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Summer 2015 Newsletter

Looking for something that works?

This Newsletter focuses on new protection, clearing and healing techniques, as well as healing energies, symbols and the Golden Age.  My books and website are designed to inspire you to ask questions.  So, please read slowly and with discernment.

Tera Mai is catching up to where it is meant to be.  If you find the information herein fascinating and helpful, send an email asking to be put on my email mailing list, and/or keep checking the blog page of .

  • The Energies of The Fifth Element, Ether, are now in Tera Mai Akasha Seichem
  • Astounding healings occur in combination with Golden Tera Mai Reiki.-  The Truth comes out !
  • Brings expansion in consciousness and knowledge.
  • Brings realization of who we are and our connection to The Loving Creator.  Enlightenment!
  • Clears other lifetimes and brings certain gifts from those lifetimes into the present.
  • Re-initiations for properly attuned Tera Mai individuals, who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, are given in person or over the telephone on a donations-are-accepted basis.

On July 19, I worked with Luis Moura of Brazil.  We started out by releasing a lost soul, who was held after his death by an individual who worked with the dark arts.  Afterwards, we worked with God’s Angels to free other souls who had been held captive by the same man.  Yes, something like the movie with the character, Freddy Krouger, in it.

After the clearing was finished and the energy was raised, Buddha appeared in his colossal form.  Luis was amazed at his size, and how powerful and funny he could be.  We worked  for over an hour.  In the end, Buddha brought the Fifth Element, Ether, into Tera Mai Seichem.  

Afterwards, I re-initiated Luis into Tera Mai Akasha Seichem.  Many countless souls came, asking to be included.  As there were so many, they helped to manifest the new initiation procedure into Tera Mai Akasha Seichem.-  More information on on the blog page on the post, Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem

–  The symbol, AKASHA, is on this same blog page.  Marla Abraham received this symbol while she was taking my Reiki Mastership class on Long Island.  At the time, she called it Planetary Healing and Enlightenment.  Recently, I discovered that it’s highest vibrational name is Akasha, which means ether.

–  For a short time, Buddha will allow people to experience a small portion of the energies of Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem if they meditate on this symbol.  In this way, people willl know if they want to be initiated.  People who experience little or nothing may want to consider having manmade initiations removed.  (Directions on  Click on CLEARINGS in the blue left-hand column.)

–  Flushing out Candida in the physical body A recent study estimates that 85% of people have Candida, which may lead to cancer or a host of other problems.   A Candida cure that many people have found to work is to eat 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut a day, for two weeks or longer.  Sauerkraut is fermented, so you may eat it without cooking it.  It also eliminates sugar cravings and bloating. 

You don’t want to simply drink vinegar because the vinegar alone will feed the Candida.  It does help to also eat organic, raw green pumpkin seeds.

After you’ve tried eating 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut a day, you might think about adding garlic and an extremely small amount of Cayenne Pepper.  

–  For protection & to bring the Light: Ask the Angels to place the Three-Fold Flame of GoldRose Pink & Blue over your crown.  Fire comes from The Holy Spirit, and this fire is free Universal Energy!  You may also ask for The Three-Fold Flame to be placed over your home.  
The Three-Fold Flame is at Earth’s North Pole and bringing tremendous Light to Earth.  Dark beings run from this Light.  Try using it during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.

–  Moses, the Alchemist, was the bearer of The Emerald Light
–   Emerald Green has the ability to turn dead lands and waters back to life. I witnessed this firsthand in Ireland.  The day after Karen Molan and I worked with the Emerald Light at the Rock of Cashel, the stones lost their blackness and there were more plants on the grounds.
–   Emerald Greenrestores BALANCE.
–   Emerald Green heals and protects.
–   Emerald Green brings abundance.

On July 7, while initiating Luis Moura from Brazil into Golden Tera Mai Reiki & Tera Mai Seichem, Moses showed up.  He told us that I was the Bearer of the Emeral Light for the purpose of bringing healing to our planet.  And that I could send it to wherever I wished.
            –  So, I asked God to send the Emerald Light into the initiations, attunements and energies of Tera Mai to only the properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards .and doing their best to live their lives with integrity, honesty, gratitude and compassion.

            –  I asked Emerald Light to go into the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing so that those with pure hearts and higher consciousness might use it.

