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Winter 2007 Newsletter

Kathleen Ann Milner, P. O. Box 1989, Southern Pines, NC 28388
(The horses and I have moved to a small farm in Southern Pines.  
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Subjects:  Questions and Comments from Tera Mai students
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Changes in Tera Mai: Question by Helen Mawson of England:  I would be interested to hear news of when and how the Tera Mai energy has changed in recent years.  Helen Mawson

In May 1991, I had a consciousness-raising experience (whereby my physical body went into the Otherworlds) in Los Angeles.  A Higher Being, whom I later discovered was Buddha, gave me initiations into healing that worked.  Buddha did not give me healing energy – I was born with phenomenal healing and psychic abilities that are predominant in my natal astrology chart.  Buddha used healing energy that I was born with to begin to create Tera Mai.  (It is as if I came in with a seed.)  As I get closer to the Gifts of the Spirit that I had as a child, the energy of Tera Mai produces increasingly more phenomenal healing in shorter periods of time.  (To learn how I nearly lost all of my gifts and how I got them back, read Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing.)  Buddha has come to me since May 1991, but recently he appeared in a most dramatic manner.

At about noon, on December 1, 2006, I was in the Oriental section of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art in front of a rather large statue of Buddha.  Suddenly, I felt like a very little girl, who was dearly loved, standing in the presence of greatness.  As I peered into the eye slits, I realized that there were real eyes looking back at me.  Heat at the top of my head later moved up and down my spine, into my third eye, and then heat poured out of my hands.  I worked for five minutes on one of the women in our New York group, who had broken her foot four times.  The pain left and the healing held.

To help ground the energy I called Claire Campbell in Atlanta, Georgia.  I called in the Energy using a variation of the Native American 20 Count, which recognizes God’s Spirit in everything.  Specifically, I used the extended version of this that is in Chapter 2 of Becoming a Shaman: It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been.  When i did this with Claire the experience I had before the Buddha statue came again, but stronger – and it has continued to get stronger every time I call in the Energy.  My own healing is accelerating.  I feel as if I am plugged into something far greater than I am.  What has occurred is that Buddha has brought another dimension of healing to Tera Mai – enlightenment!  Enlightenment brings about self-healing and self-realization.  Enlightenment is not the end of the road it is the beginning of a new one.

Some people would like to see the Buddha statue.  However, before giving directions let me say that my life is working because I surrendered ALL aspects of it an myself to God a long time ago and I continue to ask, What’s next? As humbling as it is, I continue to identify and work on my issues.  I’ve learned to pay attention.  For example, when i saw the trip for New York offered through the Arts Council, I knew within my core (not my head0 that I had to go.  Once in New York, I knew that I had to see the American in Paris exhibit.  Afterwards, I followed my intuition and ended up with Buddha.  Because I want Tera Mai to be the best it can be, I was going to go back to the statue on December 2 and meditate, but I was told, “Don’t bother!  It’s already done!”

How to get to the Buddha statue:  Go up the large marble staircase in the main lobby to the second floor.  Turn to your right and continue going straight ahead and on into the Oriental section.  There will be a room with Oriental statues to your right – look for the large Buddha statue.  If you get to the ladies room on the left, you’ve gone too far.

In the end, it might have served you better to call in the Energy.  Using Becoming a Shaman as often as possible, start reading just the italics on pages 26 through 58.  You may do this in one sitting or come back to it, or incorporate the exercises as you go.  (I have called in the Energy and cleared Tera Mai and myself every day for many years, so, this particular chant has become quite powerful.)

The Dark Age and its supporters are literally rotting away.  Mother Earth is going into the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels that has been prophesized by great psychics (Jesus & Nostradamas) and by highly spiritually conscious aspects of societies that have come before us (Native American, Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan & Incan).  Calling in the Energies will ease this process and help you to achieve enlightenment.  God will meet your efforts more than half way!  Kathleen

Cahokia – Comments by Eileen Heneghan of Ireland:  I am so grateful to have completed Cahokia.  The healings get stronger by the day and my sense of connection with All That There Is has certainly increasted.  I think it would be beneficial if you had a short article on Cahokia.  It would bring information to those who haven’t awareness of Cahokia as yet, and support those who have received the attunements and are still integrating them.  Eileen Heneghan

Cahokia is the combined force of elemental healing rays emanating from Source.  During each Cahokia initiation the elemental rays are intertwined into an etheric tapestry of sort – initiates often feel weaving as the pattern is being spun within.  What is most important is that each Cahokia initiation bring with it expanded abilities of healing and intuition.  With great gifts come great responsibility.  Some Cahokia initiates forget where the healing energy comes from and they go off on power trips or create their own manmade initiations.  What they thought was a ticket to ride to fame, wealth and power soon becomes a road trip to nowhere.  When Buddha cuts these individuals free from Tera Mai they blame everyone but themselves.  On the other hand, those Cahokia initiates, who remain humble, centered, work on their issues and who turn their lives over to God, typically become more aware of God’s presence as the healing flows through them.  Miracles occur with increasing regularity.  Self-haling becomes evident.  Kathleen

