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Summer 2014 Newsletter

We cannot change the past, but we are able to clear & heal the past. However, we will never know what our prayers have accomplished because we stand in the present facing the future. The future we face has been altered through our prayers, but we do not see what might have been had we not prayed.

Ramona Kirk and I are also receiving additional information on symbols that are on the SYMBOLS page of

DIAMOND OF THE GODDESS is a symbol filled with White Light, which is above everyone’s head. Anyone may simply call upon this symbol. When called upon the following occurs:

  • It protects the Soul Star Chakra (about 12 inches above head).
  • Symbol & White Light comes into the top of the head, through the body and out the feet.
  • When the symbol goes into Mother Earth, it is magnified.
  • The symbol and magnified energies come back up through the body, opening the heart. It brings beneficial energies. 
  • This symbol may only be used for good.
  • This symbol was given to me by Franky from Belgium.

Michael Harrison introduced me to 300 radio & television talk show hosts and producers at the Friday, June 20, Talkers Conference in New York as ‘the greatest healer and psychic in the world.’

* My personal perception was that Michael was surrounded in High Vibrational Energy. As he spoke these words, I felt their impact pushing me gently.
* Afterwards, 35 people came to me for readings, healings or both.

Since August 2008, millions of people have and are benefiting from the weekly ongoingWednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing
* First connect to the group as described below. You will both benefit from the energy of the group and add to the efforts of others seeking healing or help.
* If you are brand new to meditation or Spiritual practice, you may find the burdens of the physical world chasing after you.
* So, begin by thinking and feeling of something that brings you joy or love. 
* If the mind begins to chatter, breathe the chattering away.
* Initially, you may find yourself doing this a lot. It does get easier !
* God speaks to us through the silence in quiet ways; such as gut feelings.
* Quieting you mind will change your life for the better.

People connect to the group wherever they are at 8:00 pm on Wednesday nights by repeating: 
“Angels please connect me to the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.
– If 8:00 pm does not work out, people may begin at the top of any hour on Wednesdays and repeat, 
“Angels, please connect me to wherever the hour is 8:00 pm, and the Tera Mai healers who are doing 
the clearings.”
– Or before going to sleep at night they might say, “Angels, while I am sleeping please connect me to the 
Wednesday Night Clearing and Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.” 
After people connect they may pray, meditate, chant, sing Bible songs, et cetera.
– People may pray to God, God’s Angels, Saints, Jesus or other Great Masters if they wish.
– People may work on themselves, pray for others, a special cause and/or Earth.

Visions of The Divine Presence: During the 3:30 – 4:30 am (EDT) free June 20 group healing offered through I had the visions and experiences detailed below. 
* The next free group healing is 7:00 am (EDT) on July 12. Sign up on the site by clicking on the post, Hitch Your Wagon to a Star. Then click on Comments and scroll down.

‘I had the vision of people in tight, cramped quarters. We were in white spacesuits, which were barely able to protect us, while we walked on a planet or place of molten fire. There was intense heat all around. Then we were invited into a VERY strange spaceship. As we were about to enter I asked, ‘How are we going to keep the heat out when the door opens for us to get in?” No answer!

‘After we were in the strange spaceship The Divine Feminine Presence appeared (in the form of the character, Phyrne Fisher on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on PBS) to pull people out of their entrapments and misery. She did this by hooking her spaceship onto ours, and then pulled us out – spaceship and all.) 

‘Afterwards, I was surrounded in Light & Love. I had the sensation of the tops of people’s heads being opened and heat slowly flowing down the back of the head, neck, shoulders and upper back. As it got closer to the exact time of the New Moon (4:08 am EDT), the top of the head opened further and energy poured into the head. Then I saw a vision of the King of Hearts, which symbolized a powerful, loving male. I felt this represented The Divine Masculine Presence, but the card also represented other things to other healees.

‘The sensation of the top of the head being open and heat slowly flowing down the back of the head, neck, shoulders and upper back continues well after the group healing. 

