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Winter 2008 Newsletter

Subjects include:  Judge’s Ruling in Rand v. Milner € Artwork € Tera Mai Symbols € Can Reiki be used on Cancer Patients? € Hands-On Healing € Shamanic Healing € Spontaneous Healing

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Rand v. Milner:
  In the recent Case No. 95-CV-71628, Judge Paul D. Borman, United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division, has found in favor of the plaintiff, William Rand, in that  the Joint Statement on Settlement, which pursuant to a Settlement Agreement with Mr. Rand, was to serve as the exclusive text used  for public communications regarding the disposition of the 1995 suit by both Mr. Rand and myself. In my Spring 2007 Newsletter, I summarized a portion of that Joint Statement, which I was not permitted to do.  I have been directed by the Court to retract any statements regarding the case that I discussed in my Spring 2007 Newsletter, and I do so now. I have also been directed to reprint the 1995 Joint Statement on Settlement on this website which I have done below.

In this matter I am also being asked to pay Mr. Rand’s legal fees and costs.  I also have legal fees because I was legally obliged to retain an attorney .  Thus, I am selling the oil-on-canvas paintings of the Holy Kabbalah, which are mentioned in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing.  They are $3,000each.  When people saw the healings that I was able to facilitate and they found out that I had become a Reiki Master, they started asking me to teach them Reiki.  In order to bring the energy of the initiations up so that I could pass on more of what I felt the initiations were intended to do, I placed these paintings around my living room.  The quality of the reproductions are not the best, but they are depicted in Tera, My Journey Home:  Alternative Healing.  Here is the Settlement Agreement from 12 1/2 years ago:SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT (1995)
The lawsuit between William Lee Rand and Kathleen Ann Milner has been resolved.  The lawsuit involved a controversy of Mr. Rand’s Reiki instruction involving what has been referred to as Sai Baba Symbols, and Ms. Milner’s account of Mr. Rand’s instruction through her letters and articles.

Mr. Rand and Ms. Milner agree that Reiki can be taught in many forms.  Mr. Rand and Ms. Milner wish to make clear to their students and the Reiki Community that the courses they teach are distinct, involving different teachings, methods, initiations and attunements.  Although both their courses involve the use of similar symbols, their meanings and powers in each course may vary.  Neither Mr. Rand nor Ms. Milner endorse the other’s course or teachings, nor question the validity of the other’s interpretive views on Reiki.

Each publishes materials which he or she contends accurately explain their respective Reiki teachings.  Ms. Milner publishes the book, Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing.  Mr. Rand publishes the book, Reiki The Healing Touch.

Both William Lee Rand and Kathleen Ann Milner will continue as Reiki Masters in good standing and continue to teach and practice Reiki in keeping with their respective interpretive views on Reiki.

In the 1980’s I was represented by Wright Gallery in Chicago until 2 car accidents in 1988 left my body in debilitating pain and my life at a standstill.  I was forced to seriously pray for and pursue the Gifts of the Spirit that I had as a young child. 

Oil-on-canvas paintings of the Holy Kabbalah are for sale: 
The Intellect – Keter, Bina and Hockma 
was sold to a woman who wanted to use it for self-healing.

Hesed and Gevurah Forming Beauth and Harmony:  Gevurah (raw power represented as a Cho Ku Ray) and Hesed (love) tegether form Tiferet, who is represented as the magical dragon of the East.

Keter Sending out Netza: From the Unmanifested Potential a spark of creation ignites qualities that are within us, which are represented by what are called the sephirot.

Hockma and Bina Giving Birth to the Other Sephirot:  The spark of creation is processed through intelligence (Hockma) and wisdom (Bina).  From this union come forth other qualities.

Yesod Balancing Netza and Hod:  Netza (eternity) and Hod (majesty) together form the dynamic Yesod.  The two triangles of the Star of David represent the sephirot of the intellect merging with the sephirot of the emotions.

Malkhut and Christ:  The legend of Malkhut is that when people abused the Powers of the Spirit the bridge between heaven and earth was broken.  Malkhut and the feminine principles (which in part include healing and psychic abilities) became outcasts.  Since Jesus practiced these Gifts of the Spirit and taught his Disciples how to heal and instructed them to teach others how to heal, he is the physician who mends this bridge and restores the feminine principle and balances it with the masculine principle.

Veils:  The sephirot are attributes, which like garments may be taken on or off, or worn in different combinations at different times.  A woman who studied the Kabblaah told me that she saw Tiferet, the fulcrum of the Holy Kabbalah, in the middle of the painting and balancing the other sephirot.  The rabbi, who lived next door, saw angel’s wings rather than cloaks.  

Yesod as Joseph in His Coat of Many Colors:  The old jews saw the sephirot as representing different Fathers of the Old Testament.  Joseph, the Pharaoh’s storekeeper, through wise management was able to feed Egyptians and many people from many nations during a great draught.  Joseph’s hands are extended in a typical rabbi’s blessing.

I also have a triangle-shaped oil-on-canvas of Kali, who represents the creative force.  In order to create, she destroys old, obsolete forms to make way for new, innovative ideas and structures.

I still have copies of the limited edition print of 500 copies of a charcoal head of Christ for $150.

The paintings from the covers of my books are also for sale.

I have other drawings and paintings that convey other feelings and energies.  As I do not have photographs of these pieces and they are not as well know as the artwork mentioned above, it would be appropriate for somebody else to represent me.

For now, if you are interested in the above-mentioned artwork please contact me.

