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Re-Focus on Future


I am moving to New York at the end of August. 

(I’ve hired a moving company that handles details and reduces stress.)  I will record and post a FREE clearing / healing meditation on Facebook/Kathleen.Milner for the August 16

th New Moon, which is at 5:38 am EDT. We will channel the energy of the New Moon into productive outlets for ourselves and Earth.

Sun, Moon, and Venus all square Uranus and Jupiter – – The low, self-destructive road builds tension.  Or take the high road and open exciting opportunities.  

Sun, Moon and Venue conjunct Star 7 Draconis, which like Saturn, is a taskmaster.  Any unmastered lessons will undoubtedly come up.  Each time the same unacquired lesson repeats, circumstances become increasingly difficult to overcome. (Encouraging us to learn our lessons in a timely manner.)

T-square between Moon, Series and Neptune will help you reclaim what’s been lost.

New Moon, Mars and Uranus form a Learning triangle, which takes the form of conflict / resolution.  Universal Consciousness appears to encourage us to solve past issues and move on.4 hours after the New Moon, Mars trine Uranus

(9:53 am – which is when I will record and post the meditation) – – This trine helps us to re-focus on the future.Egyptian symbols & initiation class

 I am teaching with Alvagh Cronin in Ireland over Zoom has been moved to October 14th & 15th.