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Summer 2013 Newsletter

Contents: Screenplay 
Documented Real Healings 
Big Shift & Ancient Silver Lock 
Spirits & Spiritualism by Father Alois Weisinge 
New Healing Techniques 
Questions & Answers 
Uranus Square Pluto 
Book of Revelation 
Making Sense out of Buddha’s Tera Mai Standards 
Egyptian Cartouche Initiators listing on my site

Ramona Kirk and I have written an original screenplayIt involves a murder, but it is neither gory nor horrific. It is a mystery. It demonstrates how some women leave themselves dangerously vulnerable in various ways. It also clearly demonstrates the ways in which psychic phenomenon, and intuitive impressions come to true psychics. We are looking for an attorney or agent to represent us. If you know of someone, please contact me.

Documented Real Healings: 
Sometimes, people receive a spontaneous healing (miracle) through the pure healing energies of Tera Mai. 
More commonly, people return for additional healings because they notice real progress.

1. Healing of congenital heart problem: This spring, Maria Kopsidas worked on Rahman Parker, who had congenital heart disease. In and out of hospitals almost his whole childhood; more recently, he had been advised by his doctors to prepare for a future heart transplant because of the hardening of the aortic valve. (Aortic valve separates the aorta from the left ventricle, which prevents blood from flowing back into the left heart ventricle.) After the treatment, that evening, he played volleyball.

On Friday, June 14, both Maria Kopsidas(Washington DC)and I worked on Rahman again. Here is what Rahman Parker had to say: 
What an amazing experience. Kathleen and Maria have a beautiful way of introducing you, as the participant, to the healing experience. 
They they placed their anointed hands on my heart and began to see through me. Their perceptions of my situation helped direct what spirits to heal me and which spirits to remove. 
I was going through a holding pattern and experiencing pain in my chest. They have healed me of all those feelings and I am ready to thank them 1000 times and return for another powerful healing experience. The hands of Kathleen and Maria are powerful and truly anointed. To God BE the GLORY ! ! ! Rahman A. Parker

On Wednesday, July 3, Rahman went into the hospital for a procedure. Finding nothing wrong, the doctors did nothing. Rahaman is now able to breathe easily, sleep through the entire night and he is pain free.

Maria Kopsidas was twice initiated into TM Cahokia I & II. Kitty Hekelaar and Eileen Heneghan(below)were twice re-initiated into TM Cahokia I & II. Astounding clearings and healings are happening through the accelerated healing of TM Cahokia. 
While the vast majority of ‘Angelic upgrades’ to Tera Mai initiations have been automatic for those who have been initiated, the new, dramatic increases in healing potentials of Cahokia require re-initiations. 
I do all re-initiations on a donations-are-accepted basis, in person or over the telephone. 
For those who have Tera Mai Sakara II & III and find the healings and self-healings that Maria, Eileen and Kitty are able to facilitate, but would like to pay in installments, please contact me.

2. My father-in-law’s skin cancer was completely healed after 7 weeks of treatment. He had it on his ear and right hand. Both areas turned snow white and then just fell off. Gone completely. He is delighted. Didn’t use symbols. 
Brian Lawler, Ireland

3. I have noticed a significant increase in new clients and students lately . . . The healings are 
incredible. For example, a lady came to me after seeing doctor after doctor without noticeable results. She was in a lot of pain 
all of the time and there were other stress factors as well. She was always tired. After a healing session of an hour and a half, she was relieved to feel no more pain, and she felt lighter and happier. Just 90 minutes, and her whole life changed. 
I am so grateful to be a part of Tera Mai and to be able to facilitate real healings. Love & Light, Kitty Hekelaar, Holland

4. Self-healing after being twice re-initiated into Tera Mai Cahokia: I have felt so good ever since my fibromyalgia was healed through Tera Mai, but since I was twice re-initiated into Tera Mai Cahokia, I’ve noticed old physical ‘problems’ are being fixed. Like my ribcage that was injured when I was seventeen and never healed properly. Or my gallbladder that was slightly damaged from a big gallstone that has been in there for a long time, because I didn’t want an operation. The gallstone seems to get smaller – I don’t feel it anymore. My esophagus (had to look that up) was burned years ago during a bad case of the flu. I’ll spare you the details, but this problem is also being fixed. Sometimes, I feel hot energy going to these parts of my body when I’m meditating and sometimes, when I’m simply sitting down and watching TV, or checking my mail or whatever. Also, a lot of healing work is done while I am asleep.

