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Winter 2012 Newsletter

December 21, 2012 
New Healing Techniques 
Question & Comments 
OPPORTUNITY – December 12 – 21, 2012 
Prayer to God for Healing

December 21, 2012? 
By Christmas hope will be restored.

The morning of December 6, I was praying from my heart for all people who feel helpless and hopeless. Unexpectedly, I saw Santa – large and clear! That image stayed in my minds eye for a long time.

I know that I am sticking my neck out, just as I did last January when I let it be known that Obama would be re-elected. But when I get images as clear as this, it is meant to be. 
Kathleen Milner

Karina Hall of Ireland and England, sent the following response: 
Appearance of Father Christmas in C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

‘. . . When Aslan appears and all four children are in Narnia, the Witch’s power begins to weaken. As the children trudge through the night pursued by Maugrim and the Witch, things look very bleak for the causes of good in Narnia. But in the morning, the children awake to find that Father Christmas has broken through the Witch’s spell at last. 

The appearance of Father Christmas signifies hope in the story of Narnia. His appearance is the first sign that the Witch’s powers are failing. . . . ‘ 

Shifts of the Earth are not just occurring on a physical level. Spiritual energies are moving up. As the physical changes, the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies have to alter as well. As our bodies are made of the Earth and the strong force of gravity keeps us connected to Earth, we, too, are shifting on all levels. (Look up in the sky! The Sun is not where it should be. I believe this began on November 28.)

As Earth’s vibration moves up and the darkness is dispelled, it is easier for us to access our own higher consciousness. Go into meditation and ask your Angels if

what is in this newsletter is the Truth. 

Perhaps it was because my prayer was for everyone who felt hopeless and helpless, Ramona Kirk received a slightly different message: 
Everyone across the board will receive an early Christmas present– each according to his or her needs. In part this will happen because the Kundalini, an aspect of the spiritual body within us, will rise this month, December 2012. 
Popular images of the Kundalini: Click Here

I wonder how many of you are having similar experiences? Something that Ramona and myself have noticed is that flashbacks from our lives are coming into our consciousness. They remind us of lessons learned, things to be made right, and things to let go of. 

Kathleen, I have the same experience here. I’m remembering more and more of my past and it seems like a puzzle comes together, piece by piece. I am also becoming more consciousness of important timelines. 

Kathleen, I am experiencing definite physical changes. Mostly a sort of dizzy sensation and occasionally even a sense that the earth is moving beneath my feet. I don’t feel steady at all. If I didn’t know about this shift that is taking place I would probably go to a doctor to ‘find out’ what’s wrong; but I assume this is due to the global shifts that are happening. Is there something I can do to help “steady” myself or is this something that everyone is feeling and I’ll just have to live with it? Christine

Kathleen, I’ve been dreaming of dragons for the past couple of weeks. Mainly as fire dragon lines in the earth, but also as water dragons in the skies. It feels like they’re on the move, partly as they can much more easily than they’ve been able to previously. This energy feels clearing, ultimately it will be positive, though there will be some pain and upset. This pain is part of the letting go or rejection process of energy that is no longer wanted, needed or accessible for dark means. 

Dragons: In the West, Dragons viciously guard two things that they cannot use – virgins and gold. In the East , Dragons are lucky and they bring wealth. In Chinese Feng Shui the Earth’s ley lines are seen as Dragons. And while Dragons do NOT exist in physical reawlity, Dragons are visual representatives of primal forces of earth, air, fire and water in the Spiritual realms. Dragons and the primal energies have been awakened to help move us and Earth into the Golden Age. 

We used to work with Dragons on the Spiritual planes. Their power was misused and we moved further away from nature. So, the Dragons left.

Dragons refuse to work with evil, and will fade away if they are conjured for darkness. They are very real and very effective. They are there for us to use very carefully for the highest good of all concerned. Do NOT send anything negative – it will come back to you by the power of 3 immediately. An example of how to use Dragons, ‘I call upon all Dragons to remove all diseases and illness for the highest good of all concerned and harm to none.’

Personal example: ‘I call upon my Dragons to remove all diseases, illnesses and damage from me for my highest good and with harm to none.’

The more you work with Dragons, the more you will learn about them. End by saying, ‘with harm to none.’ The more people work with Dragons correctly, the stronger they will become. Woe to those who would use Dragons for evil! Whatever you send out through the Dragons will come back, 

Because Tera Mai is based on the healing and intuitive abilities found on rays within the elements (earth, air, fire and water) from Source, Tera Mai has powerful Spiritual Dragons, which represent the higher, primal energies of the elemental forces. These Dragons will not and are incapable of doing evil. They are both protected and protecting Tera Mai.

