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Talk Show

Schedule an Interview with Kathleen!

If you are a host for a television, cable, radio, or internet talk show, Kathleen is a very special guest! She has earned the title “Talkers Magazine’s Best Psychic”.

Listeners may also call in and talk about their symptoms; Kathleen will tune in and start moving energy. Typically, not only will the listener have physical experience, but other listeners often feel what is happening. This phenomenon is possible because of the quality of healing energy Kathleen is channeling, shamanistic techniques and because Albert Einstein proved years ago that time and place do not exist as our minds understand them to exist. 

“She’s the real deal!”
Michael Harrison
Talkers Magazine

“Her ability to perform a group healing, in person, or over the air is documented as “one of the best”.

If you would like to invite Kathleen to be on your show, or have an idea for a show with Kathleen, please contact Jennifer Petruzzella at 480-755-7917 or click on CONTACT US to the left.