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Winter 2003 Newsletter

The New Age! Is This Some Hippie, Drug-Induced, Fairy-Airy Insight into the Future?

Actually, all of the great civilizations and great prophets that came before us have predicted the end of the patriarchal society we have been in, signaled by a time of chaos (End Time) and followed by a Golden Age (New Age).  Egyptians, Mayans, Incans, Australian Aborigines, Native American prophets, Nostradamas and Jesus all had the same message using different words.

Native American Prophets predicted a 200-year period of near annihilation of the North American people and the Mother-Earth Spirituality they recognized as truth.  This would come to a dramatic end (the End Times) and be followed by earth changes, which would be followed by the Golden Age.  The prophets gave signs that would be fulfilled and when the last prophecy was realized, the end time was at hand.  You will know when the End Time is at hand when . . .

  * When the eagle lands on the moon!  (Hopi)

    * When the eagle lands on the moon!  (Hopi)
                American space module that landed on the moon.                 American space module that landed on the moon.

    *  When the trees die from the tops down! (Iroquois)

Pollution in the northwestern United States is causing the tops of trees to die.

    *  When the large wild animals come into the cities!  (Lakota)

This is happening in the western cities of the United States.

    *  When the rivers catch fire!

I believe it was Lake Eire that caught fire

    *  After four white buffalo calves are born!  (Many tribes)

Three have been born.  We are only waiting for the last white buffalo calf to be born.

Modern psychics of prophets are having prophetic dreams.  My Ferrier, Frank Sarno, is psychic and since he took my Shamanic Class, Frank has been talking to the horses and they have been talking back to him.  Frank told me about a dream that he had had three years ago.  In this dream Frank was sitting in space in lotus position looking at the crescent moon.  Then he saw what looked like a star in the middle of the moon.  He was told that he would see this phenomenon three times.  The third time he saw this phenomenon, it would be the end of society as we know it.  Within a week, Frank saw what looked like a star in the middle of the crescent moon.  Last year, Frank saw this same strange occurrence.  There is only one left to be seen! 

Frank recently had another dream.  He was standing at the edge of a great cliff.  Somebody told him that this is how close we are to the end time.

Scientific proof that the North Pole has shifted before can be found in The Atlantis Blueprint by Rand Flem-Ath and Colin Wilson.  They also give evidence that Antarctica was a part of Atlantis.  (This can also be found in my earlier newsletters and explains why governments are spending vast quantities of money attempting to drill trough the 2 miles of ice that covers the continent of Antarctica.)  The last Golden Age ended 80,000 years ago, when the North Pole shifted from the Yukon to the Greenland Sea.  50,000 years ago, the North Pole shifted from the Greenland Sea to the Hudson Bay.  In 9,600 BC, the North Pole shifted from Hudson Bay to its present position.

Nostradamas:  Of the 1,000+ quatrains, 410 have been realized.  Nostradamas said that some predictions, such as the Kennedy assassinations, were inevitable; others, like World War III and the third antichrist, could be altered if humanity so wished.  The first antichrist was Napoleon and the second was Hitler.  The third antichrist, which Nostradamas refers to as MaBus, was to reign for 27 years.  Mabus was suppose to be active in the latter part of the 20th century and specifically in 1986, the year Haley’s Comet showed up.  (Mabus is a puzzle – letter may have been omitted or switched.  Perhaps, Bus Ma?)  Joytish astrologers will tell you that the possibility of a third world war starting after 1994 would be difficult and become harder as the ensuing years passed.  I personally believe that MaBus has been on the world scene for the past 27 years and that he was not born in the Middle East but rather made his fortune in the Middle East.  All of the prayers, rosaries, mantras, ceremonies and peace demonstrations have made things much better than they could have been. 

In predicting the beginning of the New Age, Nostradamas states:

                        This will be preceded by an eclipse of the sun,

                        More obscure and tenebrous (dark and gloomy)

                        Than has ever been since the creation of the world   

                        Except that (eclipse) after the death and passion of Jesus Christ.

The last total eclipse of the sun was over England on August 11, 1999.  The next total eclipse of the sun will be on September 23, 2090.  At the rate we are destroying Earth; she will not be around 14 years from now, let alone 87 years from now. 