Thus, when you are doing clearings, healings or journeywork, you may also call upon the Dragons of Tera Mai to remove all diseases, illnesses and blockages from the client you are working on for his or her highest good and with harm to none.

Journeywork? The original Brothers Grimm folk tales (not Disney’s adaptations) and the tales of Camelot are accounts of Journeys taken into the Otherworld of Spirit. So, yes, besides you may also call upon your Dragons to help you to achieve your goal for your highest good and with harm to none.

Newest Healing Technique: 
On the evening of December 8, while Ramona Kirk and myself were working to clear blockages, Ramona got that sending blockages down to the central fire was not enough. We were asked to ask God’s Angels to remove the demonic energies from blockages and send the demonic energies into Earth’s central fire. Then the removal of the blockages themselves and the dark entities behind them were easy.

When we used this technique to remove blockages from Tera Mai, the energies of all Tera Mai initiations went up considerably. All properly attuned Tera Mai initiates, who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards and are striving to live in honesty, integrity and compassion, are seeing an increase in healing abilities.

This techniques may be used on your clients. For example, ask God’s Angels to remove the demonic energies from the cancer in your client’s body.(Watch the Angels work in silence.) Then ask the Angels to remove the dark entities behind the cancer. (Watch the Angels work in silence.) Then ask you client to breathe away all negative mental and emotional issues. Then ask the Angels to clear and heal the physical. (Watch the Angels work in silence.)

If you are impressed to do so, you might ask the Angels to remove any and all black-demonic DNA, RNA, imprinting and residue, as well as any and all black, demonic and inappropriate contracts.

This techniques may be used on social and environmental issues. For example, ask God’s Angels to remove the demonic energies from poverty consciousness. (Watch the Angels work in silence.) Then ask the Angels to remove the dark entities who feed off of the fear and hopelessness of poverty.(Watch the Angels work in silence.) Then ask the Angels to clear and heal the physical. (Watch the Angels work in silence.)

You might consider working with this new technique during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.

NEW MOON (3:42 am EST) on DECEMBER 13, 2012: 
Regeneration, patience and sacrifice. 
It’s about looking at ourselves honestly; where we are amiss. And then meditating on how to transform these qualities into manifesting something really positive.

FULL MOON (5:21 am EST) on DECEMBER 28, 2012: 
Out with the old and in with the new. 
Global focus on Spirituality. 
Political upsets. 
My guess is why they call it DarkStar is because their astrology also takes into consideration the stars, which is what astronomers/astrologers, like the Wisemen in the New Testament did. 
Kathleen Milner

Finding or falling upon the right combination is a windfall. The two symbols, AS ABOVE SO BELOW and DIAMOND of THE GODDESS, in combination help to produce Heaven on Earth through the Compassion of The Goddess. This symbol combination came to me in a ‘big’ way, so, I knew it was important. One woman used these symbols and asked for money to buy oil for her furnace. She received $400 from an unexpected source the next day.

You will find these symbols and how to draw them on my blog page,, on the second entry entitled ‘New Healing Techniques.’ Among many other items, you will find a new Shamanic technique there for calling in the energies. And at the top of the blog is a video of real healings that God’s Angels facilitated through me at the Dutch Paranormal Fair on June 2 & 3, 2012. You will find a brief introduction to Tera Mai and to myself in this video.

In addition, the Golden Bubble of Heavenly protection has been both simplified and made stronger.

On November 28, 2012, Earth and other things began shifting: 
When I woke up early in the morning, all of the problems of the world were swimming in and out of my head. I gave them to God and went back to sleep. When I woke up several hours later, all that was gone. The energy was clean, positive and enlightening.

There were a few hiccups in the November 28, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing that were easily cleared. It was like some people thought they could take the energy of God’s Benchmark for their own agendas. God simply intervened. The Winds of Change are again blowing in the direction of God’s Intention.

This does not mean that the hiccups are over with. Many of you have found how very effective and powerful the symbols, AS ABOVE SO BELOW and DIAMOND of THE GODDESS, are in this combination. And many of you sent these symbols ahead in time with God’s Angels to the November 28, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing. Together we are making a big, positive difference.

Ramona Kirk feels that November 28, was a Benchmark, and by December 12-13, we will begin to see how.

Prophesy Rock on the Hopi Reservation depicts humanity coming to a crossroad, whereby continuing on in the same old way is no longer an option. There is a choice of 2 paths. One path has devastating consequences, the other brings life.

This prophesy is about to become a reality. The astrological Yod aspect on December 22, 2012, signals a choice. People will presented with a choice of one of two paths. On this day, a special Yod aspect pattern to the planet, Jupiter conjuncts the important fixed star, Aldebaran (one of the Royal Stars of ancient Persia).’