It seems my lungs are now being healed as well. I was a smoker for 30 years. 
I was never really afraid that I would get cancer myself even though my mother died of lung cancer in 2001. But in 2008, I was able to overcome this addiction. X-rays and HR-CT scan show that my lungs are clean, but not I feel as though I breathe a little easier day by day . . . big relief for me. Being able to breathe better gives me more energy too. 
Love & Light, Kitty Hekelaar, Holland

(To put #5 into context, let me tell you about an email that I sent out on my email mailing lists: “If the prayer, the Our Father, is said before each healing and initiation, positive effects will be increased.” This message was given to Ramona Kirk, New York, during the April 10, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing)

5. I am most grateful. Since your email regarding the prayer, ‘Our Father,’ I am saying it out loud with clients at the start of each healing. It has been very powerful each time. 
The words, ‘forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,’ are especially relevant. We are in a time of deep transformation. As the light body is further developed, we all have to let go, forgive the past and become the true people we are. Lack of forgiveness holds people back and builds up banks of fear, anger and resentment. 
This time is a great opportunity to look at these patterns within ourselves, clear them and support others in doing the same 
Thank you for all you are doing, Kathleen 
I would like to be re-initiated into Cahokia 2. 
In peace and light, Eileen Heneghan, Ireland

(Eileen Heneghan refers to herself as a Tera Mai healer, not a Reiki master, and her calendar is booked with clients.)

6. Integration process after Universal initiations oftentimes brings up old issues and pains to be released: Since you initiated me twice into Cahokia 1, I have noticed that the clearings and hearings are swifter and happen more easily. 

In the week that followed the initiation, an old ankle injury resurfaced. I did not understand how I had hurt my leg so badly again. Another T-M initiate said that new initiations can bring up deeper levels to be healed. Suffice to say that after a week, there was not a trace of the injury in my leg at all. 

When I have linked up with you to facilate clearings I have noticed that these clearings are swifter. I have also managed to help my husband (today) and a friend by removing the ageing disks. I hope they will soon see a positive change in their health and lives.

This initiation is truly a gift from above.
In love and light
Karina Hall, England

(Karina Hall has been calling me at 8:00 pm her time, 3:00 my time, to do the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.)

For those who wish to be healers: It is especially important for us to look at our issues head on, rather than shift the blame or stay in denial. If we refuse to accept responsibility, make positive changes and get onto a higher road, how are we then able to help others to release their issues behind their ailments?

Very BIG shift is in the works. I don’t’ know the day or even the month, but I know that it is soon. I am as certain of this as I was when I very publicly proclaimed in January 2012 (ten months before the election) that Barack Obama would be re-elected. And I stayed with that prediction even after the second Presidential debate, when even his wife undoubtedly though he had blown his re-election chances.

As Earth moves into the Golden Age, there will be times when you feel and know that you are in a new and better reality. 
You feel as though, This is it! I fit here! This is perfect for me! These times will become more frequent. However, there are still bumps ahead.

CommentKathleen, I get the message now that time is short, and not to hesitate following the inner knowing. The people I feel comfortable with feel the need to discuss these issues, others do all they can to avoid the subject. Your work on this plane is much appreciated by many I am sure. Steve Zimmerman

Ancient Silver Lock: In April, Angels repeatedly showed Ramona Kirk an ancient silver lock closing permanently into place, and then the month ‘May.’ On May 31, I felt this lock close. I asked what it meant. I got that everyone’s fate is locked into place by our thoughts, words, what we have done and what we have failed to do. Some will be given a second chance. 
I feel strongly that God put this Ancient Silver Lock into place millenniums ago, to initiated the end of the dark age. As you read this, everyone is getting back what is rightfully theirs. What does not belong to them is being released.

Another time when I was working with Ramona to send healing to the Earth, she asked me, ‘Black magicians send evil into eternity, why don’t you send healing into eternity?’ 
I knew in the moment that by doing this they (not God) have condemned themselves into eternity.

