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It’s a Secret:  

AFTER THE 2024 ELECTION, the far right anti-choice Republicans will expand and use the COMSTOCK ACT, an 1873 bill written by a U.S. Postal employee, to ban abortion pills from being sent through the mail.Christianity, Judaism and Islam are 3 major religions that share the SAME foundation – the Old Testament.

*  The Old Testament’s only and repeated definition of life the soul enters with the first breath and leaves with the last

. Historically, there were no funerals for stillborns. The United States Constitution protects only those who have been born!

*  Should it become law that a fertilized egg is a person, then the destruction of any fertilized eggs is murder.  In Alabama, this nightmare is now the law.  As a result IVF treatments have come to an absolute halt in Alabama. 
Pray that God’s Will be done and / or meditate every Sunday at 2:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time for only 15 minutes.  See yourself standing in a circle of Light, holding hands with people from around the world. 

 Organized  by Pam Gregory and promoted by Heather Ensworth.



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