In 2001, NASA finally admitted that the huge, human-carved face of Mars does exist.  Along with this large sculptured human face are geometric buildings that are mathematically in relationship to one another and have survived tornadoes up to a mile in diameter and lasting for months.  The conclusion is that the inhabitants of Mars destroyed their planet!  It is possible to kill a planet!  It is no coincidence that Mars is referred to as the planet of war.  The Atlantian’s may have even have had either contact with people from Mars or more likely, they had advanced telescopes with which they would view the activities on Mars.  War kills nature as well as humans and animals, and the last war on Mars may have been the last straw.  Weapons of mass destruction are literally that – weapons of mass destruction destroy both side of the battle! 

Before the bombing of the caves in the Tora BoraMountains of Afghanistan, I stated in a newsletter that I did not have a good feeling about the then proposed bombing.  I also mentioned this in a lecture that I gave in Dublin, Ireland.  A man, who had both lived and worked in that area of the world for years, told me that when a visiting sultan came the officials would set off a canon in his honor and then the ground would heave up and down.  Two great continental plates lie next to one another.  Since the 20th century missals were launched into the Tora Bora Caves, there has been a major earthquake in that area of the world on an average of once a week.  The Tora Bora Caves and Mountains are still reverberating from the impact.  What will a Bush war in Iraq do?

There will be omens in the spring, and extraordinary changes thereafter.

Reversals of nations and mighty earthquakes.

There shall be in the month of October, a great movement of the globe (polar shift),

It will seem that the Earth has lost its natural gravitational movement

And be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness.  Nostradamas

Nostradamas also predicted a reversal of the aging process in the age we are living in now.  Some people are taking shots of human growth hormone (HGH).  The master hormone is produced by the pituitary gland.  By the age of 21, we start to produce less of it; by the age of 40, nearly everyone is deficient in growth hormone and by 80, production of HGH has diminished by 90-95%.  Our pituitary gland released HGH shortly after we go to sleep (unless we have had sugar before going to bed and this includes alcoholic beverages, which is one reason why alcoholics appear to age more quickly than people who do not consume alcohol).  Then the liver process HGH so that it can be used by the body.  HGH is also released when we exercise, which is why people who exercise generally look healthier than people who do not exercise.  The problem with taking shots of HGH is that the pituitary no longer thinks it has to produce HGH or if the liver is toxic then what is the liver producing?  For the low levels of HGH is not the only cause of aging; as the body becomes more toxic it begins to poison itself.  Thus, the answer is not only to stimulate the pituitary, but to cleanse the body as well.

There are homeopathy’s, such as Renewal HGH, that works to stimulate the pituitary.  There is also a product called PROhGH that contains “Anterior-Pituitary Peptides, Aminotype-7 4220″in a solution of amino acids, which stimulates the pituitary gland.  Both of these products are taken only 5 days a week.  The other 2 days, allows the pituitary to begin to start functioning on its own.

There are several ways to cleanse; however, detoxifying can cause headaches or other flu-like symptoms.  Some people have found that taking one activated charcoal tablet relieves these symptoms.  Colonics is a water flush of the large intestine.  I usually take a liver cleansing herb the night prior to and the morning before I go in for the colonic.  I try to do a juice fast for at least one day before my appointment and often 3 days before my appointment.  Apple juice is typically the easiest one to do initially because people can also eat fresh apples.  The pectin’s in the apples helps to soften the hardened “crud” on the walls of the intestines and softens the liver so that it can release as well.  Taking a daily fiber formula that contains psyllium seed husks for 30 days before going in for a colonic has also proved beneficial for many people.  After the colonic or after taking activated charcoal tablets, it is highly beneficial to replace the acidophilus or friendly bacterial in the intestines.  All of these products can be purchased at a health food store.  One of the benefits of colonics is that the release that happens on the physical is followed by and emotional and mental release as well, which is why some people cannot release in colonics.  I personally see my colon therapist about once a month and a take along a jug of organic coffee that has been brewed with clean, filtered water.  For whatever the reason, coffee enemas stimulate the liver to release.  Other people do a series of colonics.  Colonics are not for everyone!  People who do feel that it is for them consult with their colon therapist to determine what schedule is best for them.  Other options for releasing may be found at the health food store or your New Age bookstore.

It was said by the ancient Chinese that the Taoist Masters always looked at least 20 years younger than their chronological age.  Channeling healing energies to benefit others and the planet helps to keep the person channeling that energy youthful.  There are many initiations into healing and Reiki being offered today.  The problem is that most of these are manmade.  For more information see the pages on my site entitled WHAT IS REIKI? And WHICH CLASS WOULD BENEFIT ME? 