‘When I asked why The Goddess chose to appear as Phyrne Fisher, I was told that this character was able to do everything and get out of any tight or dangerous situation. I believe that this was also the answer to my first question; that is, The Goddess is able to do anything.

‘In the Jewish religion The One God has many names. The name for God’s Presence on Earth is a feminine name, Shekenah. The poets – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau & William Wordsworth – who exalt the benefits of nature and the wilderness, are correct. We find both God and ourselves in such places.’ Kathleen Milner

Comments by healees who were signed up for the June 20, free group healing.

‘HI Kathleen, I meditated at the time you were doing the healing and I, too, felt heat in my head and then down my arms and then around all my body. Thank you for all this.’
Love, Anne Marshall-Lee

‘Kathleen, I don’t know yet what effect it (group healing session) will have, but it was very hot indeed!’ 
Kitty Hekelaar

‘I don’t know what time it was when I woke up to turn the air-conditioning down. It was hot. ‘ 
Claire Campbell

‘Hi Kathleen, My experiences after and before the group healing were exactly the same. You must know that it is already bloody hot here in Egypt…but the heat I felt is different. My feet were so hot .. it was difficult to keep them on the floor. A lot of clearing and healing came up through my legs and hips, my belly and chest. At the same time, heat came into my crown and flowed down my body. It’s like there is more space in my mind and body.
‘For a long time, I felt that this time is very important for woman. A lot is going on. Women will not take being treated like a piece of furniture. A lot of changes are coming up. I am so grateful to be a part of these changes although it is not easy. By sticking together we do great work.’ 
Samar (Mandy)

‘Dear Kathleen, I went to bed late but could not sleep or breathe well, as I felt something like a piece of a rock on my Solar Plexus, stomach and between my ribs (chest). Just before panicking, I remembered that you will work with the Angels ahead in time to the healing group for everyone who had singed up for it. I drew the symbols of Jupiter, Trine and Saturn and got calm. I opened my heart to you and the Angels. At the same time the pressure released and my breathing got better. Then I began to yawn, more and more deeply and loud as I haven’t done for years and I felt more and more lightly in my breast and in my belly as well. So much air was released, that was unbelievable. Before I fell asleep I gave a GREAT THANK YOU. I also set the clock to take part later in the healing group. 
‘When I woke up I opened my heart again to you and the Angels. Later when I woke up again, I can breathe well, just a little pressure remains; my belly feels soft. I still feel the Healing Energy. I am so grateful.’ 

Release of Leg Pain and Healing During the March 20, free group healing.
‘Hi Kathleen! Actually, you are spot on! I feel much, much better! I ad to sit for two hours on a hard chair today, and managed it with no pain or ill effects. So I am ecstatic and Really, rely grateful. Thank you so much! I fine it hard to express what this means to me after almost two years of constant pain. To be so free is Wonderful indeed!
‘You do so much for so many, so truly a huge, heartfelt Thank you.’
Blessings, Rosalyn Ogden

As More and More People are having Spiritual Experiences, it is Really Important to Check Auditory Messages and Visions.
* When you hear or see things on other levels ask:
* “If you’ve come in the same of my Lord Jesus Christ (or Divine Truth) please stay, otherwise go away and stay away.” 
* “Please remove the glamour of evil from all sentient (conscious) beings everywhere.”

Spirit precedes us, guiding our path. Thus, oftentimes, we feel the energy of an event before it happens. However, if we do not take the necessary physical actions, the energy dissipates. For example, people may experience the energy of Tera Mai Reiki I before taking the class and receive the initiation. However, if an individual does not follow through and receive the initiation, the energy goes away.

Re-initiation into Cahokia I increases energy and healing abilities of all levels of Tera Mai Cahokia that the initiate has received.

