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Listing for Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki Masters


HOW DO YOU FEEL about a new page on my new website that would begin by listing Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki Masters and their contact information???  If you are interested, please email me.
Several people would like me to include such a page on my site,

–  Years ago, when hackers removed ALL of my website pages, I used it as an opportunity.  When Alberto created my new site, I asked him not to include the pages listing Tera Mai™ masters because of people on it who were giving and receiving other initiations.  One couple who complained listed Reiki attunements on their site  – – Tera Mai™ was not included

–  For decades I paid a hefty price to keep my trademark, Tera Mai™, active.  I share Tera Mai™ freely with properly attuned Tera Mai™ initiates who are abiding by Buddha’s Tera Mai™ standards.  That is:Give and receive only Tera Mai™ initiations.  If you think this is unfair because you either think the energies of Tera Mai™ are too strong, or because you want to make more money by offering more initiations, then DO NOT USE Tera Mai™.   

–  People who do not abide by Buddha’s Tera Mai™ standards  lose the healing initiation and energy of Tera Mai™.  This includes the many devotees of Peter and Michael, who wanted another initiation (which they would charge for)  to be the pre-requisite for initiations into Tera Mai™. Michael, Peter and their followers no longer offer healing.

– How to remove and CLEAR BLACK, DEMONIC & MAN-MADE INITIATIONS is on my website.  I do this before giving initiations and re-initiations.  God’s Angels are not allowed to remove what is honest, good and of The Light.
–  Tera Mai™ is trademarked as a healing system with standardized initiations. It is my right to share or not to share my trademark.  AND if I choose to share it, I may set the standards under which  I do share Tera Mai™.Kathleen


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