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Winter 2011 Newsletter

ContentsMay 21, 2011 
January 15, 2011 
Pilgrimage to Egypt in December 2012, with Patrick Zeigler 
Physical Reality is About to Alter Dramatically 
Forgiveness & Bucky, and What Happens When We Don’t Forgive 
God Heard the Prayers of Those Who Voted for Positive Change in November 
Animals & Healing 
Results of Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing / Healing 
Tucson, Arizona Shooter

Angels keep bringing my attention to January 15, 2011:  It is an important day to release baggage, that is, bad habits, pain, negative thoughts and emotions, et cetera, that are holding us back.  It is a time to walk through fear.  Doing so is imperative if we are to discover our true essence, work and destiny.

One way to do this is to energize the symbol, RELEASE, or HOSANNAs along with other symbols, such as, CHRIST LIGHT and MARIA.  Give the symbols to God’s Chosen Angels. Ask the Angels to empower the symbols with energy and healing.  Then ask the Angels to bring them back to you and meditate.

You may want to do whatever you do for the January 12, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing / Healing on both January 13 and 14, at 8:00 PM wherever you are.

I asked Cristina Molina, as astrologer from Argentina, author and Tera Mai healer and teacher to do a reading.  For those who are skeptical, please remember that the 3 Wise Men mentioned in the New Testament by definition had to have been astrologers as well as astronomers.

First, for the astrologers and to give you an idea of how many aspects there are: 
Saturn and Ascendent in conjunction 
Sun in IV House, conjuncts Mars, trines the Moon, sextiles Uranus and semi-sextiles Neptune 
Jupiter conjuncts Uranus, semi-sextiles Neptune and Kiron 
Pluto conjuncts Mercury and semi-sextiles Venus

In a nutshell:  We will learn how to better love ourselves, and to develop more confidence in someone else.  It is a time for gathering the results of the seeds that we  sowed in the past.

Aspects translated for non-astrologers:  This will be a time of personal tranquility, and having a good time with family.  We will feel the desire to delve deeply into our own identity; that is, to know and define oneself and our relationships.  We will discover if our objectives chime with our sentiments.  This is one fine day for reflection of possible adjustments in our life.  We will develop an enormous flow of intense energy, complemented with an audacious spirit and love of adventurer.  We will learn how to discipline impulsiveness and egocentrism in order to relate with others positively and closely.  Sentiments will reinforce the expression of the best of us.  Discovery of purpose and important objectives will bring great interior equilibrium and sound common sense.  Internal vision, along with the ability to see the ‘big picture,’ will guide us in helping others.  In challenging situations we will perceive the heart of the matter in an instant.  If we encounter a crisis, we will hit the hail on the head.  We will become powerful instruments to relieve people’s suffering.

The astrological aspects of January 11, will initiate great change:  Our way of thinking will change, which will affect our lives and the manner in which we relate with others.  It is a time for undertaking studies and to discover dimensions of reality that until now, we have been ignorant of.  Pluto invites us to investigate within, and explore the occult (Spiritual) facets of our psyche.  Sentiments and thoughts that we have been ignorant of, or repressed will rise to the surface.  The contract between Venus and Pluto urges us to look for justice and Truth.  Our mission will be to discover and end injustices.  We will appraise change and transformation, and possess an unyielding faith in the process of life.  The mind will be deep and penetrating, going beyond what’s habitual.  Our thinking will perform like lightning across the surface, getting to the essence in a few seconds.  Once we come to a conclusion, nobody will convince us of untruths.  It is convenient to develop tolerance, especially with people of more tranquil character.

The planetary combination of Jupiter-Uranus is an indication of a time of great intuition, and fast understanding  and in some cases of creative faculties.  We will love learning because knowledge ives us power and freedom.  We ill develop a reverence for religion and philosophy.  We will have a deep understanding of esoteric themes and mystics.  With compassion we will benefit people who come to us, looking for relief from difficulties.  Our contributions will be significant.  We will possess the amazing capability to heal diseases, personal tragedies and crisis of faith.  We will be intuitive with premonitions of the future.