Tera Mai Symbols, which include HARTH, HALU, ZONAR, IAVA, SHANTI, MARA, etc: I mention in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing that I started teaching Reiki in 1990, and that I began gathering symbols used in Tera Mai in 1991.  Some of these symbols, like Harth, Halu and Zonar, were given to me in consciousness-raising experiences.  Other symbols were given to me with the intention of being included in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing and my teaching materials by my students who received these symbols in my classes or shortly thereafter.  For example, shortly after taking my Reiki mastership class, Catherine Mills Bellamont channeled Iava, which she was told was to be used for planetary healing only.

I have done my best in all of my books to reference other people’s work properly, accurately and to be clear if I differed, and to do this with respect for the individual.  For example, Kellie Rae Marine gave Mara to me as Rama.  The symbol came to her in the middle of one of my classes.  Buddha changed the name to Mara because this name connects strongly to the Earth, and he said that it should be used to initiate the feet in the second-degree initiations of TM Reiki and TM Seichem.  I always appreciate it when people afford me the same courtesy.

Can Reiki be used on Cancer Patients? In Reiki books and manuals, and on Reiki web sites one may find a growing list of conditions that Reiki should not be used on.  The lists may include any or all of some of the following:  Reiki makes cancer tumors grow and burns hotter.  Reiki cannot be sent to individuals while they are undergoing surgery.  Reiki cannot be used on pregnant women, individuals with pacemakers or babies.  Reiki cannot be used on broken bones that are not set.  None of these restrictions hold true for the healing energy I was born with, the pure energy of Tera Mai or for Tera Mai initiates who are abiding by the Tera Mai standards (click on HOME PAGE).  Surgical nurses and nurses who work in oncology or cancer wards, who have been initiated into Tera Mai Reiki or Tera Mai Seichem, report back that their patients do better.  There have also been a few doctors who have been initiated into Tera Mai.  Those who practice the ancient art of hands-on healing through Tera Mai have worked on every possible ailment or condition.

Just as a Gift of the Spirit flowed through Rembrandt and into his paintings in a variety of different ways, so too, healing energy flows from God and through the healer.  True healers are instruments who facilitate healing energy.  Healings may or may not happen.  Healings may happen in a variety of different ways.

Spontaneous Healings:  The reason why I am invited to do monthly healing demonstrations at Nature’s Own Market in Southern Pines, North Carolina is because of the healing that occurred on Theresa, who is the sister of the owner, Karen.  Several times a week, Theresa suffered from terribly painful, incapacitating, migraine headaches, which no medication could touch.  All I did was talk to her and her headaches were gone.  Along with the power of my prayers and the images that came to me in my third eye (mind’s eye), this is the manner in which healings happened through me as a child.

Mental Healing: With hands-on healing I tell my students that it is important to first address the mental and emotional issues behind ailments or diseases.  There are touchpoints on the physical body that help to facilitate different healings.  The touchpoint for the mental body involves the healers placing his/her hands on the heads of the client’s humerous.  During the process, the client’s arms oftentimes become extremely heavy.  So, the healer brushes down each arm one at a time, and sends the negativity out through the fingertips.  After doing one arm, the client oftentimes notices a distinct difference between his/her arms.  Typically, the sensation is that the arm that has been just cleared is much lighter than the one that hasn’t been cleared.  This also gives the client confirmation that something positive is happening. They begin to notice that their brains are quieter.

Emotional Healing:   The touchpoint for the emotional body involves the healer placing his/her left hand on the client’s solar plexus and keeping it there through the entire emotional healing.  Then with his/her right hand the healer holds the client’s left hand.  After about 5 minutes, the healer touches the client’s right shoulder.  (Fears are oftentimes held around the neck area.)  Again after about 5 minutes, the healer hold the client’s right hand and then the left shoulder.  ‘Negativity’ may be pulled off at anytime during this process with the right hand.  The healer may then pull off and/or drain the misqualified energy in the solar plexus.  Afterwards, the healer places his/her hands back on the solar plexus to fill in the empty space.  The entire emotional healing process takes about 20 to 25 minutes.

The Power of Now:  When mental torture chambers and toxic emotions are released, it is possible for the individual to be here and present.  Shamanic journeywork is also an exercise to help individuals focus on the present moment and work with The Unmanifested Potential.  The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle uses different words and examples.  Tolle states that worries regarding the future, or trying to relive or redo the past keeps us from focusing our attention on what is happening Now!  While we may have brief periods of satisfaction or happiness, unless we can live in the Now we will never find joy.  When our brains are quiet and focused on the present, an interesting phenomenon occurs – the heart opens to joy.  Through joy and forgiveness we are able to find The Unmannifested, and through The Unmanifested we find our own connection to God.  Eckhart Tolle also gives many examples from the New Testament where Jesus is also preaching about the power of now.

Other touchpoints and healing methods are discussed in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing and Tera, My Journey Home: Alternative Healing, and demonstrated on the DVD, Healing Hands.

Priest Melchizedek:  I personally believe that the Priest Melchizedek programmed the physical body.  And interestingly enough, healing touchpoints for animals involve the same muscles or bones as those used for the human body.  (Yes, animals have the same bones and muscles that humans have.  They maybe lengthened or shortened, at a different angle or some muscles or bones may be combined.)  

Melchizedek is mentioned in the Old Testament as being a high priest.  He established an order of healing priests and priestesses.  The ancient initiation into the Order of Melchizedek connects the innitiate to God’s Divine Plan for Earth and establishes a foundation for all healing work.  The passage stating the Jesus initiated a priest into the Order of Melchizedek is still in the New Testament.  It was Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, who believe that Jesus was a reincarnation of Melchizedek.  When I bred my mare, Duchess, 7 years ago, her colt chose the name Melchizedek.  But that is another story.