            –  I asked Emerald Light to go to Mother Earth, God’s creatures & children, the innocent & the just.

            –  I ask that all be in Divine Order and according to God’s Will now, always and forever.  Amen

Moses may have been working with me for well over a year, as I have offered a connection to the Emerald Green in my Fourth Shamanic class, which people experience strongly.
–  God gave Saint Germain the Violet Fire so that it could be used at this time of transition that Mother Earth and each one of us is going through at this time.  Fire comes from The Holy Spirit.  Recently, the mantra invoking the Violet Fire has become very powerful.  Many of my students, clients and myself say it first thing in the morning and before falling asleep at night.
I am a being of The Violet Fire,I am the purity God desires.

There is a symbol for the Violet Flame on my website, , on the page, TERA MAI SYMBOLS .

Q.  Hi Kathleen,

I have some questions. Could you explain more about the Three-Fold Flame.  Is this a new symbol of Tera Mai or a variation on the Violet flame symbol.  For me the Three-Fold Flame is new, but I can feel the good energy and are happy that you mentioned it in your letter. 
The other question I have is; how can I use the Emerald Light from the Wednesday Night clearing wave?I Always tune in on the wave and send healing or whatever is needed. I asume that the Emerald Light is going through me because i am connected and it heals me.Can I ask the Emerald Light to go to a point of intresst or person? I personaly dit not received the initiations for the emerald energy.Thanks in advance for your answer.

Regards, Tineke

A.  –  The Three-Fold Flame of GoldRose Pink & Blue is new to Tera Mai.   Like the Violet Flame, it is an aspect of fire and thus, comes from The Holy Spirit.  The Fire of The Holy Spirit is free Universal Energy!   The Bible states in no uncertain language that sins against The Holy Spirit (The Fire of The Holy Spirit)  are unforgivable.  On the other hand, The Fire of The Holy Spirit may be used to release individuals from the deepest, densest, darkness and evil if the individual makes amends and  truly opens his/her heart to love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and generosity. 

After the Angels so willingly and readily placed The Three-Fold Flame at the North Pole, Ramona Kirk and I asked that it be placed over the heads of every sentient (conscious) being.  You may meditate on it.    (For some individuals this is their last chance.)  

–  I have worked with some of my students and God’s Angels:  The Emerald Light is in every Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing!   Because the Emerald Light works with love, any prayer, meditation or healing work you do with a loving heart during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing will have the energies of the Emerald Light. 

I also asked that the Emerald Light be directed into the Tera Mai initiations for those who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards and doing their best to live their lives with integrity, honesty, gratitude and generosity.  So, if you are Tera Mai, whenever you send or give healings, Emerald Light is a part of the healing energy that you are directing.  There is one catch:  if there is no love in the heart, the Emerald Light leaves.

There is a simple initiation into Emerald Green, which I have given to large classes in Ireland and England.  Initiates feel the Green from above coming to the head and down the front to the front Solar Plexus Chakra.  They feel the Green from the Earth coming into the feet, up the ankles, up the back of the legs, buttocks and spine and into the back Solar Plexus Chakra.  Then it is up to the initiate to open his or her heart and direct love to the Solar Plexus.  Love binds the connection from Above and Below.  

Interestingly, individuals, who were unable to open their hearts and send love to their Solar Plexus, were not able to maintain their connection to the Emerald Green from either above or below.  One individual, whom I discovered worked in the dark arts, came to me later for a private healing session.  But she was interested in having me send love to her Solar Plexus so that she would have a connection to the Emerald Green.  It does not work that way.  The answer is within.

(For more information:  Click here and read. Or click here and scroll down to Fourth Shamanic Class.)

–  Dumo:  The symbol, MOTOR / ZANON, which is in my books, is a Tibetan symbol used for exorcisms.  The Tibetans call it DUMO, which means, “Take us back to God.”    The symbol pushes negativity upwards.  When it reaches the Crown Chakra the lightning bolt shines the light of God into the negativity,  causing it to leave the body.  And then the exorcism happens.

When it is intoned as DUMO, it acts like a magnet to pull dark energies out.  DUMO may be visualized in front of any Chakra, or used as a symbol for exorcism.

