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Because the Earth is DESPERATELY in need of healing and because so many people are hurting at this time, there is 50% off all initiations on  Discount will continue through Valentine’s Day.

Readers wanted for online table reading of the play, ANNE BOLEYN’S SECRET.

HEALING COMES THROUGH MY VOICE, AS WELL AS THROUGH MY HANDS:  I regularly post free clearing & healing / meditations on Facebook/Kathleen.Milner.  –  December 21, 2020, is the latest meditation.
–  Healings and readings are given over the phone or on Facebook’s Messenger on a donations-are-accepted basis.

    –  Three years ago, I gave classes at Ellie Pizzi’s healing center and hotel, Centro Agrituristico Eliantemo, in Spoleto, Italy.  People came from different countries and different continents.    classes again in October 2021.
[email protected]See photos at the bottom of the email.Jupiter conjunct Saturn was likely the Star of Bethlehem in the year 7 B.C. At that time, the conjunction foretold the birth of Jesus. The December 21, 2020, conjunction ushers in the Second Coming and the Golden Age, as well as justice & fairness.
The Great Conjunction is clearly seen in the sky through Christmas. The energies will be with us for a very long time.Those who are generous & moral are rewarded. God’s Hand and the forces of Heaven push back against the selfish, greedy, vengeful and those who are jealous. The idea is to improve our life without harming others.

FASCILITATING REAL HEALINGS & ACCURATE PREDICTIONS:   I am a natural healer & psychic, who was born into an age that neither welcomed nor accepted my Gifts of The Spirit. For 30 years, I hid these gifts.  After my divorce, I prayed that they be returned to me.  They were, but only partially.

On my journey I was strongly impressed to receive the original Reiki initiations that Takata passed onto Iris Ishakuro and 20 other Reiki Masters. Like other natural healers, I facilitated more impressive healings before I was initiated into Reiki.  I asked, WHY?. 

Not long afterwards, I walked into the Otherworlds of Spirit and met the original Buddha. He gave me what was missing from Takata’s Reiki initiations. He asked me to protect Tera Mai™.

TAKE HOPE FROM MY STORY ~ It is never too late to be who you were meant to be!  Pray.  Ask that you find and then walk your own true path.  Over Thanksgiving Day, Maria Kopsidas severely 
burned her left hand. After 30 minutes of working on her, pain and the burn blisters were gone

PSYCHIC ABILITIES:  One full year before winning their first elections, I sent out emails each time stating that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (in that order) would win their elections.

The morning after the 2016 election, I opened my eyes to see God’s handwritten prediction:  TRUMP IS A ONE TERM PRESIDENT.  Immediately, I sent out an email.  During the past 4 years, whenever anyone asked, “Who is the next U.S. President?”, I told the same story.

GOD SPEAKS TO US WITHOUT WORDS through GUT FEELINGS and INNER KNOWING in our Solar Plexus.  GOD ALSO SPEAKS to us through the STARS.  By who they were (MAGI), and by what they were doing (FOLLOWING A STAR & PROPHESIZING TO MARY and JOSEPH) the 3 Wise Men had to have been astronomers & astrologers.

   The Bible states that God’s Spirit is within everything ~ that includes the Stars and each one of us.
   –  Just as we are individuals with particular traits, so too, the Stars and Planets have distinctive attributes.
   –  When Planets and Stars align to form perfect geometries, invisible energy lines are created between them.
   –  Each alignment offers different opportunities & cautions.
   –  Comets were seen as messengers from the Heavens.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM:  Today’s astrologers believe that the Star of Bethlehem was actually The Great Conjunction ~ Jupiter conjunct Saturn in 7 B.C.  This alignment occurs every 19+ years. 

December 21, 2020, is the latest Jupiter conjunct Saturn transit.
We will have to wait until October 31, 2040, for the next conjunction.
–  Saturn is the taskmaster ~ REWARDS if we have learned our lessons.  If not, more difficult lessons are forthcoming. –

BENEFITS of Jupiter conjunct Saturn:  Opportunities & good fortune, awareness of one’s greater self; as well as personal & practical professional growth. Break through barriers.
   – Close proximity to Star Altair emphasizes Karma. That is, those with dark motives suffer consequences from their actions.

RISE AND FALL OF ROYALTY & POLITICAL LEADERS  is associated with Jupiter conjunct Saturn. Since 1840, seven U.S. presidents at the time of this conjunction, died in office; 2 presidents (Reagan & George W.) survived assassination attempts. 