When I ask Angels to remove dark beings from Earth, I have learned to ask, that in accordance with God’s Will, dark beings be taken to either: Earth’s central fire, Behind the Doors, to the Celestial prisons beyond the stars, into the Lost Universe, into the Universe on fire, to the weird place, the bottomless pit or onto the dark road. 
Once when I was doing a clearing with Ramona, one last particularly dark entity wasn’t going to any of these places.I asked,’Where does God want him?’ 
The answer was, ‘The pits of hell !’ 
When I asked if it was God’s Will that he go to the pits of hell, he was taken immediately. 
I asked that if there was anyone or anything else who belonged in the pits of hell that they be taken their as well. Ramona heard an Angel say, ‘It’s about time.’ 
A massive purge began. We could even feel ‘dark stuff’ leaving the pores o our skin, and a lightening of the space around us. 
When I asked that all evil they had crafted be sent to the pits of hell or to wherever else it was destined, more left. 
Days later, during a clearing for Maria Rojas from Sweden, I asked that anyone or anything around Maria or her son, which was destined for the pits of hell, be taken there. We had the same experience. 
Interestingly, because I asked for Maria and Gabriel, I was also cleared further.

F.Y.I. The pits of hell is consumed with fire. There is also another place for those who have damned themselves. It is called behind the gates of hell, and it is frigid cold. When I asked the Angels why there were so many places such as these, I was told that basically the punishment fits the crimes.

More evidence is coming that there is and has been human life forms on other planets. 
Proof that geometric structures on Mars exist and are in mathematical relationship to one another.

Spirits and Spiritualism by Alois Weisinger, a Catholic priest:………….42007/tabid/4424/Default.aspx 
. . . Ghost . . .part of a human being that is not corporeal (bodily), and which has been separated from the body through death . . . Can the dead appear to the living? Scripture shows that they can . . . Moses (who died centuries before) appeared to Jesus and three of his apostles, conversing with Him. 
. . . Spiritualism . . . There are two truths, which people today have almost completely forgotten. The first is that man is a fallen creature, which means that he once possessed certain spiritual powers that can now only be present in him in a weakened state; they can thus only become effective under certain exceptional conditions, and even then only in an imperfect way. 
The second truth is that, although it is connected with the body, the soul is a spirit, which may sometimes loosen that connection and may thus be able to achieve what would ordinarily be impossible.

SPIRITUALISM in PRACTICE: Jesus was a Jewish Essene! The Essenes practiced what the Native Americans call Shamanic Journeywork!

– Shamanic Journeywork in an ancient form of meditation. 
– Reinforces or builds connects with the Angels, God/Goddess and Earth. 
– Learn to work with Creation to find creativity, Truth, your true path and how to get there. 
– Develop your intuition so that you may ask questions and receive answers. 
– Find Spiritual guides, Angels and power animals to help you in your journeys. 
– Find yourself. 
– Read more: /shamanic_classes.htm

“A fabulous book for those on the journey of self-exploration. Easy-to-follow exercises and examples are included. It was interesting to see people work through their issues and stumbling blocks, and the resulting spiritual growth through the progression of Shamanic journeys. If you cannot take a workshop in person from Kathleen, this is the next best thing. And for those of you who have taken her Shamanic class, this is a great reminder of what you accomplished, and to use the exercises for additional work. This book is literally Kathleen’s workshop step-by-step as she teaches it.”
Claire Campbell
Atlanta, Georgia 

Classes in Sterling, Virginia 
Shamanic Classes 
August 10 & 11 and August 24 & 25 
Group Past Life Regression 
August 17 
Tera Mai Heart Chakra Initiation 
(connecting to and healing through The Open Heart of God/Goddess) 
No prerequisite 
August 18 
Tera Mai Seichem Classes 
September 6 – 8 
Ancient Initiation at the wrists, thumbs and index fingers 
I believe it is one of the initiations that Jesus gave to his disciples, because the Angel Israel comes in to do the initiation through me. This works with the energies of Tera Mai Seichem. 
Prerequisite: TM Seichem 
During the workshop participants will practice looking into the physical body. 
September 9

Classes in Holland 
For information contact Marion at[email protected] 
September 21 – 27

Dutch Paranormal Fair(talk, Q & A, & healing demonstrations) 
Video of real healings at June 2 & 3, 2012 Dutch Paranormal Fair HOME page: 
September 28 & 29 

Classes in Ireland 
For Dublin contact[email protected] 
For Cashel contactKaren Molan or Mary Campion at[email protected] 
February 2014 

Questions & Answers 
Q. What language is Tera Mai and what does it mean? It sounds like, my Earth. How did you happen to choose it? 
Eileen Maguire,Ireland 

A. The initiations into healing that Buddha gave me needed a unique name; a word that did not mean anything in any language. In this way, the healing miracles that came about through Buddha’s initiations would bring meaning to the word. 
While I was doing a healing on a woman, she spoke the words, Tera Mai. I don’t think she remembered saying them. The words stayed with me, and when I asked if this was the right name for Buddha’s initiations, I received a strong affirmation. 

