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On Sunday, October 15, I called upon the energy of the October 14, Annular Eclipse, and the Archetypal Energies found in some Egyptian symbols to record and post a free

 guided meditation on Facebook,/Kathleen.Milner.

Later that morning, I led a similar guided meditation during the Dublin, Ireland, Egyptian Archetypal constructs / energy Zoom class that I was teaching with Alvagh Cronin.  At one point, my eyes opened. On the screen I saw the circumference of a circle being drawn clockwise.  then a pulsating Thumbs-Up symbol appeared in the middle of the circle.  

In a short time, the circle and thumbs-up disappeared.

The Dublin students were advanced Tera Mai™ healers, who readily incorporated archetypal energies.  The energy in the class was uplifting and strong.  But everyone denied creating a circle with a thumbs-up in real time on Zoom.

If you want to experience this awakening and clearing/healing energy we felt, go to Facebook/Kathleen.Milner.  Click on my name at the top of the left-hand column.  On my page scroll down to find the meditations.  The earliest meditating is the first.

OR at the top of any hour, ask the Angels of God/Goddess, “Please connect me to the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and the Tera Mai™ healers who are doing the clearings.  Then meditate or pray.