire received the message, ‘Words have power! Be careful what you utter!’

Releasing fear, sorrow, anger and worries: Dark beings, both in and out of body, feed off of fear, anger and sadness. You might consider using the healing energies in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing to breathe these emotions, along with worries, to God. Then ask God to do something. 

I am not the only Tera Mai healer who sends healing to those who participate.

Change is at hand! Consider being a part of the solution. 
Read about it here

Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing Experiences: 

The greater majority of people who participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing receive something, including Spiritual experiences. Many pray for themselves, others and/or Earth. Connecting with the group on Wednesday night at eight o’clock, has become a powerful time to pray. If you would like to experience the healing energies of Tera Mai for yourself, you might consider joining in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing. It’s been ongoing (every single Wednesday) for 4 years. Each week, the healings become more profound, revealing and effective. 

At 8:00 PM on Wednesday, simply ask God’s Angels, ‘Please connect me to the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.’

If 8:00 PM does not work out, start at the top of any hour on Wednesday and ask God’s Angels, ‘Please connect me to wherever the hour is 8:00 PM on Earth and the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.’ 

During the week, people who are going through difficulties frequently ask God’s Angels, ‘Please connect me to the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.’ It works!

On Wednesday, July 11, Karina Hall of England had the following experience: 

‘I saw the Sphinx being moved forward. This felt as if beneath it there is information / knowledge / energies ready to be released. Then I saw Bast come to life and felt her incredible energies flowing strongly through me. I also saw someone being released from deep water and I have a feeling that it was from Atlantis. It may be better to wait and see what more there is before going out on this. But I beleive these are the ancient energies / knowledge / enlightenment which are now coming to the surface a little at a time.’

My response to Karina Hall: 

The energies and knowledge of the Sphinx is Shamanistic in nature. When the first Europeans arrived in America they were amazed at what some Shaman were able to do. This includes shapeshifting, some were able to retrieve things, they had command over the elements, and some had incredible abilities to self-heal. Others, like Crazy Horse, had protection under specific situations.

Some used healing energies in different ways than we do now. For example, in some Shamanic healing practices toxicity could be observed leaving the physical body. This cleansing might go on for days. When the process was completed, the physical body was healed.

I have always felt that the energies of Tera Mai could be used for other Spiritual activities besides healing and intuition. I believe that the energies of Tera Mai will soon enable the properly attuned initiate who is abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards to pursue and learn such Spiritual practices.

Bast represents mental protection, music, joy and intuition. 

The soul Karina saw was a very high being who has been entrapped for thousands of years. Karina is correct! It would be too much of a shock to have the cleared, yet powerful knowledge and ancient energies of Atlantis released all at once on Earth. Great gifts require responsible actions, which evolves from a higher consciousness and compassion. 

People also have reactions to the reactions of other people: ‘I did a Shamanic Journey recently, after reading Karina’s comment on the Sphinx. Just at the end of the meditation, I asked God what was happening with that. I immediately saw myself crouching behind the right elbow of the Sphinx. I could see so much stuff come howling out from a rectangular opening on the left side of the sphinx. I felt that the stuff had sat there for a long time, but has now shifted to be released. I then saw myself as a white witch astride my white cat (who does live with me although obviously our proportions were very different in meditation!) Then I joined in the clearing process with another Tera Mai member, but don’t remember much more.
‘I feel such a positive difference in the energies since last Wednesday, and am looking forward to positive changes for a bright future.
‘Very much love and light’ 
Rachael xxx

Read more about the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, Shamanism and Tera Mai on my blog or Internet site.
Tera Mai, like everything and everyone else on Earth, is being affected by the increasing Light. For example, those who have been properly attuned to Tera Mai, and are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards are finding that the healing energies are becoming increasingly stronger, more loving and more effective.

On the other hand, for those who have misused Tera Mai energies or who have failed to abided by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards , something interesting else now occurs. The golden energies of Tera Mai Reiki, the electric blue (TM Angeliclight), the pale blue and orange (TM Sophi-El) in Tera Mai Seichem have been removed by God’s Angels. 

God’s Angels have left fire energies on their own. What fire is left is no longer TM Sakara healing energy from Source.

Tera Mai Sakara(fire) comes from The Holy Spirit and is perfectly safe when the initiate is attuned according to the initiation standards that Buddha established, and the initiate does his or her best to be honest and strive for integrity. It has been repeatedly demonstrated for over 20 years, that such individuals safely use healing energies of Tera Mai. For example, these individuals can draw Cho Ku Rays all day in the palm of their hands and experience healing.

On the other hand, it states clearly in the Bible that any violation of The Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin. Allow me to repeat, fire comes from The Holy Spirit. At some inevitable time, any violations of any Gift from The Holy Spirit leaves the individual exposed to the consequences. That inescapable time is here!

Ramona Kirk was given this message by God’s Angels:
 Anyone who plays with fire will be burned. In this instance playing means misusing the healing energies of Tera Mai Seichem (fire) for darkness or evil intent. Anyone who has violated Tera Mai Seichem (which includes the fire of Sakara) will discover that fire energies will blister them.

If you don’t believe this, for those who think that the rules do not apply to them, draw Cho Ku Ray in the palm of one hand and you will see a blister somewhere on that hand. Typically, the blister will be near or on the ring finger. This is interesting because when couples take their wedding vows, a ring on that same finger symbolizes their vows. Technically, receiving Tera Mai initiations from SOURCE is a vow to The God and The Goddess from Whom these healing energies come from. 

Ramona’s Experiment with the Angels: Ramona Kirk asked the Angels’ permission to experiment on a dark individual who frequently calls Ramona but has frequently attempted to ‘undo’ Ramona with her dark intentions. So, the next time this individual called Ramona on the telephone, Ramona asked her if she could try an experiment. The individual said that it was OK.

So, Ramona asked the individual to hold out the palm of one hand. Then Ramona saw the individual’s hand in her mind’s eye and drew two CHO KU RAYs in the palm. In a very short time, the individual yelped, ‘What are you doing?’

Ramona answered, ‘I am drawing CHO KU RAY. Why do you ask?’

The individual responded, ‘My hand is red and there is a blister on my ring finger.’

Ramona began clearing the symbols and energy off of the individual and said, ‘I am pulling the CHO KU RAYs and energies off of you.’ And the individual’s hand and ring finger returned to normal.

War-mongering is NOT going into the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.
It’s not just about oil. 
Every major war’s ultimate goal (from Constantine, through the Catholic Church’s so-called Holy War, through World War II and the Iraq War) was to control the Middle East. Why? Because there is this idea that whoever controls the Middle East, controls the world.

It’s not about real estate!
 I said in my first book, Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing that there has been a mistranslation, a gross misunderstanding or an outright lie.

Being able to make profound, positive change is all about the Arcane Secrets that Moses (who had been a prince of Egypt and, therefore, had studied in the Egyptian Mystery Schools) gave to the Jewish Essenes, and the Wisdom of King Solomon. (Jesus was a Jewish Essene.) 

How can Arcane Secrets and the Wisdom of King Solomon have such a great influence on the world?
 For example, the millions of people who participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing each week are a very small percentage of the population. Yet, God and His Angels work through us to release dark energies from Earth and to bring about the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels. Vast changes in the etheric are only just beginning to manifest in the physical.

Please consider being a part of the solution, join in with millions of conscious, caring individuals every Wednesday at 8:00 PM, wherever you happen to be on the planet. It’s free! It’s easy! Participate in whatever manner you so choose – prayer, chanting, meditation, send healing, hold the energy, et cetera. Pray for whomever or whatever you so choose – yourself, the Earth, those whom you love, et cetera.

There are signs in the sky that the age of darkness is ending and the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels is at hand. Look up at the Moon! There are a wealth of unidentified flying objects in the sky that many millions of people have observed. A highly unusual object was sighted in the sky at the opening of the Olympic games in London. I believe it came from the Angelic realms.