Q. I found out that an individual who wants me to initiate him into Tera Mai is already initiated into other Reiki systems. Is it a problem to initiate him into Tera Mai? Will his other initiations be damaged or deleted? Or would he be able to work with both Tera Mai and these other initiation? 
P. Kamphuis 

A. I offer to clear people of manmade initiations before I initiate anyone into Tera Mai. This is because initiations that people make up for blockages in the etheric channels that are carried into future reincarnations until they are released. I am not alone in seeing these blockages. After these blockages are removed, I have seen major illnesses disappear. (Sometimes instantly; other times, within a week.) 
In the New Testament Jesus initiates a priest into the Order of Melchizedek. (Something else to think about: How else could Jesus have turned fishermen, an accountant and a doctor into skilled healers if he didn’t initiate them?) 
Early in the Church’s history, Popes and Church officials changed the initiations that Jesus handed down. Thus, the initiations were no longer Universal, they were manmade. Over time, these manmade initiations stopped working completely. For example, the Universal Orange Healing Energy of the Order of Melchizedek is gone from the lineage. So, priests no longer perform exorcisms or healings. 
If this individual had a lifetime as a priest or nun, or if he recently received manmade initiations, his etheric channels are blocked in some form or another. Thus, the energies of Tera Mai will not flow freely, and will eventually go away. 
Anyone who is channeling Universal Healing Energy from Source is able to easily remove manmade initiations because they are not grounded in Heaven or Earth. Rather, they are grounded in someone’s ego. 

Q. Do distant attunements work? 

A. Distant initiations without the use of a telephone are healings at best. Universal initiations are always done one-on-one. God and His Angels consider a telephone connection to fit the bill, because Tera Mai initiations given over the telephone have been documented over and over again as bringing about a successful healing connection to Source. 

Many of my students and myself to clearings and re-initiations on a donations-are-accepted basis. I will also clear and re-initiated anyone into TM Reiki I and TM Reiki II who has had any form of Reiki initiation. (Many of my students do this as well.) 

Q. Could you perhaps check something out for me, and share if it’s useful and clear? 
In meditation I was told that I could ask The Holy Spirit for . . . 
Rachael X 

A. * * * Before I ask anything of The Holy Spirit,I ask God if it is OK. 
The Bible states very clearly that sins against The Holy Spirit are unforgivable. 

The following questions and answers were sent out after I sent information within this newsletter out on my email mailing lists: 

Q. Kathleen, Why do you get a clearing when you ask someone, like St. Michael, to “send those who are destined for the pits of hell to be taken to the pits of hell?” G. 

A. One time while I was being interviewed on a radio show, I mentioned the importance of detoxing ones body. The next caller was an angry man who literally shouted at me, ‘Are you trying to tell me my body is toxic?’ 
I answered, ‘Sir, if our environment is toxic, why would you think that body is not toxic?’ 
It’s also true that when we help to clear and heal others or Mother Earth, we end up clearing ourselves. 
By choosing evil, dark entities destined for the pits of hell have produced great volumes of misery, sorrow and misfortune for Earth and everyone on Earth. So, when people ask God or Saint Michael to ‘send those who are destined for the pits of hell down to the pits of hell now!,’ the darkness and evil they created is removed as well. Thus, we are getting back(in this case clearing)what we are asking for others or the Earth. 

Q. Kathleen, Is it spiritual to ask that anyone be sent to the pits of hell? C. 

A. ‘In the beginning was The Word.’ God didn’t think it, He spoke it. As we are created in God/Goddess’ Image, it helps to give voice to what we ask for. The difficulty is in find the ‘right’ thing to ask for. When we do not know, our options are to go deeper within and listen to The Silence, or to give God/Goddess and the Angels options. Only those whom God has judged to have earned the ‘pits of hell’ as their final destination will go to ‘the pits of hell.’ 
These beings turned their backs on God a very long time ago, and have spit upon and scorned all opportunities given to them to change. The harm they have caused is immeasurable. They do NOT belong here. As they prefer darkness and evil, that is their choice. 