INTERESTING, because of Trump’s failure to concede the election, the consequence of Jupiter conjunct Saturn falls upon him.  However, I have seen a vision of Trump from behind.  He is in handcuffs, and is being escorted out of the foyer of a beautiful building (The White House ???) by 3 agents or officers. The viewpoint switches and I see the same scene from the front.  Trump is wearing a medium blue suit and a red tie. Karina Hall (England) sees Trump from the front with hands cuffed, and escorted by officers. As if she were sitting in the backseat of a car, she watches him duck to get into the backseat next to her. Are the stars, or are the visions correct ???????
After doing clearings on the White House, the last vision Claudia Tani (Italy) and I saw was the avatar, ANUBIS, standing powerfully in a hallway.  He said, “Leave this to me.” … We did!  Claudia also received the message that the avatar, THOTH, was returning to Earth.  THOTH is the lord of Karma.
   ANUBIS                &       THOTH  both carry an ANKH symbolizing their authority & power.

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JUDGEMENT DAY IS ON THE HORIZON:  Jupiter conjunct Saturn is not the only recent astrological alignment that speaks loudly of rewards for the just and consequences for the wicked.

I.  November 12, 2020 was the third time Jupiter (Abundance & Expansion) conjuncted Pluto (Karma – good & bad). Typically this occurs once every 13 years.  Because of retrograding planets, this conjunction also happened on April 4, 2020 and June 30, 2020.    – The Goddess aspect of The Divine is returning. … Remarkably, Asteroid Pallas Athena (Justice & Wisdom) conjunct Jupiter & Pluto on all 3 occasions.
   –  Two-edged sword of Justice Expands both Good & Bad Karma
1. All who morally & ethically pursue their passionate goals are rewarded with material & spiritual blessings.  OR 
2. All whose obsessive efforts are motivated by greed, jealousy, selfishness, revenge & ruthlessness will find the Forces of Heaven & The Hand of God pushing back against them.

–  Asteroid 16 Psyche was recently found in the same Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.  It is the exposed core of a planet. 
   –  The metals in 16 Psyche are worth $10,000 quadrillion.
   –  30 years ago, I wrote in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing that the asteroid belt was the partial remains of a planet, whose inhabitants blew up their own world. (I knew this to be true  in grade school.)

II. TWO CHOICES may be found in the NOVEMBER 30TH FULL MOON / LUNAR ECLIPSE, whose energies will impact us for 6 months. 
Get off the fence and make a choice.
1. Morality brings  … OR  2. Immorality leads to misfortune

III.  TWO CHOICES within DECEMBER 14 NEW MOON / SOLAR ECLIPSE, whose energies will also impact us for 6 months.Get off the fence and make a choice.Get off the fence and make a choice.…/
1. Clear thinking, insight … OR
2. Depravity, confusion & susceptibility to illness.
WELCOME CHANGE comes with the December 29, full Moon.
The Bible clearly states the following Truths:
   –  God cannot be summoned.
   –  God speaks to us without words.
   –  God’s Spirit is within everything ~ including the stars, planets and people.
   –  As God’s Spirit is within us, we are able to call God/Goddess forth ….
   –  …. “Yod, Yod, Yod, I call you forth from the depths of my being.” 
   –  Do this often and you will feel warmth in the Heart Chakra (behind the Sternum) ~ stirring of The Spirit.

We are not taught how our souls escape after death:
–  Our energy body is only a part of our soul. As we fall asleep, our energy body leaves through the top of our head and travels.  With the expiration of a major organ, it leaves for the last time, taking with it the conscious   mind.
–  Our energy body is like Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray.   Simply spoken, our soul reflects the qualities by which we lived.
–  If there is love & empathy in our hearts, we are drawn to the love in the White Vortex.  Once souls enter, they spiral upwards to Heaven.
–  I saw this event once with my physical eyes in Haworth England.  The vortex, Angels and souls were delicate shades of bluish white.

During the Wednesday Night Clearings, please spend some time clearing, healing and/or praying for Earth.  You might ask God’s Angels to show you the beams of Light coming from the Christmas Star (The Great Conjunction) and what is happening with the energy.

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Nadia Kamel (England) and I began the clearing process of the five-pointed and six-pointed stars with God’s Angels on Saturday, November 21.  We asked that the clearing and healing energy be expanded to other mystical and religious symbols.   The energy went into the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave.

Why is it necessary to clear religious & spiritual symbols?  Dark magic twists and then binds popular spiritual/religious symbols to distort positive Light energy into dark, manipulative energy.  For example, those who practice the dark arts take the statue of Jesus on a cross and hang it or plant it upside-down on a dark altar with despicable objects.  This malicious interference causes symbols to increasingly lose their positive effectiveness.
The free Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing has been ongoing since August 2008.  Wherever you are on Wednesday night when the clock strikes 8:00 pm, ask God’s Angels, “Please connect me to the Tera Mai™ healers who are doing the clearings.”

Because the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing has been ongoing for over 12 years, there is a wave of clearing/healing energy circling Earth.   At anytime you may ask God’s Angels, “Please connect me to the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and the Tera Mai™ healers who are doing the clearings.”
Happy Hanukkah (Festival of Lights)Merry Christmas to allMay the New Year bring peace on Earth
Kathleen Milner
 Centro Agrituristico Eliantemo

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lunch time/ Spoleto, Italy

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