Tera Mai Secondary Initiations – Question by Ton van Gemert of The Netherlands:  Which of the secondary initiations (YOD, Enochian Magic, Angels, Melchizedek, Shakti Pac, Violet Flame) are exclusive to Tera Mai?  Ton van Gemert

Angels (not Angeliclight) is an opening of sort that is done in different ways by different metaphysical groups.  YOD and the Egyptian Cartouche initiations were given to me in a consciousness-raising experience by a Higher Being in exchange for clearing the Egyptian symbols.  I actually believe that this was somebody else’s job, but s/he got stuck along the way and Spirit asked me to fill in.  (It may have even been Murray Hope.)  I wouild be a mad woman were it not for the fact that these initiations work – healings and manifestation occur.  The 3 Enochian Magic initiations were given to me by someone who received them from a former member of the Catholic clergy.  (These initiations have NOTHING to do with Alester Crowley or the black magic association called the Golden Age Society.)  The first Enochian Magic initiation is exactly the same as it was given to me, and as it has been given for thousands of years.  However, the Higher Being told me that the Pope and cardinals wanted to have more power than archbishops, and archbishops wanted more power than bishops and priests.  So, they changed the second and third initiations and in the process lost the power of Enochian Magic.  The Higher Being showed me what alterations to make in the second and third initiations.  Those who were originally attuned to Enochian Magic II feel the expansion of healing energy flowing within them, but more importantly, they witness more healings.  The initiation into the Order of Melchizedek as I have taught Tera Mai Reiki Masters has been given in the same manner for thousands of years.  The Jews, then the Catholics and then the Mormons had the energy of the Order of Melchizedek, but lost the energy through misuse.  Shakti Pac is an energy transfer (not a true initiation) that many Shaman in different cultures have done.  The Higher Being and the Angels also gave the Violet Flame initiation to me.  In my natal astrology chart, I have the ability to transform.  Again, I believe I brought in a seed of possibility.  I include YOD, the Order of Melchizedek and the Violet Flame attunements in my Tera Mai Reiki Mastership classes.  My students and their students are free to do as they wish, so long as they refrain from giving or receiving other Reiki, other Seichem or manmade attunements, and that the Tera Mai initiations that they have been personally attuned to and have learned be given one-on-on in the standardized manner.  Kathleen

Protection – Comments by Chris Cane of England:  Some of my students and I work as a group to clear black magic, release dark energy and to cleanse spaces using the energies of Tera Mai Reiki and Tera Mai Seichem, and Cahokia, the Violet Flame and/or the Cartouche.  We also work with the Angelic Forces to bring in energies of change and transformation.  One thing, which we have found lately, is that even with TM Seichem I, the fire Merkaba (the light body in the initiate’s aura, which holds the Sakara) is a really powerful form of psychic protection.  Psychics see this Merkaba as rainbow brightness.  The Sakara (fire) Merkaba will even burn up and transform black magic and the energies of a psychic attack.

I also wanted to say that my students and I affirm the following each day to keep us focused and centered:  “I ask that today I be used as a channel for healing for the highest possible good, that I put healing into all i do or say, and that this happen in Divine Order and for The Highest Good.  I ask that I follow the path laid out for me to the best of my ability and that I be open to wise guidance.  So be it and so it is.”  Chris Cane

For some of my clients, who are in harms way, I have given them the TM Seichem I initiations.  Some of them have gotten back to me to say that they know that the Seichem initiation has afforded them protection on the physical level.  Kathleen

Clearings – Comments by Leen Joseph of Belgium:  During clearings, I often hear voices of those souls who would like to go to the Light, but are a bit reluctant, which is oftentimes due to a feeling of unworthiness.  This is where the “You are loved, blessed, healed and forgiven . . .” chant from Between Two Worlds plays a major role!  The angels ask them to have faith and have the deep inner knowing that they are welcome in the Light.  Sometimes, there will be another discussion.  The lost soul argues many points, like, not wanting to leave the others behind.  However, when one soul takes a risk and steps into the Light, others soon follow.  Leen Joseph

Sending Souls to the Light – Comments by Gisela Hammerstein from both Florida & Arggntina:  Thanksgiving Day, I had an extraordinary experience in the Church of San Andres in Cholula, Mexico during the death mass of Maria Emma Magdalena.  While sitting in a completely filled church, my angels asked me to call for the vortex to be opened.  It was my first time, but as soon as I asked, the inverted triangle of the vortex appeared in my mind’s eye.  My angels stood by while legions of souls came from all 4 directions.  I asked my angels where they had all come from.  The angels answered, “Through eons of time!”

When I asked to have the vortex expanded so that everyone could get into the Light, I felt the inverted point of the triangle at my back and heart chakra, radiating through my heart and shoulders, and up to the sky.  More souls kept coming.  Priests of the Sacred City of Anahuac, wearing brilliantly colored roles and splendorous feather headdresses, turned to say, “Thank you!”