When you draw this symbol and invoke the name, Motor, the symbol goes into the body to capture the virus.  Later, when you draw the symbol and invoke the name, Zanon, it’s like the symbol reverses polarity and leaves the body, taking the virus with it.

–  SHANTI & SOPHI-EL:  Luis Moura suggested that I invoke the energies of Sophi-El three times,  and then draw the  symbol, Shanti.  Afterwards, place my hands on the front and back of my head.  I did this with Ramona Kirk.  We found that the combination clears and brings peace of mind. 

You might also further energize Shanti with Cho Ku Rays, give the symbols to God’s Angels and ask them to fill the symbols with the energies of Sophi-El.  Then ask them to multiply the energy and send it to people who need mental healing.

Anyone may call on Sophi-El.  If you are a properly attuned Tera Mai Seichem initiate and abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, the energy will be stronger.

–  FIRE DRAGON & SAKARA:   Luis Moura calls upon the energies of Sakara three times and then draws Fire Dragon to release blockages and negativity.

You might also further energize Fire Dragon with Cho Ku Rays, give the symbols to God’s Angels and ask them to fill the symbols with the energies of Sakara.  Then ask them to multiply the energy and send it to release blockages.

Anyone may call on Sakara.  If you are a properly attuned Tera Mai Seichem initiate and abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, the energy will be stronger.

–  At this time, new, helpful information comes at a rapid pace.  Please keep checking the posts on 

–  Other Tera Mai symbols:  The following symbols were given to me by Spirit or by MY students.  They are on my webiste, , for people to use.  I encourage feedback:

–  Marcy Miller was with me when I received ZONAR, HARTH and HALU from the Golden Buddha.  I gave her credit in the first editions of my book.  Later, she called me to say that she never saw the Higher Being who came to me and that she wanted her name removed from my books and all teaching manuals. 

My newsletter went out and the new edition of the re-edited Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing was re-printed explaining all this.  Sometime afterwards, Marcy called me again, saying that she had changed her mind.  I hesitated to tell people because I wondered if she would change her mind again.  The few people I mentioned this to said that Marcy would loose all credibility if I did. 

It’s no secret to those many people who knew Marcy; she went through an inheritance of well over a $1million because she blindly followed the guidance of entities she was channeling.  When she began channeling she was 98% accurate.  However, Sean Grealy warned her and others, “The 2% that is wrong will destroy you.”  
Not long afterwards, a reversal began and then accelerated to the point that Marcy was in error 98% of the time.  Under the guidance of these entities she did not even renew her visa, and lost a production in California that she had purchased because of extremely poor choices.

As I am seeing other people run into trouble with channeling, I am encouraged to tell the truth now, so that Marcy’s life may serve as a warning to those who want to learn how to channel.   I am NOT the only psychic who sees that during a channeling session that a benevolent being is speaking at one time, and is replaced by a malevolent being in a heartbeat.
Here are some of the other women who generously worked with me and shared information:
–  Kellie Ray Marine received MARA when she took my Reiki Mastership class.

–  HOSANNA was given to me by Eileen Gurhy of New York.

–  Catherine Mills Bellamontof Ireland received IAVA shortly after taking my first Reiki Mastership class in Ireland.

–  Pat Courtneyof Milwaukee gave me SHANTI shortly after taking my Reiki Mastership class.

–  Marla Abraham of Long Island, New York gave me PLANETARY HEALING & ENLIGHTENMENT while she was taking my Reiki Mastership class.

These symbols appeared in my teaching manuals and first book, Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing.  All of the copyrights and manuscripts are on file at the United States Copyright Office. 
TXu 633-665 – application received April 20, 1994
TX 3-934-368 – application received September 23, 1994

Many of these same symbols are in my video (now a DVD), Symbols in Healing
PA 716-885 – application received August 17, 1994

Most of these symbols and others, along with explanations, are found on my website, , on the page, TERA MAI SYMBOLS   This page has been up on for well over ten years.

–  The Gold in Tera Mai Reiki: Early in 2015, the Golden Bubbles that Jesus used were added to Cosmic Gold Tera Mai Reiki. Golden Tera Mai Reiki initiations has both Cosmic Gold and Elemental Golden Earth. 