Tera Mai Cahokia IX is a huge jump in healing energy and abilities from Cahokia VIII. The ninth level may include additional levels of Cahokia or other Universal or Cosmic healing energies from Source.
“With the other Cahokia initiations I felt the energy initially in my back. Even though Cahokia 9 is given down the spine, the energy of Cahokia 9 went directly to my face. 
“The Angels said that they were also working on my senses. It felt as if a veil had dropped. I could easily see what needed to be released within me, and it left quickly.
“It’s a big energy jump from Cahokia 8 to Cahokia 9. I don’t usually take naps, but I had to lay down and slept twice the day Kathleen initiated me.” 
Ramona Kirk, Boonville, New York

Clearing with the Red Dwarf Star
Angels are able to take the worst of the evil that is leaving Earth to an etherial, fiery red ball, resembling a red dwarf star.
* The gravity of the Angelic Red Dwarf Star pulls evil into itself that does not belong anywhere else.
* In meditation or while praying try the following: “Angels, if there anything in or around me, my home or my life that belongs in the Red Dwarf Star, take it there now.”

‘Incredible!!! I asked to remove the (dark) empowerments of x and each member of the family with the prayer you just gave us. It was amazing. 
‘I could see rivers of fire running as blood.
‘I did the prayer for each member of my family, and friends whose names popped up during this healing. I feel great!
‘Thank you Kathleen ! !’
Maria Rojas, Mexico

Clear Away Negative Impact of Lies so as to Fully Participate in Upcoming Opportunities
Our words and actions go out into the world, like concentric ripples made by a pebble when it is thrown into a pond. Just as a rock makes bigger ripples; so too, both big lies and big Truths create bigger disturbances .

At some point, ripples hit a solid surface and return backwards to the place of origin. So too, the consequences of both lies and truths are returning to the individuals who spoke them. This is also called Karma and Darma (good Karma), and this is happening now. Because of the Laws of Cause and Effect this is unstoppable.

One example of the negative consequences of lies: 9 million women were accused of being witches, tortured and then murdered by the Roman Catholic Church’s Holy Inquisition. Think of all of the lies that had to have been told by jealous people and Church officials.

Resentments also hold us back. Think of all of the resentment by these victims, many of whom did not know the charges against them or who charged them.

Step by step, as the future becomes the present, the effect of our clearings becomes more and more pronounced. Things get better but we fail to see the impact of our prayers because we are unable to see what might have been.

Healers, are You Looking for Ways to Clear the Chakras?
Go to and click on the post, Hitch Your Wagon to a Star . Click on Comments on the same post to read Kitty Hekelaar’s and Michael Edan’s experiences and other methods of dousing and clearing.
* Chakras are energy wheels in our aura and etheric body, which act like lungs do in the physical
* When the Soul Star Chakra, which is about 12 inches above the head, is initiated with a man-made initiation it closes. This closes all of the other chakras.

How to know if the chakras are closed and what a healer may do to open them?
First, you need to learn how to douse. Someone who is able to douse can help you with that. 
You will want to demonstrate to the individual, who has come to you, the condition of his or her chakras:
– Ask the Angels to show you the health of each chakra. 
– When you ask for the health of the chakra, a healthy chakra will cause the pendulum to swing clockwise. 
– Counterclockwise movement or an erratic circle means that something needs to be clear. 
– If the pendulum moves sideways or up and down, the chakra is closed.

To clear the chakras and remove manmade initiations REQUIRES the permission of the individual !
(This process will remove all manmade initiations.)
Begin with the Soul Star Chakra. Then work in the aura and down the front. 
– Start with the Soul Star Chakra, which is 12 inches above the head. The individual should be sitting down. 
– Point your left index finger at the Soul Star Chakra. Hold the douser in your right hand. 
– If the chakra is not clear, ask the Angels to clear it. The douser will begin to swing counterclockwise. 
– When the chakra is cleared, the douser will slow down, reverse and go clockwise. 
– Allow the douser to spin clockwise for a bit.
– Then proceed in the same manner down the front to the following chakras: Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat, Heart 
(Heart chakra is behind the sternum, NOT on the left side where the physical heart is), Solar Plexus, the 
chakra at the Naval, 2nd chakra, Root chakra and the chakra that is 12 inches below the feet.

Then work in the aura and down the back.
– Have the individual stand up. If the individual is laying down on a massage table, have him or her turn over.
– There are chakras at our backs. 
– The front and back of the Heart Chakra is actually the same chakra connected in the center of the body at an etheric energy line that runs vertically through the body. This vertical energy lines extends above and below us, connecting us to the Heavens and to Earth. 
– The Soul Star Chakra and Crown are now clear. 
– You may check them again if you wish. 
– Proceed to the chakra at the back of the head, back of the neck, back of the heart, back of the solar plexus, small of the back (opposite the naval) and back of the 2nd chakra. 
– You may check the Root Chakra and the chakra 12 inches below the feet again if you wish.)

Many New Energies coming to Earth do NOT require an initiation.
Some people are giving initiations into New Energies but there are no initiations for these particular energies.
* Many of the New Energies coming into our world require no initiation whatsoever.
* What is required is for any individual to be clear, have an open mind, and to have an open, loving, compassionate, generous, grateful heart.
* If you have problems clearing yourself, you might consider going to a real healer.

For example, one such Higher Vibration comes into the forehead, into the brain’s prefrontal cortex, through the brain and into the glands in the middle of our head. The impact is phenomenal.
* Initiates a clearing and healing process.
* Brings a higher level of creative and intellectual thought.
* Corrections in the physical body, and positive changes in life.

Get into a meditative or prayer state and ask God and God’s Angels for the New Energies.
Focus at the top of your head. You will feel:
* Circle of Energy initially at the top of the head, and then 2 to 3 inches into the brain.
* Heat is from Holy Spirit. It burns away negativity.
* New Energy works down the spine and through the Chakras.
* Small Chakras in the soles of the feet open. Cold energy blows through these Chakras and into tops of feet.
* Cold Energy moves up into the ankles, knees and hips.
* People feel that they have a firm, orderly foundation. The last think you want to feel is scattered.
* Energy works through organs, glands and tissues. 
* Cannot remove Karma that has not been worked out. Even those who have dumped their own Karma onto another finds that his / her Karma inexorably returns. No healer, Shaman or Hogwarts wizard is able to prevent this.
* If you need help clearing yourself so that you are able to benefit from these New Energies, consider going to a real healer.
* Read more on the post, Many Higher Vibrations do Not Require an Initiation on 

Another example of energies that do not require an initiation: Just as perfect geometry in art, sculpture and architecture creates energy and attention; so too, perfect geometries in the heavens create energy and attention. The ongoing trine between Jupiter and Saturn brings positive opportunities. (Will continue for next 5 to 6 months.) However, in order to derive benefits our attention and energy input is required. Here are a couple of ideas:

* Draw the symbol for Jupiter, an equilateral triangle, and the symbol for Saturn. You might energize them with the symbols, Cho Ku Rays. Give them to God’s Angels and ask them to bring you positive opportunities. Then meditate and watch to see what happens.
* Or pray to God and ask Him / Her to connect you to this ongoing geometry in the heavens. Then watch to see what happens.

New Structuring for the Shamanic classes I teach.
First Shamanic Class. 

(A Shaman is another word for a healer, psychic or individual with other Gifts of the Spirit)
* Students learn how to actively Journey in the Otherworlds of Spirit.
* This involves asking Spirit for guidance, finding something or someone who is lost, asking for healing, et cetera. Then meditating by seeing oneself in ones own mind’s eye. 
* Students learn Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, do psychic readings from Otherworlds, importance of Spiritual rituals and ceremonies, Death of a Shaman, and connect with colors, nature and great masters.
* Initiations that are given in this class include: 
7-Rays to balance the heart and open the gemlike chakras in the fingertips, 
Violet Flame – transformation 
YOD to open intuition further 
Order of Melchizedek as mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments.
First Enochian Magic initiation is given the first time the class is taken.
* This initiations open etheric channels. 
* The Angel Enoch connects the initiate to the Light of Enoch.
* Has nothing to do with Alister Crawley
Each time this class is repeated:
* The initiate practices the journeywork.
* And receives the next Enochian Magic initiation. There are 4 initiations.

