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Winter 2016 Newsletter

2016 is the END of the Dark Age !–  You may find that your feet are solidly on the ground but,  there are changes in your legs.-  Our legs & hips represent our foundation.-  Because Earth is changing, our bodies make adjustments.

from the post, Salvation or Trainwreck , on www.tera-mai-conversation.com1. God’s Intervention is NOW . . .  
In 2007 from his deathbed, the revered Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, leading Jewish teacher, prophet and healer; revealed that the Messiah is Yeshua (Hebrew name for Jesus), and that Jesus will return soon.  Copy & paste this site onto the top line of your computer screen.  Then hit the RETURN key.   Then read & scroll down for short video.

” . . . the Messiah will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid.” Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri

New Testament & Dead Sea Scrolls state that Jesus is an Essene Jew from the lineage of David.
   –  In Matthew, Chapter 1, verses 1 through 16 Jesus’ ancestors are traced from Abraham to King David and then to Jesus.    
   –  The prophet Nathan (2 Sam 7):  “the Messiah will be from King David’s lineage.’  

Jesus predicted the end of the Dark Age & the beginning of the Golden Age.
   –  NOT the end of the world ! ! !

All of the prophecies regarding signs by which we will know that the Golden Age is at hand have been fulfilled.    –  For example, the New Age will begin after . . .   
   . . .  the birth of a white buffalo calf.    Native American
   . . .  the Eagle lands on the Moon.    Native American
   . . .  the electromagnetic pole shift.    Edgar Cayce
   . . .   all of the men who fought in the Great War (WW I) have passed.
   . . .  Messiah would appear shortly after Ariel Sharon passes.    Rabbi Yitchak KaduriAriel Sharon passed two years ago.

History teaches us that whenever great imbalances become overbearing God intervenes.
–  We’re there !
–  People sense impending change and/or are having realistic, highly unusual dreams.

–  Unexpected reversals! 
–  Truth becomes clearer & easier to see! 
–  Intensification of who you are!  
–  All debts are paid one way or another.-  Initially, you may find your feet solidly on the ground, but there are changes in your legs.-  Our legs & hips represent our foundation.-  Because Earth is changing, our bodies make adjustments to keep up.

2.WHAT YOU MAY DO TO HELP YOURSELF & OTHERS DURING THESE INTERESTING TIMES:-  Pray & meditate!-  Pay attention to your own gut feelings and your own realistic, unusual dreams!-  Strive for balance.-  For example, the Chinese now recognize that the arts & music contribute to science and math.-  Participate along with millions of other good people in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.-  Ongoing since August 2008 !-  Once you easily connect to the group, participate however you wish & for whomever you wish.-  Read more by clicking here:ù

–  Emerald Light, along with other healing energies, are in the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave.
–  Last year, I was gifted with a healing energy that the Angels called Emerald Light.      –  I was told that I could send the Emerald Light to anywhere I wished.   –  So, I asked that it be sent into the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.      –  The Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing is protected by God’s Angels.      –  Those who come with pure hearts and thoughts are able to use the Emerald Light.-  Emerald Light  has the ability to repair and rejuvenate.-  I saw this happen in Ireland the day after Karen Molan and myself cleared the Rock of Cashel.   –  The remains of the medieval castle turned from black to stone color.       –  The land was greener.  There was more healthy vegetation.-  Read more about Emerald Light by clicking on & reading this post, Alchemy 
3.  NURAH is Healing & Magic from The Feminine Aspect of The Creator – The Goddess.
UNEXPECTED MIRACLES occur instantly whenever I see a vision of beautiful pink cloud surrounding me with my physical eyes.
–  Recently, The Goddess has been integrating, Nurah, Her Magic & Healing within my aura and myself.
–  Nurah works with the Spiritual Gifts I was born with and with Tera Mai.
–  I’m not sure that there is an initiation for Nurah ?!    Before writing more about what Nurah is capable of, I want to facilitate more healings with Nurah.

Before Nurah there must be love, compassion, forgiveness, honesty, integrity, gratitude, generosity, etc.
–  Love opens our connection to God, The “I Am Presence” within.
–  I feel The “I Am Presence” begin as a circle of warmth in my Heart Chakra.
–  Nurah is just beginning to heal through me.  
–  Hatred of any kind, for anyone is the opposite of God.
–  When we hate we turn our back to God.
–  Rather, than hating an individual or group, focus on dis-liking the activity.