–   Cosmic Gold Tera Mai Reiki:   In the summer of 2014, God added Golden Cosmic Healing Energy to Tera Mai Reiki.  
Cosmic Gold Tera Mai Reiki also contains the original Elemental Golden Earth Healing Energy that the Golden Buddha added to Reiki in the consciousness-raising experience I had in Los Angeles, whereby my physical body and conscious mind went into the Otherwords of Spirit.  This happened in February 1991.  At this time, Buddha gave me the symbol, ZONAR, which was added to the Reiki One and Two initiations.  In May 1991, I went back to California, where Buddha replaced ZONAR with HARTH. 

I initiated and taught many people.  However, they all knew my story before they took my class.

For a donation people who were already Tera Mai Reiki initiates are re-initiated into Cosmic Gold Tera Mai One if they wanted to channel Cosmic Gold Tera Mai Reiki.  The initiations are the same but the contractions and the breathing are done at all initiation points.  

Cosmic Gold then worked its way through all Tera Mai initiations the individual had received.  Re-initiates noticed an observable increase in their healing abilities.  DOCUMENTED, WITNESSED HEALING TESTIMONIALS by Real People are found throughout both of my websites.

–  Golden Tera Mai Reiki: Early in 2015, the Golden Bubbles that Jesus used were added to Cosmic Gold Tera Mai Reiki. Golden Tera Mai Reiki initiations has both Cosmic Gold and Elemental Golden Earth. 

The Golden Tera Mai Reiki One initiation by Divine Design weaves into the Tera Mai Seichem One initiation.  The Tera Mai Seichem One initiation weaves back into the Golden Tera Mai Reiki One initiation.  The Energy weaves back and forth, creating a new, higher vibrational Healing Energy.  It took me 5 months to fully integrate the process.  Afterwards, Golden Tera Mai Reiki Two came in, which is weaving back and forth with Tera Mai Seichem Two.

For a donation people who were already Tera Mai Reiki and Tera Mai Seichem initiates could be re-initiated into Golden Tera Mai Reiki.  The initiations are the same with the exception that the Golden Bubbles are called upon before the initiation.  And the contractions and the breathing are done at all initiation points.  (To make this absolutely clear.  This does NOT say, do the contractions and breathing at the crown and then keep the contractions throughout the initiation.  This states clearly, do the contractions and breathing at the crown and each initiation point.)

Re-initiates notice an observable increase in their healing abilities, which continues to increase all the while the weaving / integration process is going on.

If an individual does not have or does not want Tera Mai Seichem (which has the Elemental Healing Rays of Fire, Air and Water), then the Golden Tera Mai Reiki Master does not call in the Golden Bubbles.  Cosmic Gold Tera Mai initiations & energy are passed on.

–  Teaching Tera Mai classes:  My suggestion to teachers is that the Tera Mai One class be taught in a weekend so that their students might learn and have adequate experience in hands-on healing.  Then give students time to work with hands-on healing and self-healing.  At a later date, initiate and teach their students Tera Mai Two.  After giving students time to work with the symbols, teach the Mastership class in a weekend.

Individuals who are already doing healings and are good teachers may choose to do more than one set, the Angels will stack the initiations over your head.  Thus, when the first initiations into Tera Mai Reiki and Tera Mai Seichem are completely integrated, God’s Angels will bring in Golden Tera Mai Reiki Two followed shortly thereafter by Tera Mai Seichem Two.

Because this energy is so very much needed on Earth, individuals who do all of the initiations up to mastership are able to  pass on the initiations.  I believe this is because our students move up after we move up.  I am able to see that this is true, because my students who are still integrating Golden Tera Mai Reiki One are able to pass on all of the initiations.

For example, Golden Tera Mai Reiki was given to me this January.  Early in July, Golden Tera Mai Reiki Two came into my crown and began to weave back and forth with Tera Mai Seichem Two.

