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Help for people looking for a Tera Mai™ instructor


The list of Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki Masters on and the Tera Mai™ Academy website are designed to help people who are looking for a Tera Mai™ instructor who has been properly attuned and instructed, AND who is honoring Buddha’s Tera Mai™ Standards (those using the Tera Mai™ trademark  who are properly attuned and are only giving and receiving proper Tera Mai™ initiations).

If you are currently listed on the Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki page on  and wish to update your information please contact Alberto at [email protected](INFORMATION IS LIMITED TO:  your name, city & country, contact email & telephone and website, AND a small  photo if you wish.  Married couples may share the same listing.)  

If you are not currently listed on the Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki page and wish to be listed, please contact Alberto at [email protected] .  A donation of 100 euros is appreciated.

On the link to the Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki page and the link to the Tera Mai™ Academy website and my blog page are being worked on by Alberto and will likely be posted by the end of June. 

There may have to be more than one Tera Mai™ group posted for each country on the Tera Mai™ Academy website.  Participation is NOT mandatory.

Kathleen Milner


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