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Newsletter Archive

WINTER 2020 Newsletter

Winter 2019 Newsletter


Summer 2017 Newsletter
Changes Are Upon Us
Dawn of the Golden Age
Tera Mai’s Healing Energies are Increasting

Spring 2017 Newsletter
Tera Mai’s Thursday Night Manifestation of Abundance, Wealth & Prosperity
Simple ways to Release Blockages, Hopelessness & Negativity

Autumn / Winter 2016 Newsletter
Universal Consciousness
God’s Will
5-Day Intensive Workshop for Healers
Great Power of Holy Spirit & Healing Power of The Creator
Recent Public Predictions
Affirmation to Put the Blame Where it Rightfully Belongs
Healing Techniques
Recent Healing Testimonial from a Real Person

Winter 2016 Newsletter
Dark Age is Ending
Ways to Help Yourself & Others
NURAH – Healing & Magic from The Goddess
Difference Between Koran & Sharia Law
Connect to Tera-Mai White & Golden Flames
Prophesy Rock

Autumn 2015 Newsletter
Angelic Codes
Effective Clearing
Wednesday Night Clearings
Interview I gave the Reiki Answer Lady
God’s Fire AngelUnusual, vivid dreams
Miracle of Ether (Akasha)

Summer 2015 Newsletter
Fifth Element – Ether in Tera-Mai Akasha Seichem
Emerald Light
Violet Fire
Q & A
Clearing timelines of harmful energies
Clearing DNA & suppressing RNA
Healing Testimonials

Spring 2015 Newsletter
Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energies
Tera-Mai Cahokia Energies of March 2015
Tera-Mai Reiki IV, V, VI & VII
Tera-Mai Seichem IV, V, VI & VII
Blue Star

Autumn 2014 Newsletter
Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki 
Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy attunements 
VEIL of ISIS initiation  
            – manifestation of higher thought forms 
New Clearings 
Spirit of the Times  
            – POSITIVE CHANGES

Summer 2014 Newsletter
Many new Energies do NOT require an initiation 
New structure for Tera Mai Shamanic Classes 
Emerald Green healing ray from Heaven & Earth 
Clearing using Red Dwarf Star 
Clearing Chakras (wheels of energy in etheric body) 
Divine Presence 
Documented, witnessed healings & healing testimonials

Spring 2014 Newsletter
Not all New Energies require an initiation
Emerald Green from the Heavens & Earth
Release what we’ve taken on that belongs to others
Effects of Cahokia I re-initiation
Documented, witnessed healings & testimonials
Importance of clearing the back & back Chakras

Autumn 2013 Newsletter
Short Videos of Spontaneous Healings from  
    Sept. 28 & 29, 2013, Dutch Paranormal Fair   
Feel the Energies of the Golden Age Now   
    (use the 2-minute video below to help you do so) 
End of Days – what it means 
Third Group Healing – Open to All 
Ways to Protect Yourself 
Cosmic Healing Energies that Bring About Miracles 
Q & A

Summer 2013 Newsletter
Documented Real Healings
Big Shift & Ancient Silver Lock
Spirits &  Spiritualism by Father Alois Weisinge
New Healing Techniques
God’s Gold
Q & A
Uranus Square Pluto
Book of Revelation
Making Sense Out of Buddha’s Tera Mai Standards
Egyptian Cartouche Initiators’ Listings on my Site

Winter/Spring 2013 Newsletter
Personalities are Popping Out
Welcome to my World
Website Listings
Healing in the Manner of Jesus
Re-initiations into Tera Mai Cahokia I
We are even healing and being healed in our sleep.   
Read affidavits below.) 
First re-initiation brings about deep clearing. 
Second re-initiation brings exceptional healing abilities. 
Clear Lineage Line
Enochian Magic 
As in The Light of Enoch – real white magic. 
Shamanic Journeywork
Make it Physical – Manifest
Heart Chakra Initiation

Winter 2012 Newsletter
–   December 21, 2012 & What’s Next?
–   Dragons
–   New Healing Techniques
–  Questions & Comments
–  Opportunity – December 12 – 21, 2012
–  Prayer to God for Healing

Summer 2012 Newsletter
–  Video of Real Healing
– Angelic Number Sequence 
– Symbols 
– One Way to Work with God’s Angels
– Angelic Heavenly Metals
– Healing Techniques
– Removing Curses
– Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing

Spring 2012 Newsletter
–  Shifting Energies 
–  Submitted Comments 
–  Change Your Life 
–  Good Fortune 
–  Spiritual Practices 
–  Tera Mai & Tera Mai Initiations 
–  Transition from Age of Pisces to Age of Aquarius

Autumn 2011 Newsletter
–  Egypt 2012 Trip 
–  November 9 – 18 – a Great Cosmic Opportunity 
–  Journeywork – a Form of Prayer, Meditation & Spiritual Practice 
–  Tera Mai Initiations – Cahokia & Egyptian Cartouche 
–  Healing by Observing the Angels 
–  Ancient Initiation 
–  Q & A

Spring 2011 Newsletter
Calling In & Working with the Great Seraphim Angels or Lasa 
Tera-Mai UK Society is the only organization in England that speaks for Tera Mai
Tera Mai Reiki & Tera Mai Seichem Lineages and Trademark 
Science & the Unseen 
Important Days 
Change is Afoot 
Setting the Record Straight   
Takata & Dr. Usui 
Effective Clearing, Healing and Manifesting Techniques for Yourself & Others

