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Winter / Spring 2013 Newsletter

Personalities Popping Out 
Welcome to my World 
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Healing in the Manner of Jesus 
      Re-Initiations into Tera Mai Cahokia I 
         We are even healing and being healed in our sleep.  (Read affidavits below.) 
         First re-initiation brings about deep clearing. 
         Second re-initiation brings exceptional healing abilities. 
      Clear Lineage Line 
      Enochian Magic (As in The Light of Enoch – real white magic.) 
      Shamanic Journeywork 
Affidavits (You will find practical information and insights from the people who wrote them.) 
Make it Physical – Manifest 
Heart Chakra Initiation

ASK GOD for The TRUTH: That is the only thing that I did, which allowed me to physically and consciously go into the Otherworlds of Spirit and meet Buddha.  This miracle brought about another miracle; that is, the Tera Mai initiations came into the world.

                If you are worried or fearful or wondering where your true path of life is, you have the ability to do as I did.  Ask God for The Truth.  You will begin your own previously unforeseen and remarkable journey.  Sometimes along the way you are presented with two choices – one choice is that from your logical mind; the other is the choice your heart asks you to make.  If you listen to and follow your heart, you will be able to live with the choices you make.

OTHER aspects of the Personality Sometimes Peek Out: When I know the answer but I repeatedly say the wrong thing, I know that something is up!  For example, in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing I tell the story of how Carol told me the hospital room number of a mutual friend.  BUT I repeated back to her a completely different number.  This went on several more times.  Each time, I repeated the same ‘wrong’ number back to her.  Exasperated, Carol wrote the ‘correct’ room number on a piece of paper.  

                When I arrived at the hospital and got into the elevator, I kept looking at the piece of paper because it was all I could manage not to push the button for the ‘wrong’ floor.  When I arrived at the ‘right’ room, Suzie’s bed was freshly made but Suzie was nowhere to be found.  The nurse came into the room and told me that Suzie had been moved to a different floor and room.  The room number where Suzie had been moved to was the same number that I had consistently repeated to Carol.  

                More recently: On the HOME page of my website and blog page,  I put up one of the interviews   that I gave in December 2012, regarding the Mayan calendar.  I liked this particular interview because Brian Joyce asked me a variety of questions.  However, I stated twice that on December 21, our Sun was eclipsing the center of our universe.  The third time, I got it right – our Sun eclipsed the center of our galaxy, which is a black hole.  The black hole helps to hold our galaxy together.

                When I asked the Angels why I had done this, I received a remarkable answer.  Earth may or may not be the center of our universe.  However, Earth is very important because if Earth moves into the Golden Age, the entire Universe advances forwards.  This is why people have and are still seeing so many spaceships.  The Galactic Confederation (not the guys in the gray spacesuits) is here to help us if we ask.

                More help is at hand:  After the meteor crashed into Russia’s Ural Mountains, the Angels tole me that it was a remnant of a planet that had been blown apart by scientific ‘advances’ that should never have been implemented, and subsequent war.  The meteor brings ghosts – lessons learned and the art of thinking ahead to realize consequences, and also valuable new ideas to help us go into the Golden Age.  

HOPE: Since the end of December, people have been telling me that while their circumstances haven’t changed, they have an unexplainable sense of hope.  Changes are fast coming, followed by joy.

WELCOME to my WORLD: I have mentioned a couple of times in my books of how on occasion, somebody will tell me something.  Completely taken aback, I repeat back what they said, but the individual absolutely denies that they ever said it.  Ever!  For example, my mother once told me that my great, great, great, great grandfather was physician to the Kaiser; and that her maiden name, Roth, had been shortened from Rothschild.  Immediately afterwards, when I repeated back to her what she had said, she looked at me as if I was crazy.  Two years ago, I found out from my cousin, Kathy, that her mother (my Aunt Jane) also told her that Roth had been shortened from Rothschild.

                Interestingly enough, Ramona Kirk and some others are finding people saying something to them and then denying emphatically that they ever said it.  Ever!  Ramona feels, ‘The person doing the talking is another aspect of their personality, who is ratting them out.’

                When I find myself repeatedly saying something that I think is wrong, I believe it is either my subconscious, or another aspect of my personality doing the talking.  The veils are being lifted!

WEBSITE LISTINGS:  There are some listings on my website that have been outdated for years.  At some point soon, I will ask somebody to go through these listings and delete those listings, which are outdated, and those people who have moved on to do other initiations.  There is no charge to have your listing removed.  Please check FIND INSTRUCTORS to see if you are listed and if your llisting(s) is correct and updated. 