–  Dislike the abuse, corruption, dishonesty, greed, et cetera.
–  In so doing, we remove ourselves from a downward spiral.
–  We stop repeating the mistakes of the past.
–  We stop drawing whatever we hate to us.
–  Oftentimes, people who hate have that same quality within themselves.
–  For example, Hitler had Jewish blood !
–  Before the Natzi invasion of Austria, Hitler sent an SS team into Austria to murder all his relatives. 
–  “Vengeance is Mine, saith The Lord.”   
–  Love your enemy.

In the last couple of months, my clients are astounded by the healings they’ve received.

– These healings are the result of the 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames        –  Positive affirmations & more information are also found on the link above.
–  Violet Flame has worked with & through Tera Mai for years!   –  So too, all 7 Tera-Mai Holy Flames work with Tera Mai. 
4.  Windows of opportunity & CAUTION in January & February 2016.
–  Remain flexible & have an open, loving heart !
–  The best choice may not be A or B, but an inspiration that takes you outside the box.  
–  Pay attention to your gut feelings & memorable dreams.
–  If someone is fighting or unruly, back away.

The Three Wisemenby who they were (magi) and what they were doing (following a star) had to have been both astrologers & astronomers.  
–  Stars and planets emit energy.
–  As they move through the sky, the stars & planets form perfect geometries in the heavens.
–  These patterns are called astrological signs.
–  Perfect geometries in art, sculpture & architecture draw attention & create energy.
–  So too, perfect geometries in the sky draw attention & create energy.

In the last five years, repetition of Uranus square Pluto aspects are the roots of disorder & crisis.
–  Mayan astrologers / astronomers saw the heavens as a way to glimpse The Mind of God.
–  God does not set everything in stone, wind up the clock and then sit back to watch.
–  Each astrological aspect has specific positive and negative possibilities.
   –  Through God’s Gift of freewill choice – by our choices we determine which path we take.
–  Denying anyone their freewill is one reason why slavery is an act of abomination.

Uranus square Pluto aspect means that The Universal Consciousness demands change.
–  The Uranus square Pluto aspect is coming back into play.
–  The energy from this Uranus square Pluto aspect influences the upcoming full & new Moons, and the Jan. 5th Mercury retrograde.  


January 5, Mercury retrograde is traumatically aspected by Uranus square Pluto.  

–  Produces over-the-top belligerent situations.
–  Extreme power struggles.
SAVING GRACE:   It is also an opportunity to redo mistakes of the past 4 weeks.
–  Handle some things that come up differently.Love & fellowship of the December 25th, Christmas full Moon carry into the next 6 months.
Mercury goes direct on Jan. 25, while Uranus square Pluto is closely activated on Feb. 2.
–  Combined energy is powerful.  It is felt now and carried into the February 8, new Moon.

“EGOMANIA”is Jamie Partridge’s one-liner for the January 9, (8:31 pm EST)  New Moon 
Some individuals & groups will use every dirty trick in the book to ‘have it their way.’
–  “Egomaniacs try to take control of everyone and everything.”
–  People who spew hatred, greed, corruption and lies have difficulty handling the Light.
–  Love & Light throw them off balance 
–  The Dark Age and those who perpetuate it are about to hit a brick wall.  

SAVING GRACE:  If you practice love, the chances are that you’ll make the evolutionary leap.
–  Good fortune, happiness & growth.
–  Finding soul mates and commitment in love.
–  “Self-discipline, patience & modesty will bring the future closer.”
–  Pray, meditate and participate along with millions of other good people during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing are all ways to help you get through this time.
*  For more detailed information on these astrological events go to Jamie Partridge or Astrology King.  Copy & paste this site onto the top line of your computer screen.  (Don’t use Google)  Then hit the RETURN key.   Then click on MOON at the top of the page.   Then go to the full or new Moon you want to read more about. 
is Jamie Partridge’s one-liner for the January 23, (8:46 pm EST) Full Moon  
Uranus square Pluto comes dramatically back into play on February 2.
–  We feel this energy now, and throughout February.
–  January full Moon brings erratic, desperate & dangerous behaviors and reactions.
–  Uncertainty & anxiety.
–  Psychological & psychic abuse.

SAVING GRACE “The Lucky One” is a fixed star aspecting the Sun at the time of the January Full Moon.
–   Gives charity, sacrifice, patience & trust.
–   Offers “faith in crisis, yet with a decisiveness that will take action.” 
–  “Can result in peculiar events, unexpected losses and gains, but sometimes, great good fortune.”

Place yourself in God / Goddess’ Hands & release everything to Him / Her.
–  There is a Feminine Aspect to God; therefore, females of each species are possible.
–  Mohammad referred to women as ‘precious’.  
–  The Dead Sea Scrolls (books written at the time of Jesus)  reveal that Jesus had female disciples.