Here is the sequence for the classes.  The initiations are given in sets:

Golden Tera Mai Reiki One followed shortly thereafter by Tera Mai Akasha Seichem One
Golden Tera Mai Reiki Two followed shortly thereafter by Tera Mai Akasha Seichem Two

Golden Tera Mai Reiki Three (Mastership) followed shortly thereafter by Tera Mai Akasha Seichem Three (Mastership).
Golden Tera Mai Reiki IV, V, VI & VII (at the Solar Plexus)  followed by Tera Mai Akasha Seichem IV, V, VI & VII (at the Solar Plexus)

–  Go back through the timelines to bring pristine DNA & suppress harmful RNA in the present.
–  Before I left for England, Ramona Kirk and I had gone back through my timeline to bring my pristine DNA into the present, and asked God’s Angels to make any corrections necessary for the New Age.  At the same time, we asked the Angels to suppress RNA.  It’s making a big difference in my body.  (The Angels did the same for Ramona.)

   –  While in England we did this exercise for members of the class.  Afterwards, we asked God to do the same for God’s creatures, God’s children, the innocent and the just, and all who are going into the Golden Age.  We also asked that poisons and GMOs be removed from the plant kingdom.

   –   BOTTOM LINE:  Several people have told me that in the past few days, that dramatic, unexpected, positive changes have occurred in the physical bodies of people they know.  Try this for yourself.

–  What happened at Giza!
At the beginning of the class on Monday, June 29, I found myself with 4 drums.  So, I was inspired to ask 4 people to do the drumming while I called in The Almighty God and Goddess, higher beings and higher energies of Light and Love.  While this was going on the rest of the group held the energy or worked with God’s Angels.   THE ENERGY WAS AMAZINGLY HIGH ! ! !

   –  Stephanie Mernagh had been in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza.  She felt that our group was in the King’s Pyramid on an etheric level.  It was real !  She could even hear the beating of the drums bouncing off the walls of the chamber.

   –  When Stephanie said that the Pyramid is activated, we could see a great column of Light coming into or leaving the top Pyramid.  I got chills of confirmation!  You may ask God’s Angels to show this to you.

   –  Afterwards, Stephanie told us that Sai Baba had said that the Golden Age would be initiated by a group of women in their 50s and older from the West.  I got more chills of confirmation!

   –  During the week, students in the classes were receiving the message that the Golden Age is here.  More chills!

–  Rebirth of the Earth Mother & The Feminine
Ramona Kirk and I ended up doing the July 1, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing at 10:00 pm.  
She saw a weight on my left (feminine side) shoulder was pulling my left side down.  After the weight was removed from my feminine side, I asked that it be removed from all sentient (conscious) beings.  She felt a similar burden removed from herself.

I believe this same weight has held all women back . Now it is removed.  It’s also been removed from men’s 1/3 feminine aspect.  This allows men to open up to, or open men further to creativity and compassion. 
There are many people and forces of darkness that are trying to stop the New Age.  The tipping point has been passed, signaling that the New Age is at hand.  In order to make this transition happen as easily as possible, PLEASE continue doing the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearings and other work that you do.

In one of the classes in England Stephanie Mernagh felt strongly that The Great Mother was VERY close to returning.Stephanie saw the Spirit of Earth beaten, naked and tied to the ground.  From her ravaged body a beautiful, pristine, new Earth was birthed.  I believe that this is the fulfillment of the Hopi Prophesy.  Click on and read:  Calling The Fire of The Holy Spirit
I believe that the July 1, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing was another powerful step in the realization of the RETURN TO BALANCE.  Thank you to all who participated in the Wednesday Night8:00 PM Clearings!  To help continue the energies of positive change, you might see the Golden Heavenly (masculine) weaving or braiding with the Divine Pure White Light (feminine). 

God’s Telephone Number & a Shamanic technique for reversing the effects of harmful past actions in the present on the post  God’s Telephone Number     –  Also included in this post are the ten clearings that I have been doing before a healing, initiation or re-initiation AND how to do these clearings.     –  There are 3 new clearings:          –  Removal of the dark disks in the palms of the hands.          –  Removal of the dark plug in the root chakra.         –  Removal of the dark aging clock in the second chakra.

–  What happens when we send or give healing prior to death?  It is a LOT easier to release darkness and open the heart to love while we are still in body.  

One example:

My brother, Mike, stayed home, worked at the Milwaukee Journal, and took care of my parents after my father had a severe heart attack.  After my Dad passed away, he remained at home taking care of my Mother.  He was not resentful. He never complained!