HEALING in the manner of JESUS:  
– CAHOKIA is the weaving of the full expanse of the Healing Eemental Rays from Source (God).  Cahokia brings a dynamic energy to healing and manifesting.  Initiates oftentimes feel weaving within them during the initiation.  With the addition of Enochian Magic, another Light from Heaven and Earth comes into play.

                The healing abilities of Tera Mai Cahokia initiations have taken a quantum leap forwards.  In December 2012, I knew something was different.  So, I asked Ramona Kirk to watch with her third eye while I initiated my grandson into Cahokia I over Christmas break.  As I initiated him, old, heavy, dark generational ‘stuff’ easily came up and left just as easily.  BUT he didn’t have the initiation.  I had to initiate him a second time.  During the second initiation, the weaving of the healing elemental forces of air, water, fire and water took on an extra-dimensional-luminous quality I had not seen before.

                Later, I twice re-initiated Ramona Kirk into Cahokia I.  During the first -re-initiation, she also easily released ‘stuff’ that she did not know had been there.  During the second re-initiation, she felt that all of the Tera Mai initiations she had received being elevated by the Angels.  Afterwards, her healing abilities increased dramatically.

                Other people I have re-initiated twice into Cahokia I have had similar experiences.  I continue to do the Cahokia I initiation twice for people who receive Cahokia I for the first time.  These people also have tremendous releases the first time, and elevated healing abilities after the second re-initiation.

                Read below about re-initiations into Cahokia II & III.  It is advisable that people, who twice receive a Cahokia initiation for the first time, or who are re-initiated twice into Cahokia I, wait at least 2 weeks before receiving the second initiation, and so on.  

I do all re-initiations and healings, in person or on the phone, on a donations-are-accepted basis.

– BENEFITS of CLEAR LINEAGE LINE:  Several Tera Mai people, who have always abided by Buddha’s Tera Mai standards, have asked me to re-initiate them into basic Tera Mai initiations, and even Sakara II & III, because the person who initiated them was doing other initiations, had closed his/her heart, or lack honesty and integrity.  In each of these instances, the individual I cleared and re-initiated felt substantially lighter and had more healing abilities afterwards.  

                I also re-initiated one of my own students, who had never received any other initiations from anyone.  She said that she had gotten off the track and was afraid that she would pass on her ‘stuff’ to others.  So, she never practiced healing.  I began with TM Seichem I, as this was the first initiation she received from me.  The re-initiation and each subsequent re-initiation brought dark energies up, which were easily released.  

                This process of re-initiation, clearing and healing maybe practiced by other Tera Mai instructors.  Physical, mental and emotional darkness and pain may be released.  Just keep checking to see how the healee is doing after each re-initiation, and work with the healee and the Angels to help facilitate releasing and healing.

– ENOCHIAN MAGIC:  There are six initiations into Enochian Magic.  (The original from the Angel Enoch, mentioned in the Old Testament.  Nothing to do with Alistair Crowley.)  I have 4.  Two more are on the way.  Along with the initiaions of Tera Mai, Enochian Magic give the initiate the abilit to perform magic.  The results of Enochian Magic are particularly effective and observable in Shamanic Journeywork.  (Read Raechel Ingram’s and Maria Kopsedas’ affidavits below.)

SCHEDULE of CLASSES:   If you want to take my Shamanic classes, or Tera Mai Reiki or Tera Mai Seichem, please let me know so they can be put into the schedule.  People may repeat TM Reiki and TM Seichem Classes on a donations-are-accepted basis. 
 – HOLLAND:   Classes at the end of September.  Speaking and doing public healing demonstrations at Dutch Paranormal Fair on September 28 & 29.  
 – IRELAND:  First two weeks in October.

AFFIDAVIT:  Amazing What Shamanic Journeywork is Able to Do: 
                A couple of weeks ago at the end of the Wednesday Night Clearing, I found myself journeying to the Upperworlds four different times.  Each time, I found St. Peter standing at a lectern.  Each time, I greeted St. Peter, and the way was opened for me.  The first time, I said, ‘Morning, St. Peter.’  The second time, ‘Afternoon, St. Peter.’  The third time, ‘Evening, St. Peter.’

                The fourth time, St. Peter was busy.  I just stood and looked.  The way ahead was clear, but it seemed arrogant to just walk in.  At the same time, I didn’t wis to disturb him, as he was shuffling about, frowning at some papers on a small table next to the lectern.  Without looking up he said, ‘You again?’

                ‘Erm uhu,’ I murmured.

                He reached underneath the lectern and took out two ornate gold keys on a ring.  Both keys hung at angles, not quite straight down.  (I wondered if gravit didn’t work the same up there, which was a bit daft, as I was standing on a cloud!)  Again without looking up he said, ‘These are yours anyway.’

                I took them.  Then thinking of what I was like as a little girl, I asked, ‘What if I lose them?’

                Still without looking up, he reached his hand out, pushing my hand that held the keys to my chest.  The keys melted into my heart.  Still without looking up he said, ‘God wrote the commandments for Moses on a stone tablet.  It got rent asunder and people have been scrabbling about looking for it ever since.  He put the keys to heaven in your heart so no-one can ever lose them.’

That’s a relief, I thought, and carried on with the rest of the journey.  At the time, it was such a small, brief part of a journey that I didn’t think much of it.  But I think of it now and whenever I re-read your emails about what Ramona Kirk said about following your heart or lose you mind.  It also helps to think of it whenever I’m decision making.  

                I started going to church but found there was not enough time to pray.  I often think of you reminding me to be silent before God.  I have a leaning towards overcomplicating and making work harder.  So now, I go in and simply be still.  I say any greeting.  Then ‘I open myself up to the healing power of God’ and just observe, as in shamanic journeywork.  Amazing experiences follow from such a simple thing.  Often I get and experience advice, or healing, and meet Saints, Apostles or Angels.  Then the name of a person comes to mind and I pray for that individual, and observe again.  All simple to remember, and learnt from your workshops and healings.  So, thank you (ginormous thank yous!)

                Lastly, at the end of a clearing one Wednesday, I just casually wondered if my initiations were clear.  Then I saw an image of myself with a big fissure of crack, like in a building, down the middle.  I said, ‘I release all darkness.  May the darkness call itself back to itself.  Please heal this.’  In that moment, I saw golden light passing back and forth, front to back, and starting to fill and rejoin the halves.  I’ve been feeling much more positive since.                      
Rachael Ingram, England

AFFIDAVIT:  What Twice Re-Initiated into Cahokia I is Able to Do: 
                Cahokia re-initiations have increased my real happiness.  Prayers, invocations and calls for help are more effective.  I have more awareness and cleawr premonitions.  Physical body inflammations and pain are released easily.  (That’s the healing experience Ihad after I twisted my ankle.)  I worked on someone who had cholecystitis; afterwards, he no longer needed an operation.

                Cahokia works well with the Heart Chakra initiation, as the heart is a protection against sadness, melancholy and hopelessness.  I have increasing awareness of the good things that Angels are doing for us all of the time.  All of the time, Cahokia is clearing away dark energies.  Especially at night when I am sleeping, the Angels are clearing away darkness and healing me.

                I am able to feel dark energies in people and things.  This gives me a chance not only to re-act, but to take them away.  I now have protection against black magic, and am able to help others. 
Maria Rojas, Sweden

AFFIDAVIT:  What Twice Initiated into Cahokia I is Able to Do: 
                Let me just preface my experience with saying that I have been working with Kathleen for almost three years.  I had been initiated into:  Enochian Magic and the other initiations given in Kathleen’s Shamanic Journey classes, and Tera Mai Seichem I through Sakara II & III.  I usually never feel chills, or feel things coming off of me, or see with my third eye.  I did start to use my gut more for confirmation.  These confirmations allowed me to start trusting that if I got an answer after asking a question that the answer was from the Angels.  I’ve stopped using toothpaste with fluoride and drinking tap water to help open my third eye, but nothing seemed to work.

                However, since being initiated into Tera Mai Cahokia I, I find that even though the problems of my day-to-day work life have not decreased, my interior life has increased.

                It started after being initiated into Cahokia.  I was ‘awakened’ often at 4:14am in the morning, to meditate and pray.  Usually, someone comes in that needs healing — usually a family member, or I try to heal myself and protect my family and business.  During these meditations, I go on a shamanic journey and meet Jesus.  I have been journeying with Jesus since being initiated into Enochian Magic, almost 2 years ago, by Kathleen.  I don’t see Angels; I just see Jesus.  Cahokia has made these journeys less fragmented and clearer.  It’s like I’ve gone from watching myself on a tiny black & white TV to a 52′ HD TV.

                In the past, I never got chills of confirmation; now, I get them all of the time whenever I hear the truth spoken.  I am more aware of God.  When I began to worry the other day, I kept hearing, ‘God is in charge!’  My fears left.  Healings just happen through me and to me, even in my sleep.

                The day after I was initiated into Cahokia, I smashed my hand around my thumb pretty badly.  I had to put off going to the doctor until the next day, and just live with the pain because I was so busy.  By the end of the day, there was a dark blue bruise inside the area around my thumb, and I wasn’t able to move my thumb or even grip a glass of water.  When I woke up, I had regained full use of my thumb.  There was only a tiny brown bruise on it and a light bruise on the top of my hand.  By mid-afternoon, I could fully use my hand.

                While getting the Cahokia initiation from Kathleen, Jesus showed up to check out her work.  I felt him on my left and saw a bright gold light in my mind’s eye, and then the room got cold.  Ramona saw an ugly demon on my right.  Then Ramona saw three different ways I had died in my past lives.  When she was clearing the last life, I felt something coming out of my collarbone, and instinctively reached up to rub the area because of the pain.  

                Because of this, a few nights ago, Kathleen did a past life regression / guided meditation.  I experienced insights into three lives in vivid Technicolor detail.  I let go of so much and got so much healing from it.  I was told to enjoy my life.  I asked to open my heart and let me love more.  I slept like the dead that night.  Of course, I woke up to my crazy chaotic life, where I run around like a mad woman, unhappy, worried and frazzled.  This time when I woke up in my usual panic, I heard, ‘God Is In Charge,’ over and over.  I ended up closing the door on a deal that didn’t seem to be going anywhere, only to be given a brilliant idea to expand my business in a completely different, doable way.

                I got into Tera Mai because my beloved grandmother showed up during one of the first card readings Kathleen ever did.  I went to a Shamanic journey class because I was convinced my grandmother was going to show up again in some form.  She didn’t and so I went through this two-day class not knowing what I was doing or what I had gotten myself into.

                I don’t always believe the readings or listen to Kathleen.  I’m a bit of a petulant child–she’ll confirm this.  I’ve been more fascinated by what Kathleen and Ramona are capable of doing than feeling like I could make a difference by participating with them in the Wednesday Night Clearing.  I’m so ruled by my logical brain that even after being able to heal people I still didn’t take it seriously, or actively try to heal anyone. 

                Kathleen had become ore of a friend, whose company I enjoy, and so I let her decide for me what initiations I should do next.  BUT Cahokia has changed all this.  I’ve gone from sitting on the sidelines and watching with a curious eye to wanting to be out in it helping and doing.  I liken my last two evening meditations with turning on my favorite TV show after dinner.  I look forward t my 4:14 wake up calls.  I encourage you to let Kathleen give you the Cahokia initiation as soon as possible.  Your external might not change, but your inner life will definitely open up. 
Maria Kopsidas, Chevy Chase, Maryland 
Owner, Cookology in Sterling, Virginia

DOCUMENTED HEALINGS with Twice Re-Initiations into Cahokia II: 
In November 2012, two women came to me for healing.  Each had been medically diagnosed.  One woman had a large mass in her right breast; the other woman had a large painful lump in her breast, which prohibited full  pain-free movement in her right arm.  
                –  Over a period of 3 days, the first woman was healed through absentee healing.  On the 4th day, the woman went to a radiologist, who took his own X-rays.  The mass was completely gone.

                –  The second woman came to a healing circle  that I facilitated in Bethesda, Maryland.  At one point, I did work on her individually for 20 or so minutes.  The lump and all of the pain disappeared, and she had full movement restored to her arm.  Three days later, her radiologist also began by taking X-rays.  He also found that the lump was gone.  But he went ahead with a biopsy because the tests had been ordered. All of the tests came back negative.  

At the beginning of December, my grandson broke his right wrist while playing ice hockey.  With the Cahokia I re-initiation the Angels were able to alleviate much of the pain.  I watched the bone knit, but there was still swelling in the bone.  When Ramona looked with her third eye, she saw that some parts were not where they should be.  There was nothing else I could do.

At the beginning of February, my grandson had a paper cut on his left eye.  (He never really did explain how he managed that.)  With the Cahokia II re-initiation firmly in place, I worked on him over the telephone for an hour or so.  (The doctor had only given him anti-biotic eye drops.)  After the pain left his eye, he was able to open and close his eye without pain.

                Then the Angels drew my attention to his right wrist.  (He had been playing ice hockey because the doctor had told him it was OK.)  Within a few minutes, the new pain left and something HUGE came off of his wrist easily.  He was amazed and cried out in surprise.  He said that his wrist felt and moved the way it used to feel and move.

                Then he told me that the healing energy had moved back to his eye, and that something was coming out of his eye.  I did the ‘pain drain’ while the Angels pulled ‘stuff’ out of his eye.  Afterwards, he said that his eye felt normal.

                Later, I called Ramona to see what she picked up.  She saw that his bone and wrist were normal, and that he had released more generational ‘stuff’ out through his eye. 
Kathleen Milner 
Sterling, Virginia

I wonder what twice being re-initiated into Cahokia VII will do?

AFFIDAVIT:  Benefits of Tera Mai Heart Chakra Initiation:

                The Heart Chakra initiations are so powerful.  Impressive that initiates are all able to achieve amazing results all of the time.  (After all, it is everyone’s birthright and real purpose to awaken to who she/he truly is.)  The initiation does this by expanding our consciousness, and offering opportunity for real and consistent growth.

                The Tera Mai Heart Chakra Initiation is unique.  It may be received by anyone who has or has not received other Tera Mai initiations.  It is specific to the heat.  I have given the Tera Mai Heart Chakkra I initiation to many people over the past year.  It increases the healing energy coming through a person.  It open the heart further to love.  It brings healing to the family line, and helps clear patterns, which are no longer relevant or that prevent us from living in love and truth.

                The aqua energy that is activated through the initiation is vibrant.  It has a playful aspect.  It opens us up to our own unique creativity.  I have noticed initiates starting new projects, pastimes, exercise regimes and so forth.  It strengthens and help people ground. 
                The Heart Chakra Initiation helps us to realize that we, as awakened humans, are bringing Heaven to Earth.  I highly recommend it. 
Eileen Heneghan, Ireland

PRAYER to GOD for HEALING:    I sometimes say the prayer to Heavenly Father with people who come to me for healing.  I was guided to include Heavenly Mother and make a few changes and additions.  Both the original prayer, which cured a priest of cancer after he repeated it for 6 months, and the prayer with the changes is up on my website.  

MAKE it PHYSICAL – MANIFEST:    During the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, ask God and the Angels to ground and manifest the positive energies, prayers, joy, clearings, healings, prosperity, generosity, gifts, and whatever else you are praying or working for into physical form.

                Millions of people worldwide participate.  It’s free!  It works!  You may pray, meditate, et cetera, however you wish for whomever or whatever you wish at 8:00 pm in the time zone where you happen to be.  It’s been ongoing since August 2008.  Read the SIMPLE and BRIEF directions for connecting to the group on my website.

                For example, the 14th Dalai Lama was Divinely appointed.  His former reincarnations are the 13 Dalai Lamas who came before him.  People did NOT choose Tenzin Gyatso as the 14th Dalai Lama and head of the Geluppa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.  Rather, as a young boy, Tenzin Gyatso proved himself before people.  

                The 14th Dalai Lama left Tibet when the Chinese began torturing and killing Buddhist monks and nuns, and has not returned.  Afterwards, Chinese authorities designated a boy, Lobzang Khan, as the future Buddhist lama.  Lobzang Khan was appointed by people; he was NOT Divinely appointed.  Lobzang Khan is not in the line of the Dalai Lamas who have come before.  Do some people recognize Logzang Khan?  Yes!  Will his lineage produced lasting, beneficial fruit?  No! 

                And so it is with manmade initiations!  How will you know what’s what?  Ask God for The Truth, and ‘You will know them by their works.’ 
Jesus Christ

Why do God and the Angels keep removing the Light and Power that has been stolen or manipulated from manmade initiations?      Ramona Kirk was shown that as Earth goes through the passageway into the Golden Age, the last remnant that darkness and demons will use to try to hold onto Earth will be manmade initiations.

I do healings and re-initiations on a donations-are-accepted basis.  Many of my students do likewise.  Check out  

AFFIRMATIONS that the Work We are Doing with God / Goddess and the Angels is Real and Manifesting: 

            Before the February 20, Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, I was talking with Claire Campbell.  All of a sudden, the Angels showed Claire a vision of bright, golden light leaving homes.  She asked, ‘What is that?’

            I got the impression that the golden streams were prayers that people who were doing the Wednesday Night Clearing were sending up to God.  Claire could not believe that it was already 8:00 pm, and she looked over at the clock to see that it was exactly 8:00 pm.

            Prior to talking with Claire, I worked with Maria Kopsidas at 7:00 pm.  We asked the Angels to connect us to wherever the hour was 8:00 pm on Earth and to the Tera Mai healers who were doing the clearings.  At one point, Maria’s phone cut out and we were unable to reconnect.  That’s when I was impressed to call Claire.

            When Claire and I began to work, she told me that twice when she tried to send healing to me, a black, demonic rider on a black horse stopped her.  At that point, Maria was able to call me.  I answered the call because I could see that it was her.  I told her what Claire had seen, and I asked Maria to please help us.  She agreed, and I clicked back to Claire.

            It appeared difficult, if not impossible for the Angels to even find the black, demonic rider on the black horse.  So, I asked God in the name of Jesus to intervene.

            Claire Campbell saw a vision of a HUGE pair of hands grab the demonic rider and pull him into Behind the Doors.  His black horse disappeared – poof!  I don’t know if it was the soul of a horse who had been mistreated, or if the rider had manipulated energy to look like a horse?

            Shortly afterwards, Behind the Doors was full.  Claire watched the Angels close the doors.  As I was asking that the doors become a part of the walls, and that the holding power and strength of the walls be multiplied and intensified, I became aware that Behind the Doors was like a heavy, solid iron ball.  (I had never experienced anything like this before.)  I could see Behind the Doors and feel it’s tremendous weight.  It would be impossible for anything in there to move even a fraction of an inch.

            Then Behind the Doors shrank.   I saw myself in my mind’s eye spinning it counterclockwise with my right index finger.  Just after I started doing this, Claire said that she was watching the Angels spin Behind the Doors rapidly around.  Then the Angels chucked it (as easily as throwing a disk) into the Celestial Prison Beyond the Stars.  As she said her last statement, the Behind the Doors that I was spinning around disappeared.

            I did my usual thing –  asked that all communications and contact be cut off, and that when it reached The Celestial Prison Beyond the Stars, that the Angels surround it in blue Angelic bubble wrap.  Then I asked that the Angels put up another golden triangle around which a new Behind the Doors would be built.

            I immediately felt much better, and we continued on with the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.  The energy was powerful and things were moving thanks to the efforts of the millions of people who were participating.

            This morning, Maria Kopsidas called to tell me that after we hung up, she called upon Jesus to help.  Jesus came – he was HUGE.  And Maria saw exactly the same things that Claire and I did.

Question:   How did you know that the meteor that hit Russia was from another planet?

Answer:  I felt that this meteor was significant.  So, I sent an email out with video links and one of the photos of the meteor flying through the air before it hit.   Ramona Kirk called to say that she saw the souls of people in the trail behind the meteor.  Because of this, she wondered if it was a spaceship crashing.

            I immediate was shown that it was a meteor from the astroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  Like many children, I learned about this astroid belt in 7th grade.  The teacher went onto say that there was enough material in this astroid belt to form an entire planet.  I immediately got that the debris was the remains of a planet, which had been destroyed by its inhabitants.  Of course, I kept this to myself – not a word left my mouth ! ! ! 

            The souls that Ramona saw were souls from this planet.  The Angels and Galactic Confederation were helping these souls land the meteor on a safe place on Earth.  They did this for several reasons.  The souls were hoping that Ramona and I would ask the Angels to open the vortex so that they and other former inhabitants of this planet could go to The Light.  When we did this, billions of souls were released to The Light.  

            Some of the souls stayed behind.  These were the scientists, military leaders and political leaders who were responsible for the destruction of their planet.  These ‘ghosts’ are here to impart their lessons learned.  They are also here to bring a safe way to use new technologies, inventions and ideas.

Question: Did you initiate your horse into the new energies of Cahokia and Enochian Magic?  If so, what happened?

Answer: Yes!  I initiate my horse before I initiate people in order to see if I ‘got it right.’  As horses are extremely sensitive, I know that if they were the least bit squeamish that something was wrong.  This has never happened, but I always feel better checking to make sure before I pass any initiation on.

            After I initiate my horse, I ask the Angels, ‘If there are any of God’s creatures – winged, 4-legged, 6-legged, 8-legged, fined, or creepers or crawlers who want to receive this initiation, so as you initiated my horse, so too, initiate God’s creatures who are open to receiving this initiation.’

            I believe that by doing this, God’s creatures are helping to move Earth into the Golden Age.  

            Yes!  Animals have souls.