“CRISIS MANAGEMENT” is Jamie Partridge’s one-liner for the February 8, (9:39 am EST) New Moon  
Point of conflict is represented by a triangle.  –  Each leg of the triangle represents one of  3 choices, which confront all of us as we prepare to make a new start. 
1.  Complacency – do nothing
2.  Take an uncomfortable, decisive action.
3.  A third point of view “represents a state of flux, experimenting and experiencing new ways to find the perfect balance.  Instead of putting off dealing with the crisis of the red square, you must view the square as representing opportunities to resolve the conflict.” 

There is a ‘learning triangle’, which interfaces with the above triangle 
–  Choose love or your finances !  Choose Spiritualism or materialism !
–  Fittingly, February 8 is the beginning of Chinese New Year of the Red or Fire Monkey.

POWERFUL ENERGIES of January & February carry on into the next 6 months!

6.  NEVER AGAIN is a Jewish motto. HOWEVER, Jesus would say that this vow should be applicable to all people of all nationalities & religious beliefs!
–  Jesus is the Messiah; he is an Avatar.  Jesus NEVER said that he was the only Son of God.   
–   By one vote the First Council of Nicea (May 19–June 20, AD 325) declared Jesus divine.
–  The Second Coming is a true prophesy!  Jesus, the Messiah, comes again!

7.  Just starting to schedule classes for 2016  –  if you have ideas, contact me
June 11 & 12:  Tera Mai Reiki Mastership  (people may repeat on a donations-are-accepted basis)
Sterling, Virginia  [email protected]
June 17 – 20:  Kenilworth, England
Karina Hall   [email protected]
I offer healings, readings and re-initiations in-person or over the phone for a donation.
Classes & initiations are given in groups or individually; in-person or over the phone. 

8.  Vibrational shift occurs every midnight, December 31st
  . . .  numbers have vibrations & are at the foundation of many things!

The year 2015 was an 8 year for Earth.   (2 + 0 + 1 + 5 =  8)
8 is a number of power and money.  2015 was the misuse of power & money.

The year 2016 is a 9 year for Earth.   (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9)
9 is the number of endings.  2016 is the END of the Dark Age
You feel like you are walking on different ground!

We have a personal number that is determined by adding the month + day we were born.
Examples for the following four birthdays:
–  April 9 equals  4 + 9 = 4–  June 14 equals  6 + 14 = 20   (20 needs to be reduced to a single number )
2 + 0 = 2–  August 31 equals 8 + 31 = 39
3 + 9 = 12
1 + 2 = 3
–  November 24 equals 11 + 24 = 35  
3 + 5 = 8
Add your personal number to Earth’s number for the year 2016.Using the personal numbers from above:
  4 + 9 = 4
 2 + 9 = 2
 3 + 9 = 3   8 + 9 = 8
Hebrew teachers refer to 9 as an ‘honest’ number because any number added to 9 equals itself.

Briefly the meaning of the numbers:
1 = new beginnings, self-evaluation
2 = partnerships
3 = creativity
4 = work
5 = activity and travel
6 = family
7 = spiritual
8 = money and power
9 = endings / com

9.  DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KORAN & SHARIA LAW  Sharia Law is politics!  It is practiced by both governments in the Middle East and terrorists.–  Sharia Law is very different from Mohammad’s handwritten Koran, whose language and concepts are similar to the New Testament.
1.  What is NOT in the Koran:  There is a story in Sharia Law, whereby Mohammad travels in a dream to the Temple in Jerusalem.   He then rises upwards and past the prophets.  Thus making him the greatest and last prophet.-  HOWEVER, absolutely none of this is in Mohammad’s handwritten notes, which are known as the Koran.2.   What’s NOT in Sharia Law:  In Mohammad’s writings there is an entry whereby he declares that he made a mistake.  That is, there are many gods.  –   Shortly afterwards, he wrote that he was wrong.  That is, there is only One God.  –   In the Koran, Mohammad reveals his integrity & honesty.-  Sharia Law deletes Mohammad’s own statements.
ACCURATE TRANSLATIONS of the Koran, which also incorporate separate writings of the history and politics of the day, may be the best way to understand the heart of Mohammad’s teachings.
3.   Mohammad’s first wife was both educated, and a successful business woman.-  There is no war against women in the Koran.  There is NO war or violence preached in the Koran!-  Mohammad calls for religious tolerance.4.  After Mohammad’s first wife died, he married a woman from each of the tribes.-  He also continued to preached monogamy to his disciples.-  From my observation, “Do as I say, not as I do!”, never works and opens the door to other exceptions.5.  Yes, black magic is practiced by terrorists groups in the Middle East.-  Black magic is commonly practiced throughout India, Indonesia and the Middle East.-  Practitioners of the dark arts stealing gifts from others and replace the energy with their own Karma.-  How this fits in with Mohammad’s, Buddha’s or Jesus’ teachings is beyond me.
God’s Justice is here!  Everything we’ve done to others is coming back to us!