May 21, 2011: The Bible states clearly that only God knows the day and time of the final hour.  The final hour is the end of the Dark Age, which will be followed by the Golden Age of the Return of the Angels.  As early as the 3rd century, men changed the Books of the New Testament and thus, altered Jesus’ true teachings to falsely state that the final hour is the end of the world.

We do know that the final hour of the Dark Age is fast approaching because prophesies regarding the end times are fulfilled.  There is only one last prophesy that is about to be fulfilled.  That is, when all of the men who fought in the Great War (World War I) have died, the old age will give way to the new age.  Less than a handful of such men remain.

It is interesting how fundamentalists, who insist on a literal translation of the Bible, continually violate their own premise.  A religious group has decided that May 21, 2011, is the day that the world will end.  They will not be swayed by my words or even the Bible quote given above.  However, much fear and darkness, which demons literally fee on, is being created by their made-up message.

What we are able to do is to pray to God and work with His Chosen Angels to clear the terror and alarm that is being created.  It is especially powerful to pray and do clearing work during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing / Healing, as literally many, many millions of people around the world are praying at the same time.

If you would like some ideas, check out the clearings on
Symbols that may be used are found on 
Several effective prayers are found on

Results of Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing / Healing: You may have found that nagging urgings behind addictions, bad habits, socially deviant behaviors, and even negative attitudes, emotions and thoughts have been released.  It will be easier to change.  HOWEVER, God’s Gift of Free-Will Choice is always ours.  For those who wish to continue on a downward spiral, that option is still available.

Positive nature spirits and forces of nature are now aligned powerfully with the energies of Tera Mai for those properly attuned Tera Mai initiates, who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards.  Shamanism, the Spiritual aspect of working with God’s Nature, Angels and Creatures, is now incredibly more effective, and will continue to grow as a real, successful agent of positive change and miracles.  Read Becoming a Shaman:  It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been.  Learn this aspect of Spirituality.

Many people who are doing the Wednesday Night Clearings are noticing that God’s Chosen Angels are scrapping the bottom of the barrel.  That is, most of what remains to be cleared are the most contemptible, vile and evil energies.  THE GOOD NEWS is that it is ever increasingly easier to work with God’s Chosen Angels to release these depraved energies from Earth.  More demons in physical form are also being removed.

The more that God’s Angels are able to release through our prayers, the easier the upcoming earth changes and earthquakes will be.  We are about to move into a physical reality of great change.

Many millions of people participate every Wednesday Night at 8:00 PM wherever they happen to be.  After connecting to the group, they may do whatever they wish – pray, meditate, chant, say the Rosary, play Tibetan bowls, sing Gospel songs, et cetera.  It has become a powerful time for prayer.  How could it not?  For 2 1/2 years, every week, on the same day and at the same hour we connect for similar goals – clearing and healing ourselves, others and Earth.

‘It does not matter that Barack Obama is a HUGE disappointment.  His election sent a message to God.  Those who voted for Obama and those many Republicans who stayed away from the poles told God that they wanted a BIG positive change.  God heard those hopes and prayers.’ Gisela Hammerstein, of Florida, Argentina & Mexico

Egypt in December 2012: I will be one of the presenters, who will be going to Egypt with Patrick Zeigler.  The complete details of the tour have not been entirely worked out.  However, it is my understanding that rather than attempting to see everything, we will focus on some of the more important sites, such as, the Temple of Hathor, et cetera.

No, honestly, I have never been to Egypt.  My passport records will bare this out.  Nonetheless, it will be fascinating to be in Egypt during the Galactic Alignment, when our Sun eclipses the center of our galaxy, or Galactic Rift.  This event occurs every 26,000 years, and is always a harbinger of great change.