Second Shamanic Class
(Pre-requisites: To have taken the First Shamanic class at least once. Respect and love for nature.)
To understand the importance of wilderness and nature, watch the French video of Yellowstone, How the Wolves Transformed Rivers

What the Second Shamanic Class Accomplished:
* Clearing so that higher energies are able to come in.
* Connection to the Emerald Green Energy from Heaven and Earth.
* Emerald Green from The Holy Spirit comes to the top of the head, down the front and into the front Solar Plexus. This opens intuition and inspires greater Spiritual communication.
* Emerald Green from Mother Earth comes into the ankles, up the back of the legs and back, and into the back Solar Plexus. The energy brings about physical manifestations; such as, earthly treasures,physical healing and opportunities.
* Pink love from the individual’s own heart goes into the Solar Plexus to bind the Emerald Green from above and the Emerald Green from below together. Without the pink love the Emerald Green goes away.
* Initiator is able to safely call upon The Fire of The Holy Spirit.
* The clearing of the Rock of Cashel, as described below, was accomplished primarily through the Emerald Green energy.
* Shamanic initiation in the palms of the hands.
* Enables initiate to work with forces of nature and Earth’s energies in tangible ways.

Third Shamanic Class
(Pre-requisite: Tera Mai Seichem I)
Ancient initiation at the wrists, thumbs and index fingers.
* Angel Israel comes in to give initiation. Many initiates are aware of his presence.
* Connects the initiate to the electric blue energy of Angeliclight in such a way that the initiate is able to facilitate healings by simply watching the Angels work.
* Allows more Angeliclight to flow through fingertips.
* Practice looking into the physical body.

Tera Mai healing energies and healing results have increased dramatically, especially in 2014
Tera Mai Reiki I has always been about self-healing.
* So as to derive the greatest benefits from this initiation, it is highly advisable for Tera Mai instructors / initiators to initially give only the Tera Mai Reiki I initiation, and teach hands-on and self-healing
* In this way the initiate might focus entirely on him or herself during the 3-week clearing and integration process.
* If the initiate wishes to go on with Tera Mai, proceed to Tera Mai Reiki II. Give the initiation and teach the initiate how to work with symbols. 
* If the initiate wishes to advance, wait 21 days and then proceed to Tera Mai Reiki III. Give the initiations. Teach the more advanced way to work with symbols. Teach how to give the Tera Mai Reiki I, II & III initiations, YOD and Order of Melchizedek.
• * Follow the same process with Tera Mai Seichem. 

Many people in India and elsewhere believe it is OK to steal other people’s energy, gifts, prosperity, et cetera.
* No one is a dumping ground for other people’s Karma. No one is lunch for those who haven’t made the sacrifices and put in the time to do the work.
* Angels call such thieves scavengers.
I can prove this is true: When Angels of Exorcism release dark entities (those in physical bodies or on the etheric planes) from our world, the horns and tails of dark entities are removed. This expedites the release of all that they have stollen when they were in body or on the etheric planes. All that has been stolen is removed, cleared and returned to the rightful being or place. As this occurs, the dark entity shrinks down to the size of an ant. 
* If you are a healer, you may observe this happening when you do clearings. Simply ask the Angels of Exorcism to show you the Truth.

Documented, Witnessed Healings & Testimonials 
Many more throughout and
Healing Animals
When animals are healed, expectations are not an influencing factor.
Reversal of Both Symptoms & Appearance of Degeneration
Rascal, 12-year-old female dog. 
Owned by Karen Molan of Cashel, Ireland 
Rascal had severe, observable degeneration in her hindquarters. Her back legs frequently buckled under her, her hips were weak and extremely narrow. She didn’t like being touched on her back or hips.
In February 2014, I spent 10 days with Karen in Cashel, Ireland. I found brief periods of time to work on Rascal. Before I left for Dublin, Rascal’s back legs carried her without buckling even when she ran and made tight circles. In addition, Rascal’s hips were conspicuously wider – the bones & joints were firmer and there was more observable solid muscle mass. She now enjoys having her back scratched and rubbed. 