To read an in depth explanation of the Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy, which is also all over the internet, click here:

From Ireland: 
Your planetary predictions are so true. Here in Ireland people are more concerned about how to survive. Seems like poeple are in a state of panic. At the same time, we seem to have a vast number of people here suddenly getting aggressive cancer. I also wanted to ask, has there been a shift so that more souls, who are in spirit, are able to return to physical? 

I was born with Gifts of the Spirit and have learned over many years, how to connect with God’s Angels, how to check out if otherworldly messages and messengers are of the Light, how to send them away if they are not, and to know when God is communicating with me and to trust my connection to God.

In my classes I include wisdom I have gleaned over the years. The knowledge of how anyone is capable of doing the above is on my blog page, web page, and in my books, DVDs and CDs.

History shows us repeatedly that whenever things get too far out of balance God intervenes! Nature is about achieving balance and to achieve this agenda in emergencies, Earth reacts! At the present time, social, ecological and economic issues have created polar opposites and crisis situations. If the separation of the wheat from the chaff does not occur exactly on December 21, 2012, it will soon.

Yes, more higher-vibrational souls are coming to Earth either as guides or to be born. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly impossible for lower-vibrational souls to either be born or to remain in Earth’s increasingly Lighter vibration. This is due in large part to the millions of people who have participated each week, for over 4 years, in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.

There is a healing technique at the beginning of this email that is effective. I believe that most people on Earth have too many heavy metals in their bodies due to the pollution levels. It is important to detox the physical and instill ecologically sound practices.

Fear is a tool of radical factions so as to get their own way regardless of the consequences of others. Knowledge and truth are enemies of fear. A good example of truth coming up to the surface is Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States on the cable television channel, ShowTime. For example, President Truman left office with George W. Bush-historically-low-disapproval ratings after unnecessarily dropping the atomic bomb (Japanese surrendered because Russia had invaded Manchuria and killed or captured 700,000 Japanese soldiers), and other tactics to propagate fear and initiate a Cold War.

People are wising up, because fear and war are NOT a part of the Golden Age. Many things are about to change very soon.

Yes, more higher-vibrational souls are coming to Earth either as guides or to be born. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly impossible for lower-vibrational souls to either be born or to remain in Earth’s increasingly Lighter vibration. This is due in large part to the millions of people who have participated each week, for over 4 years, in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.

For mental peace of mind, reduce stress & anxiety by:

1. Release all outcomes to God.

2. Regardless of which side you are on, from your heart, send love to both sides of any situation, which you have strong feelings and opinions about. For example, send love to both President Obama and Mitt Romney.

3. Give your worries and righteous anger to God, and ask God to intervene and that His Will might be done.

4. Join with literally millions of people around the world in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing. We’ve been doing this every single week for over 4 years now. It’s free! It’s working! It’s easy. Do whatever Spiritual practice you like for yourself, or whomever or whatever you like, or for Mother Earth, or all of the above at 8:00 PM your time, wherever you happen to be.

Keep connected to millions of positive, goodhearted people each week: 
Wherever you happen to be on earth on Wednesdays, and the hour there is 8:00 PM, simply ask God’s Angels, ‘Please connect me to the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.’ Then pray, meditate, chant, etc. Do whatever Spiritual practice you so wish, for as long as you wish, and for Earth, yourself, and/or for whomever or whatever you wish to pray for.

If 8:00 PM does not work out, start at the top of any hour on Wednesday and ask God’s Angels, ‘Please connect me to wherever the hour is 8:00 PM on Earth and the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.’ 

During the weekpeople who are going through difficulties frequently ask God’s Angels, ‘Please connect me to the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.’ It works!

Jesus did not predict the end of the world on December 21, 2012. He predicted the end of a dark age and the beginning of a Golden Age. Ignorant Romans altered Jesus’ true teachings in the 3rd century! Nostradamas, the Mayans, Edgar Cayce and others predicted the coming of the Golden Age at this time!

Question & Comments:

Hello Kathleen, When I know the medical history of my client, such as Diabetes, high BP, cancer – what is the most effective way of healing? (like specific symbols or special clearings)

Hi Kirti! People with the same illnesses oftentimes require different healing techniques. It is up to the healer to tune in (get into a slight meditation) and be receptive to what the Angels are doing and asking the healer to do. 

Thank you, Kathleen, for the emails regarding dragons. About a year or so, I went into a crystal shop that I often go in. The lady behind the counter is also a healer and shaman (although not Tera Mai but not many down here in Devon are that I can find and I feel quite isolated unless I go in there). Anyway I wanted some incense and picked up an Egyptian Dragon and she was burning the herb, dragon’s blood, in the shop. As i chatted to her, I saw a beautiful orange and golden dragon image very large, well small for a dragon but bigger than a person.