Dr. Dmitriev and the Russian perspective on earth changes?  The atmospheres of the planets in our solar system are changing.  Mars’ atmosphere is getting thicker!  Earth’s Moon is growing an atmosphere, a 6,000 kilometer-deep layer of what Dr. Dmitriev calls Natrium that wasn’t there before.  HO gas is just showing up in the upper levels of Earth’s atmosphere.  Magnetic fields are becoming stronger and planets are becoming brighter.  The Sun’s magnetic field increased by 230% since 1901, while the heliosphere increased from 10 astronomical units deep to 100 units deep.  Neptune and Uranus have had recent pole shifts.  The glowing plasma at the leading edge of our solar system has recently increased 1,000%.

The Russian National Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, Siberia concludes that our solar system is moving into an area of energy that is different and higher.  Conscious energy is changing how planets work, function and what kinds of life they support.  The harmonics of the DNA spiral itself are altering.  That’s the real, hidden cause of spontaneous mass evolutions in previous epochs of time.  All of this is happening at the same time, and it is all working up to a crescendo whereby there is going to be a sudden shift.  The basic nature of all matter in our Solar System will change.  At this time, the internal combustion engines will stop working and the war for oil will have been for nothing.

Volcanic activity on Earth has increased 500% since 1975, which natural disasters increased 410\5 between 1963 and 1993.  This does not have anything to do with the energy that is coming to our Solar System, but rather reflects the atomic bomb testing that has gone on virtually non-stop since the end of World War II, deforestation and the dumping of pollutants into Mother Earth.

Rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem is not a Physical Structure, but Rather the Rebuilding of the Magic and Ceremony that was Once a Part of the Jewish Religion, Ancient Egypt and Atlantis. 

In the early 12th century, 9 French knights and a clergyman found secret documents under what was Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.  Along with magic ceremonies that worked, they also found documentation of Jesus being physically alive after the crucifixion.  They drew the erroneous conclusion that Jesus story was a lie.  They could not believe that Jesus had performed his greatest miracle by raising his physical body from the dead.  The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus was to help us now as we make the physical transformation or quantum leap into the Golden Age.  Somebody had to do it first!  Jesus said that he had come to slew the final enemy, death!  He meant this literally!

Lilith, not Eve was Adam’s first wife.  The real God is too good, too loving to expel mankind for ‘heaven’ and then offer to reopen the ‘pearly gates’ only after a blood sacrifice of his ‘Only Son’.  The Catholic Cardinals and Popes revised the story of Adam and Eve from the original Old Testament and are nothing less than blasphemy!  Jesus also never claimed to be the ‘Only Son’ of God.  Rather, Jesus said that we were all sons and daughters of God and that we would do greater things than he had done.  The Pope and Cardinals voted by one vote to make Jesus Divine – this is well documented.  Reincarnation: The Phoenix Fire Mystery compiled and edited by head & Cranston has a large number of referenced sources.

The French knights founded a secret, demonic, wealthy order, which they called the Knights Templar.  The Pope and French king were jealous of the power and wealth of the Knights Templar.  On Friday the 13th, October 1307, they rounded up 15,000 Knights Templar but their treasure had disappeared!  On October 12th, 1307, eighteen ships had sailed our of the Templar’s port, La Rochelle.  All but one vanished!  That ship landed in Scotland where part of the treasure was used to build Chapel Roslyn near Edinburgh.  Molay, the Knights Templar leader, while being slowly burned alive, put a death curse of the Pope and King.  Within 3 months, both were dead; Clement V died of a fever, while Philip was gored by a boar in a bizarre hunting accident.

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness is found in the chakra or energy center that is located about 12 inches beneath our feet.  After Lucia Creed in Ireland told me this, I tuned in to see if she was correct.  She is!  The color of Christ Consciousness is red and it connects us to the Earth Mother.  Rather than looking outside ourselves, the planet and even this universe for God, we might try finding God/Goddess in honoring Earth and all of her creatures.  Jesus was called the Christ because he was connected so strongly to Christ Consciousness.  Meditate for yourself! 

By the way, the Goddess aspect of the Divine exists.  We are created in God’s image! If God were only masculine, then half the population of Earth would not be here.

