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Dear Kathleen,

After the healing you gave Loekie she feels much and much better.  The obsession, continiously thinking over her traumas, came to an end.  She did not forget her problems, but she has the feeling she can handle them better.
Headaches vanished and she took up normal life.  I bought most of the herbs and essential oils you suggested and it appears they are a great help.  We both thank you very much.

Loekie en Luc Verkoren



Every time when Ilisten to your audio cassettes its just if its like receiveing an attunement again.

Especially pleased that in your meditations you always start with a serious grounding.  I have been telling this to people so often and why its necessary to ground.  When I noticed in a healing session that a reikimaster was sitting there with legs crossed and making notes, I even told her up to 4 times that this healing is for the whole group and she was not paying attention to the grounding.  I left her 7 days later, with her troubles and left her to ground  herself.  She had 7 days of crying and released all kinds of dirt.

Yesterday evening ihelped her to ground properly and let us hope she will remeber this the next time.

Iam going to listen to the Journey to Sacred Mountain now, walking to my special place.

Jean Vanhove


Kathleen, You are always giving with a purpose.  Now those tapes.  When listening to those tapes I feel and see things coming in, some the same as the sakara initiation, but I also see other things, such as, the lessons I received from a Massai medicine man when when I was in Tanzania in 1970.  I see herbs flowers and techniques used by elder people…..There is still so much to learn.  I have been seeing you also in the middle of a class STANDING again stretching your hands out over a group of people covered in a golden rain.


While in Rotterdam, Holland on Friday, April 4, I did several healing demonstrations within my lecture. Someone in the audience asked me how Shamanic Healing worked and I asked for a volunteer or ‘victim’ as Caroline Stiles states below. I never touched Caroline or worked through her aura. Using the energies of Tera-Mai Cahokia, I stepped back and watched the angels work from the Otherworlds on her fibroid tumors. While Caroline felt emotionally better after the healing, she was still bleeding. I told her that Shamanic Healing does not always have an immediate affect. By Monday (just 3 days later), Caroline was feeling much better and she went to her doctor, who cannot understand why she now has a healthy uterus. You may read her story below.

Dear Kathleen,

During last Friday’s meeting of the Vereniging TM Reiki/Seichem, you required a ‘victim’ with a physical problem to demonstrate a Cahokia healing technique. I volunteered, since my General MD diagnosed me with a ‘substantial myoma of the uterus’ (an abnormal growth of muscle tissue inside the uterus), about ten days before the meeting. Although it is not malignant, it may cause problems like excessive bleeding and pain, as indeed it did with me. Since I’m not very fond of hospitals and operations, I grabbed the opportunity of an alternative treatment by you with both hands!

Today, Monday April 7th, I visited the gynaecologist at the hospital for furhter physical examination. This was advised by my general MD, who, by-the-way, is a very experienced and capable doctor. However, the gynaecologist found a very healthy, normal uterus. No myoma, no other abnormalities!

Although this may be standard practice to you, I would still like to share this information with you, and thank you for what you did on Friday. Keep up the good work (as indeed I will try to do in a smaller way, using ‘only’ Reiki and Seichem…..).

So once again thank you very much, and have a pleasant journey home!

Kind regards,