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Collingwood, New Jersey
Lecture & Healing Demonstrations
Saturday, September 16, noon – 3:00 pm
Individual healing sessions available afterwards on Saturday & Sunday.
Contact Dr. Kevin Gyurina [email protected]

Italy – Late September 
Contact Elisabetta Pizzi
[email protected]

England – June 2017, We as a group accomplished phenomenal clearings & healings.
– My cloudy chip emerald ring cleared. The chip and setting enlarged to a tear-drop emerald stone in front of 7 people.

Your Choice! Your call !

As the Light continues to grow on Earth a choice is coming up for everyone. The energy of the August 21, New Moon / Solar Eclipse will push everyone of us to make a choice between two options:
– Take the easy, same-old-same-old path.
– Or take the uncomfortable but right action.
– We will all know when this choice is presented to us.

Mayan Astrologers Viewed Astrology as Glimpsing into the Mind of God. 
The Three Wisemen in the New Testament by what they were doing (following a star and prophisizing to Mary & Joseph) and by their titles (Wisemen) had to have been astrologers & astronomers.

– Red hot energy of July 23 new Moon locked the energy of the Astroid Sisyphyus (eternal punishment) in place.
– Karma is ensured for those who don’t quit their sh#% .

– August 3, Uranus retrograde will bring up deeply buried fears & psychotic behavior, and also the opportunity to change.

– August 7, full Moon/Lunar eclipse (2:10 pm EDT) 
– Aspects at the time of the eclipse will ignite a powerful drive to succeed. 
– Karma for those who operate from a perspective of greed and corruption.
– There may be countries who witness a change in leadership.
– The energy will be with us for 6 months.

– August 21, new Moon/Solar eclipse (2:30 pm EDT) 
– Used positively the energy can be life changing.
– Energy will be with us for 6 to 12 months.
– In 5 months, the group conscious will begin to shift from the far right to the center.

The Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing has been ongoing for 9 years. If all you do on Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm wherever you are is ask God’s Angels, “Please connect me to the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings,” and then go on with whatever you are doing, YOU ARE HELPING!

Six Reasons Why My Healing and Intuitive Abilities Are Strengthening & Improving:

YOD, the first initiation in the old Egyptian Cartouche initiations, was the only initiation that hadn’t been corrupted.
– I thought it was because black magicians weren’t interested in YOD.
– Au contraire – BLACK MAGICIANS WERE NOT ABLE TO CORRUPT YOD, which means God.
1. Repeat “YOD” over and over again as a meditation mantra quickly releases darkness and brings in Light.
– Misusing the sacred spiritual purity of YOD may be the unforgivable sin mentioned in the Bible.

– From Ramona Kirk
2. In meditation ask to go to a place where you can be alone; a place where you can expose your dark side and release without judgment.
– You don’t have to write or speak.
– You may see black words or muck leaving and dropping through the floor.
– Breathe! Afterwards you feel lighter.

– More people have used the four elements, four directions and other Earth energies for darkness than have used it for good. 
3. I was impressed to send clearing and healing energies to the four directions and four elements. 
– As I was doing this, it came to me to ask God . . .

. . . “If it is Your Will, God, please bring back Native American Shamanism and Mother Earth Spirituality only through the cleared and protected initiations, attunements, symbols and energies of Tera Mai™, to only properly attuned Tera Mai™ initiates who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai™ standards, and doing their best to live their lives with honesty, integrity and compassion.”

I paused. I heard, “God has been waiting for you to ask.”

I continue to send clearing and healing energies to the four directions and four elements. Ramona Kirk has checked several times for me. Each time, she sees that Tera Mai is stronger. (I invite you to check for yourself.)

I was very specific in my request as to where the gifts and energies of Native American Shamanism and Mother Earth Spirituality were to go. I wanted what God and God’s Angels were creating through me to be used for clearing, healing and white magic. 
– I did not want to be connected through what I had helped to create to go to individuals and groups who are misusing the energies, gifts and blessings of Native American Shamanism and Mother Earth Spirituality.
– Other Tera Mai™ initiates feel the same way as I do.

I use the elements in the same directions as the Shaman of the Sioux, Navaho and the Great Iroquois Nation (Iroquois laws were the foundation of the United States Constitution.)
Fire in the East (Most systems use this because the rising Sun represents the spark of life.)
Water in the South.
Earth in the West
Air in the North.


4. Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem includes the added elemental energy of Ether = alchemy, movement and manifestation of transformation.
5. In England God’s Angels changed, protected and raised the energy of the Egyptian symbols through the Tera Mai™ Egyptian Archetypal Energy Attunements.
– The following people can initiate all levels but canNOT make masters!
– ENGLAND: Karina Hall, Rachael Ingram, Margaret Oakden & Anita O’Hagan
– GERMANY: Lisa Keuer
– HOLLAND: Deborah Kicken

6. Meditate and focus on positive energies from perfect geometries in the Heavens.