Will the United States Go to War?

As mentioned earlier, as we go into the 21st century it is becoming increasing difficult for those who profit from war to create it.  Nostradamas predicted that the most violent century would be the 20th century. The energies that are coming in support peace and brotherhood.  Yet, it seems that the issue in the Middle East was bound and determined to come up.

George W. was elected in the year when the president of the United States is assassinated.  This happens every 20 years when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn.  The predictability of this 20-year occurrence is also marked by an alternating first-term/second-term sequence.  George W. was elected in a first-term phase.  I have been shown psychically that if Gore had been elected, he would have been assassinated early in his term and Joe Liebermann would have taken over the Presidency.  While most people in the world think that oil is the motivating factor behind George W’s blind determination to start a war with Iraq; Joe Liebermann’s motive would have been to reorganize the governments of the Middle East to suit Israel. 

This all does not necessarily mean that we are going to war but if we do go to war it will turn out very differently from what either George W. or Israel has in mind.  Also, the patriarchal suppression of women that can be found throughout the Middle East is a thought form that is leaving Earth.

Those who Hate George W. or Bill Clinton Have Similar Issues within Themselves. 

We have all seen people who were most vocally indignant over Bill Clinton were guilty of having real affairs.  This is not to excuse Bill Clinton’s behavior but most people would agree that he has more than paid for whatever he did with the public embarrassment that the news medias put him through on a daily basis for years. 

Judging is name-calling; discernment is describing behavior.  For example, to say that George W., his cabinet and Vice President are incapable of making unbiased energy choices because of their large stock holdings in the oil industry are statements of fact.  (Jack Kennedy sold his stocks before he took office so that his decisions would not be for selfish gain.)  To call either George W. or Bill Clinton S.O.B., etc., says that the man we are judging has issues that are being reflected in us.  That is the time to stop and ask, “What is George W. (or Bill Clinton) reflecting back to me?” 

This is incredibly difficult to see and do but if you can do this you will experience a release and growth of spirit and character.  You will stop falling into the same pitfalls.  You will move on!

What to do when Something is Stolen or Lost (this includes stock market losses)

And there is No Way to Get the Money or Possession Back!

Get into a meditative state and call back the energy of what has been stolen or lost, then release the physical object and the thief or cause of the loss to God.  I once did this with the wing of a crow that I had found on the road. 

I had driven by the crow wing on several occasions.  One day, the psychic impression to do something was overwhelming.  Early in the morning, I stopped my car off the side of the road and walked over to what was left of the crow.  Amazingly enough, there was a perfect shadow of a crow on the road and all that remained was one wing.  As I lifted the wing, the shadow on the road disappeared.  The spirit of the crow had been held there.  The wing was a gift from spirit for

I found a Native American who said that he could take the wing and make it into a Native American fan.  Instead, after hearing my story, he left with the crow wing.  I sat in meditation and called the energy of the wing back to me.  Something made me look up at my Shamanic drum that had a black Thunderbird painted on it.  Over the drum I could see the image of a crow going into the drum.  Now, the Thunderbird looks more crow-like, or perhaps, it looks more crow-like to me because of my experience.  Either way, the energy that was gifted to me because I listened to spirit and removed the crow wing from the highway is back.  When we hold onto resentment, it holds us back as well!


From a piece by JANE WARDELL, an Associated Press Writer

“Dolly the cloned sheep was put to death Friday, after premature aging and disease marred her short existence and raised questions about the practicality of copying life.

The decision to end Dolly’s life at age 6 — about half the life expectancy of her breed — was made because a veterinarian confirmed she had a progressive lung disease, according to the Roslin Institute, the Scottish lab where she was created and lived.”

There are many individuals who have had past life recall or dreams whereby they saw that cloning had been done in Atlantis.  The half-man/half-animal pictures found in Egyptian monuments may well be testimony to this misuse of science. 

The cloning process itself produces an embryo that has 2 mothers and there is a missing enzyme.   Thus, the clone is actually inferior to the mother.  Most of the cloned fetuses are miscarried.  If the fetus does grow and is born, it is grossly deformed and is put down.  There are 2 reasons for cloning humans – body parts and a slave labor force.  In listening to a Public Radio Broadcast, it appeared that the companies doing the cloning believe that they would own the human clones.  What is different now from the times of Atlantis is that the cloning process is not working.  God’s hand is mercifully intervening.