Mike had a severe heart attack at the end of June.  While Mike was in the hospital, Ramona and I did clearings on him.  What came off were tons and tons of other people’s stuff, which makes sense because he was living his life for other people.  When the dark-heavy energies were completely gone, he was small and empty.   It was at this point that he accepted healing energy, which filled him up.

He was not lucid the last time I spoke with him on the phone.  His conscious mind could not hear what I was saying.  I hoped his subconscious mind was taking notes, because I gave him instructions on how to go to the Light.  I began by having him focus on the love in his heart.   Mike loved his dog, Arthur.  So, I repeated over and over again:  See Arthur!  Open your heart to the love he has for you.  Open your heart and send love to Arthur.  See yourself as young, healthy, strong and handsome.   Follow Arthur into the Light.  Go with Arthur to a beautiful place in nature

He died Thursday, June 16.  That night as I was getting ready to go to sleep, unexpectedly, he popped into my third eye.  He looked like he was in his mid 20’s.  I also got glimpses of Arthur.  Mike told me that I was right.  He was extremely grateful to everyone who showed their support for him in his last weeks!  Then Mike and Arthur left for the Light.

On June 17,  Ramona could see Mike running and playing in the Otherworlds of Spirit with ‘the dog.’ 

The mourning I experience is not for the loss of his physical life, but for the loss of the life that he never had an opportunity to live.  Thank God!  Mike is now in a very good place. 

Kathleen MilnerTESTIMONIAL:  
Ever since receiving Tera Mai Akasha Seichem from you, I have felt this flow of unprecedented creativity. It’s as though all the clutter that was preventing my creative flow has been washed out, and now I am thinking several things at the same time without the feeling of being overwhelmed.  . . .

Do you also feel that even the other Tera Mai Seichem energies are now much stronger?  It seems that the 5 elements work best when they are complete.

I must confess that not everything that I have been shown about myself are things that I wanted to see.  But I definitely needed to see them. The mirror can be a bit intense sometimes, but it’s wonderful to be able to work on improving myself! 
Luis Moura, Brazil

EXAMPLE of Meditating on the symbol:  When Ramona Kirk concentrated on the symbol she felt energy coming down the left side of her face into her neck.   

EXAMPLE of what happens during the initiation:  “While I was being initiated into the first level, I saw the energy coming into my crown, like a vortex of white energy.  I could feel energy at the third eye.  Then I could see etheric hands moving dark energies away from my heart and Solar Plexus.

“While I was initiated into the second level,  I saw the same white light vortex coming down into me.  I could feel Kathleen drawing the symbols on my right hand.  But on my left hand I felt the symbols being drawn very quickly after Kathleen had drawn them.

 “During the third initiation,  I could feel the energy going down the back of my head and down my spine.”
Ramona Kirk, New York

DURING HEALING SESSIONS:  “When I look inside the body, I see the problem much more clearly.  The Angels show me right away what is required.  I feel them guiding my hands.  If something needs to be pulled out and I hesitate,  they immediately prompt me to just do it.

“Blockages cause disease.  Now, blockages come out quickly.  There is gray ooze behind the blocks.   When the gray ooze is drained, there may be other spots of dark energy or blockages, like layers.  These are also removed quickly.  After the blocks and gray ooze are removes, the Angels impact the wound with lighter energies until the space is filled.  Healings occur very quickly. ”  Ramona Kirk, New York

DURING HEALING SESSIONS:  “When I do healings now, core issues come up quickly.  I see these issues as darkness being removed.  Then I see positive visual metaphors, coming in.   If the issue goes back further, the Angels take me back to the place and time of the problem.  It is corrected in the past in such a way that it only positively impacts the present and the future.”  Kathleen Milner, Virginia

TESTIMONIAL:This is for me.  I want to be initiated!
I had been meditating for an hour and then looked upon the new Akasha  symbol. 
Immediately upon seeing it I felt great bliss and expansion of consciousness.
Words do not describe the aha feelings of this is the next step I have been waiting for.  I fixed my eyes on the symbol and just heard the cosmic vibration of OM continuously. Thank you, Kathleen.   Michelle, Australia

I am sure I saw this symbol when you were in Kenilworth. 
There is energy in the symbol Akasha.  
I am not sure I connected to it completly yet though.
Karina Hall, England

You’re not completely connected to Tera Mai Akasha Seichem until you are initiated.
Kathleen Milner, Virginia