Q. Now that I have been re-initiated into Cahokia II, what should I charge for clearing the black, demonic aging disks and the black pyramid? 
I don’t ever feel anything, but I could feel the weight of the first black demonic aging disk coming out of me. And I felt a positive difference almost immediately when the Light Pyramid came into me. And I continue to feel better each day. I know that people would gladly pay to have this done. A. 

A. Since I do clearings and healings on a donations-are-accepted basis, I had Ramona ask the Angels. She got 50 English pounds of $75 US. The clearing does a lot, but it also doesn’t take very long to do. 

Q. What if you cannot see these black demonic aging disks and/or pyramids? I know I often remove things I cannot see, but how effective is it in this case? Kitty Hekelaar 

A. While I was working on Maria, I had an inner knowing that there was such a thing as a demonic aging disk and that there was one in her. When I told Maria what I was feeling, she was able to see it. When Maria saw it, I was able to see it and remove it. 
Call upon the Angels, and with the Tera Mai energies you are channeling, they will remove it. Your clients may or may not feel it coming out, but they will certainly feel a whole lot better. 

On June 11, 2013, Ramona and I received a Gift from SpiritI believe that we received this Gift because of all of the clearings and healings we have done through the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, and the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave. 
I am certain that everyone who has participated in the Wednesday Night Clearing already has or soon will receive a Gift from Spirit. 
The particular Gift that Ramona and I received involves manifesting physical healings quickly and dramatically. 

If you are impressed to do so, try the following Healing Techniques: 

* * * A long time ago, I asked God and His Angels, ‘If I ever ask for anything that is wrong, or if what I ask for is not quite right, please make corrections and put it right. 
Sometimes, the Angels do just that. For example, sometimes, I draw a symbol and give it to the Angels so that they can send it to _________. As I watch, the symbol I drew changes into another symbol. 
Other times, I have to keep asking questions and go deeper into meditation to find out what they are asking me to ask of them. 

1. Shades of Gold: The combination of pale gold, deep gold and red gold clears and initiates deep, profound and meaningful changes. You might draw symbols, give them to God’s Angels, and ask them to fill the symbols withpale gold, deep gold and red gold. Then ask the Angels to send the symbols to yourself, something or someone who needs healing, or to Earth. Or meditate on these colors and ask God’s Angels how you might use them in your life. 

2. TO RELEASE CANCER & Angelic Cannabis:Ramona Kirk drew the TO RELEASE CANCER symbol. She gave the symbols to God’s Angels and asked them if they could put Angelic Cannabis into the symbol. They did and the symbol became more effective. (Anything that is effective against cancer may well be effective against other diseases.) 
After you do this, ask the Angels to give the symbol back to you and through you. Or send it to someone who is quite ill or to the Earth. Watch and see what happens. Feel the energies. 
Or place the symbol on a clear quartz crystal in your home. 
‘A man, whom we will call -M-, had cancer and was given 8 days to live by his doctors. Three years later, thanks to Tera Mai and the symbol, TO RELEASE CANCER, -M- is alive today. 

Margaret Oakden,England 
Find this and other symbols on 

3. I am stronger than the forces of darkness. I am God’s chosen Angel. 
During the June 5, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, I was strongly impressed to chant this phrase. All of a sudden, Ramona and I realized that Angels and Spirit Helpers, who were doing the clearings, were chanting along with us. 
If it feels right, try chanting this whenever you feel overwhelmed. God’s Angels will join in to help you. 

4. Ancient Clearing Technique: I do not know what the name is, but the colors are aqua, indigo,and gold
There are 3 properties that I know of: 
Clears the healee’s timeline. 
Returns to the healee what is rightfully his or hers. 
Releases or expunges what belongs to others.

You might energize HOSANNAs with CHO KU RAYs. Give the symbols to God’s Angels. Ask the Angeles to fill the symbols with aqua, indigo,and gold. Then ask the Angels to send the symbols and colors through your timeline. Watch and feel what happens. 
Or energize IAVA, which is only used to heal the Earth. Ask the Angels to please fill IAVA withaqua, indigo ,and gold. Then ask God’s Angels to send the symbols and colors through Earth’s timeline. Watch and feel what happens. 

