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ANGELS & SHADOWS is 5-minute movie, which will go out to 100 Hollywood producers as part of a Proof of Concept course offered through Roadmap.My friend, Maria Kopsidas, played the ghost.  At one point during the filming, the soul of the dead woman (on whom the feature script, Angels and Shadows, is based) appeared around Maria.  God’s Angels gave the soul of the deceased a clearing and healing.   When this happened members of the crew, Maria, Sonia Bonder, and myself choked up crying.   We also received a clearing and healing.  The camera was running.  The emotions, as well as the clearing and healing energies are in the short movie.

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November 18 new Moon:Pay attention to your surroundings for next 30 days

December 3, full Moon  Mix of positive and negative energies.  Be honest ! ! !

The Goddess worked a miracle for a little girl in Collingswood, New Jersey during ahealing demonstration before an audience on September 16, 2017. 
• When The Goddess comes into, and then through and out my back Heart Chakra, the Love is so overwhelming that others and myself begin to cry.
• Audrey’s heart began beating normally. / The little girl’s heart and valve became normal!   – healing demonstrations in front of a live audience


On Nov 18, 2017, at 10:27 AM, RAY . .

Ray, an Usui Reiki Master, sent me this email on November 18, 2017:
Hi Kathleen, it’s been a long time since I last communicated with you, I hope you’re well.  I have done much research into the origins of Reiki over the years.  Which Buddha do you converse with, and who enlightened you with this information please?  My personal belief it was Buddha Dainichi Nyorai who “down loaded” and initiated the great shining light of the cosmos to Usui Sensei.  In Japan, Dianichi Nyorai is a very important diety and is known as the Buddha of the Great Shining Light.  The Light of the Universe.  Perhaps to you too?  
There are many Buddha’s as you know.  Yes, Mrs Takata “Westernised” Reiki to make it acceptable to the USA.  And even she was taught a different version of Reiki by Dr Hayashi who changed it to suit his profession as a doctor.  I look forward to your reply, take care and thank you for Tera Mai Reiki & Seichem,  . . RAY

My response to Ray:
Dear Ray,  I’ve seen the Golden Buddha with my physical eyes.  He is the Buddha who lived in India 2,500 years ago.
Over 25 years ago, Buddha connected to me in Los Angeles.  Since that time, he watches over all aspects of the healing system, Tera Mai™, and myself.  Only on rare occasions has Buddha stepped in to make his presence consciously known to me.  During these times, he gives me additional insights.
REAL FACTS:  According to ALL of the evidence, Dr. Usui NEVER existed.  Not one of the stories about Dr. Usui can be verified.  The large monument dedicated to Dr. Usui and his students is laser cut.  (Translated, that means that it is ‘ modern’ and that  ‘modern’ mankind spent a great deal of money to perpetuate Dr. Usui’s myth.)  
As Takata claimed that a man, Dr. Hayashi, was in a Reiki lineage that went back to Dr. Usui and Dr. Usui never existed, I would not trust Dr. Hayashi to be real either.  As you have written to me and are now writing to me again for specific information regarding myself, Buddha and Tera Mai, I do not believe it is out-of-line for me to suggest that you click on and actually read through the links below.  AND read carefully through the email regarding Reiki that I sent out to Ann and others. 

Reiki ? – What is

Universal initiations are holy.   When people tamper with Universal initiations, they cease to be holy; they cease to be Universal.  A MIRACLE occurs when Tera Mai™ initiations are passed on by myself and properly attuned Tera Mai™ initiates who are abiding by  Buddha’s Tera Mai standards .  . . 
. . .  Umberto Rosanelli asked for The Truth before he took the photo on the HOME page of .  Whenever Universal initiations are passed on, (as in the photo on the HOME page)  the initiator’s aura contracts and a narrow channel of Light appears from the initiator’s crown to God/Goddess in The Heavens.  Universal initiations are then passed through the initiator to the initiate.
WHAT MY STUDENTS  & I  HAVE OBSERVED:  Manmade initiations are not universal.  HOWEVER, a channel is created.  That channel is a cord that originates from the right side of the chest of the initiator.  This cord enters the left side of the chest of the initiated.  Over time, these cords become black and twisted.  Manmade initiations vary, as do the energies from manmade initiations.  Manmade initiations can create blockages in the etheric energy body that continue through lifetimes until the blocks, the manmade initiation and energy of the manmade initiations are released or removed.

Ann asked me the following question on November 16, 2017:
On Nov 16, 2017, at 1:25 PM, Ann . . .Hi Kathleen!
Have you heard of Usui Reiki?
My response to Ann:
Dear Ann,
For more information about Takata and Dr. Usui please click and read here:
The short version of what is written below is as follows:  When anyone states that they are an Usui Reiki Master or initiate, they could  have been initiated into any one of a thousand or more different initiations.