Winter 2011 Newsletter 
January 15, 2011 
Pilgrimage to Egypt in December 2012, with Patrick Zeigler 
Physical Reality is About to Alter Dramatically 
Forgiveness & Bucky, and What Happens When We Don’t Forgive 
God Heard the Prayers of Those Who Voted for Positive Change in November 
Animals & Healing 
Results of Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing / Healing 
Tucson, Arizona Shooter

Summer 2010 Newsletter
Power of Prayer 
Questions & Answers: 
            Documents in Egypt, India, Israel & Tibet 
            Re-initiations in England & Opportunity 
            Is the Tera Mai Reiki Lineage a Reiki Lineage? 
            Why is there a Sakara Contract? 
            When will other Tera Mai Masters Learn the Cahokia Initiations? 
            What is the Tera Mai Heart Chakra Initiation 
            New Tera Mai Manuals 
BIG Changes are Coming 
Shamanic Journeywork

Spring 2010 Newsletter
Healing & Clearing Techniques
Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing / Healing
Questions & Answers
Class Schedule
Acquiring Abundance
Upcoming Astrological Events
Reiki Common in Integrative Oncology Programs

Fall/Winter 2009 Newsletter
New Book 
Effective Self-Healing Technique 
DNA & the Aquarian Age 
Astrological Happenings 
Tera Mai Energies Increasing – Miracles are becoming the Order of the Day 
New, Comprehensive Tera Mai Manuals Available for Donation 
Alternative Remedies for Flu & Staying Healthy

Spring 2009 Newsletter
Receiving & Facilitating Readings & Healins
Wednesday Night 8:00 pm Clearings
Alternative Remedies for Flu & Other Ailments
Color & Liver Cleanses
Herbs for Maintaining Health

Fall 2008 
Wednesday Night Clearings
New Effective Clearing 
Symbols & Meditation to Clear, Heal & Transform the Physical Body 
Next President 
Edgar Cayce & Collapse of World Financial & Stock Markets

Summer 2008 
New Golden Tera Mai Symbols 
Dispelling Rumors 
Mary Magdalene 
Bible Stories from the Old Testament

Winter 2008
Judge’s Ruling in Rand vs. Milner
Tera Mai Symbols
Can Reiki be used on Cancer Patients?
Spontaneous Healing
The Power of Now
Shamanic Healing

Spring 2007
Clearing Things Up
New Healing Techniques
Working with Nature

Winter 2007
Questions and Comments from Tera Mai Students

Summer 2006
Documented/Witnessed Healing of a girl with CP & follow up
Sylvia Brown 
Distant Attunements
Naturopathic Way of Staying Healthy
Israel & the Prophecies
Heart Healing

Spring 2006
Becoming a Shaman: 
It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been 
Reiki y Otros Rayos de Toque Sanador 
Gospel of Judas 
What Didn’t Make the Evening News 
Shroud of Turin 
Origins of Anti-Abortion 
How Healthy are Americans as Compared to the British? 
Global Tera-Mai Associations 

Winter 2006
Subjects Include: 
Absentee Attunements
Dark Blue Healing Energy
Medicine Buddha
Documented/Witnessed Healings
Questions on Shakti-Pac and the Holy Spirit
Earth Healings
Dali Lama’s Yearly Insights for Living a Successful & Joyful Life

Fall 2005 
Subjects Include: 
Becoming a Shaman: It’s Never Too Late To Be Who You Might Have Been
ISBN 1-886903-29-8 – available early 2006
What is Cahokia?
Symbol for Core Issues

Summer 2005
Subjects Include:  
Origins of the Order of Melchizedek
What’s All the Fuss About Codex Alimentarius?

Winter 2005

New Books
Something Big is About to Happen
A Self-Healing Technique
New Energies of Healing & Manifestation
Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight Initiators
How to Release Manmade Attunements
In Response to Questions

Summer 2004
Book Reviews and Reader Comments
4th Book – White Boar: Richard III: White Boar
ISBN 1-886903-83-2 – Novel will be available December 2004
Takata’s Story of Dr. Usui – What’s fact? What’s fiction?
Registration on
Sakara, Sophi-El and Angeliclight & Cahokia
June 8, 2004 – Open Your Psychic Abilities!
Group Meditation – June 8th from 4:30 – 5:30 pm (Pacific Daylight Time)
What Happened to Shurgar?

Spring 2004
Review of Between Two Worlds in Magical Blend Magazine
Healing energy of Tera-Mai is increasing
How to safely release dark forces
Uses of the Amethyst Wand 
Earth is about to change in a big way
Why is healing others easier than healing ourselves?
Why are there miracles while other people have to go through a process?
Formula for retrieving Universal initiations into healing
Takata – the founder of Reiki?

Fall 2003
Between Two Worlds: 
The Story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn – and Her Celtic Heritage
At Look at the Heavens
Universal vs. Manmade Attunements
Bolsover Castle

Summer 2003
The Energy on Earth is Changing!
Is Homosexuality the Result of Hating Homosexuals in Another Lifetime?
How an Organization Starts Colors its Future History!
School of the Healing Arts as Mentioned in Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing!
Consciousness of Manmade Attunements!
What’s up in the U.S. Chart?

Winter 2003
The New Age! Real or Imagined?
Native American Prophecies
Modern Psychics
North Pole has Shifted Dramatically Before
NASA – Human Face on Mars Does Exist
Tora Bora Mountains
Russian Perspective on Earth Changes
Rebuilding Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem
Christ Consciousness
Will U.S. Go to War?
Pitfalls of Hatred
When Something is Stolen or Lost

Fall 2002
Kwain Yin or St. Germain?  
What’s Up for U.S.?
“God, Please Help Me to Love the Way You Love!”
Spiritual Awareness
Cattle Mutilations