After thanking me for coming, Maria stepped into the Light.  She was the last to go.  I asked me angels, What now?  And they began to close the vortex.  The warmth in my heart remained.  Gisela Hammerstein

To read other examples of lost souls being freed from between the worlds and sent to the Light, read Part II of Between Two Worlds:  The Story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn – and Her Celtic Heritage.  Kathleen

Goddess Energy – Question by Tracey Poyser of England:  I would like to know if anyone else works with goddess ISIS while doing a TM Reiki or TM Seichem healing session.  Since having the TM Seichem attunement, Isis has been there to guide em along and always anoints the person I am healing with some sort of oil she hold in a chalice.  A lot of ladies have felt a gentle pressure on their third eye and heart chakras.  Do you think this is to strengthen female energies in preparation for 2012?  Tracey Poyser

Yes!  It is also true that as the Goddess aspect of the Divine is increasing in strength, working with feminine archetypal energies, female saints, etc. is becoming more effective.  Recently, I asked HATHOR for a special favor to protect me from a man who wished me harm.  It was amazing!  Kathleen

Egyptian Energy – Question by Helen Mawson of England:  I would like to hear something about the recent Egyptian energy that has been coming through.  I’ve had some interesting experiences with this in the last month, specifically the energy of ISIS.  I have been asked to develop something around this.  Helen Mawson

Those who have been initiated into the Tera Mai Egyptian Cartouche initiations have noticed that the energy has become increasingly effective.  Others may well be noticing this as well.  As deception and dishonesty, inherent of the Dark Age, are leaving this planet, archetypal energies are coming more into play.  I believe it was Edgar Cayce, who predicted that Atlantis would rise again.  Maybe this prediction refers not just to the physical continent, Antarctica, but also to the metaphysics and the Goddess aspect of the Divine, which the technologically advance Atlantians and later the Egyptians employed.  (Modern science still cannot explain and build a large pyramid.  Nor can they replicate some of the Egyptian medical procedures.)  Kathleen

Staying within legal boundaries – Comments by individual from Georgia:  Developing a healing practice and working with the public is a choice that carries a great deal of responsibility.  There are legal limitations that apply to everyone who chooses to follow any healing path.  That includes compliance with state Legal Codes, which have been established and maintained to protect the public.  It is your responsibility as a Tera Mai practitioner to know and understand the guidelines established by the state (or country) in which you live and practice.  Woman from Georgia

I only work with symptoms, the angels and other spirit guides, and comments by the healee during the healing session.  I cannot make a diagnosis or prognosis!  Oftentimes during the session, I will have awareness in an organ or in part of my body.  I will simply tell the healee what I am feeling sand say, “I am feeling (or seeing or hearing the word) ______!  Does this mean something to you?  Kathleen

It is also important to make it clear to potential students that if they have done other Reiki, other Seichem or manmade attunements that even the TM Reiki I attunement will start to clear these other initiations out.  If they are clear, receive Tera Mai initiations, and then go off and do other Reiki, other Seichem or manmade attunements, the energy of Tera Mai will leave.  Kathleen

I have found that ego death is really hard for me. – Question from Dee Wartenburg of Allentown, Pennsylvania:  As I look around, I’m better at it than some other practitioners.  Any clues on how to take steps to remain selfless and loving?  Dee Wartenburg

We are supposed to have a balanced ego.  Narcissism and low self-esteem are opposite extremes and states of imbalance.  Personally, I don’t care what other people think, so long as I am doing the best i can and being considerate of others and the circumstances.  Getting into this typ0e of mindset is absolutely freeing.  It is easier to feel this way when God lets us know through some kind of spiritual experience where it is we are to go.  To receive a Divine Message try releasing all aspects of your life to God and ASK for a sign as to what to do and where to go.  We cut our own selves free from this process when we don’t act on the spiritually correct messages we receive – be it to set a different course entirely, take a class or travel, or even to read a certain book or see a particular movie.  I also ask God each day, Teach me to love as You Love.  There is an exercise on page 52 of Becoming a Shaman to help readers do so.  Kathleen

Time – Question by Jean Stevenson of England:  Can you please explain how it is known that 2007 will pass even more quickly than 2006?  Jean Stevenson

First, the only great calendar that has not run out is a calendar that was recently discovered in the Chinese I Ching, which will run out in December 2012.  Second, since the Harmonic Convergence (when all of the planets were lined up) everyone (including little children) is noticing that time is going by quicker and that it is not possible to get as much done in a day.  Third, Einstein proved a long time ago that time and space do not exist the way in which we understand it.  Forth, – the Russians seem to be the only ones who are talking about this – the vibration of Earth is moving up and it is measurable.  What all this means is that our psyches could not handle going from a lower-vibrational, 3-dimensional world into a higher vibrational reality with a different timekeeping system in a heartbeat at midnight, November 30, 2012.  Kathleen

Reiki & Ostros Rayos de Toque Sanador –the Spanish translation of Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing is now also available through, as well as Libro en Red.  Patricia Lopez, Mexico