I have called upon dragon energy when journeying or meditating a few times since. Once I felt urged to bend forwards, and it’s fiery breath gently burned off some stuff from my back and behind me. The next time I went into the shop, she had put up a painting she had drawn called Earth dragon and it was identical to the image I had seen and worked with. A couple of weeks ago, she did a soul retrieval journey and healing for me. On her way through the Earth she saw a dragon’s head but wasn’t frightening, it was just watching. She said it had my eyes, which reassured her it wasn’t harmful but at the same time, she didn’t seem to think that the dragon was what she was supposed to return for me.

I never thought to mention it before. So nice to hear that other people have been working with dragons.

Thanks again for all the clearing you do. It helps a lot to know I’m not alone as I seem to get a lot of dark scary stuff to shift sometimes. It’s usually much easier when I follow the advice – esp last email regarding demonic influences. Something big dark and scary was shifted and removed from Earth! Just wish I had been wiser in the past and not brought so much onto myself!! Live, love and learn eh?!

Hi Kathleen,

The dragon is always with me, my very gentle playing loving healing power animal! It is amazing how everything is weaving together!

12.12 is the day of the Virgen of Guadalupe in Mexico. Thousands of people pilgrimage her place, the Tepeyac, in Mexico DF. Now we know that Tepeyac was a sacred pyramid to honor the Goddess Tonintza (Our Revered Mother Earth). There in Tepeyac is the biggest shrine honoring Mother Earth. Natives from all Mexico and beyond come together to revere Tonintza! I feel already the connection of the heart energies of all the pilgrims!

I wish you a day beyond measure! 
Love ^o^ Gisela ^o^

Hi Kathleen, After my first Tera Mai initiation in 2004, i dreamed about a dragon. After this I find in the shopping hall someone who sold dragons (normally he was not there). I bought one dragon that comes out of a egg………….I loved him so much. I holded him in my hand even when i was going to sleep. In the daytime I holded him in my hand or in my pocket.

Hi Kathleen,

Just to add confirmation to recent events, myself ,my partner and son have all been having dreams of past situations just as you described in recent emails.

Also I saw on your web site the comment about Vincent Amador made about you not getting the credit you deserve. I agree and in fact the last 2 UK newsletters on the Tera-Mai site include articles that talk about you and all you do without recognition. I hope you will read them if you get the chance, you will need to log on to the members page.

Blessings and a magical Yule to you 

OPPORTUNITY – December 12 – 21

The Mayan Long Calendar is ending on December 21, 2012. That is an irrefutable fact ! ! ! HOWEVER, it does not logically follow that it is the end of the world. There are no skull and bones or other symbols of death at the end of the Mayan Calendar!

The opportunity at this particular time, is for Mother Earth go into the Golden Age. 
The opportunity is also for each one of us!

This is the time to re-think and re-make ‘wrong choices,’ only this time, for the better. 
It’s the time to make amends, open our hearts and pray to God that we get onto our True paths. 
It’s the time to cleanse, clear and heal.

The power of positive prayer, Tera Mai, and the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing are increasingly more effective.

People who bought into the end-of-the-world scenario are exercising their gift of freewill choice. HOWEVER, the fear and panic that they are creating is polluting the energy body of Mother Earth. This was cleared last night, through the efforts of everyone who participated in the December 12, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.

But each day, they continue to exercise their rights of freewill choice. So, it is up to some of us to exercise our rights of freewill choice to ask God’s Angels and God to keep clearing the mental and emotional debris out of Earth’s energy field everyday.

Through Tera Mai healing efforts by Maria and daily repetition of the pray below, Maria’s father’s Lymphocyte Lukemia is getting better. His white blood count was 40,000 on November 4, 2012. Now it is 12,800 since he’s been doing the prayer everyday for just 2 weeksAn average person’s white blood cell count is between 4,300 and 10,800.

Kathleen Milner 
It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been 

Prayer to God for Healing

A priest with cancer wrote this prayer. After repeating this prayer for six months, he was totally healed. Praying from the heart, and allowing any Gifts of the Spirit that you were born with or initiated into flow through you while calling upon God / Goddess helps! On Wednesdays, you might consider saying this prayer during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing / Healing.

Heavenly Father,

I call on You right now in a special way. It is through Your Power that I was created. Every breath I take, every morning I wake, and every moment of ever hour, I live under Your Power.

Father, I ask You now to touch me with that same Power. For if You created me from nothing, You can certainly recreate me. Fill me with the Healing Power of Your Spirit. Cast out anything that should not be in me. Mend what is broken. Root out any unproductive cells. Open any blocked arteries or veins and rebuild any damaged areas. Remove all inflammation and cleanse any infection.

Let the warmth of Your Healing Love pass through my body to make new any unhealthy areas, so that my body will function the way You created it to function.

And, Father, restore me to full health in mind and body, so that I may serve You the rest of my life. I ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen