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Shamanic Journey Practice

Weekly Shamanic Practice Sessions:

You will be journeying back in time with Angels

The prophet Jesus Christ knew the only way to go within was by meditation.

 Shamanic Journeywork is a specific type of dynamic meditation whereby the meditator focuses behind his/her eyes until s/he sees him/herself standing in a beautiful place in nature.   A task, goal or assignment is set before you begin your journey.  Now the meditator simply watches him/herself to see what happens in the Realms of Spirit and Angels.  Angels, Guides, and Animal or Nature Spirits often times come in to help the meditator.  The meditator may ask questions, ask for help, be led to make the right decisions or ask for healing.

I started weekly Shamanic Journeys on Sunday, July 24, 2011, for those who had taken my Shamanic class,, and for those who had read my book, Becoming a Shaman:  It’s Never Too Late to be Who You Might Have Been (

Shamanic Journeys build upon one another, and it is best to start with the first journey. 

You will be taught to call in High Energies, meditate, and then ask God’s Angels to connect you either ahead in time or back in time to the desired date and time. 

Shamanic Journeywork develops intuition.  Each time you journey, you will get better at it, and have great awareness.  

Typically, the Shaman meditates to a rapid, non-varying drum beat.  My drumming CD (second click onPast Life Regression) does have the overtone, which is what the Shaman focuses on not the actual banging of the drum.  (The CD is $10 and available through Amazon

The meditations are Divinely inspired and the group effort is Divinely protected.  When the drum begins beating, get into a meditative state.  Focus behind your eyes.  Keep going deeper until you see yourself.  

Time works differently in the Spiritual realms or the Otherworld of the Shaman; thus, it is possible to project ahead or back in time. So, after reaching the Otherworld you will ask the Angels to take you ahead or back in time to a particular time.  A task, goal or assignment is then presented.  When you have reached the specific time and place, you will see yourself clearly in your mind’s eye and WATCH to see what happens.   Angels and Spirit resolves the task.  As always, you get to ask questions.  If you try to force your will or agenda, Higher Spirits and Angels will leave.

There will be 3 aspects to every task:  Exploration of Spiritual realms, helping yourself and helping Earth.

Results are oftentimes subtle at first.  Physical manifestation may come at anytime – now or later.  

Participants are welcome to email me to share their journeys.

As you may see from the three examples below, journeys may be short or long.  When the meditator sees surprising and unexpected events, it is a confirmation that things are happening in the Spiritual Realms beyond rational thought.

EXAMPLE OF A SHAMANIC JOURNEY:  Earlier in the day on Wednesday, July 20, I journeyed ahead in time to noon on Sunday, July 24.  The energy was strong and the sensation of moving through time with the Angels was heightened.  This was due to both the numbers of trained people participating in the same journey, and Divine Protection.  Later, Claire Campbell saw that the Angels are providing everyone who does the journey with golden cloaks.

When I reached the Spiritual realm of the nature spirits, I saw them as brilliant, moving lights.   I asked, ‘How is the recent increase in Love, Joy and Bliss helping you in your tasks?’   I was lifted up into the beautiful Light of The Divine Presence, and watched the nature spirits merrily fly around.  The feeling of bliss was ever present, along with a knowing that everything was in God’s Hands.

I asked, ‘Please reveal something that is important for me to know.’  The nature spirits directed my attention to my feet.  Every part of me was surrounded and filled in Love and Light with the exception of my feet.  I had on a pair of coal black, tennis shoes, which came up over my ankles.  As I walked, it was like working my way through tar.  Black, sticky fingers struggled their way out of the mire and kept trying to pull me down.

So, I asked, ‘What are you able to do to help me?’  The nature spirits immediately released me from the evil that was trying to hold me back.  They cleansed my feet in Light and gave me a clean, pretty pair of tennis shoes.

Later, during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing (,  I worked with Claire Campbell.   As I had been shown that something unseen had been holding me back, I thought to ask, ‘Is anything holding back Tera Mai?’  The Angels showed us darkness, which had previously been invisible.  When I asked to have it removed, the Angels easily cleared the darkness away.  Large, heavy doors opened to reveal a golden path for Tera Mai.

Then I asked, ‘Is anything binding Mother Earth?’  The Angels showed me black chains.  When I asked that they be removed, the chains went Behind the Doors, as did the demons that created the evil.

EXAMPLE OF SHAMANIC JOURNEY:  Wednesday, July 27, I journeyed ahead in time to noon on Sunday, July 31.   I did not go to any of the places that I thought I would go to.  Instead, I ended up one of my own crystal clusters.  I saw a beam of Light that reached from heaven to my crystal and from my crystal back up to heaven.  Then I went into the Light.  The next thing I knew, I was small and exploring the crystal.

I asked, “How might you help me?”  Immediately, I saw my physical eyes.  The crystal’s light and the heavenly Light removed what looked like a dirty contact lens from each eye.

I asked the Angels, “How is the recent increase in Love, Joy and Bliss helping you in your work?”  In a blink of an eye I saw crystals sending light into the world so that mankind might see The Truth.

Later during the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, I was shown that the work that the crystals’ work was continuing to clear and heal.   Darkness had come up.  I was asked to take it in my hands and throw it down into Earth’s central fire for transformation.  Then I cleaned my hands and arms in The Light.

EXAMPLE OF SHAMANIC JOURNEY:  Wednesday, August 3, I journeyed ahead in time to noon on Sunday, August 7.  In particular, I strongly felt the presence of God The Father Almighty when I called in Higher energies.  I thought this strange, as I was about to ask the Angels to take me to Mother Earth.  Then I asked the Angels to take me to noon on Sunday, August 7, and immediately saw myself in the clothes I was wearing.  (This is my sign that I have arrived in the Spiritual realms.)

Then I saw myself on some kind of motorized bicycle, which I had not seen before.  The motorized bike became an ordinary bicycle, and then a girl’s bicycle.  At this point, I saw only the front wheel coming towards me and my legs pumping the pedals.  Then the front wheel became smaller, and my legs shortened; I was a small girl riding my tricycle.  Whenever I see images that my mind would not have created on its own, I know that Spirit is telling me to trust and to pay attention to what is going on.

Mother Earth’s presence came to me, but I was unable to make out what she looked like.  She told me that she considers all of God’s creatures her children.
Then she took me back in time to show me Earth as a ball of red / orange lava.  She told me that her spirit traveled next to Earth for a long time.  It was only when the first winds of life blew across Earth that her spirit was able to join with the physical body of the planet.  She said that it was like the spirit of a baby to-be traveling with a pregnant woman, and is only able to enter the physical body of the baby with the first breath.

She showed me how Earth is alive and Mars, which was living once, is a dead planet.  How Mars’ central core is dead to the possibility of generating an electromagnetic field capable of adequately protecting the planet, or of holding water and oxygen on the surface.

I asked, “How are you using the expanded energies of Love, Bliss and Joy for your own healing?”

She showed me an orb of clear, beautiful Light, which represented her spirit.  As people do things like pray, do the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing, the noon on Sundays Shamanic journey, et cetrea, the orb grows.  She showed me how Heavenly Light is coxed down to Earth, illuminating crystals, which then radiate Light outwards.  This is helping to open people’s eyes to The Truth.  She also showed me how we each move with a beautiful ball of Light when we participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.

She told me that Earth changes were inevitable, and that it was Earth’s physical body’s way of restoring balance.  She told me that it was important for people to release their anger to The Creator and ask that something be done, and that it was equally as important for people to feel the Love, Bliss and Joy.  And that it was easier to do this when the anger was gone.

I asked, “Do you have anything to show me?”

She became a HUGE orb of Light.  I saw myself, but I was on the ground and looking up at the bottom of my left foot.  My left leg was crossed over my right leg, and Mother Earth was cleaning the dirt off of the bottom of my foot.  She said that she was removing ignorance and something else, which I do not remember.  When my feet were clean, she gave me a shiny, silver lantern.After I came back, I immediately went to my computer so that I could write down as much as possible.

The Bible states that God’s Spirit is within everything.  Sometimes, a photograph will have white mist, which may indicate the presence of spirit.  This particular picture is clear and ‘normal’ at the bottom.  The white mist swirls upwards from the center of the piece.  Both pictures were taken with 35 mm film.  This one was shot seconds after the first picture.  
Stones can be cleared, and stones themselves may be used in Shamanic work for clearing and healing.  Herbs each have particular properties and are another source of clearing and healing.  Sometimes, snapshots taken in gardens and nature capture the presence of spirit peaking at us through the veils from the Otherworlds of spirit.