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June 6 new Moon ~ reconciliation of Intuitive and logical minds


4 years ago, I had a vision of Anne Boleyn on a stage speaking to the audience.  My stage play, ANNE BOLEYN’S SECRETS, is completed.  A short one-sentence description: Six minus 5 meets  McBeth’s witches and Shakespeare’s fairies.  If you know of a theater or acting group who would be interested in staging it, please have them contact me.

June 6th New Moon is in the sign of Taurus the Bull is at 8:37 am.  It brings new ways of thinking, and learning to love ourselves, others and the Earth.  Involves potential of integrating our logical and intuitive minds so that we can be integrated with Light and Wisdom. –  4,000 years ago in the Age of Taurus, the Bull was seen as a source or life, and in reference to Hathor (introspection, reflection, protection, beauty & love.)  A bull’s horn was seen as a crescent moon. 

Dark of the New Moon is the day before the New Moon. It is an intuitive time to learn what to release and what you want to manifest. –  Meditate!  Then ask your question.  Wait for the answer. –  Focus on  Torus the Bull.  Tune into your body.  What is being activated in your body.  (For me, it was my Heart Chakra) –  Conquer aggression and fear of what is different or new.

Important aspects and opportunities during the June New Moon:GRAND AIR TRINE –  Trines are always good.  However we must purposely work with or meditate on the energy to receive the benefits.  The 3 points are: –  Sun & Moon –  Cheroclo:  Where Chiron is active, masculine healing, Chericlo is empathetic feminine healing & Shamanic shape-shifting. –  South node & Mocky May.  Heal something hidden within so positive energy may be manifested.
STARS AL NATH & AL DEBRON (integrity) are in the eye of the Bull.


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