5. Releasing addictions: Unbalance in the reptilian brain can trick our consciousness into believing that we require too much of something (such as food) or crave substances that are harmful. The addict may well benefit from blue-green algae. Healers(with the permission of the healee)may ask God’s Angels to show them the healee’s reptilian brain, and then watch the Angels work. Healer may place a hand at the base of the healee’s skull. 

6. Releasing emotional issues: Lack of balance in the limbic brain may cause emotional imbalance. Healers(with the permission of the healee)may ask God’s Angels to show them the healee’s limbic brain, and then watch the Angels work. Healer may place a hand at the back of the healee’s head. 

7. Ramona Kirk’s technique for releasing trapped toxic emotions in the knees. Unresolved, trapped emotional issues are toxic, and may well be a cause of cancer and other diseases. 

Lie down comfortably on your left side. Pull your right knee up towards your chest, and point your right toes down. With the fingers of your right hand pointing down towards your feet, place your right hand on the outside of the right knee. Feel unresolved issues and emotions leaving out your right foot. 

Lie down on your right side and repeat the exercise by pulling your left knee up towards your chest and pointing your left toes down. With the fingers of your left hand pointing down towards your feet, place your left hand on the outside of the left knee. Feel unresolved issues and emotions leaving out your left foot. 

8. Trees need our healing now. In a very short time, the trees will help Mother Earth and ourselves to go into the Golden Age.(Scientists have proven that anything that has DNA also has a consciousness.) 

Ramona Kirk’s technique for sending healing to the trees and receiving healing from the trees: Place the palms of your hands on a tree trunk. Feel the energies of the tree and the Earth coming into your left hand, and your energy going to the tree through your right hand. 
Or lean your spine up against a tree. Feel the flow of energies. 

Singing Trees: Tree hugging is scientifically validated as being good for you. ‘It is all to do with the fact that everything vibrates in a subtle manner, and different vibrations affect biological behaviours. . . . Mantak Chia saysthat trees are natural processors that can help you transform your body’s sick or negative energy into positive, vital life force energy. . . . Since 1976, researchers at Damanhur have invented and developed equipment that can capture electromagnetic changes on the surface of leaves and roots, transforming them into actual sounds.’
(After you get to this link, scroll down to click and listen. It’s amazing!) 

9. Connect to Mother Earth, and her wisdom and healing: 
– Draw the symbol, MARA, on the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. Then meditate in silence. If visuals come in, enjoy them.

Kellie Ray Marine 

– The energies will shift if you do the exercise above with the symbol, TO RELEASE CANCER. 
– Meditate and connect to The Spiritual Diamond within the Earth. (Extending from the North Pole to the South Pole, and East to West.) It is from Source. It emanates Love, and it is initiating great physical changes in Earth. These changes are extending outwards from Earth to other planets. If it feels right to you, in meditation ask God’s Angels to open your heart and show you this Diamond. Ask that both Earth and you are placed onto your true paths. Simply watch and see what happens. Pray that you may be grounded through the Golden Road and deeply into Mother Earth as she goes into the Golden Age. 

10. Miracles of the HeartThe importance and benefits of a loving heart, and the intuitive intelligence and balance that it bring to you, your world and Earth. Click here:

11. Instructions on how to remove 3 black demonic aging disks in the physical body. 
God designed our bodies to regenerate. 
It is not that we are supposed to live forever. But we are supposed to have healthy, strong, flexible, fit bodies while we are here. 
Read the Old Testament and keep in mind that there were no wheelchairs, or oxygen units. 
HOW TO, click here: 

‘The removal of the (black demonic aging) discs is “The Deal.” Energy flows as never before while doing ealings, and with a benefit to the healer as I had not experienced before! I have not words. 
You told me and I can feel that there is more coming. I just can’t wait.’ 
Thanks!’ Maria Rojas,Sweden 

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to remove the black demonic aging disks from black magicians and those entrenched in darkness. The disks are a part of who they are, and they are unable to see it. The only way for dark beings to alter their reality is to open their heart, be contrite and make amends. 
‘Open your heart or lose your mind.’ Ramona Kirk 

12. Releasing fearFear caused by change is natural. It is how we handle any kind of fear that is critical. 
‘Embrace change or choke in your own fear.’ Hopi prophesy for our time! 