The energy and effects of all astrological events are perceived just prior to or during the event.  As the Sun’s eclipse of the Galactic Rift is an incredible and major astrological happening, we are feeling the effects now.  Many of us who participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing / Healing have seen great evil leaving Earth on the etheric planes.  It is only a matter of time before this impacts our physical reality.

Physical reality is about to alter greatly: Edgar Cayce foresaw people leaving the Dark Age and going into the Golden Age with whole, healthy youthful bodies.  How is this possible?

The etheric body is complete!  Period!  However, the condition of the etheric body depends entirely upon past deeds, and the emotional and mental state.  For example, I was speaking with my father two weeks before he died.  With my physical eyes, suddenly, I saw his etheric or astral body over his right shoulder.  I knew two things:  First, that my father would pass soon, because when we are awake and conscious, our etheric body belongs in our physical body.  Shortly before death, the etheric body begins to leave the physical.

Secondly, even though my father was in his 80’s and suffering from terminal diseases, his astral body looked as he did when he was in his late 20’s or early 30’s.  So, I knew that he had done a lot of work on himself.

For others who practice debauchery and live with negative thoughts and emotions, their etheric body is like the portraits in The Picture of Dorian Gray, a novel by Oscar Wilde.  Believe it or not, some people have misinterpreted the statement, Jesus died for our sins, to mean that they can be as depraved, dishonest and corrupt as they wish without consequences.  They do not believe that they will ever have to pay Karmic debt for despicable actions.  Unfortunately for them, God has placed us all here on Earth to learn lessons and to grow in Light and Love.  His Gift to everyone, however, is free-will choice.  It is ours to become Angels or demons, and every one of us reaps what we have sown.

It may well be that the Hopi prediction on Prophesy Rock means that a vast division will occur with those of the Light going one way, and those of the dark going another.  

Forgiveness, Bucky, and how others take our energy when we don’t forgiveIn a Shamanic class in Canada, Buckley, my horse who died in September 2010, showed up.

When Bucky was returned to me through the efforts of a jury trial (public record), he was in such bad shape that my veterinarian volunteered on his own to testify if I wanted to sue the people who had stolen and terribly abused Buckley.  Buckley was missing a tooth, there was a dent in his forehead, he was lame on his left rear leg, his ribs were sticking out, and he was not himself.  I felt that it was important for both the horse and myself to completely disconnect from those involved, and suing them would only keep us tied to the negativity.

Buckley, who is now OK with being called Bucky, apologized to me in Canada.  He told Fay McNaught that he had not been himself because of the severity of the concussion he received.  Fay went on to say that he had been tied so that he could not move, and he was beaten unmercifully.   I immediately saw a baseball bat.  Then a brown skeleton, wearing only a brown cloak over the back of his shoulders showed up.  (Brown spirits are typically earthbound but not demonic.)  However, he had a small something, which was beautifully multi-colored, in his empty abdomen.  I said, ‘If you have come in the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ, please stay; otherwise go away and stay away.’

The earthbound soul immediately made a ‘U’ turn and left.

When I asked who beat Bucky in such a manner, Bucky began pushing a metal tub with the letter ‘B’ on it.  I knew that Dorothy’s trainer, Buddy, had stood on the tub so that he could beat Bucky around the head.  Buddy, one of Dorothy Long’s trainers, had once tied another of Dorothy’s horses and whipped him until he was unconscious.  Dorothy was one of many people who knew about it.  She was the one who told me the story.

While the workshop participants did healings in the Otherworlds, I beat the drum.  But I also found myself working on Bucky.  In my mind’s eye, I cut off the ropes that had bound him during the beating.  These ropes represented his unforgiveness towards Buddy.  Bucky and I then sent the symbol, HEART OF THE GODDESS, to Buddy and everyone implicated with his theft and abuse, include the corrupt attorneys, who kept the matter going on for 4 years for their own financial benefit.  Then I put the whole lot of them in God’s Hands.