Healings Happen even when I’m not Touching People
Disappearance of Long-Term Back & Knee Pain 
Mary Campion, Cashel, Ireland
All I did was call in Angels and God’s Healing Energy and Mary’s 2-year back and knee pain and problems went away.

Release and Healing of Long-Term Headache
C.J. Gilbert of Wisconsin had the bonus of the flu to add to her severe headache, which had been ongoing for 2 years. Here is what C.J. had to say:
“At 9:00 pm, I literally was thinking that maybe I should call 911. After taking 3 Advil, drinking almost a gallon of water (yet still thirsty), body aches that would not let me rest, and sinus pressure in my head that I thought would make me pass out, and constant sneezing and coughing, I called Kathleen.

“Her immediate reaction was one of concern. She began her prayers and calling in the Angels and she immediately began to channel energy into my head. The pressure got worse and then she said, ‘Do you have pain over your left eye?’

“I said, ‘Yes!’

“She told me to take a deep breath and as I exhaled I could feel the rock in my skull dissipate through my breath. She continued to work on me for over an hour. Sometime after 10:00 pm, our call was done and I was up and looking in the frog for something to eat . . . which I haven’t done in days. I ate everything I could. Then I was completely wired, awake, healed and happy.

“I meditated and prayed after that and this morning, aside from a slight headache, I am fine. My doc had told me on Monday that I will be in bed no less than 5 days. My bookkeeper had it and she said she was in bed for 7 straight days, even on Tamiflu.”

Healings Happen in the Environment
The day after working with God’s Angels and Karen Molan to clear & heal the Rock of Cashel, the stones in the ancient structure turned from black to tan.

My Students Facilitate Healings and Sometimes I’m Asked to Help
Reversal Total Healing of Congenital Heart Disease
Rahaman Parker of Virginia had been advised by doctors to prepare for a future heart transplant because of the hardening of the Aortic Valve. 
“What an amazing experience. Kathleen Milner and Maria Kopsidas (Washington DC) have a beautiful way of introducing you, as the participant, to the healing experience.
“They placed their anointed hands on my heart and began to see through me. Their perceptions of my situation helped direct what spirits to heal me and which spirits to remove.
“I was going through a holding pattern and experiencing pain in my chest. They have healed me of all those feelings and I am ready to thank them 1000 times and return for another powerful healing experience. The hands of Kathleen and Maria are powerful and truly anointed. To God BE the GLORY ! ” 

Healing after surgery
Releasing Lingering Effects of Anesthesia 
Ruud Kouwenoord, The Netherlands
“The healing session helped me recover from the effects of a 7-hour surgery under general anesthesia. I feel various layers have been removed and feel that residuals effects of the anesthetic substances are diminished. Also psychologically there is a change. I feel more balanced. Healing continues after the session.”

Healings May Happen During the Initiation Process into Universal Initiations.

Thyroid Returns to Functioning Normally 
Lisa Keuer, a nurse from Germany
“On the last day during the Creative Workshop, we connected with the green line from Heaven and the green line from Mother Earth. It was so strong. When the lines connect with the pink energy from my heart the energy went directly to my thyroid. For a long time, my thyroid is not really working . . . . and now, the thyroid starts again to work. Amazing! I am very happy and thankful about this happening.”

Healing of Fibromyalgia 
Kitty Hekelaar, Holland
“My fibromyalgia was spontaneously healed when I was initiated into Tera-Mai Seichem. The initiation into Tera-Mai Cahokia began a self-healing process. For example, I had been a smoker for 30 years. Even though I quit years ago, I still suffered from shortness of breath. That’s gone now. I am able to breathe easier and that seems to give me more energy.”

My Students Facilitate Healings on Their Own

Skin Cancer Completely Healed After 7 Weeks of Tera Mai Healing 
Brian Lawler, Ireland
“My father-in-law had cancer on his ear and right hand. Both areas turned snow white and then just fell off. Gone completely. He is delighted.”