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Blue Moon benefits . . .


Benefits of the August 30th Super Full Blue Moon include finding or discovering what we have lost.  Be it from this lifetime or another.  12,500 years ago, a meteor shower from a large comet hit the North Pole, causing giant sheets of ice to melt viciously and extremely fast.  (Horrendously giant scars in the Earth arevisible in northern Montana.) The result was a global Great Flood that significantly raised the water level of the oceans world wide. It destroyed Atlantis and other cultures further advanced than our own.

Countries around the world have stories in their mythologies or religions of an apocalyptic flood 12,500 years ago.  The story of Noah happened; his family was not the only one who escaped.

The energies of the August Super Full Blue Moon conjunction the Sun, Saturn and a lucky Star will be with us until the September Full Moon.  I will record and post a free meditation on Facebook/Kathleen.Milner.  for those who are interested in past lives, I will do a past life regression, help you find what is lost, and bring you back to 2023.


I am available for readings, clearings & healings, initiations and re-initiations.