I knew that the brown skeleton was Buddy’s soul.  The bright colored object in the cave of the abdomen represented Bucky’s energies and gifts.  Buddy had been able to somewhat use Bucky’s gifts because of Bucky’s unforgiveness towards him.  When the ropes were cut and forgiveness was sent out, Buddy’s connection to Bucky and Bucky’s energy was ended as well.

Afterwards, Bucky was able to send powerful healing to me.  When I left Monday Morning, Fay saw a great, powerful, golden being behind me.  Bucky is filled with love and exceedingly grateful that I hung in there for him, for my love and all that I did.  He is now one of my Spirit guides and protectors.  Turns out that I never did get my horse fully back until after he died.

When Bucky died, he went immediately to The Light.  Usually, it takes three days for all of the energy to leave the physical form after death.  Not so with Bucky, his physical form became an empty husk immediately.  Afterwards, one of the things Bucky did was to raise the energies of Tera Mai even further.  He is also helping to clear the connection that Tera Mai has made to the healing energy that Jesus brought in 2,000 years ago.  The evidence is in the healings and miracles, which Tera Mai healers, who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, are able to facilitate.

Initiating animals into Tera Mai healing: Animals have personalities, consciousness, they love, and have etheric bodies, which are a part of the soul.  They are God’s children, just as we are.  They deserve respect and may receive Universal initiations into healing.

My horses have all been initiated into all of the initiations in Tera Mai.  Each time I initiated my horses, I asked God’s Chosen Angels, ‘So as you initiated my horses, so too, initiate all of God’s Creatures who wish to receive this initiations – be they 4-legged, winged, fined, 6-legged, 8-legged, creepers or crawlers.’

MSNBC featured a farm that veterans went to in order to be healed by horses.  One veteran said that he had come with a lot of anger, which one of the horses took from him.  The veteran said that he watched the horse tremble as the anger was shaken away.  Though he is not completely healed, the veteran received so much healing in one week, that he is able to begin living.

The veteran who shot people in Tucson, Arizona, may well have been suffering from post-traumatic stress.  This and other less harrowing examples are a reminder that we must do a far better job of taking care of veterans, regardless of the cost.

Those who call for violence and shooting people, like Sarah Palin and other Tea Party candidates, are recklessly endangering people.  Jesse Kelly, a Republican Tea Party candidate, ran against Representative Gabrielle Giffords in the November election.  Kelly held campaign events under the slogan, ‘Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office,’ and invited his supporters to ‘shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly.’

Gabrielle Giffords is a moderate Democrat and an environmentalist, who asked fellow members of congress to vote themselves a 5 percent pay cut.  In a vote of hypocrisy, her bill was defeated.

People and their motivations are becoming increasingly transparent.  The Light is bringing up everything for us to look at.  Soon there will be no more secrets.   The New Age is God’s Promise to His children and has been predicted by great prophets, and astrologers.  These include Mayan, Incan, Aztec, Egyptian astrologers and astronomers, who all foresaw the ending of the Dark Age at the same time – NOW!  And the beginning of the Golden Age – NOW!   

One in five soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq are suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome.  This link offers help to veterans:

THE CALLING:   When I was doing clearings and healings with Chris Cain in December, he heard that it was the time of The Calling.  People are being called to their true destinies.  Of course, we all have free-will-choice.  

To respond to The Calling we are all being asked to love and honor ourselves.  Many of us require Spiritual help to do this.  The Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing produced a wave of clearing and healing that is present on Earth 24 hours each day.  Many people have told me that they call upon this healing energy throughout the day by saying, ‘Angels, please connect me to the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.’  

If it feels right to you, in meditation ask the Angels to show you the Herald Trumpet that is being used in The Calling.  Then ask the Angels to help you to release any negativity that is on, in, above, below, within, without or being sent to you.  Allow the vibration of the Herald Trumpet to move through you.   Breath the darkness away and the Love and Light in!  Then ask the Angels to guide you to your true calling.