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Acts 2:19 : I will show wonders in the Heavens above and signs on the Earth below …
Joel 2:30 : I will show wonders in the Heavens and on the Earth …
Luke 21:25-33 “There will be signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars. …

By their titles (Magi) and by what they were doing (following a star and prophesizing to Mary and Joseph), the 3 Wise Men mentioned in the New Testament had to have been both astrologers & astronomers.  

The Bible states that God’s Holy Spirit is within everything.  That means us, stars, planets, moons and astroids, et cetera.  Like us, the stars, planets, moons and astroids have both positive and negative aspects.  When Heavenly bodies form perfect geometries in the Cosmos, energy is created in the invisible lines connecting them.  When perfect geometries occur, we are presented with cautions and opportunities for blessings.  

New Moons are especially powerful because at its peak, the Moon perfectly conjuncts the Sun.  Full Moons are especially powerful because at its peak, the Moon opposes the Sun – there is a straight line between them.  At these times, other geometries in the Cosmos are heightened.  

In the last several years, powerfully aspected eclipses, full and new moons, solstices and equinoxes have encouraged each of us to make a choice.  It increasingly difficult to sit on the fence and play both sides of the court. We’ve had opportunities to release darkness, evil and ignorance from ourselves and to Earth.  Because some people participate in an effort to bring about good, the Dark Age is ending and the Golden Age is at hand.  Currently, we are in neither Age.  We are between the Ages.

The separation of the Light from the dark is becomes more apparent.  For example, it is Increasingly easier to see when people are lying.  Our excuses for liars becomes thinner and more transparent.   We see this happening on the news!  

People have often thought that Earth will have to choose between the Dark Age and the Golden Age.  Rather, both possibilities will exist.  Reality is about to split into 2 very different truths.  This turn of events is depicted on Hopi Rock.  “Open your hearts or lose your minds”, is a Native American Shaman’s warning to people of our age.

Prophecy Rock

Many born again Christian and Jewish leaders use their logical left brains to try to made sense of the Bible.  Because Constantine and the Bishops changed the writings of Mathew, Mark, Luke & John, and threw out other books, understanding Spirituality comes through our heart  and gut.  The Bible clearly states that God speaks to us without words.  God speaks to us through gut feelings and inner knowing, which also comes through our guts.  God does NOT talk to us in our heads.  (I am NOT anti-Semitic.  My beloved maternal grandfather was Jewish.)

Because born-again Christians are taught there is only Heaven, Earth and Hell, they do not believe that there is a Spiritual aspect to Earth.  Sometimes, born again Christians will call me to say something like, “If there is only Heaven, Earth and Hell, how come John Edward is able to communicate with the departed?”

Other times, when born-again Christians call me with the intention to save my soul, I will ask them if they have read the Bible.  Without exception, they have all answered, ‘No!’  It appears that they depend upon others to tell them what is in the Bible.  

When I teach a short workshop on how to see auras, if there is a born-again Christian in the group, they have a spiritual experience.

Sometimes, I am shown visions.  For example, once I was shown an image of Earth and a golden plate at the South Pole.  I had been looking at North & South America.  Then everything went white and the golden plate along with Antarctica (Atlantis) quickly shifted upwards to the equator.  Earth rotated 45 degrees.  I asked for the Truth.  I was shown that when Plato said that Atlantis sank, he meant that Atlantis sank below the horizon and became Antarctica.  Edgar Cayce, the premier prophet of the 20th century, predicted that Atlantis would rise again during the Earth changes.

One of my students later told me that she had read in a scientific publication that everything they have understood to be true regarding the distinction of the dinosaurs because of a meteor is wrong.  They now have evidence that Earth has made 90 degree turns in the past.  Species die when they are suddenly transported to a climate that is not conducive to their survival.

One really beneficial aspect of the time known as ‘between the Ages’ is that we are able to work through Karma and learn our lessons.  Not everyone is willing to put in the effort.  Psychics have seen and felt glimpse of the Golden Age.  Yes, putting in the effort is worthwhile.