10.  PRAY TO GOD in the following manner works!  So much depends upon our finding the right question to ask. “God, if I am on my right path, please clear away the blockages.  If I am on the wrong path, please get me onto my right path and clear all blockages.”–  The Truth is always simple and uncomplicated.

11.  LET GO of things that no longer serve.1.  We can keep walking around in a circle of  sh*#%   or we can disconnect.
2.  When we release EVERYONE,  those who love us and are meant to be in our lives will come back.
TO RELEASE THE SINS OF THE ANCESTORS and family Karma:3.  Pray to God, “Please disconnect me from everyone who is a member of my actual family !”

4.  There should only be Love between us and others; NOT chains, cords, strings, straps, et cetera.

12.  Tera-Mai White Flames & Golden Flames:  If you have been initiated into the Tera-Mai Violet Flame initiation and abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards   you will be able to connect to and channel the Tera-Mai White & Golden Flames.

Simply listen to the last interview that I gave to Carmen Tracy, the Reiki Answer Lady, on November 16.  It’s entitled, Tera Mai Holy Flames with Kathleen Milner.   Follow along as I guide Carmen through the initiation procedure.  Click here then either download or click the arrow:   

–  Short radio silence between the Tera-Mai White Flame initiation and the Tera-Mai Golden Flame initiation.
–  As the initiations come in, you will feel healing energy come into you as the connections are being made.–  Tera-Mai Flames are powerful !  They maybe experienced as cold or hot.–  As with other Universal initiations, this feeling will come back whenever you are doing healings.–  I also do on-air healing demonstrations, which listeners feel & experience.–  Click on & read more:  Tera-Mai Holy Flames
I have given Carmen Tracy two interviews.  

What the Tera-Mai White & Golden Flames do in healing sessions and meditation:

Tera-Mai White Flame = burns negativity & core issues to the ground.
Tera-Mai Golden Flame= removes trauma & painful memories.

13.  Why I know that 2016 is the end of the age of darkness:  
Prophesy Rock 
on the Hopi Reservation depicts life as we know it splitting off in two very different directions.-  This is the point where the dark age separates from the New Golden Age.-  I believe the point where the vertical line separates into two different roads occurred on the morning of January 1, 2016.

Because of the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, the Angels created something called Behind the Doors.  Darkness that is removed from Earth is put in there.   When it is full, two people work together with the Angels to remove it from Earth and God’s creation.  Afterwards, a new triangle is set up, around which a new Behind the Doors is created.

On the morning of January 1, 2016, I thought to ask Ramona if the Angels were ready to take the current Behind the Doors to the Celestial Prison Beyond the Stars.      Ramona heard, “Yes!”
So, I did the usual.  I asked the Angels, “If there is anything of the Light or that belongs to Mother Earth in there, please take it to Earth’s central fire or to the Violet Flame for transformation.”  
There was nothing good in there to come out.  However, this Behind the Doors looked and felt different.  I didn’t know why.  Then I asked the Angels, “Please cut all ties, access and communication to this Behind the Doors.”
Instead of cutting the chains immediately, the Angels backed me up so that I could see this Behind the Doors from a distance.  I was shocked!  Three, LONG, HEAVY, THICK BLACK CHAINS from the Earth to this Behind the Doors. These chains represented the massive effort the forces of evil had used to hold Earth to the dark age.         When Saint Michael cut the chains free, the chains dropped into Earth’s central fire.
Ramona said, “The Angels are stamping a seal on the Doors.  It reads, 2015.”
The Angels said that everything evil from 2015 was taken away, as if it never existed.
Remarkably, the energy of Earth went up.  It is the end of the Dark Age!  People who are sensitive and of the Light are able to feel this.   Those who practice corruption and the dark art arts feel nothing.NO ONE KNEW THIS WAS COMING! AT THIS HOUR IN THIS DAY !God’s Angels were as surprised as Ramona and I were !    –  I believe that participation by you in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, and the energies of Nurah helped to bring about the end of the dark age.
–  Upcoming, powerful new and full Moons of January and February, move each and everyone of us further along the diagonal lines.  
–  Happy people & happy plants are on the higher path.  Lower path has the opposite energies.  Our thoughts, words and deeds have brought each of us to our own destiny.
Notice that after the two paths separate, they continue moving paralled to one another.  This continues until the upper path climbs higher.