Stress, worries, ulcers and disappointment manifests when we collapse into fear rather than walking through it. If we don’t walk through it to see what is on the other side of our fear, it is like those who cause us fear take bites out of us. 
There is another kind of fear that is a warning. 
Ask God and the Angels, ‘Is this a fear that I benefit from walking through, or is this fear a warning?’ 

There are many techniques for releasing unwarranted fears. Meditation! Healing sessions with a true healer provide the healee with the opportunity to feel the fear(and other destructive emotions and thoughts)and release it. 

13. Seamless Heavenly Dome of Angelic and Divine Protection is simpler and more effective.

14. Releasing toxic issuesIn meditation, journeywork or prayer ask God’s Angels to help you. See toxic energies and emotions(jealousy, shame, hatred, prejudice, stinginess, et cetera)leave. 
You may see old stem cells exiting from the back of your neck between C7 and T1. 
Ask God/Goddess for the transitional Divine Plan found in the Divinely Encoded Colors pink,violet and gold to come into you and your life. Watch and see what happens.

15. Dragons and other mythical creatures have never existed on the physical plane. However, they are very real in the Spiritual worlds and help the Shaman in journeywork when s/he asks. 
Dragons are interesting. They may well come from The Holy Spirit. Whenever a request is made of a Dragon, it is wise to add, ‘and cause no harm.’ 
If someone should ask a Dragon to do harm, whatever is asked will come back to the one who requests harm by the power of three. 
Dragons are very good at clearing up negativity, which they are allowed to clear. 
Dragons also bring abundance.

16. POWERFUL CLEARING: Draw FIRE DRAGON and MARA down the spine and on the soles of the feet. (No Cho Ku Rays)

If you want to use the symbols on yourself, see yourself in your mind’s eye. Draw FIRE DRAGON & MARA with both your physical and etheric hands. Give the symbols to the Angels. Ask the Angels to place FIRE DRAGON down your spine, and MARA on each of your feet. Watch and see what happens. 
Draw the symbols again in the same manner. This time, ask the Angels to give them to your personal Dragon(s). 
Then draw the symbols again to clear your timeline(past, present and future). Ask your Dragon(s) to help you. 

Draw the symbols again. This time, ask the Angels to place FIRE DRAGON into Mother Earth’s North Pole, and MARA east and west at the equator. Ask Mother Earth’s Dragons to help you. 

After I had drawn the symbols (FIRE DRAGON & MARA), I was guided to extend my physical hands palms facing out exactly centrally above the healee’s spine. Then reaching forward with my physical hands, I extended even further with my etheric hands. It was as if I was reaching into his future. Then I was guided to push ‘stuff’ aside, as if I was clearing ancestral Karma. I got an image of the person’s dragon, which needed clearing. I did this and saw golden light flooding the future ahead of him. 
I was wondering if this may help anyone, or if anyone else has had a similar thing happen? 
Rachael Ingram 

Hanna Kroeger’s Technique to Set Tailbone for Leukemia 

I studied briefly with Hanna Kroeger, who is featured on the video. It was interesting for many reasons. For example, when we practice techniques those in the class who channeled Healing Energy from Source achieved various degrees of results. There were some who channeled their own energy with questionable results. 

Last series of squares between Uranus and Pluto occurred between 1932and 1934, with five exact hits. Currently, we are in the middle of 7 Uranus square Pluto aspects (June 24, 2012 through March 17, 2015). The November 1, 2013 square will be the most powerful and significant. 

Quote from 1933: 
“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.” 
. . . “We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce workers’ salaries and take away their right to strike.” 
Adolf Hitler, May 2, 1933 

With the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing we are working with the Angels to bring about positive changes. It is working! 

If you have not already read the long history of eventsof Biblical proportions surrounding times when Uranus squared Pluto in the past, you will find this interesting: 

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The HOME page on Earth changes. The BLOG page discusses what the Bible says about healing. You are welcome to join the conversation. 

The radio interview on my site covers a wide variety of Spiritual subjects including prophesy and psychic readings. 
The video on my website shows real healings that the Angels facilitated through me at the Dutch Paranormal Fair on June 2 & 3, 2012.

Book of Revelation or The Apocalypse: When I was young I thought I was going to be a nun. I read the Bible. When I read The Apocalypse it began in one voice and then changed to a very different, very dark voice. I simply knew that John the Beloved did not write it. Later in life, I learned about the well-documented First Council of Nicaea, where in 325 AD, the Roman Emperor Constantine and the council voted Jesus to be Divine and the one and only Son of God by one vote. They also threw out books (Gospels) written at the time of Jesus that they considered ‘inappropriate.’ And they altered the books they kept in the New Testament. The scope of Spiritualism and teachings lost through the action of these men is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls (1947). Furthermore, an ancient collection of Sumerian texts on 70 tiny metal tablets (discovered in 2011) and dating back to the first century AD, could give enlightenment. However, they were stolen and illegally smuggled into Israel, where they are kept away from the world.

The stories in the Book of Genesis are variations of Egyptian stories. (For example, Set kills Osiris; Cain murders Able.) Egyptian stories are variations of ancient Sumerian stories.

OBVIOUS COTRADICTION: If you will read the story of Cain and Able, you will discover that after Able is murdered by Cain, all of a sudden, whole communities of people appear. Where did all of these people come from(certainly not from Eve).AND in the original Old Testament Lilith is Adam’s first wife. (So much for traditional marriage.)The Bible was written by men, some of whom were more inspired than others.

A more recent example of the Bible being altered may be found within the popular Saint James version of the Bible. (It’s name is a clue that God did not write it.) In this version we find Medieval English phrases.

It is a given that timelines are being cleared, Karma is being returned to the original perpetrators, and all are receiving back what is rightfully theirs. BUT the Apocalypse contains a story of a demonic manifestation, who will deceive mankind with short-lived miracles and healings that will not hold. Both of these realities canNOT exist simultaneously. 
When I asked, I was given that it is not a part of God’s Plan that Lucifer come into physical form. However, as literally millions upon millions have read or heard The Apocalypse, by our thoughts and words we are bringing this false reality into the physical. 
I asked God, ‘If it is in Divine Order, please throw the Apocalypse into Earth’s central fire.’ 
Before I could get all of the words out, I saw it burning.

Ask for yourself. ASK GOD FOR THE TRUTH so that you might be given a sign.

To find & ground onto your true pathClose your eyes, get into meditation and ask an Angel to help you get onto your true path. See and feel yourself on this path. Feel the wind coming at you as you move forwards. It’s like a cool breeze blowing out around you, releasing all that does not belong to you.

Making sense out of Buddha’s Tera Mai standards 
The stories in Genesis provide guidelines for acceptable behavior. In the story of ‘Adam and Eve,’ God’s only commandment to them was not to eat the apples from a particular tree. Even today, it does not make sense. However, when they defied God’s commandment, God and His Angels threw them out of Paradise.

When I had a consciousness-raising experience with Buddha, he gave me initiations (Tera Mai initiations) that work. He also gave me standards for the initiations.

Initially, I did not know that it was Buddha who had come to me. Later, when Buddha showed me that it was he who had come to me, he told me not to tell people just yet. He said that he did not want these initiations called Buddha Reiki. He said that the initiations came from The Source of All There Is.

My life would have been a lot easier without these standards. However, so as Adam and Eve lost paradise; so too, those who think that they know more than Buddha and do not have to keep the Tera Mai initiation standards have lost or are in the process of losing the energies of Tera Mai.

Words to live by, by Don Miguel Ruiz, author ofThe Four Agreements 
Hear him on Oprah:

– Be impeccable with your word. 
If you are impeccable with yourself, everything changes and the world opens up.

– Don’t take anything personally. 
‘Don’t pu your life on mine.’ 
We don’t have the right to control other people or try to make them change.

– Don’t make assumptions. 
If you do, you miss out.

– Always do your best.

Egyptian Cartouche Initiators will be listed on my website under TERA MAI INSTRUCTORS. In my first book I talk about how Higher Spirit came to me and asked me if would give the Angels permission to clear the symbols of the Egyptian Cartouche through me. I said, yes. (It’s difficult to say, no.) Years later, Spirit gave me the initiations into the Universal Energies represented by the Egyptian Cartouche. 
So, while I was not the one who was originally assigned this project, I am the messenger. The Tera Mai Egyptian Cartouche initiations are now a part of Buddha’s Tera Mai system of healing and intuition. The lineage begins with me. Buddha’s Tera Mai Standards apply.

If you are listed as a Tera Mai Seichem Master on my website, have also been properly initiated into the Egyptian Cartouche and are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, please email me. There is no charge. If you are not listed on my site, there is a one-time $100 fee.