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Healing from the Stars & The Divine Goddess


NURAH, pink & red, love & compassion, healing miracles through The Divine Goddess.  Initially, Nurah’s initiation came into the Heart Chakra with the Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki One  initiation.  If that did not occur for you the first time, many of my students and myself offer re-initiations on a donations-are-accepted basis.

Recently, Gautama Buddha and The Divine Creator expanded the healing energies in CAHOKIA. When Nurah’s energy is flowing into and through the healer’s Heart Chakra, his or her conscious mind takes a half-step backwards into the subconscious mind and observes.

In addition to Nurah, 

healing and understanding the prophesies revealed through the stars is expanded. 

Another benefit of the new Cahokia initiations is that our attention is drawn to the Love & Light of The Great Attractor. The Great Attractor acts like The Divine Creator & Divine Destroyer. Scientists discovered The Great Attractor.  They say it is the most powerful energy body in our universe.  

To put this into perspective, the black hole in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy holds all of the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy in set orbits around around the black hole.  (Black holes are named black because scientists and astronomers cannot see them.)  

Cam Urrea of Australia found great quantities of Love, Light and Healing when she was reinitiated.
Shreedarshan Pawaskar had this to say about his re-initiation experience:

From the beginning to the end I could see only bright shinny golden colour energy in me and around me. On place of my backbone I could see golden energy line or something like golden channel and my aura had become very broad. I saw the whole universe in me. 

When you were chanting  Taramata mantra I felt the tinkling energy and very peaceful vibration on my crown chakra and slowly coming down to all my other 6 chakras and my body becoming lighter and lighter in weight. In the middle of the initiation I saw golden ‘Om’ ॐ 💫on my crown chakra.  

I saw a huge power animal standing beside me. (This power animal had a lion face but it had big wings. It was standing on its back two legs.  Its two front legs were towards me and healing me). In the whole process of initiation I was in the meditative state. I felt lot of warmness in my palms and soles of my  feet in the first re-initiation.
RE-INITIATIONS given on a donations-are-accepted basis.CAHOKIA INITIATIONS:  $500 each prerequisites:  Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki One through Tera Mai™ Sakara II