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September 29th, Full SuperMoon:  Earth is in the process of moving into a higher dimension.  

Jesus states in the New Testament, “Many are called but few are chosen.”

 I will record and post a free meditation on Facebook/Kathleen.Milner.  Because of recent, powerful astrological signs, this Full Moon is an OPPORTUNITY to visualize a better future for both yourself and Earth.  I am also being urged by Spirit to do a clearing/healing during the meditation for Long Covid sufferers.  
During the September New Moon, I recorded and posted a meditation using the Archetypal 

Energies expressed in Ancient Egyptian Symbology.  People have told me how powerful and helpful this meditation is.I also re-posted 

Saint Basil’s Exorcism Prayer.  It is currently at the top of the stack of meditations. 

(The most recent posts are at the top of the meditations.)  People who have used Saint Basil’s prayer find it is helpful to repeat it 3 times.
OF INTEREST:Do an Internet search for60 Minutes / Ukraine / September 24, 2023:  Highlight include:  Lindsey Graham, a Republican Senator, explains  why the U.S. investment in Ukraine is a great deal for the United States. 50% reduction of Russian military without a single US soldier dying. Evidence given of how Ukraine tracks the use of US dollars and Euros, and how corruption is being rooted out and perpetrators are being prosecuted.  A Netflix series, Ancient Aliens, Season 7, Aliens & the Red Planet:  Provides proof that Mars’ environment used to be much like Earth’s.  Evidence exists that Mars supported advanced civilizations until a catastrophic event destroyed Mars’ atmosphere and core.  Mars’ liquid water and atmosphere vanished into space. 1.  Mars is closest to the astroid belt and is subject to astroid hits.  (one more reason why efforts to colonize Mars is impossible.) 2. However, 

Xenon was discovered in abundance in Mars’ limited atmosphere.  On Earth, Xenon, is ONLY produced by a nuclear explosion.  

3. The surface of Mars has deeper scars than any other planet in our solar system.  In their fight for dominance, did competing armies on Mars destroy their home planet during war? 4.  Manmade structures and a human face exist on Mars.  Why does the U.S. government opposed to people knowing that humans once lived on Mars.