Takata never trademarked either the word, Reiki, or the word, Usui.  Takata did establish the Alliance Reiki Masters.  However, after Takata’s death, the initiations she brought to mainland United States were widely called Usui Reiki.  Afterwards, all attempts to trademark Usui Reiki by a variety of individuals have failed.  “Use” is NOT a trademark, nor have these words (Reiki and Usui) ever been trademarked.  Anyone may use the names, Usui and/or Reiki, and they have done so.  

For over two decades, prominent Reiki teachers and authors have been telling people, “Once you’ve been initiated into Reiki, you may change the initiations anyway you want.”

Some of these new Reiki masters changed the initiations and made up a new name for their particular brand of Reiki initiations.  For example, they might call their initiations, Pow Wow Reiki, OR they may choose not include the word, Reiki, in the title at all.  An example might be, Original Pow Wow Mysticism Attunements.  Continuing on with the explanation:  Those who receive  Pow Wow Reiki may also change the initiations they received if they are impressed to do so, OR go back to calling their initiations Usui Reiki.   

I Googled Pow Wow Reiki – to date, there is no such entity.  HOWEVER, the last time I made up a Reiki name to clarify my explanation, someone picked up on it and named their new Reiki initiations the name that I had made up.  Unbelievable!  Right?

Other people who’ve received Usui Reiki initiations do not know that the initiation they received is not the same as the initiations handed down by Takata.  In fact, given the above, it is highly likely that the Usui Reiki initiation anyone receives has been altered many, many times from the original Alliance Reiki attunements.  

I know that the Reiki initiations I received from Margaret Sheldon were identical to those Takata handed down to her Alliance Reiki Masters because several of Takata’s original Alliance Reiki masters came to me to receive Tera Mai™ initiations.  They all volunteered to share what they had learned from Takata.  They all were amazed at the healing energy of Tera Mai™.

In the initial consciousness-raising experiences I had with Buddha in Los Angeles, he simply added onto Takata’s Reiki initiations.  The difference being that I told people that the original initiations had been changed and why.

To complicate matters further, Buddha told me that Takata had a consciousness-raising experience in Hawaii with him.  Takata did not bring back initiations from Japan.  (None of the evidence about Dr. Usui checks out.  The University of Chicago has no one by any name close to Makao Usui even attending a class.  The Buddhist monastery in Japan has no record of him even visiting.)
Convoluting the energies even further:   When Takata brought the initiations Buddha gave her to mainland U.S., she changed the Reiki initiations.  For example, she left out the symbol RAKU and cut Say Hey Key in half.  RAKU and the double Say Hey Key, which are  on on the post,  Golden Age Symbols .  The symbols on my site were copied from a manual given to Alex Martin Turati of Brazil- This was Takata’s original Hawaiian  Reiki manual.  

Recently, I asked Buddha two questions:

1.  Why didn’t he simply show me the initiations he had given to Takata?

Buddha’s answer:  The initiations he gave Takata had become flawed.  The corrupted initiations were unretrievable.

2.  Why did I have to be initiated into Takata’s Reiki?  Why couldn’t Buddha simply use the natural healing and psychic abilities I was born with to create new healing initiations?

Buddha’s answer: Takata did receive a blessing from a holy man or woman, who was connected back to not only Jesus and Buddha, but also to the High Priest Melchizedek, as mentioned in the Old Testament.  In the New Testament Jesus initiates a priest into The Order of Melchizedek.  Apparently, it was important that I be connected physically to this ancient lineage.  AND that Tera Mai initiates be connected back to the High Priest Melchizedek.

In Los Angeles Buddha used the healing energies I was born with to
begin to clear and reinvigorate Reiki and the Reiki initiations I had received from Margaret Sheldon. He began by adding the symbol, HARTH and two Cho Ku Rays.   The  instructions he gave me were explicit!  Anyone initiated into Tera Mai, who wanted to keep the Tera Mai energies, was required to honor and abide by Buddha’s Tera Mai Standards.  Buddha’s Tera Mai standards.

Golden Buddha gave me Tera-Mai Standards

What I cannot answer is this:  I was brought up Catholic.  I have never been a Buddhist.  However, I knew better than to alter the initiations that Buddha gave me.  Takata was a Buddhist!  What made her think that she could go into meditation and change the Reiki initiations ? ? ?
    The easy explanation was that her ego got in the way.  I cannot get into this, because I fall into judgement.  This is very difficult for me, because Buddha also told me that Earth could have gone into the Golden Age shortly after World War II on the energies of the Reiki initiations he had given to Takata.
Proof of my statements:  In the beginning, Takata was able to perform miracles.  There is a documented, witnessed account of her raising the dead.  As her life continued, she was able to facilitate fewer and fewer healings until the healings stopped.
As I age, the healings and miracles I am able to facilitate increase.  This is also true for all properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who abide by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards and are doing their best to live their lives with honesty, integrity and compassion.